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«PEACOCK-HARPER CULINARY HISTORY COLLECTION Bibliography of Virginia-Related Cookbooks© (Compiled by Cynthia D. Bertelsen, Spring 2006) Note: This is ...»

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———. From the oyster's shell : Virginia recipes for the oyster. Newport News, Va.: The Board, 1990.

———. How to prepare perfect seafood. Newport News, VA: Virginia Marine Products Board, 2004.

———. Oysters : healthy habits on the half-shell, in half the time : Virginia seafood.

Newport News, Va.: The Board, 1990.

———. Scallops-- a seafood treat- Virginia style : Virginia seafood. Newport News, Va.:

The Board, 1990.

———. Virginia waterfront cuisine : the best of Virginia's bounty prepared by the best of Virginia's waterfront cooks. Newport News, VA Williamsburg, VA: Virginia Marine Products Board ;

Bicast Pub. Co., 1995.

Virginia Marine Products Board., and Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

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Virginia seafood. S.l.: The Board, 1990.

———. Fast food Virginia style : quick and easy seafood recipes : Virginia seafood. S.l.:

The Board, 1990.

———. Fast food Virginia style : seafood in the microwave : Virginia seafood. S.l.: The Board, 1990.

———. Winter warmers Virginia style : seafood soups, stew and chowders : Virginia seafood. S.l.: The Board, 1990.

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———. How seafood on your menu can net you more profit : Virginia seafood. Newport News, Va.: The Commission, 1990.

———. Virginia seafood. Newport News, VA?: The Commission.

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———. Oysters "R" for always : Virginia recipes for the seafood lover : Virginia seafood.

S.l.: The Commission, 1990.

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. '82 recipies of Va. Tech sororities.

Blacksburg, Va.: Virginia Tech Sororities, 1982.

Virginia Power Boat Association. Auxiliary. The first mate's cook book. Virginia Shawnee Mission, Kan.: Auxiliary of the Virginia Power Boat Association ;

Circulation Service, 1978.

Virginia Presbyterian Church (Buchanan Va.). Cherished recipes. Collierville, TN:

Fundcraft Pub., 1992.

Virginia Press Women. Our cookbook. Virginia?: s.n.

Virginia School for the Deaf and the Blind (Staunton Va.). Recipes arranged for the cooking class of the Virginia School for the Deaf and the Blind, Staunton, Va.

Staunton, Va.: Virginia School for the Deaf and the Blind, 1900.

Virginia School for the Deaf and the Blind (Staunton Va.). P.T.A. The P.T.A. of V.S.D.

presents Cooking favorites. Staunton, Va.: P.T.A. of the Virginia School for the Deaf.

Virginia State Horticultural Society. Trades Committee. The Virginia apple cook book :

200 recipes for using Virginia grown apples : also guide book showing characteristics of some main varieties of Virginia apples and time that they should be used. Winchester, Va.: The Society, 1900.

Virginia Tech Faculty Women's Club Blacksburg. Centennial cookbook. Blacksburg:

Southern Print. Co., 1972.

Virginia Tech Faculty Women's Club. Food for thought : a collection of recipes from the Virginia Tech Faculty Women's Club. Blacksburg, Va.: The Club, 1993.

Virginia. Commission of Fisheries., and Captain Herbert's Seafood Boat. 101 approved recipes for delicious Virginia seafoods. Richmond, Va.: s.n.

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Virginia. Dept. of Agriculture and Commerce., and Virginia Peanut Growers Association.

How to enjoy Virginia peanuts in the Old Dominion tradition. Richmond: The Dept., 1976.

Virginia. Dept. of Agriculture and Commerce., and Virginia Poultry Products Commission. How to enjoy Virginia eggs in the Old Dominion tradition.

Richmond: The Dept., 1978.

Virginia. Dept. of Agriculture and Commerce., and Virginia State Apple Commission.

How to enjoy Virginia apples in the Old Dominion tradition. Staunton, Va.: The Commission, 1975.

Virginia. Division of Marketing. How to find the finest agricultural products Virginia has to offer. Richmond, Va.: Virginia Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services Division of Marketing, 1992.

———. Virginia specialties : gifts by mail catalogue. Richmond, Va.: VDACS Division of Marketing, 1993.

Virginia's Annual Autumn Pilgrimge (Richmond Va.). Receipts from Virginia's famous tidewater. Richmond, Va.: Virginia'a Annual Autumn Pilgrimage, 1961.

Vogel, Inge, and Humane Society of Fairfax County Virginia. "Pet" recipes. Falls Church, Va.: The Society.

Walnut Grove Baptist Church. Walnut Grove Baptist Church Cookbook. Mechanicsville, Va.: Walnut Grove Baptist Church, 1976.

Ward, Jessica Bemis, Southern Memorial Association (Lynchburg Va.), and Old City Cemetery (Lynchburg Va.). Food to die for : a book of funeral food, tips and tales from the Old City Cemetery, Lynchburg, Virginia. Lynchburg, Va.: Southern Memorial Association, 2004.

Ward, Phyllis R. My Mennonite family : life along Dry River, 1942-1962. Dayton, VA (P.O. Box 246, Dayton, Va. 22821): Phyllis R. Ward, 2001.

Warrenton Antiquarian Society Warrenton Va. The hunt country cook book; favorite recipes and menus. Warrenton, 1964.

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Wason, Betty, and Adams Dairy Farms. Heritage cooking : holiday time in the Jamestown Colony. Blue Springs, Mo.: Adams Dairy.

Waterford Elementary School (Waterford Va.). PTA. The Waterford country fare cookbook. Waterford, Va.: Waterford Elementary School PTA, 1976.

Waud, Alfred R. The bivouac feast after a successful forage in the enemies country after the occupation of Munson's hill, 1861. graphic.

———. Bivouaced in the rifle pits 5th Corps, 1864. graphic.

Waynesboro Chapter 105, Order of Eastern Star. The kitchen digest. Waynesboro, Va.:

Waynesboro Chapter 105, Order of Eastern Star, 1952.

Webb, Ann Cipriani, and Virginia Lillis Smith. Arlington sweets : past and present.

Arlingotn, Va.: Arling Historical Society, 1976.

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Co., 1989.

Wells, Marion. Cookbook of Marion Wells, 1876, 1876.

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Wesley United Methodist Church (Hopewell Va.). Women's Society of Christian Service.

A visit to our James River kitchens. Hopewell, Va.: Wesley United Methodist Church, 1971.

Wesleyan College of West Virginia (Buckhannon). The Wesleyan College Club's cook book. S.l.: s.n.

West Augusta United Methodist Church (West Augusta Va.). Shenandoah Valley cook book. 2nd ed. West Augusta, Va.: West Augusta United Methodist Church, 1977.

———. Shenandoah Valley cook book. [4th ed. West Augusta, Va.: West Augusta United Methodist Church, 1984.

———. Shenandoah Valley cook book. West Augusta, Va.: West Augusta United Methodist Church, 1970.

West End United Methodist Church (Wytheville Va.). Fellowship Class. Favorite recipes.

Lenexa, Kan.: Cookbook Publishers, 1977.

West Point Methodist Church (West Point Va.). Ladies' Aid Society. The up to date cook book. West Point, Va.: Ladies' Aid Society of the West Point Methodist Church, 1898.

Western Albemarle Rescue Squad (Crozet Va.). Western Albemarle cookbook. Crozet, Va.: Western Albemarle Rescue Squad, 1979.

Western Albemarle Rescue Squad Auxiliary (Crozet Va.). Western Albemarle country cooking. Crozet, Va.: The Auxiliary, 1984.

Wheatland Lutheran Church (Buchanan Va.). Heavenly delights : a collection of recipes

by Wheatland Evangelical Lutheran Church, Buchanan, Va. Buchanan, VA:

Morris Press Cookbooks, 2004.

Whitaker, Carol S., Anita H. Webb, and Vriginia Polytechnic Institute and State

University. Seafood manual for school food service personnel. Blacksburg:

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 1978.

White, Fairy Mapp. Foolproof cook book. Baltimore,: Monumental Press, 1958.

White House Brand Apple Products., and National Fruit Product Co. (Winchester Va.).

Baking and cooking with apple sauce. Winchester, VA: National Fruit Product Co., 1999.

White, John. The broyling of their fish over the flame of fier. graphic.

White Post (Va.). Cookbook Committee. White Post Village cook book. Leawood, Kan.:

Circulation Service, 1986.

White Post Village Association. White Post Village cook book. All new 2nd ed.

Leawood, Kan.: Circulation Service, 1988.

White, Rooker J., and Virginia. Marine Resources Commission. One hundred and one (101) approved recipes delicious for Virginia seafoods.

Newport News, Va.:

Virginia Marine Resources Commission, 1968.

White's United Methodist Church (Campbell County Va.). Women's Society of Christian Service. Favorite recipes. Kansas City, Kan.: Bev-Ron Pub. Co., 1973.

White's United Methodist Church (Rustburg Va.). United Methodist Women. Tried and true treats. Lanexa, KS: Cookbook Publ., 1977.

Wicomico Parish Church (Wicomico Church Va.). Come to the table : favorite recipes from the cooks of Wicomico Parish Church. Wicomico Church, Va.: Wicomico Episcopal Church, 2000.

Wiley, John B. Recipe book, ca. 1825-1835.

Will, Maggie Lee, Leslie Jones Goodall, and Lucile Swift Miller. Highland kitchens : a collection of stories, menus and recipes celebrating the bounty of forest, garden, meadow and stream. Monteray? Va.: s.n., 1997.

Willard, Kay. From Williamsburg kitchens. Williamsburg, Va.,: Tory Hill Press, 1968.

William Byrd Press. Byrd food : favorite recipes from and for the folks of the William Byrd Press. Richmond, Va.: William Byrd Press, 1987.

William T. Sutherlin Academy. Patrons Association (Danville Va.). Sutherlin samples.

Danville, Va.: Patrons Association, 1981.

Williams, Ruby H. A collection of favorite recipes from Thomas Dale High School's faculty and staff. S.l.: s.n., 1979.

Williamsburg Presbyterian Church (Williamsburg Virginia). Cooking in circles : a collection of favorite recipes. Lenexa, KS: Cookbook Publishers, 1994.

Williamson, CiCi. The best of Virginia farms cookbook & tour book : recipes, people, places. 1st ed. Atlanta, GA Birmingham, AL: CI Pub. ;

Menasha Ridge Press : Distributed by the Globe Pequot Press, 2003.

Willis, Anna Townsend. Good eating from country kitchens. n. p.,, 1966.

Winters, Tracy, and Phyllis Winters. Overnight sensations : recipes from Virginia's finest bed & breakfasts. Greensburg, Ind.: Winters Pub., 1992.

Wise County Extension Homemakers. Favorite recipes. Rev. ed. Wise, Va.

Waverly, Iowa: The Homemakers? ;

Printed by G&R Pub. Co., 1978.

Wise County Homemaker's Clubs (Wise County Va.). Millenium cookbook : a collection of treasured recipes by past and present members of Wise County Homemaker's Club. Kearney, NE: Cookbooks by Morris Press, 2000.

Wise County Homemakers. A Book of favorite recipes. Leawood, Kan.: Circulation Service, 1986.

Woman's Club of Falls Church Va. Kitchen kapers. Falls Church, Va.: The Club, 1955.

Woman's Club of White Stone (Va.). Recipes from historyland : easy entertaining. 3rd ed. Olathe, KS: Cookbook Publishers, 1985.

Woman's Society of Christain Service (Faber Va.). Out of Faber kitchens. Faber, Va.

Chicago, Ill.: Woman's Society of Christian Service ;

Women's Clubs Pub. Co.

Woman's Society of Christian Service (Lovingston Va.). A Cook's tour of Virginia. 1st issue. ed. S.l.: Woman's Society of Christian Service.

Women, Bath County Business and Professional. From our kictehn to yours : BPW and friends / recipes by Bath County Business and Professional Women. Waseca, Minn.: Walter's Publishing, n.a.

Women, Beth Horon United Methodist. Recipes & remembrances : a collection of recipes. Collierville, Tenn.: Fundcraft, 2004.

Women of the Blue Spring United Methodist Church (Smyth County Va.). A book of favorite recipes. Shawnee Mission, Kan.: Circulation Service, 1979.

Women's Club of Crozet (Crozet Va.). Our favorite recipes. Crozet, Va.: Women's Club of Crozet.

Woodbrook Elementary School P.T.A. (Albemarle County Va.), and Woodbrook

Elementary School (Albemarle County Va.). Favorite recipes. Charlottesville, Va.:

Woodbrook P.T.A.

Woodlawn Baptist Church (Hopewell Va.). Singles Again Class. A book of favorite recipes. Leawood, Kan.: Circulation Service, 1989.

Woodlawn Methodist Church (Roanoke Va.). Our favorite recipes. Roanoke, Va.: The Church, 1961.

Woodville Baptist Church (Woodville Va.). Rare Rappahannock recipes. 2nd ed.

Woodville, Va.: The Society, 1950.

Woodward, Fletcher D. A man's guide to breakfast. [1st ed. Charlottesville, Va.,: Jarman Press, 1963.

Woodward, R. Stanley, and Stanley Woodward Films. Lord have mercy Olger's store. S.l.: Distributed by Woodward Studio Ltd., 1998. videorecording.

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