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«1 LYNDA PAYNE, PhD, RN University of Missouri-Kansas City Department of History * 5100 Rockhill Road Kansas City, MO 64110 816-235-2539 * ...»

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October 2014 "Percivall Pott and surgical operations in Georgian London," KUMC History of Medicine, KUMC, February 13, 2014 Creating and Teaching a Curriculum in the Medical Humanities at UMKC, Medical University of Graz, Austria, to Faculty of the Klinik für Med. Psychologie und Psychotherapie, July 16, 2013 “How the Pilgrims lived before they boarded the Mayflower,” Mayflower Society of Greater Kansas, October 16, 2012 “The American Revolution from the British Perspective,” Sons of the American RevolutionDelaware Chapter, October 15, 2012 “Lovesickness: Female Hysteria in Nineteenth-Century Operas,” Plenary Lunch Lecture, Mid-Continental Medical Library Association (MCMLA) Annual Meeting, Kansas City, October 4, 2012 “Spot Ward, Crazy Sally and the Chevalier Taylor: Three Medical Quacks in 18th Century Britain,” Annual Banquet Plenary Lecture, The History of Medicine Society of the University of Iowa, Iowa City, April 13, 2012 “Medicine During the Time of Jane Austen,” Presentation to the Jane Austen Appreciation National Society (JASNA) of Greater Kansas City (JASNA) Kansas City Public Library, October 30, 2011 “The Creation and Future of the National Health Service in England,” Lecture to the Osler Society, Diastole, Kansas City, April 21, 2011 “The Life of Sir William Osler,” Inauguration of the Osler Society, Kansas University Medical Center, September 16, 2010 “Hysterical Women in Three 19th. Century Operas,” Grand Psychiatric Rounds, Kansas University Medical Center, April 17, 2010 “The Politics of Health in Uganda,” Lecture to GlobeMed Student Organization, UMKC, March 1, 2010 “Gender and Surgery in 18th century London,” New Faculty Research Presentation to the History Department, UMKC, February 4, 2010 “The Victorian World of Gilbert and Sullivan,” Carolyn Benton Cockefair Lecture Series, UMKC, January 2010 “Consumed by Love: The Portrayal of TB in Three Victorian Operas,” William T. Sirridge Endowed Lecture in Medical Humanities, UMKC-SOM, September 25, 2009 “Insolence, Barbarity and Ingratitude: Surgeons, Patients and Emotions in 18th Century England,” Kansas University Medical Center, National Lecture Series, April 2, 2009 “Spot Ward, Crazy Sally and the Chevalier Taylor: Three Quacks in 18th century Britain,” Plenary Lecture for the Midwest Junto for the History of Science, Kansas City, March 28, “The Portrayal of Three Hysterical Women in 19th Century Operas,” Grand Rounds for Western Missouri Mental Health Facility, Kansas City, December 4, 2008 “The First Victorian – The Life of Queen Victoria,” Carolyn Benton Cockefair Lecture Series, February, 2008 “King George III from the British point of view,” Carolyn Benton Cockefair Lecture Series, March, 2006 “The Body as Spectacle in the 18th Century,” Stowers Institute, Kansas City, February 1, “Medical Quacks and their Patients with Examplars from 18th Britain,” Hixon Hour Lecture, Kansas University Medical Center, October 13, 2005 “In Health and in Sickness in 18th Century Britain,” Carolyn Benton Cockefair Lecture Series, October, 2005 “Our Bodies, Their Images: The Scientific Construction of the Female from Aristotle to the Present,” Women’s History Month Symposium: Women and World Conflict, UMKC, March 22, 2002 “William Harvey and the Image of the Anatomist in early Modern Europe” the History and Philosophy of Medicine Reading Group, Kansas University Medical Center, April 15, 2002 “Lovesickness: Female Insanity in Nineteenth Century Operas,” lecture-recital, UMKC, November 11, 2001 ‘“You thought that I was buried deep’: Resurrectionists, Dissecting, and the Sensibilities of Medical Men in eighteenth-century Britain,” Kansas University Medical Center, Hixon Hour Lecture, January 18, 2001 “The Discipline of Anatomical Hands: Dr. Daniel Turner (1667-1741) and His Patients in Early Modern England,” The Handerson Medical History Society, Cleveland, April 14, 1998 “Animal Use in Science & Medicine: Ethics and Policy,” Moderator of session at an International Conference on Animals as Experimental Materials, Oberlin College, February 23-26, 1998 “A Deep Fund of Hatred and Resentment’: Clinical Encounters in Eighteenth-Century England,” Wood Institute, College of Physicians of Philadelphia, March 20, 1997 “New World Medicine: Pre and Post Columbus,” Columbus Quincentenary, Public Lecture Series, California State University, Fresno, October 29, 1991


Rev. of Medical negligence in Victorian Britain: the crisis of care under the English Poor Law, c. 1834-1900, for Choice, forthcoming Rev. of Revolutionary Medicine: The Founding Fathers and Mothers in Sickness and in Health, The Historian, Fall 2015, 77:3, 542-3 Rev. of Aphrodisiacs, Fertility and Medicine in Early Modern England, for Choice, May edition, 2015 Rev. of Medicine and the Workhouse, for Choice, 2014 Rev. of Child workers and Industrial Heath in Britain, 1789-1850, for Choice, February edition, 2014 Rev. of Urban Bodies: Communal Health in late medieval English Towns and Cities, for Choice, March edition, 2014 Rev. of Female Patients in Early Modern Britain: Gender, Diagnosis, and Treatment, for The Historian, 2014, 76:4, 854-6, Rev. of Regimental Practice by John Buchanan, M.D.: An Eighteenth-Century Medical Diary and Manual, for Medical History, June 2013, 57:2, 292-3 Rev. of Minds, Bodies, Machines, 1770-1930 for ELEG (European Legacy), 2013, 18:6, 792Rev. of Performing medicine: Medical culture and identity in provincial England, c. 1760for Journal of British Studies, 2012, 51:4, 1001-2 Rev. of Women and the practice of medical care in early modern Europe, 1400-1800 for Choice, December edition, 2011 Rev. of The Making of Mr. Gray’s Anatomy: Bodies, Books, Fortune, Fame for The Historian, 73:4, 2011 Rev. of Soap and Water: Cleanliness, Dirt & the Working Classes in Victorian and Edwardian Britain for Choice, June edition, 2011 Rev. of Fatal Thirst: The History of Diabetes Mellitus for the Bulletin of the History of Medicine, Vol. 84, No. 3, Fall 2010, pp. 518-9 Rev. of Reading Sensations in Early Modern England for The European Legacy, 14:6, 754, Rev. of Frontier Medicine: from the Atlantic to the Pacific, 1492-1941 for Choice, April, 2009, 46, 22 Rev. of The Brain Takes Shape: An Early History for the Bulletin of the History of Medicine, 61, 2, 222-23, 2006 Rev. of Victorian Sensation: The Extraordinary Publication, Reception, and Secret Authorship of Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation for The Historian, 65, 2, 513-14, 2003.

Rev. of The Nobility and Excellence of Women and the Defects and Vices of Men for ISIS 92, 4, 779-80, 2004.

Rev. of The Notorious Astrological Physician of London: Words and Days of Simon Forman for the Bulletin of the History of Medicine, 76, 134-5, 2002.

Rev. of The Royal Doctors 1486-1714: Medical Personnel at the Tudor and Stuart Courts for The Sixteenth Century Journal, Vol.33, No.2, 1095, 2002 Rev. of Medicine and Society in Early Modern Europe for ISIS, 92, 1, 138, 2001 Rev. of Dissection and Vivisection in the European Renaissance for the Journal of the History of Biology, 34: 219-21, 2001 Rev. of Healers and Healing in Early Modern Italy for Sixteenth Century Journal, 32, 2, 546Rev. of The Crimes of Women in Early Modern Germany for The Historian, 63, 4, 84-5, Rev. of Books of the Body: Anatomical Ritual and Renaissance Learning for the Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences, 52, 2, 188-89, 2001 Rev. of Wonders and the Order of Nature, 1150-1750 for the Journal of the History of Biology, 33, 409-11, 2000 Rev. The Great Pox: The French Disease in Renaissance Europe for of The Historian, 61, 4, 942-3, 1999 Rev. of The Scientific Revolution and the Origins of Modern Science for The Sixteenth Century Journal, 30, 2, 613-14, 1999


Historiography and Methodology History of Nature, Culture and Health in Sweden from 1700-present History and Culture of Nordic Europe from 1750-present Gender and Medicine Special Research Project in Sweden History of the Body History of Britain 1603-1832 History of Britain 1832-present Senior Undergraduate Thesis We are the Dead: The Great War Experience Through its Artifacts (taught at the National World War One Museum in Kansas City) European Criminal Justice History, 500-1500


Imagining the Victorians The History of Gender and Work Science and Culture from 1500 British Identities Medicine and Europe from 1500 Victorian Bodies: Crime and Sexuality


Miun Gleeson, Women and the Culture of Mourning in 19th Century Britain, 2016 Kristin Huston, Creole Women in 19th Century Jamaican and American Periodicals, 2015 April Austin, Animals as Sentimental and Scientific Objects in the Edinburgh Chambers’ Periodical, 1832-53, 2010 Rebecca Seyferth, Percy Bysshe Shelly and his Romantic plays in Regency Britain, 2009 Deborah Maltby, Representations of Agricultural Laborers in Victorian Literature, Culture, and History, 2007. Winner of the UMKC Outstanding Dissertation Award in the Humanities for 2007


Tanya Kelly, The History of Classification of Colours after the Enlightenment Melissa Riebe, Transatlantic Culture and Sailors’ Wives in the Eighteenth Century Dale Smith, Gout, The Preacher’s Malady: Charles Spurgeon in Victorian England


Lorna Condit, Blasphemous Bodies, Mortal Souls: Transgressive Mortality as Cultural Interrogation in Gothic Fiction of the Long Nineteenth Century, 2011 Muffy Guilfoil, Patient-produced newspapers in 19th century American Insane Asylums, 2011 Dan Stoll, American Policy in the Middle East, post WWI, 2006


Cecile Arden Phillips, A Veritable Revolution: The Court of Criminal Appeal in English Criminal History, 1908-58, 2012 Melissa Riebe, Public Perceptions of Sailors’ Wives in Eighteenth-Century England, 2011 Kimberly Fogarty, Perceptions of Gender in English News Pamphlets 1660-1700, 2011 Alicia Lea, Domestic service, Theft and Infanticide in Greater London, 1837-1901, 2010 Susan Sykes-Berry, Politics and Pandemic in 1918 Kansas City, 2010 Christine Rinck, Hildegard of Bingen and Trotula of Salerno: two female healers, 2005 Marjon Ames, Religious persecution and Quakers during the Interregnum, 2004 Anne Broderick, Pre and Post Images of Famine in Ireland, 2003 Ryan Fagan, Robert Hooke and the Royal Society of London, 2001


Dustin Stainaker, Refugees and Identity in Pre-WWII Europe, 2012 Kristina Ellis, Cosmopolitan Magazine and Body Image 1950-80, 2010 Rebecca Herring, German Identity in the 20th Century, 2005 Cameron Sutt, Hungarian witch-trials in the 14th century, 2002 James W.

Klobnak, Keystone Republicanism and The Standing Army Controversy, 2000


“Tuberculosis in Medicine and Art,” History of Healthcare, School of Nursing, February 4, 2012 “The Sweden Summer Honors Program in Uppsala,” Honors Colloquium, UMKC, October 26, “The College Student in the Middle Ages,” Honors Colloquium, UMKC, March 8, 2011 “Tuberculosis in Medicine and the Arts,” Microbe Management, March, 2010, 11, & 12 “Why Britain declared war in 1914,” We Are the Dead: The Great War Experience through its Artifacts, September 2008 & 10 “Leprosy, Plague, and Syphilis: The Birth of Public Health 1250-1550,” Microbe Management, April 1, 2009 “How to present your work at Conferences,” How To History II, February 24, 2009 “How to write reflective papers as a medical student,” Workshop, UMKC-SOM, November 11, “The Public Auction of Children in 19th Century Sweden,” Women and Gender Studies Faculty Lecture, September 21, 2008 “How to use Victorian Material Culture,” English Literature Course, UMKC, March 5, 2008 “The history of the ideal female and the ideal male body,” “The history of gerontology,” “Crosscultural aging,” and “The history of early modern childhood diseases.” Two lectures each semester to Year 1 and Year 2 SOM students in Fundamentals of Medicine I & II, 2008-present “Islamic Science and Medicine, 800-1500,” History of Islam undergraduate course, UMKC, November every year, 2000-present


Board member for SUROP, UMKC Applications Reviewer for undergraduates in the College of Arts and Sciences, March 2012 Chair of the Travel Grants Committee for the American Association for the History of Medicine, May, 2013 Reviewer, manuscripts and articles for Journal of Clinical Anatomy, Historical Reflections/Réflexions Historiques, Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies, University of Toronto Press, Social History of Medicine, and Tenure Applications in North America Member, Appointed to the Travel Grants Committee for the American Association for the History of Medicine, February, 2011 Member of the National and the Local Arrangements Committees for the American Association for the History of Medicine meeting in Kansas City, KS, 2002 Appraiser for Grants, AMS/Hannah Institute for the History of Nursing, Toronto, 1999-present Reviewer for UMRB Applications, 1999, 2004, 2008, 2010 and 201


Co-creator of a Seminar Series in Medicine and War at the University of Kansas Medical Center, The Department of History & Philosophy of Medicine, 2011-12 Presenter, “The Vikings,” Visitation School, Kansas City, Honors Class, Year 4, December 4, 2010 Adult Supervisor: High School Medical Narrative Program, for students at Pembroke School, Kansas City, October 2010 Organizing Member of the Osler Society of Greater Kansas City, September, 2010 Scholar-Facilitator for Literature and Medicine: Humanities at the Heart of Health Care, St Luke’s Healthcare System, Kansas City, sponsored by the Missouri Humanities Council, 2008-present Presenter, Medicine in WW1, High School College Program History In-Service, NWWIM, November 2008 Presenter, The History of the Joy of Sex, 1700-present, Communiversity, UMKC, January 2008


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