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«Annual Report 2011-2012 WaterAid in Madagascar WaterAid à Madagascar – Rapport annuel 2011-2012 Executive summary With the efforts of all the ...»

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661RM and 661RH: the projects were implemented in the Communes of Vinaninony and Mahaiza. All objectives were achieved and planned infrastructures were all realized. The 12 gravity-fed systems, the school water points and latrines were all realized. The number of users was beyond initial predictions. For Mahaiza there was a 3% increase (1366 instead of 1323) for water and sanitation whereas for Vinanony the increase is 7, 97% (2571 instead of 2381).

The success of the two projects is due to the fact that the populations were very committed during the implementation and there was a local advocacy group that promoted the commitment of local authorities.

Urban programmeSub pre urban programme

661UL and 661UK Our suburban sites were Project WSP in 4 communes in the neighbourhood of Antananarivo with 2 funding sources: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Project 661UK and USAID for 661UL. 661UK was scheduled to be completed in September 2011 but the remaining funds were used for the production of communication materials in addition to funds from WaterAid for the sustainability of activities until March 2012 with the integration of 2 old communes (Sabotsy Namehana and Alasora) that were benefiting from WSP actions WaterAid à Madagascar – Rapport annuel 2011-2012 during the first phase of the project. With the remaining funds in December 2011 Project 661UL was able to continue the rest of activities until March 2012.

For UL and UK the specificity of this year is that several additional research activities were conducted upstream of the marketing process of sanitation: Knowledge Attitude Practice study on the capacity to pay, formulation of communication strategy, implementation modalities communication plan. Despite the delay in procedural aspects sanitation marketing is now effective. The supply chain is composed of 11 masons who make slabs and received funds to start 46 middlemen who are members of 6 local organizations using the latrine booklet, 22 outlets with noticeable display stands. Communication strategy for the marketing of sanitation is already in use and several visual materials and tools such as talkshows, novella radios, flyers, posters, TV commercials and films, tours across all neighborhoods were used for sensitization. The revolving fund allocated to each commune was managed by selected local associations to generate greater demand was successful. The reimbursement rate by the beneficiaries was 40% and 90$%.

Good involvement, good leadership and the presentation of a good business plan are the strengths of the grassroots communities in charge of the management of the revolving funds and the pre collection of household waste. This is one of the successes of this project that enjoys sustainability and the possibility to extend their activities to other sites. By contrast, concerning Project 661UL the granting of a site for permanent disposal of waste by the commune is not yet effective and becomes an obstacle for grassroots communities because for now they use an It’s nice o have a handwashing device at intermediary provisional site that is limited in terms of school !

volume until the decision of the concerned communes.

Besides, the dynamism and participation of the Diorano-WASH Communal Committee – in the periodic sensitization activities in all fokontanys contribute to the success and sustainability of Projects 661UK and 661UL because they are already linked to their respective communes and get their material and financial support in the exercise of their function.

Subprogramme for small towns

661UM and 661UN A committee know as « urban core » composed of partners with experience in water, sanitation, and hygiene, marketing in sanitation and waste management in urban areas was set up to support the projects’ team of Mahanoro (661UM) and Vatomandry (661UN) in the orientation and coaching for the implementation their project (support, orientation, reprogramming, and monitoring).

With regard to Project 661UM, the renovation of 2 water kiosks managed by standpipe attendants is one of the successes of the project because the number of water users does not stop growing (721 predicted and 775 realized) due to the improvement of the quality the water provided by Jirama and the quality of the services offered by the standpipe attendants. The pre collection of household waste is also a success with the support of the communes for equipping the discharge sites. Private operators in charge of the pre collection are competent and well organized.

The UMP (Urban Master Plan) for the urban commune of Mahanoro is already available as it was successfully realized. It will serve as a tool for planning the use of urban space and decision making for local authorities. It is also appropriate for proper location of investments for drinking water, sanitation, and the development of the town in general.

With the benefit of the advocacy by the Manorintsoa team the commune of Mahanoro was able to renovate a public latrine of the commune and transformed it into a paid service. This has attracted users because it is located in a populated area.

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Tany pumps, which is an alternative to Jirama water purchased from renovated kiosks and managed by standpipe private attendants.

Vatomandry and Mahanoro Projects have used the pre collection of waste as an anchorage strategy. With the support of the mayors the 2 local organizations were formalized, trained and granted equipment and tools for waste collection. Unlike Vatomandry (661UN) where the process in place is not yet functional the waste pre collection process at Mahanoro (661UM) has worked well despite the time for adaptation to the use of the small truck that hauls household garbage. The number of households using the service keeps growing because of the quality of the service. Sorting out and composting process is scheduled for 2012/13 Besides, the existence of partner organizations on the spot has allowed for a good implementation of activities in collaboration with the local partners.

Research of the technical opinion of low-cost adapted latrine has also been realized. It is the option of septic pit-type latrine with a plastic pipes for easy evacuation that is adopted and the validation of the adoption is scheduled for 2012-2013.

The 2 projects had planned to reproduce and launch sanitation marketing but in the joint planning with municipalities the latter have rather opted for latrine evacuation in ther urgent interim.y. With support from regional offices for sanitation and health engineering (BRAGS) of the Ministry of health, the mayors have identified sites for the discharge of faecal sludges from evacuation.

–  –  –

661UO and 661UH are characterized by actions to improve the services of drinking water. As regards the case of Mahabo (881UH) the construction of a school latrine, the set up of WASH school committee and their involvement in the management and sensitization have been remarkable this fiscal year. Adjoining populations have advocated for access and to transform the system into a paid one. Propositions for different conditions are still under study because the feasibility needs to be considered at the level of the Ministry of Education and the concerned school district. The lack of implication of local authorities in the management of the infrastructures and the collaboration with our local partner is also an obstacle for the project.

Miandrivazo (661UO) is the first WaterAid experience in management delegation to a private operator where actions are conducted together with the Ministry of water while questioning the latter on ways that could compromise the development of the private sector. The project for a full renovation of the water supply system, normalization of connections has been well achieved and was inaugurated in 2012 in the presence of the Minister of water and WaterAid Country Representative. The sale and distribution of water is now done by the firm Engineering Consulting Abraham. Now, during the fiscal year 2012-13 the rate flow of water needs to be improved in the supply system. But the adaption of local populations and their compliance with change still requires time because they are used to a local and private operator’s informal WaterAid à Madagascar – Rapport annuel 2011-2012 system of selling non potable water and now they have to move to a paid and more expensive formal system but with clean water.

National projects 661 NA: the main events of this year are: (i) Internal organization of knowledge management and the knowledge management section; (ii) Production of evidence; (iii) update of Diorano-WASH communication materials and tools; (iv) Impact evaluation of the implementation of the concept Schools friends of WASH in the intervention zones of WaterAid.

661NB : This project consists to empower the direct partners, small and medium size private entrepreneurs, local authorities, and community organizations to supply and manage services. Actions in this direction such as trainings and discussions on technical and financial aspects of partner organizations and WaterAid were conducted during the year.

661NC : This project contributes to the realization of BPORs (Budget Programme by Regional Objective) of the Menabe, Atsinanana, Vakinankaratra, d’Analanjirofo, and Analamanga regions. During this fiscal year the project realized BPOR for Analanjirofo and completed the missing information on the Analamanga BPOR by organizing a specific workshop for the 6 districts of the Antananarivo urban commune. The capitalization BPOR process was on course and the sharing of this experience was conducted with technical and financial partners. African Development Bank plans to support 17 regions that still have no BPOR.

661 NO: Among the 5 scout groups 2 of them under Protestant authority signed a partnership agreement with WaterAid. These are: MEM (Female Scouts) and TEM (Male scouts). MEM has carried out sensitization for hygiene in 2 communes of Antananarivo Atsimondrano and two communes of Andramasina during the good action day that was marked by the celebration of the Jubilee of the 70th anniversary of the organization. A national camp (dobodoboka) and a reforestation activity were conducted on a 5 hectare plot at Ambatomiantendro and a lip dub was also organized at Ampangabe. FJKM Ampangabe and Ambalavao will scout units will take over for sustainable behavior change.

661NP : Regarding the IEC which support the infrastructure construction in our intervetion zones, 35 village health workers were trained in IEC focused on water and sanitation. 16, 000 flyers, 1700 A1 and 300 A0 posters and 150 counseling card tool kits for household visits and focus groups were disseminated. 3 Media Plans promoting the rights to water and sanitation were targeting 2 million people. 28 radio programmes on health, 28 radio programmes on environment and 11 radio On line wih Radio Don Bosco team and Ministry of programmes on “women and development” were health team broadcasted by two radio stations. A regional radio station broadcasted as well these programmes.

The project launched the Off track, off target » report and produced 6 short films comprise the 6 social groups, their current situations with regards to water and sanitation and calls towards the key ministries in charge of water and sanitation. 100 copies of the report and 15 copies of the film were disseminated.

Regarding the profiling of WaterAid 3 workshops, national school sport competitions, commemorations of the World Water, Toilet and Hand washing Days were undertaken by the project.

661 NQ: The authorities have always attended the different workshops and the celebration of World Day for the Disabled, organized by the National Plateform of People with Handicap (PFPH) at Vatomandry, at Fianarantsoa, at the Analakely Chamber of Commerce and at the Antanimena Raillway Workers’ Club.

Authorities and populations are giving more significant importance to the application of disabled people’s rights. With the collaboration of the other partners PFPH was able to realize another un-planned activity in the project but it was necessary for advocacy. It is a workshop in the form of lunch with three media owners and sensitization activities with the scouts.

WaterAid à Madagascar – Rapport annuel 2011-2012 661 ND The key events of the year are: (i) Effectiveness of information on the quality of the water drawn and served except in the case of Mahabo. (ii) Influence and partnership development activities with JIRAMA: collaboration on the methodologies of water security, joint communication plan, exchange of information on the analysis of different parameters, competence transfer session by the specialist in charge of conducting sanitary investigation at JIRAMA, (iii) Contribution in the discussions and finalization of the draft document “Water Security Framework”, (iv) Supply of accessories and consumables for testing the quality of water for partners (v) First draft of the document on MUS “More than a drink, multiple use”, and (vi) Exchange with Ran’Eau at Fianarantsoa.on IWRM 661 NH 11 Diorano-WASH regional committees (CRDW) focused on their actions, the inventory of actors and interventions in the sector of water, sanitation, and hygiene, the training on the basic text at districts level, the empowerment of the organization, the visibility, and capitalization of the gains. Discussion topics of this year have included micro finance, the preparation of AfricaSan 3, CLTS approach, and Lapabe III economic fair in Alaotra Mangoro region. 30 events were realized at regional level with CRDW among which 15 related to World Day on hand washing with soap, 9 related to World Day for latrines, 6 on World Day for water, and 3 others related to inter sectoral activities.

661 NJ The project has conducted a feasibility study on setting a maintenance network for water points in the Betafo District where several projects operate, namely 661 RE - 661 RH - 661RK - 661 RN - 661RI.

This study was conducted by BushProof on the analysis of what exists, market potential, identification of empowerment needs of local artisans in order to put in place a network for distributing spare parts and providing support to local artisans for service and maintenance of the systems.

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