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«Nova Scotia Workplace Education Guide for Project Teams © Crown copyright, Province of Nova Scotia, 2011 First published 1989. Second edition 1998. ...»

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• Offer workplace training programs to all employees.

• Customize the training to the workplace.

• Ensure training time is flexible so that all employees can attend.

• Promote the program through regular postings and at all department meetings.

Goal: Evaluate the effectiveness of the Workplace Education program


• Complete all program evaluation forms.

• Carry out focus groups and informal interviews immediately following the program and six months after the program is completed.

• Complete an annual review of workplace programs with all departments in the organization.

• Develop a database to record successes and quantify results.

Clear goals guide the team in hiring and orienting the instruction (step 4). They also lay the groundwork for evaluating the program (step 5).

Nova Scotia Workplace Education Guide for Project Teams (Spring 2011) 13 Step 4: Hire the instructor and deliver the program Before hiring the instructor, the project team completes and submits a funding application through the province’s online Labour Market Programs Support System (LaMPSS). The Workplace Education coordinator will guide you through the application process.

The selection committee The project team creates a selection committee to handle the hiring process. We recommend that your selection committee be made up of at least four members. For example, the selection committee might include

• the Workplace Education coordinator

• a management representative

• a union representative

• a potential participant The potential participant can help to gauge the rapport an instructor may have with other workers who will take the program. The Workplace Education Coordinator provides input but should not have a decision-making role.

Project team members may know instructors who could be included in the competition. The Workplace Education coordinator can help the team by providing the resumes of qualified adult educators who have experience teaching in a workplace context.

The selection committee will interview potential instructors and recommend which one to hire. The final hiring decision belongs to the project team.

This guide includes the following tools to help you with the hiring process:

• instructor’s job description

• sample interview questions and rating form

• sample contract 14 Nova Scotia Workplace Education Guide for Project Teams (Spring 2011) Instructor’s job description Scope of work Instructors develop customized curriculum and instruct adults in essential skills for the workplace. Programs are delivered onsite to workers. The programs may include workplace-related skills in communications, reading, writing, math, critical thinking, problem solving, and other essential skills determined by the organizational needs assessment (ONA).

Responsibilities Initial program planning

• Study the ONA report

• Tour the workplace and meet supervisors and workers

• Gather and review workplace print materials to be used in the course

• Help to develop or refine the program goals and objectives

• Help to promote the program and recruit participants Curriculum development

• Assess learners’ needs and areas of interest, as well as individual goals

• Incorporate relevant workplace materials and situations

• Adapt materials from other sources, such as resource libraries Program implementation

• Work for and with the project team throughout the program

• Evaluate, record, and report student progress

• Evaluate and report on the success of the program

• Check progress against organizational and individual goals and objectives throughout the program

• Help with the closing ceremonies Qualifications

• University degree or equivalent combination of education and experience

• Understanding of adult education principles and the needs of adult learners

• Experience instructing in an adult education program

• Flexible schedule to meet workplace needs Payment

• The contract includes both administrative and program delivery time.

• Pay is administered by the participating workplace, not by the Department of Labour and Advanced Education.

–  –  –

6. What experience do you have working on a team?

7. What works to foster good partnerships among management, unions, and workers? What doesn’t work?

Total value:

Adult Education (10 points)

8. Adult learners bring a wealth of experience to the classroom.

Can you think of ways that this experience and knowledge can be used for the benefit of the class?

9. This is a part-time program. Can you fit the program times into your schedule?

Total value:

Overall suitability for the position (10 points) Compatibility between the candidate and the job, and the candidate and the organizational context]

Total value:



–  –  –

This includes _________ hours of instruction plus additional hours for individual needs assessments, evaluations, orientation, attendance at project team meetings, and the closing ceremony.

The total amount paid to the instructor will be $__________, which will be paid in a manner agreed upon by both the instructor and the project team. The amount will be paid in two (2) equal instalments; one at the halfway point of the program and one upon program completion.

The instructor will

• Deliver a program customized to the needs of participants and the workplace, following good practices of adult education and the Workplace Education model.

• Consult with the project team, the Department of Labour and Advanced Education, and workplace representatives, as required.

• Comply with all reasonable instructions given by the project team.

• Agree that any materials developed as a result of this agreement will become and remain the exclusive property of the Nova Scotia Department of Labour and Advanced Education.

• Agree that this contract does not include group benefits, pension plan membership, or medical or dental coverage.

• Ensure that all forms are completed as required by the Department of Labour and Advanced Education.

• Maintain an ethical, positive relationship with learners, the workplace and the project team, and the Department of Labour and Advanced Education.

• Hold in confidence information regarding student progress.

–  –  –

This agreement is not transferable without the consent of the workplace and the project team, and the Department of Labour and Advanced Education.

–  –  –

18 Nova Scotia Workplace Education Guide for Project Teams (Spring 2011) Orientation and support for the instructor Once the instructor is hired, it is important to provide the person with a strong orientation to the workplace.

The project team should ensure that the instructor

• has a copy of the ONA report

• is aware of the program goals

• signs the contract before starting the program

• develops an understanding of the workplace by – touring the workplace – attending project team meetings – reading workplace literature and observing jobs – talking to key people The instructor needs help from the project team to

• collect potential learning materials, such as workplace forms, documents, and general print materials

• learn about relevant issues, such as safety requirements or the introduction of new technology The more an instructor is able to customize class sessions to the real learning needs of the individual and the work site, the more likely it is that workers will be able to learn and apply their enhanced skills.

Individual needs assessments (INAs) for the instructor The instructor conducts an individual needs assessment with each worker to talk about learning goals and needs. The assessment generally takes one hour. It is a relaxed and informal process.

The assessment may include sample learning activities so that the instructor can measure the skill level of each worker. To reduce anxiety and fear, the assessment could take place in the context of a whole class.

The assessment occurs onsite in a suitable location. The location should be quiet, confidential, and preferably not the office of a supervisor or upper management personnel.

Instructor’s guide The Workplace Education coordinator will give the instructor an Instructor’s Guide. The project team may have a copy of this guide, as well.

Nova Scotia Workplace Education Guide for Project Teams (Spring 2011) 19 Step 5. Evaluate the program The project team works with the instructor to prepare an evaluation plan. The plan includes

• continual monitoring to ensure the program is on schedule and to respond to concerns as they arise

• regular meetings to review progress

• a follow-up evaluation with all groups involved in the program

• a written summary and supporting documentation. The summary describes the results of the program, and gives both short-term and long-term recommendations on how to continue to provide essential skills training in the workplace.

Evaluation involves informal methods, such as discussions and check-ins with participants, and formal methods, such as forms and structured questions.

The Instructor’s Guide includes a template that you can use to create your evaluation plan. It also includes sample forms. Your Workplace Education coordinator will give you the Instructor’s Guide and evaluation forms.

It is part of the instructor’s contract to give evaluation forms to the participants, compile the information, and report the results and recommendations to the project team.

The evaluation results offer concrete evidence of what worked and what didn’t work. This evidence helps partners to grow in confidence. It inspires them to set higher goals. It also provides a solid foundation upon which to build plans for the future.

20 Nova Scotia Workplace Education Guide for Project Teams (Spring 2011) Step 6. Celebrate success The participants in a Workplace Education program work hard to learn new skills. They deserve recognition for what they contributed to the program, what they learned, and how they are using their skills on the job. By taking the time to celebrate success, you reinforce the message that your organization values learning and teamwork.

The Workplace Education coordinator will provide a printed certificate for each participant who completes the program. The project team might want to host an awards ceremony to present these certificates, along with other tokens of appreciation. Take this opportunity to share stories, enjoy some food, and give and receive thanks.

Here are some other ways you might celebrate the success of your program:

• Send a letter of thanks from senior management to each participant.

• Print an article in the company newsletter.

• Post a “congratulations” sign in the lunchroom or other place where staff meet.

• Share news of your program with other organizations in your community and your business sector.

Congratulations to these workplace winners Several Nova Scotia businesses have received awards from the Conference Board of Canada for their Workplace Education programs. A former Workplace Education learner, Kevin Landry, is now Chair of the Nova Scotia Partners for Workplace Education, and has won the Dr Alan Middleton award for Workplace Literacy, from ABC Life Literacy, Canada. Be inspired by these accomplishments and consider how your success might inspire others, as well.

Nova Scotia Workplace Education Guide for Project Teams (Spring 2011) 21 www.nsworkplaceeducation.ca

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