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«Manila (Global) Administrative Centre (MGAC) The Manila (Global) Administrative Centre (MGAC) is IOM’s global administrative centre based in Manila ...»

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International Organization for Migration (IOM)

Organisation Internationale pour les Migrations (OIM)

Internationale Organisation für Migration (IOM)

Manila (Global) Administrative Centre (MGAC)

The Manila (Global) Administrative Centre (MGAC) is IOM’s global administrative centre based in Manila which

provides a range of administrative services mainly covering human resources, finance, procurement, online

communication, PRISM, and information technology to IOM Headquarters (HQ) and Field Offices. MAC was established in 2002 as part of the Organization’s effort to achieve cost efficiency in the use of scarce resources.

The functions of the Manila (Global) Administrative Centre are as follows:

Field Procurement Unit (FPU) is responsible to develop, formulate, review, update and maintain the procurement policies for global IOM use, as well to provide procurement operational directive, standards, guidelines for procurement activities worldwide, and assisting missions, particularly in the area of international procurement. FPU is also responsible for assisting missions worldwide in their procurement training needs and dissemination of procurement best practices.

Field Procurement Unit (FPU) provides procurement assistance to the operational/projects and office needs in the following areas: (a) technical support with advise and recommendation of procurement process for the mission; (b) review and approval of procurement related documents; (c) purchasing items and delivering goods and services in a timely, efficient, convenient, transparent manner; and (d) managing assets and maintaining agreements with global vendors. FPU observes and promotes the best practices in procurement following established field procurement policies. Develop and Support appropriate internal control mechanisms to safeguard the Organization’s assets and prevent fraud.

Global Migration Health Support Unit (MHS) Unit, part of the Migration Health Division provides global public health expertise, health informatics, research, data management and financial support services to Missions, Regional Offices, Headquarters and partners/donors. Through these functions, MHS contributes to the quality and standards in, as well as facilitates monitoring and evaluation of migration health programmes and projects worldwide.

MHS is comprised of the following three sub-units:

Health Informatics and Data Management develops and supports global software for IOM’s health-related activities, such as the medical module of Migration Management Operational Systems Application [MiMOSA], Global Database for UK TB Detection Programme, eHealth/eMedical system for Australian and Canadian health assessments, and Global Teleradiology Centre, in coordination with the ITC/Software Development Unit. The unit also reviews and analyzes medical records of migrants examined by IOM for coding and sequencing of the medical conditions using International Classification of Diseases, 10th Revision (ICD 10).

Manila (Global) Administrative Centre 28th Floor, Citibank Tower, 8741 Paseo de Roxas. 1226 Makati City. Philippines Tel: +63.2. 230 1999 • Fax: +63.2.848 1257 • E-mail: mac@iom.int • Internet: www.iom.int Research, Reporting & Evaluation designs and conducts migrant health studies; provides public health thematic expertise to HQ, Regional Offices and Missions; leads global reporting and knowledge management activities, and advises on cost effective methods to collect relevant health data from migrant populations and where needed, implements or trains in such methods. It leads the expansion of working relations with academic and non-academic partner-agencies to promote inclusion of migrant issues in surveillance systems and emerging public health initiatives, globally.

Health Program Monitoring and Admin-Finance Support develops and maintains health programme monitoring and performance evaluation by collecting, analyzing and comparing financial, operational and other data. It assists Field Offices in budget preparation and evaluation, assuring standardization of budgeting processes, and monitors expenses vis-à-vis budgets for MHD projects. It serves as a central source of up-to-date project information by tracking MHD projects in coordination with Field Offices, HQ and PIU/ACO Units.

Information Technology and Communications Service Centre (ITCSC) consolidates the organization’s Global ITC support through a 24/7 global service centre. ITCSC acts as the focal point for IOM field offices on matters related to ITC service delivery and support. It defines ITC standards and solutions and maintains the infrastructure foundation upon which development and support for PRISM and other applications such as MiMOSA and iGATOR etc.

ITCSC comprises of three units, the ITU (IT Infrastructure and Field Support Unit), MAU (Migrant Applications Unit) and PRISM (PRISM Competency Center).

IT Infrastructure and Field Support Unit (ITU) provides core ITC infrastructure and service support for IOM offices worldwide. The unit also provides ongoing IT operations support to all units in MAC and IOM users globally. Besides technology related support, the unit also assists field offices with the identification, recruitment and training of field IT staff and, conducts ITC reviews for offices and projects as required. The unit is organized into functional sub-units involved in network and systems support, 24x7 helpdesk, as well as applications development and support.

Network and Systems Unit (NSU) manages the global data center at MAC, designs, builds and maintains the backbone architecture of the Organization’s messaging services, telephone communication systems and teleconference facilities. NSU provides global support for user accounts management, network resource management and network connectivity for all IOM offices. The unit also facilitates deployment of IT infrastructure, including technical support, to HQ and field offices while ensuring the security of data and information.

Applications Development and Support Unit (ADSU) under ITU provide technical and development support to WIDAM and other applications owners in the field of database and website development.

The unit also coordinates custom applications development for missions on a case by case basis.

ITC Helpdesk Team (helpdesk) is the focal point for all ITC-related customer support requirements providing first-level support to users worldwide. It provides round the clock support for ITC infrastructure related issues and monitors availability and performance of the global IOM IT network for field offices, HQ and Manila data centers and initiates preventive and corrective actions as appropriate.

Migrant Applications Unit (MAU) is responsible for the design, development, deployment, maintenance and support of migrant management applications, data base systems and other software tools to facilitate IOM HQ and Field Offices to process, deliver, and monitor IOM activities and services provided to migrants.

MAU provides user support 16 hours a day from Monday to Friday. MAU is reachable via the helpdesk or its own website through the intranet portal (http://www.mimosa.iom.int).

Applications developed and supported by MAU are as follows:

Migration Management Operational Systems Application (MiMOSA) is the IOM global database system to capture individual migrant biographic and demographic information required for processing and reporting operational services provided for Medical Screening, Migrant Training, Assisted Voluntary Returns, Pre-Consular Services, Counter Trafficking, and Movement.

Website: http://www.mimosa.iom.int/confluence/display/MAU1/MiMOSA integrated Global Airline Ticket Order Record (iGATOR) is a web based global application linking Movement Operations and Finance by capturing the costs of tickets for migrants, staff, and consultants to interface with the IOM financial system (PRISM financials) for accounting and invoice reconciliation.

Website: http://www.mimosa.iom.int/confluence/display/MAU1/iGator+Home Receiving Mission Interface (RMI) is a web based application that displays the details of IOM movements entered by the MiMOSA user in the field offices for quality assurance to ensure data quality and consistency. RMI also enables the user to add information for processing and has an interface with iGATOR and also is the key point to activate migrant medical movement data for automatic transmission to external partners.

Website: http://www.mimosa.iom.int/confluence/display/MAU1/RMI+Home

PRISM Competence Center is responsible for the design, development, deployment and maintenance of PRISM to better support the needs of Accounting, Budget, Treasury, Procurement and Human Resources.

The PRISM Competence Center is organized functionally into three units 1) Business Analyst Unit which is responsible for collecting business requirements, designing PRISM solutions and conducting change management activities; 2) Functional and Technical Unit which is responsible for designing technical specifications, configuring and developing PRISM solutions and deploying software patches and enhancement packs and providing platform support; and 3) PRISM Helpdesk which provides 24/5 PRISM support to Field Offices.

PRISM Business Analyst Unit is responsible for collecting business requirements, designing SAP in conjunction with SAP technical team and conducts change management activities such as training, compilation of user communication for release notes, SOPs, WIMS, alerts and newsletters.

The Functional and Technical Unit designs technical specifications, configures and develop SAP solutions, deploys software patches and enhancement packs, maintains role and authorizations.

The PRISM Helpdesk provides 24/5 PRISM support to PRISM Finance and HR users globally.

Manila Financial Services, composed of several units, is responsible for providing overall financial management support including accounting, budget, treasury and financial management support to IOM field offices.

Central Accounting Support (CAS) assists in the preparation of financial management and special donor reports, month-end and year-end closing of accounts, reviews accounts receivables and revenue accounts, processes travel claims and perform bank reconciliations; as well as reporting and billing Canadian Warrants.

Manila Budget Support (MBS) confirms project funding reviews, manages the annual terminal emoluments exercise, supports the overall budget monitoring, and uploads project budget data into PRISM.

Manila Treasury Support (MTS) processes mission payments and funding requests, airline and medical claims payments and facilitates payroll payment transfers for international staff world-wide, plus the processing of all payments for operations in the Philippines.

PRISM Central Support Team (PCST) manages all the PRISM Master Data of projects in PRISM in close coordination with ACO. It ensures the consistency and accuracy of Master Data to facilitate general and specific financial reporting.

Project Monitoring (PM) provides financial budgeting, analysis and reporting support and overall financial management for specific global projects/programmes such as the US Resettlement, Migration Health, Staff Security Unit, Counter-trafficking and 1035 Facility.

Regional Accounting Support (RAS) conducts mission accounts validation, accounts reviews, monitoring and clearing of suspense accounts, bank reconciliations, review and endorsement of donor financial reports, payroll reviews, assists with project closure co-ordination and provides mission accounting advice and audit support as needed.

Manila Human Resources Operations (MHRO) provides human resources administration support for all international personnel (Officials) and General Service personnel in HQ. MHRO is responsible for the recruitment process, personnel administration and payroll of all Officials and HQ General Service staff as well as the provision of administrative services relating to health and other insurances.

MHRO is composed of the following units/functions:

Health Claims Processing (HCP) is responsible for reviewing and processing of health claims of Officials and General Services Staff at HQ, retired staff, local staff in field offices in Europe, Asia and Middle East and their eligible dependents.* In addition, HCP is responsible for reviewing and processing of claims for occupational accidents and illnesses under Compensation Plan (CP) and manages the Malicious Acts Insurance and Loss of Personal and Property claims.

*Claims processing for local staff in Africa and Americas are performed by PAC.

Health Insurance & Medical Supervision (HIM) evaluate and affirm fitness to work of staff based on IOM Medical Exams (Entry on Duty, PME, Annual Driver’s exam), provide clearances and medical advice for TDY, facilitate and authorize medical travel and evacuation, and assesses the medical claims for processing.

MAC Local HR provides human resource related support to national staff and administrative support to national and international staff in MAC. In particular, the unit supports the recruitment, monitoring of contracts, timekeeping and attendance and institutional policy implementation.

Personnel Administration Support (PAS) provides guidance and support to staff members as they go through their employment cycle in IOM while administering their HR concerns in accordance to the Staff Regulations and Rules, Policies and Instructions. PAS performs specific tasks such as hiring/rehiring, contract extensions, transfer, promotions, separations, management of benefits and entitlements and database maintenance of staff members’ HR records.

Payroll Support Unit manages the payroll and salary projectization and ensures accuracy and timely payment of salaries, and other financial entitlements for Officials worldwide General Services Staff in HQ.

Recruitment (REC) Unit manages the processes of recruitment of international personnel (Officials) worldwide and General Service personnel at Headquarters (HQ). REC provides guidance and support to hiring managers, missions and candidates in the recruitment and selection process.

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