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Call Summarry

Artwork Goals


San Pedro Creek History

Artwork Location Description

Site Location Plans

Selection Process

Recommended Selection Criteria

Project Timeline


How to Apply

Pre-Submittal Information Session

Contact Information

San Pedro Creek Improvements Project Description and Background

Websites with Additional Resources

Amendments to RFQ

Restrictions on Communications

Reservation of Rights

Policies for Selected Artist


Bexar County has engaged the San Antonio River Authority (SARA) to assist Bexar County in selecting an artist for a commission to install a permanent public artwork at the newly renovated San Pedro Creek Plaza at the Phase 1 of a significant County-funded public works project: San Pedro Creek Improvements Project in San Antonio, Texas. The San Pedro Creek Tricentennial Artwork will be unveiled in a public ceremony on May 5, 2018, at the grand opening celebration of Phase 1 and will serve as the signature Tricentennial public art work that commemorates the Tricentennial of Bexar County and the City of San Antonio. The San Pedro Creek Tricentennial Artwork budget is $735,000.

The Tricentennial Artwork will engage the viewers in a thoughtful and celebratory way, and reflect the rich interweaving of cultures that define Bexar County and San Antonio. The site is near the location where the first Spanish Colonial Mission was founded, Mission San Antonio de Valero, which was later moved to the San Antonio River and became known as the Alamo. This commission is an official project recognized by the Joint Bexar County/City of San Antonio Tricentennial Commission. The Tricentennial celebration year is 2018 and the commemorative week will be May 1-6. This art installation will emphasize the historic importance of San Pedro Creek and convey the story and culture of Bexar County and San Antonio. The site offers a unique opportunity to create a landmark for the San Pedro Creek Improvements Project that will dramatically transform the Westside of downtown San Antonio.


The artwork commissioned for this site will be an iconic representation of San Antonio’s unity and diversity by honoring its past and embodying its future.

The artwork should:

 Be compelling and aesthetically excellent.

 Commemorate the celebration of the 300th anniversary of Bexar County and San Antonio.

 Celebrate San Pedro Creek’s culture and history by referring to its story with an authentic voice.

 Bring to life imagery that speaks to diversity, inclusivity, tradition, and the future of our community.

 Create excitement and interest from the community.

 Be permanent and visual in nature.

 Endure the climate of this area, the flooding nature of the creek and a variety of linear park public uses.


The art budget for the San Pedro Creek Tricentennial Art Installation is $735,000. The budget includes but is not limited to: all artist design and project management fees; artist travel; artist models and renderings of artworks; the fabrication, transportation, and installation of artwork; required insurance;

signage for the artwork; and documentation of the final art installation. Additionally, a stipend of $5,000 will be provided by Bexar County to each of three finalists during the competitive selection process.


The legacy of San Pedro Creek is often overshadowed by the San Antonio River and its world renowned Paseo del Rio, but the creek played a primary and vital role in the history of Bexar County and San Antonio. As the community evolved cultures, languages, values, and religions were interwoven over hundreds of years, and are still evident today. San Pedro Creek touched lives in numerous ways.

Revered as a life source (for drinking, abundant flora and fauna, and irrigation), the spring-fed creek provided direction for settlement. The creek eventually ceased to bring lives together and resulted in segregation, emerging as a dividing line between Anglo and Hispanic populations. Returning its healing spirit and embracing its ability to unite the community is part of the creek’s legacy.

Modest San Pedro Creek is now a functional, but unsightly, creek that runs through the historic Westside of downtown San Antonio. The San Pedro Creek Improvements Project and the San Pedro Creek Tricentennial Artwork will reflect on its rich history, reconstitute its life-giving qualities, and create a sense of place.

Additional information on the history of the creek, a historical narrative and mythic narrative are

available on the San Pedro Creek Improvements Project website:

 Historic narrative- http://spcproject.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Historic-Book-of-theCreek-FINAL-12-30-2015.pdf  Mythic narrative- http://spcproject.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/San-Pedro-Creek-MythicNarrative-Script.pdf


We seek a dynamic artwork that supports the cultural mandate of the project, to create a “culture park.” The plaza at the beginning of the San Pedro Creek Improvements Project is the selected location for this Tricentennial Artwork because it is located at what is considered to be the founding of San Antonio de Bejar – both the first of five Missions, San Antonio de Valero, and the Presidio de Bejar were founded on the Creek. It is also near the creek's flood control tunnel inlet at the start of the San Pedro Creek Improvements Project. The design of the San Pedro Creek Improvements Project will radically change the current experience.

There are a number of features that are part of the design of San Pedro Creek Improvements Project.

The design emphasizes reconnecting the community to the water, native plantings and lining the creek with pathways, benches and other pedestrian features. The plaza at the beginning of the improvements project will have cypress trees and very lush plants to create a sense of place with bioswales. The flood control tunnel inlet will be screened with a decorative, metal casing that will lead to a vertical wall of falling water as it descends into the creek, enters a wetland and courses through the keyhole-shaped benchwork and then through a series of limestone arms embracing the passing water and slowing it into standing pools.

The selected artist will be expected to review concepts with Bexar County, SARA, and the design team to ensure that the artwork is appropriate for the space, with a final acceptance subject to approval by Bexar County Commissioners Court, who will become the owner of the installation.


A location video, additional maps and site elevation plans are provided on the San Pedro Creek Improvements Project website: http://spcproject.org/spctricentennialartwork.


Bexar County and SARA are administering the artist selection process for this commission. The process will occur in two phases. During the first phase, artists are invited to submit qualifications through a process that will be reviewed by an advisory committee consisting of local community leaders, artists, elected officials, government staff, Tricentennial chairs, historians, art program directors and property owners. A limited number of finalists, with a maximum of three, will be chosen.

During the second phase, the selected finalists will be asked to submit proposals for which they will each receive a $5,000 honorarium upon delivery of the proposal by October 17, 2016. The honorarium includes the cost of travel to interview and all costs of preparing the proposal. Proposals will detail the finalist’s conceptual approach for artwork at the site and presentations must be made in person or via Skype, and describe the concept, materials, size, weight, installation requirements, maintenance requirements, and budget. Finalists will be interviewed after the submission of the proposals and one artist or artist team will be selected for the commission.

A recommendation for approval of the selected artist will be presented at the subsequent regular meeting of Bexar County Commissioners Court. Once approved, the artist will contract with SARA, the Project Manager of the San Pedro Creek Improvements Project.


At the RFQ phase, artists should demonstrate the following:

1) Experience to complete a public project in a prominent location, with a budget of this size.

2) Sensitivity, creativity and engagement with diverse community.

3) Interest in the way that San Pedro Creek influenced the development and culture of San Antonio.

4) Narrative of approach to this specific project.

5) A schedule that allows for the installation to be complete by April 5, 2018.

PROJECT TIMELINE (dates may be adjusted at any time)

–  –  –


The project is open to all artists, age 18 and over, regardless of residence, race, color, religion, national origin, gender, age, military status, sexual orientation, marital status, or physical or mental disability.

Artist teams are eligible to apply, including teams of artists from multiple disciplines. Teams must include at least one visual artist or new media artist.


Artists interested in being considered should submit the following materials no later than August 12, 2016, 11:59 p.m. Central Time through Slideroom, an online application system. The application can be accessed by visiting: http://spcproject.org/spctricentennialartwork. The following application materials

will be requested using the online application system:

1) Letter of interest. The letter should be no more than two pages in length and should explain the artist’s interest in and approach to the project.

2) Resume. Indicate your commissions, exhibitions, awards, publications and education. If submitting as a team, a current resume should be submitted for each team member.

3) Minimum of 10 and maximum of 15 samples of the artist’s work with annotated image description including title, date, size, medium, location, and if a commissioned project, the

commission budget. File size specifications include:

 Images (up to 10MB each) -.jpg,.jpeg,.png,.gif,.tif,.tiff,.bmp,.tga  Videos (up to 500MB each) -.m4v,.mov,.mp4,.wmv,.flv,.asf,.mpeg,.mpg,.mkv  3D Models (embedded) -.blend,.3ds,.dae,.obj,.fbx,.dwf,.osg,.osgt,.osgb,.ive,.lwo,.lws,.ply,.wrl,.iv,.shp,.stl,.bvh,.flt,.ac,.x,.dw,.3dc,.geo,.gta,.kmz,.vpk  Audio (60MB each) -.mp3,.wma,.ogg,.flac  Documents (20MB each) -.pdf

4) References. A list of at least three professional references that have a thorough knowledge of your work and working methods. The list must include at least one client who commissioned the artist for an artwork installation. The list must include complete addresses and telephone numbers.

5) Optional. The artist may include up to five selections of support materials such as reviews, news articles, and other related information.

There is no application fee to use the Slideroom online application system. Visit http://spcproject.org/spctricentennialartwork to access the application and sign up for a Slideroom account. Applicants can receive support by emailing: support@slideroom.com or by accessing a help desk here: https://support.slideroom.com. Applications mailed or delivered to SARA will be considered ineligible and will not be accepted.


Bexar County and SARA welcome artists to attend an informational meeting about the selection process and the project. The meeting will be held on July 22, 2016, at 10 a.m. Central Time at the Christopher Columbus Italian Society, 201 Piazza Italia, San Antonio, Texas 78207. If unable to attend in person, artists will be given the opportunity to attend the meeting through video conferencing. After the informational meeting, an opportunity to travel to the site location will be available for artists. Please RSVP to bridgeth@sara-tx.org by 5 p.m. Central Time on July 21, 2016, if you plan to attend the meeting.

Video conferencing information:

https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/589865141 You can also dial in using your phone.

United States +1 (571) 317-3122 Access Code: 589-865-141


If you have any questions regarding this request for qualifications, please contact Bridget Hinze, SARA, (210) 302-3257 or bridgeth@sara-tx.org.


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