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«Compunetics, the Concept preceding Health 2.0 • Lodewijk BOS, President ICMCC, Editor-in-Chief Health and Technology, WABT Board Member, Utrecht, ...»

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Special Workshop on ICT in HealthCare Services

(e-Health and TeleMedicine)

Chairman: Giuseppe TRITTO (WABT - WEIL)

Co-Chairmen – Lodewijk BOS (WABT - ICMCC), Attila VERECZKEY ( Versys Clinics,

Human Reproduction Institute, MHRT-HHRS)

Compunetics, the Concept preceding Health 2.0

Lodewijk BOS, President ICMCC, Editor-in-Chief Health and Technology,

WABT Board Member, Utrecht, The Netherlands

How to use European Funds for Bilateral and International Cooperation

Roberto MORINILLI, CEO Gaia Italy, Torino, Italy Innovation models to transfer knowledge into business • Gabor VICZE, Econet Open Funding Kft, Budapest, Hungary Real World Developments in providing Education and Training to Doctors • Ram DHILLON, RILA Institute of Health Sciences, London, UK eHealth Services and Providers Management for High-Specialized Clinical Hubs Network • (The Model for Human Reproduction Clinical Hubs) Giuseppe TRITTO, President WABT - ICET, Paris, France – WEIL, Budapest, Hungary

Introducing Fertility Preservation Methods in Hungary:

• the Importance of a Central European Network Attila VERECZKEY, Director VERSYS Clinics, Human Reproduction Institute, Vice-President Hungarian Association of Human Reproduction, Budapest, Hungary The Italian Screening Programme for Fetal Aneuploidies • Pietro CIGNINI, Artemisia Spa, Italian College of Fetal Maternal Medicine, Rome, Italy E-Health in Web-Space: Legal Issues • (Implementation on Human Reproduction in Global Health Management) Alice KAROUBI NORDON, Ascott Associes Lawyers Firm, WABT-ICET Board Member, Paris, France Contact point: Galina Sklyarova, WEIL Foundation, wabteifl@gmail.com galinaweilfoundation@gmail.com This Seminar includes three parts, the first one is dedicated to the Compunetics implementation on web for Health and Healthcare and to the EU strategies and funds raising on innovation models in knowledge and technology transfer for business partnership. The second part is related to the new efforts of continuous educational post-graduated programs for Health operators and to the design and realization of specific eHealth Services and Providers for specialized Clinical Hubs. The third part is related to specific models of Health Systems Delivery, principally concerning Human Reproduction and Medical Tourism with mobility of the Operators, of the Clients and of the biological living preserved artefacts, and the Legal Issues.

1.eHealth Services and Providers Management for High-Specialized Clinical Hubs Network (The Model for Human Reproduction Clinical Hubs), In cooperation with Andrew Marsh (HoIP – WABT), Alice Karoubi Nordon (Ascott Associes – WABT) and Galina Sklyarova (WEIL) Giuseppe TRITTO Executive President WABT – World Academy of Biomedical Sciences and Technologies

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President International Forum “ Science& Peace” - SPES (for Development and Health) Biography: Professor Giuseppe TRITTO is Executive President of the WABT – World Academy of BioMedical Sciences and Technologies (c/o INSULA - UNESCO) founded under the aegis of UNESCO in 1997 in Paris and President of the WABIT – World Association of Bio Info Technologies in Lugano, Switzerland. He is Executive President of the ICET – The International Council for Engineering and Technologies, an international umbrella NGO inspired by UNESCO in 1995 in Paris. He launched The International Forum " Science & Peace" - SPES for Development and Health and is leading the Project SPACE for SCIENCE for South Eastern Europe, under the aegis of UNESCO CI/INF/ICT Sector, with worldwide potential extensions.

He has assigned the Award ‘ Premio Guido Dorso’, International Section, in 2012, from the Italian Presidency, as “ Ambasciatore per il Mezzogiorno “ in the world.

He has assigned the “ Life Time Achievement Award “ for his understanding contribution in the area of Genital Reconstructive Surgery and Microsurgery from the India Ritnand Balved Education Foundation from Amity Institutions in New Delhi in 2012.

Professor Giuseppe TRITTO is internationally well known Reconstructive Microsurgeon with specific expertise in Reproductive Surgery and Microsurgery, Genital Reconstructive Surgery and Applied BioEngineering in Micro and Nanotechnologies.

He founded different international Associations related to Andrology and Men’s Health Medicine:

IASTA-International Association of Sciences and Technologies for Andrology; ESMGSEuropean Association of Male Genital Surgery; AF-CGM-Association Francophone de ChirurgieGenitale Male; AEFF – Association pour l’Etude de la Fertilité de la Femme; IASSIASA-International Association of Sexual Surgery and Surgical Andrology and the EMAPSEuropean and Mediterranean Academy of Phalloplasty Surgeons. He is Founder of the World Andrology Society – World Andrology Network (WAS – WAN).

Prof. Giuseppe TRITTO was nominated Professor of Microsurgery and Microtechnologies in Aston University, Birmingham, UK and is actually Deputy Professor at BIB-Brunel Institute for Bioengineering, Brunel University, London, UK. Prof. Giuseppe TRITTO has been assigned in 2012 as Director of the Chair of NanoMedicine at Amity University, Noida, New Delhi, India.

Professor Giuseppe TRITTO is President of the European Institute for Life in Budapest, Hungary, Founder and Medical Director of the CMM-Clinics for Male Microsurgery Network.

Professor Giuseppe TRITTO is promoting his leadership at the scientific, professional and international level as a builder of progress and a builder for life, creating strategic convergences and operational interfaces between (bio) – technology innovation and clinical applications in health and health-care through knowledge and technology transfer international cooperation programs.

Abstract eHealth Services and Providers Management for High-Specialized Clinical Hubs Network (The Model for Human Reproduction Clinical Hubs) 1,2.Giuseppe TRITTO, 2.Galina SKLYAROVA, 1,3.Alice KAROUBI, 1,4.Andrew MARSH

1.WABT International,Paris, France 2.WEIL Foundation, Budapest, Hungary 3. Ascott-Associes, Paris, France 4. HoIP, London, UK e-mail contact: GalinaWEILFoundation@gmail.com, wabteifl@gmail.com, Keywords: W-Space, I-Cloud, Health I-Cloud, eHealth, Human Health Medicine, Medicine of Life BACKGROUND:Web-Space for Science and Web-Space for Health from WABT and HoIP WABT – The World Academy of BioMedical Sciences and Technology in 2011 at the WORLDCOMP in Las Vegas, July 18-21, 2011, proposed W-Space for Health as an interface platform, using HoIP (Health over Internet Protocol) e-Services and Providers to offer solutions in developing countries for Global Health Management, with particular attention to collect data for immunization at large scale and to monitor clusters of population at-risk, according UN and World Bank policies and mandates. The Global Strategy proposed by W-Space for Health links the potentialities of the Space and TelecommunicationTechnology solutions with the fast access to the "Cloud" and to the storage of data on the Health conditions of populations through security protocols for international cooperation management, based on the implementation of the capacity building of the pillars of knowledge societies (K-creation, K-preservation, Kdissemination, K-utilization), for Knowledge and Technology Management and Transfer. (KTM) In Public Health Strategy Development and in Inter-Operability Strategies for implementation of dedicated health programs, the strategic Vision, based on 1. market, social, political factors 2.

strategic goals and framework 3. major scientific challenges, must interface with the Technology Roadmap, based on 1.Science, Technology, Engineering 2. Critical Activities and R & D Priorities 3. Activities Pathways and Action Plans: the Problem Definition and the Potential Solutions are matched. Web-Space for Health ad hoc Services and Providers can help to implement Global Strategies on large scale populations, bridging public and private health prevention programs with international cooperative interventions.

HEALTH I - CLOUD At WOLRDCOMP in Las Vegas, July 16-19, 2012, WABT introduced for the first time the definition and the description of I-Cloud for Health – HI-Cloud. Web-Space for Health (H ICloud) represents a new visionary approach 1. to identify, 2. to manage and 3. to implement respectively I. The needs of populations for health services and providers, II. The networks of health and health-care systems widespread in the world, III. The knowledge and technology transfer of biomedical innovations from high income countries towards low income countries at accelerated growth.

The Global Strategy proposed by W-Space for Health, especially in Preventative Medicine, links the potentialities of the Space and TelecommunicationTechnology solutions with the fast access, potentially free, to the "Cloud" and to the storage of health data of populations through security protocols for international cooperation in Global Health Management (GHM).

Global Health Technology and Management The potentialities to implement Space Technology Strategies linked to the network capabilities of the Cloud at the service of Global Health and Health-Care programs can be explored in fundamental sectors of the Human Population Welfare, as Immunization to protect the large majority of population in any region of the globe, as Human Reproduction Monitoring and Contraception Policies, as in Human Nutrition Sharing Resources and Industrialization, to set parameters in Health Metrics to prevent and to protect not only the populations in state of vulnerability, but also the large majority of healthy people at the base of the fundamentals of Countries Economies.

The WABT ITEHM Strategy The WABT Academy on the bases on a New Concept of Medicine for Health – Human Health Medicine – is developing the ITEHM Conceptual Framework linking Innovation Technology – Economics – Human Health. On the new BEST (BioEconomy and Sustainable Development) for Health Vision and Scope in Globalization, the creation of Universal Health Bio Services is a Main Goal, based on one side on the foundations of HUBS for TeleMedicine and eHealth and on the other side on Clinical HUBS for Users, Consumers and Personal Health-Care Management. The Configuration of Health HUBS is based on three key sectors: 1. Hub as a Center of Excellence for Health Services Delivery, 2. Hub as a Training Center for Health Operators, 3. Hub as an International KMC-KTC (Knowledge Management Center - Knowledge Technology Transfer Center) Provider.

Clinical Hubs in Network - CENs Specialized Centers of Excellence jn Network – CENs satisfy the specific needs of the mobility of the Health Operators and the mobility of the Consumers (so-called Medical Tourism) and the implementations of rules and laws, according the policies of the assurance companies and in general of the internazionalized Health Providers.

Medicine of Life In December 2010, at the WABT General Conference in Budapest, the Platform of Medicine of Life has been proposed through a Founding Chart, the constitution of the International Society of Medicine of Life and the registration of the WABT Institute for Life Foundation.

A Model of HUBS for Reproductive Medicine and Surgery in Medicine of Life.

Reproductive Medicine is a fundamental pillar of the Governments Policies in Family Planning and Welfare, not only in the traditional field of Contraception, but today in Preventative Medicine for Reproduction and Sexually Transmitted Diseases – STDs, for Epigenetic Screening and for BioGenetic Technologies (SynBionics). Reproductive Surgery is a new field of clinical applications in male and female procedures, supported by the intensive implementation of Minimally Invasive Laparoscopic and Surgical Techniques (MIS – Minimally Invasive Surgery) and by MicroSurgery (MIMIS – Micro Minimally Invasive Surgery and MIRS – MicroReconstructive Surgery) using MicroTools, Miniaturized Microsensors and Infrared Microcameras that are dramatically changing the actual practices in the operating theatre and in the Repro-Labs.

The Legal Issues and the availability of Innovative Technologies and Procedures in Medicine of Life generate an incredible pressure to share the Global Knowledge in Human Reproduction Technologies in specialized and dedicated Clinical Networks and to link in an operational chain supported by ICT tools and infrastructures all the HUBS practicing Knowledge Transfer Biotechnologies for Human Applications in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery.

2.Compunetics, the Concept preceding Health 2.0 Lodewijk BOS, President ICMCC, Editor-in-Chief Health and Technology, WABT Board Member, Utrecht, The Netherlands

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Using knowledge to create knowledge is the major concept of the emerging knowledge society.

This way, knowledge becomes sustainable and a tool to realize the millennium goals. But to achieve this in the most effective way, we will have to make inventories of knowledge.

ICMCC (International Council on Medical & Care Compunetics) is an international foundation operating as the knowledge centre for medical and care compunetics (COMPUting & Networking, its EThICs and Social/societal implications), making information on medicine and care available to patients using compunetics as well as distributing information on the use of compunetics in medicine and care to patients and professionals.

Knowledge is derived from the synthesis between information and experience. ICMCC is becoming the global guiding platform in bringing information and experience related to medical and care compunetics together, thus creating the necessary inventories of knowledge. As we are aiming at both the patient/citizen and the professional we also target and facilitate the shifting relationship between the two.

Abstract “Compunetics, the concept preceding Health 2.0” This presentation will deal with the definitions of compunetics and Health 2.0.

It will cover the need for and essence of ICT related issues in medicine and care, more specific with the patient-related aspects in mind e.g. medical records, mhealth.

Awareness and the importance of information dissemination will also be covered.

3.e-Health in Web-Space: Legal Issues (Implementation on Human Reproduction in Global Health Management)

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