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«1 LYNDA PAYNE, PhD, RN University of Missouri-Kansas City Department of History * 5100 Rockhill Road Kansas City, MO 64110 816-235-2539 * ...»

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University of Missouri-Kansas City

Department of History * 5100 Rockhill Road

Kansas City, MO 64110

816-235-2539 * paynel@umkc.edu


2007 Diploma in Biological Sciences, Uppsala University, Sweden (Linnaeus and his Legacy)

1997 Ph.D., Department of History, University of California, Davis (Doctoral Exams

passed with highest distinction) Dissertation: “‘To lose foolish tenderness’: Clinical

Detachment and its Origins among Medical Men in Early-Modern England."

1985 A.S.N. (Nursing) SUNY, Albany, N.Y. Registered Nurse, State of California Active License: Number 391124 1983 Certified Respiratory Therapist, California College for Respiratory Therapy, San Diego, California 1980 Diploma in Applied Social Sciences (Social Work) University of Surrey, England 1977 M.A. (Mediaeval History) University of Edinburgh, Scotland


2013-present Professor of History, University of Missouri-Kansas City 2008-present Sirridge Missouri Endowed Professor in Medical Humanities and Bioethics at the School of Medicine 2006-present Associate Professor of History, University of Missouri-Kansas City 1999-2006 Assistant Professor of History, University of Missouri-Kansas City 1999-present Associate Faculty, Women and Gender Studies, University of Missouri-Kansas City 1997-9 Visiting Assistant Professor and Scholar in History of Science, Oberlin College 1990-96 Adjunct Faculty, Department of History, California State University, Fresno 1989-94 History Instructor, Fresno City College


2011-2014 Director of the Summer Study Abroad Program, Medicine and Music, in Graz, Austria 2005-present. Director of the Summer Study Abroad Honors Program, History, Culture and Health, in Uppsala, Sweden


2012 UMKC Friends of the Library, grant for classics in the history of medicine 2011 Missouri Humanities Council, grant to underwrite the expenses of conducting the Literature & Medicine discussion series at UMKC in 2012 2011 UMKC Friends of the Library, grant for the digital edition of the Illustrated London News 2010 Elected a Fellow of the Linnean Society of London, UK 2010 Co-recipient of a grant from MU to develop an online course in bioethics at UMKC and from the UMKC College of Arts and Sciences 2010 The Eugene W. J. Pearce, M.D. and Lunetta A. Pearce, M.D. Fellowship in the History of Medicine, Library and Archives, KUMC 2009 Elected to Phi Kappa Phi for achievement of scholarly distinction 2008 Outstanding Lavender Faculty Award from the LGBTQIA Office, UMKC, 2007-8 2008 Friends-of-the Library of the University of Wisconsin at Madison, research grant-in-aid 2008 University of Missouri-Kansas City, Women and Gender Studies Research Grant 2007-8 University of Missouri Research Board Grant 2005-6 Center for Creativity Curriculum Grant, for development of a cluster class in the History and Culture of Nordic Europe 2003-4 Recipient of the Dean’s Outstanding Teaching Award for Regular Faculty 2002-3 Recipient of the Klemperer Fellowship in the History of Medicine, New York Academy of Medicine 2002-3 Wood Institute Fellowship, at the College of Physicians of Philadelphia 2001-2 University of Missouri Research Board Grant 2000-1 Faculty Research Grant, University of Missouri 1999 National Endowment for the Humanities, Summer Stipend 1996 Nominated for the Society of Fellows at Harvard University 1995-6 Charlotte W. Newcombe Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship 1995 Wood Institute Fellowship, College of Physicians of Philadelphia 1994 Andrew W. Mellon Match Fellow of The Huntington Library 1994 The Wellcome Trust, History of Medicine Travel Grant 1998-9 Research & Development Grant, Oberlin College 1997-8 H.H. Powers Grant, Oberlin College 1996-7 University of California, Davis, Graduate Fellowships 1995-6 University of California, Davis Humanities Grant and Graduate Fellowship 1995 University of California, Davis, Reed-Smith Research Fellowship 1994-5 University of California, Davis, Washington Center Graduate Fellow 1994 University of California, Davis, Graduate Fellowship 1993 Nominated for University of California, Davis Distinguished Teaching Award 1992-3 California State University Doctoral Incentive Program Award


1988-93 Valley Medical Center, Fresno, Critical Care Nurse 1986-8 P.R.N. Home Health Agency, Fresno, Nursing Supervisor

–  –  –

1980-1 Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, England, Senior Social Worker 1977-8 Lincolnshire County Council, Grantham, England, Social Worker



With Words and Knives: Learning Medical Dispassion in Early Modern England.

Ashgate Press, 2007

–  –  –


Introduction in A Proven Experiment: Looking Back at the UMKC-SOM, Eds. J. & P.

Burton, Kansas City Star Press, 2015.

“Art as Embodied Meaning: The Art of Medicine,” Journal of Health and Human Experience, Vol. 1, 2015, 27-30, co-authored with Michael O’Dell, MD “The Life and Times of Francis Geach MD, FRS (1730-1798), Senior Surgeon to the Royal Naval Hospital, Plymouth (1778-1798),” in Journal of Medical Biography, 0967772013479509, Royal Society of Medicine Press, London, Timothy J. Peter, Lynda Payne, & Nick Levell, published on January 30, 2014 as doi:10.1177/0967772013479509 “Drain, Blister, Bleed: Surgeons open and close the skin in Georgian London,” in A Medical History of Skin: Scratching The Surface, Pickering & Chatto, Kevin Siena & Jonathan Reinarz, eds, 2013 “From Lucy Ashton’s Song to Lucia di Lammermoor’s Lament: Sir Walter Scott’s Perfect Gothic Novel and the Composers,” Proceedings from Musical Theatre as High Culture?

Discourse on Opera and Operetta during the Late 19th Century, Croatian Musicological Society, Vjera Katalinic, Stanislav Tuskar, Harry White, eds, Zagreb, October 2011, 25-33 “What Would William Hunter think of Bodies Revealed?” in Controversial Bodies, Johns Hopkins Press, John Lantos, ed., August, 2011, 73-8 ‘’Mr. Flower Power’: Celebrating Linnaeus in 2007,” Web publication of the proceedings of the International Society for the Study of European Ideas, Helsinki, Finland, July 25-30, 2008, January, 2010 “Children and Youth in World History Project: Teaching Module on Health and Sickness in Early Modern England,” Web publication, George Mason University, 2008 “Lovesickness: Female Insanity in Nineteenth-Century Opera,” in On Bunker’s Hill: Essays on Music in Honor of J. Bunker Clark, William A. Everett and Paul Laird, eds, Harmonie Park Press, 2007, 231-43 “Georg Büchner and the Doctors” in the Royal Opera House Programme for Wozzeck, March, 2006, 32-37 “‘With much nausea, loathing, and foetor': William Harvey, dissection, and dispassion in early modern medicine," in Vesalius: Acta Internationales Historiae Medicinae, 3, 2, 2002, 45-52.

“‘A spedie reformacion’: Surgeons, Anatomization, and the Reformation of Medicine in Tudor London,” in Paracelsian Moments, Gerhild Scholz Williams & Charles Gunnoe, eds, Truman State University Press, 2002, 71-92.

‘“A Deep Fund of Hatred and Resentment’: Clinical Encounters in eighteenth-century

England,” Transactions and Studies of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia January:

1999, 20, 31-9.

Biographies of Galen, Hippocrates and William Harvey, in the Encyclopedia of the Renaissance, Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1999, 1-2, 150-51, 119-21 “Theophilus Lobb: 1678-1763,” in the New Dictionary of National Biography, 1998, 201 “Herophilus” and “Thomas Sydenham,” in Richard Olson, ed., Biographical Encyclopedia of Scientists, New York: Marshall Cavendish Corp., 1998, 589-91, 1234-6 ‘“Man-like expertise and feminine sense’: Childbirth in Early-Modern England,” Thamyris:

Mythmaking from Past to Present, 3, 1, 1996, 193-202


‘The Best Surgeon in England’: Percivall Pott, 1714-88: (monograph) under contract with Peter Lang Publishing Ltd., expected publication in 2016.

“Who’s Your Enemy?: Incorporating stories of trauma into a medical humanities course”.

Journal of Medical Humanities, UK, forthcoming 2016 Introductory chapter for Volume 4 of “A Cultural History of the Emotions,” Bloomsbury Publishing.

The Herbal Recipe Book of Johanna St. John (1630-1704). Working with Timothy J.

Peter, MD, on part of a Wellcome Trust funded project at Lydiard Park near Swindon to publish materials and research pertaining to MS 4338 (1680) The Travel and Artistic Journals of Sir Charles Bell, Surgeon, 1774-1842 (article)


Who’s Your Enemy? Incorporating stories of trauma in a medical humanities course”, Traumatextualities Conference: Trauma in the clinical, arts, and humanities contexts.

University of Nottingham, UK, September 6-8, 2014 “Centre or periphery? Incorporating history of medicine in a curriculum of medical humanities at a school of medicine.” History in Practice, Uppsala University, Sweden, March 26-28, 2014 “The Operation is very trifling’: Percivall Pott and surgical instruction in Georgian London.” American Association for the History of Medicine, Annual Meeting, Atlanta, May 16-19, “‘Mr Pott Determined upon the Operation’: Surgery, Patients and Pain in 18th Century London.” Annual National Meeting of the Anesthesia History Association, Kansas City, May 4, 2012 “The Problems and Joys of setting up a Curriculum in Medical Humanities at the UMKCSOM.” Literature and Medicine Affinity Group, American Society of Bioethics and Humanities Annual Conference, San Diego, October 20-24, 2010 “Drain, Blister, Bleed: Surgeons open and close the skin in Georgian London,” The History of the Skin, University of Birmingham, UK, October 28-30, 2010 “Her pulse was small and fluttering: Mr.

Percivall Pott and his young patients in Georgian London.” Death, Dying and Disposal Conference (DDD), Durham, England, September 10-13, 2009 “What Would William Hunter 1718-83 think of Bodies Revealed?” Controversial Bodies:

How to View Plastinated Corpses, Kansas City Public Library, December 5, 2008 ‘’Mr. Flower Power’: Celebrating Linnaeus in 2007.” International Society for the Study of European Ideas, Helsinki, Finland, July 25-30, 2008 “‘Desiring Death Like A Lover’: The Perils of Being a Virgin in 19th Century Europe.” Death, Dying and Disposal Conference (DDD), Bath, England, September 12-15, 2007 “Beating the Clock: Stopwatches and Spectators at 18th Century British Operations.” History of Science Society Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, November 1-3, 2005 “‘The most inquisitive of naturalists’: Walter Charleton, anatomy, and religion in early modern England.” Sixteenth Century Studies Conference, Pittsburgh, October 30November 2003 “‘Conquer thy own Passions’: The Reverend John Ward and Christian Anatomy in seventeenth century Britain.” Sixteenth Century Studies Conference, San Antonio, October 24-27, 2002 “Lovesickness: Female Insanity in Nineteenth Century Operas.” College Music Society, Annual Meeting, Kansas City, September 26-29, 2002 “Lovesickness: Female Insanity in Nineteenth Century Operas.” Plenary Session at the American Association for the History of Medicine National Conference, Kansas City, April 27, 2002.

“‘With much nausea, loathing and foetor’: William Harvey, Dissection, and the cultivation of clinical detachment in Early Modern Medicine,” 19th Congress of the British Society for the History of Medicine, Birmingham, England, September 6-9, 2002 ‘“The light of the Gospel flies around about thee on glowing wings’: Barber-Surgeons and the Reformation of Medicine in Tudor London.” Sixteenth Century Studies Conference, Cleveland, November 2-5, 2000 “There is a dead carcase rumbling up the stairs: Body-snatching, anatomy teaching, and the shaping of young medical men in Enlightenment London.” The Social Context of Death, Dying and the Disposal of Bodies in History, Goldsmiths University of London, September 7-10, 2000 “You thought that I was buried deep: Resurrectionists, Dissecting, and the Sensibilities of Medical Men in eighteenth-century Britain.” West Coast History of Science Society, UC Berkeley, May 6-7, 2000 “A Sort of Necessary Inhumanity: William Hunter, Anatomy, and the Shaping of Young Medical Men in Enlightenment London.” Midwest Junto for the History of Science, Linda Hall Library, Kansas City, April 14-16, 2000 “A Sort of Necessary Inhumanity: William Hunter, Anatomy, and the Shaping of Young Medical Men in Enlightenment London.” South East America Society Eighteenth-Century Studies Conference, Savannah, GA, March 2-5, 2000 “‘It was asked him what the splene was’: Galenic anatomy & claims of expertise, authority, and morals among early-modern British surgeons.” History of Science Society National Meeting, Kansas City, October 22-25, 1998 “A deep fund of hatred and resentment’: Clinical Encounters in eighteenth-century England.” History of Science Society National Meeting, Atlanta, November 8-10, 1996 “Taking my Opportunity: Dr. Daniel Turner and his patients in early modern England.” West Coast History of Science Meeting, Santa Barbara, March 15-16, 1996 “Such mischiefes was never suffered among the infidels’: Constructing the Authority of the Learned Surgeon in Sixteenth-Century England.” Sixteenth-Century Studies Conference, San Francisco, October 25-28, 1995


Cockefair Lecture Series: “Edward VI: From Prince of Pleasure to Uncle of Europe”.

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