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«JULIE M. SYKES CURRICULUM VITAE Center for Applied Second Language Studies Phone: (541) 346-5705 5290 University of Oregon Fax: (541) 346-6303 ...»

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Center for Applied Second Language Studies Phone: (541) 346-5705

5290 University of Oregon Fax: (541) 346-6303

Eugene, OR 97403 E-mail: jsykes@uoregon.edu


Ph.D. University of Minnesota, May 2008

9 Pleasant St. SE, 51 Folwell Hall, Minneapolis, MN 55455 Hispanic Linguistics Areas of Specialization: Second Language Acquisition, Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL), Interlanguage Pragmatic Development Graduate Certificate in School Technology Leadership Dissertation Title: A Dynamic Approach to Social Interaction: Synthetic Immersive Environments and Spanish Pragmatics Advisors: Professor Carol A. Klee, Department of Spanish and Portuguese, University of Minnesota Professor Andrew D. Cohen, Institute of Linguistics, ESL, and Slavic Languages, University of Minnesota M.A. Arizona State University, May 2004.

Hispanic Linguistics Areas of Specialization: Second Language Acquisition, Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL), Pragmatics B.A. California Lutheran University, May 2001.

Spanish-Summa Cum Laude International Studies-Summa Cum Laude


August 2013- Director, Center for Applied Second Language Studies present Courtesy Assistant Professor, Department of Romance Languages University of Oregon 5290 University of Oregon Eugene, OR 97403 August 2008- Assistant Professor, Department of Spanish and Portuguese, July 2013 University of New Mexico 1 University of New Mexico MSC03 2100 Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001 8/2013 Julie M. Sykes 2 August 2006-May Graduate Instructor, Department of Spanish and Portuguese, 2008 University of Minnesota 9 Pleasant St. SE, 51 Folwell Hall Minneapolis, MN 55455 August 2005- Research Assistant, The Center for Advanced Research in Language August 2006 Acquisition (CARLA), University of Minnesota 140 University International Center 331 17th Ave SE Minneapolis, MN 55414

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Summer 2007 – Educational Testing Services Advanced Placement Grader, Spanish 2009 San Antonio, TX, Spanish Writing P.O. Box 6080 Princeton, N.J. 08543-4912

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2011-2012 Outstanding New Faculty of the Year, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque.

2012 Young Alumni of the Year, California Lutheran University, Thousand Oaks, CA.

2010-2011 New Faculty of the Year Nominee, University of New Mexico 2009-2010 New Faculty of the Year Nominee, University of New Mexico 2008 CALICO Graduate Student of the Year 2007 Article of the Year, CALICO Journal (co-authors, Barbara A. Lafford and Peter Lafford); Awarded 2008 Spanish Linguistics Student Award, Arizona State University, 2004.

Award for the Improvement of Language Teaching, Grant to create computer-based composition evaluation measures, 2003, Arizona State University.

Award for the Improvement of Language Teaching, Grant to create computer-based materials to accompany SPA 101 & SPA 111, 2003, Arizona State University.

Gail Gunterman Award for Teaching Excellence, Awarded annually to the best teaching assistant of the year, 2002, Arizona State University.

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Books Sykes, J. & Reinhardt, J. (2012). Language at Play: Digital Games in Second and Foreign Language Teaching and Learning. Series on Theory And Practice In Second Language Classroom Instruction, J. Liskin-Gasparro & M. Lacorte, series eds. Pearson-Prentice Hall.

Edited Volumes Reinhardt, J. & Sykes, J (Eds). (In Press, June 2014). Game and play activity in technology-mediated L2 teaching and learning. Special Issue of Language Learning and Technology.

Taguchi, N. & Sykes, J., Eds., (2013). Technology in Interlanguage Pragmatics Research and Teaching. John Benjamins Language Learning and Teaching Series.

Articles in Refereed Journals

2011. Holden, C. & Sykes, J. Leveraging mobile games for place-based language learning. International Journal of Game-based Learning. 1(2), 1-18.

2010. Sykes, J. (In)Commensurable Discourse: Researchers and Practitioners Bring Pragmatics to the Language Learning. Viewpoints Article. Studies in Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics, 253-263. [invited]

2009. Thorne, S., Black, R., & Sykes, J. Second Language Use, Socialization, and Learning in Internet Interest Communities and Online Games. Modern Language Journal, 93, 802-821.

2009. Mack, S. & Sykes, J. ¡Qué feíto estás tú también, cariño!: A Comparison of the Response to the Use of ‘Positive’ Irony for Complimenting in Peninsular and Mexican Spanish. Studies in Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics, 2, 305-346.

–  –  –

2008. Sykes, J. & Cohen, A.D. L2 Pragmatics: Six Principles for Online Materials Development and Implementation. Acquisition of Japanese as a Second Language, (11), 81-100. [invited]

–  –  –

2005. Sykes, J. Synchronous CMC and Pragmatic Development: Effects of Oral and Written Chat. CALICO Journal, 22(3), 399-431.

2004. Colina, S. & Sykes, J. Educating Parents in the Spanish-Speaking Community:

A Look at Translated Educational Materials. Bilingual Research Journal, 28(3), 299-317.

Refereed Conference Proceedings

2008. Sykes, J. & Cohen, A.D. Observed Learner Behavior, Reported Use, and Evaluation of a Website for Learning Spanish Pragmatics. In M. Bowles, R.

Foote, and S. Perpiñán (Eds.). 2007 Second Language Research Forum Conference Proceedings, Cascadilla Press, 144-157.

Articles Appearing as Chapters in Edited Volumes (* denotes refereed chapter) *2014. Sykes, J. (In Press).TBLT and Synthetic Immersive Environments: Design, Assessment, and Transfer. In Technology and tasks: Exploring technologymediated TBLT, Marta Gonzalez Lloret and Lourdes Ortega (Eds.)

2013. Sykes, J. (Published in Japanese, translated by Kazumi Hatasa). Digital Games and Second Language Pragmatic Acquisition. In Topics in Japanese SLA K.

Hatasa (Ed.).

*2012. Reinhardt, J. & Sykes, J. Conceptualizing digital game-mediated L2 learning and pedagogy: game-enhanced and game-based research and practice. In H.

Reinders Computer Games in Language Learning and Teaching. Palgrave Macmillan, 32-49.

*2012. Cohen, A. & Sykes, J. Strategy-based learning of pragmatics for intercultural education. In F. Dervin and A. Liddicoat, Linguistics for Intercultural Education in Language Learning and Teaching. John Benjamins, 87-111.

*2012. Holden, C. & Sykes, J. Mentira: Prototyping Language-based Locative Gameplay. Dikkers, S., Martin, J., Coulter, B. (Eds.). Mobile Media Learning: Amazing uses of Mobile Devices for Teaching and Learning. ETC Press. Pittsburg, PN, 111 – 131.

–  –  –

*2010. Sykes, J. Multi-user Virtual Environments: User-Driven Design and Implementation for Language Learning. In G. Vicenti & J. Braman Teaching Through Multi-user Virtual Environments: Applying Dynamic Elements to the Modern Classroom. IGI Global, 283-305.

2010. Sykes, J., Reinhardt, J., & Thorne, S.L. Multiuser Digital Games as Sites for Research and Practice. In F. Hult (Ed.) Directions and Prospects for Educational Linguistics. New York: Springer, 117-136.

*2009. Sykes, J. Learner Requests in Spanish: Examining the Potential of Multiuser Virtual Environments for L2 Pragmatic Acquisition. In L. Lomika and G.

Lord (Eds.) The Second Generation: Online collaboration and social networking in CALL, 2009 CALICO Monograph, 199-234.

2008. Sykes, J. & Cohen, A.D. Learner Perception and Strategies for Pragmatic Acquisition: A Glimpse into Online Learning Materials. In Language and Linguistics: Emerging Trends Volume, Frank Columbus (Ed.), NOVA Publications, 99-135.

Other Writings

2012. Sykes, J. Synthetic immersive environments and second language pragmatic development. The Encyclopedia of Applied Linguistics, Carol Chapelle (Ed.), Oxford, UK: Wiley-Blackwell, 2013. (refereed encyclopedia entry)

2011. Sykes, J. Review of Francisco Yus. 2010. Ciberpragmática 2.0: Nuevos usos del lenguaje en Internet [Cyberpragmatics 2.0: New uses of language on the Internet] 366 pp. ISBN 978-84-344-1713-7, EUR 35,00. Journal of Pragmatics, 43, 10, 2664-2666.

2011. Sykes, J. Review of Lee Abraham & Lawrence Williams (Eds.) (2009).

Electronic Discourse in Language Learning and Language Teaching.

Philadelphia: John Benjamins, Pp. V, 346. ISBN 978-90-272-1988-6, hardbound; 978-90-272-9055-7, e-book. Modern Language Journal, 95, 1, 166-167.

2010. Cohen, A. D. & Sykes, J. M. Language-learner strategies and their effect on speech act performance. Applied Linguistics Forum, 30(1).

2010. Sykes, J. Review of Eva Alarcón-Soler (ed.) (2008). Learning How to Request in an Instructed Language Learning Context. Berlin, Peter Lang. Pp. 260, ISBN 978-3-03911-601-0. Modern Language Journal.

–  –  –

Mahwah, New Jersey, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Publishers. Pp. v +

442. ISBN 0-8058-5227-1, Sociolinguistic Studies, 1, 3.

Digital Media Publications Invited Contributor, Open Up: Conversations on Open Education for Language Learning, http://blog.coerll.utexas.edu/ Mentira, a Mobile, Place-Based, Augmented Reality Game for Learning Spanish.

Co-authored with Christopher Holden. http://www.mentira.org Croquelandia, a Synthetic Immersive Gaming Environment for Learning Spanish, University of Minnesota. https://sites.google.com/site/croquelandia/ Dancing With Words: A Website for Learning Spanish Pragmatics. Co-authored with Andrew D. Cohen. University of Minnesota.

http://www.carla.umn.edu/speechacts/sp_pragmatics/home.html Works in Progress Articles

Accepted for publication:

Sykes, J. (submitted, June 2013). Emerging Technological Resources for Teaching Spanish.In Methodological Approaches and Realities, Routledge Handbook in Applied Linguistics. Manel Lacorte (Ed.) Sykes, J., Mcknight, K, & Holden, C. (submitted, June 2013). A Microstory: Visitas de la colonia. In Mobile Media Learning: Innovations and Iterations. Chris Holden, Seann Dikkers, John Martin, and Breanne Litts (Eds.) Book Review Sykes, J. (forthcoming) Review of Randall Sadler. Virtual Worlds for Language Learning. Tellecolaboration in Education Series, Volume 2. M. Dooley & Robert O’Dowd. (Eds.) Bern, Switzerland: Peter Lang, 2012. Pp. 174.

$57.95, softcover; $57.95, e-book. ISBN 978-3-0343-0573-0, soft cover, 978e-book. Modern Language Journal.



–  –  –

Beyond Four Walls: Place and Space in International Education. 21st Annual Meeting on the Internationalization of US Education. Williamsburg, VA, April 2014.

Gamification for Language Learning, Invited Pre-Conference Workshop, with J.

Reinhardt. 47th Annual Meeting and Exposition, American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). Orlando, FL, November 2013.

Digital Technologies Symposium. Invited Panel Speaker. Pearson Digital Technologies Symposium. April, 2013.

Place is Key: An Examination of Mobile Games and Simulations in Language Learning, Invited Keynote Speaker, 5th Ohio University CALL Conference, April 2013.

How a Spanish Major Became a Level 53 Night Elf Hunter. Keynote Speaker, Outstanding Young Alumni Award Address. Honor’s Day Convocation.

California Lutheran University, April 2012.

Digital Games and Language Learning: Bridging the Distance. Invited Guest Speaker, 65th Annual Kentucky Foreign Language Conference. University of Kentucky, April 2012.

Digital Game Mediated Language Learning: From Ideas to Implementation. Second Language Symposium, Invited Keynote Speaker, Michigan State University, February 2012.

Beyond Four Walls: Can Digital Games Really Change the World? SLAT Interdisciplinary Roundtable, Invited Keynote Speaker. University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, February 2011.

PEO Scholar’s Award: Intercultural Education and Technology. Invited Scholar’s Award Representative, PEO New Mexico State Convention, Albuquerque, NM, April 2010.

To Play or Not to Play: Digital Games and Language Learning. Invited Speaker, University of Colorado – Boulder. February 2010.

–  –  –

Tomorrow and Beyond: A Top “Ten” List of Technologies in Language Learning.

Pearson World Languages Symposium, California State University – Long Beach, March, 2009.

Interlanguage Pragmatics, Multiuser Environments, and Language Learning: Helping Learners Help Themselves. Invited Speaker, Department of Linguistics Colloquia, University of New Mexico, October, 2008.

The Secret of My (Simulated) Success. Invited TEL Grant Panel Participant. TEL Seminar, University of Minnesota, February 2008.

Croquelandia: A Synthetic Immersive Environment to Enhance Intercultural Communication. Invited Participant. Neighborhoods in Cyberspace Symposium, University of Minnesota, February, 2008.

PEO Scholar’s Award: Dynamic Interaction, Immersion, and Innovation. Invited Scholar’s Award Representative, PEO Colorado State Convention, Breckenridge, CO, June 2007.

Refereed Collaboration and Negotiation: L2 Pragmatic Development Across Multiuser Digital Game Spaces. American Association for Applied Linguistics (AAAL), Portland, OR, March 2014.

Augmented Reality for Teaching and Learning in the Humanitites. Modern Language Association (MLA), Chicago, IL, January 2014.

A Framework for Evaluating Digital Games: The Games to Teach Project. With Jon Reinhardt. 46th Annual Meeting and Exposition, American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). Philadelphia,PA, November 2012.

Place-based Mobile Games for the Research and Learning of L2 Pragmatic Variation in Spanish. With Christopher L. Holden. Pragmatics Festival 2012. Indiana University. Bloomington, Indiana. April 2012.

The Games to Teach Project: Developing Literacies through Digital Gaming. 45th Annual Meeting and Exposition, American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). Denver, CO, November 2011.

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