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«PEACOCK-HARPER CULINARY HISTORY COLLECTION Bibliography of Virginia-Related Cookbooks© (Compiled by Cynthia D. Bertelsen, Spring 2006) Note: This is ...»

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Powhatan School (Boyce Va.). The Powhatan cookbook : cooking for company. Boyce, Va.: Powhatan School.

Presbyterian Church (Harrisonburg Va.). Ladies' Society., and Sallie Bingham Center for Women's History and Culture. The Virginia cook book : tested receipts.

Harrisonburg, Va.: McCartney the Job Printer, 1907.

Presbyterian Church (Leesburg Va.). Women. Virginia cook book. Baltimore, Md.: Lord Baltimore Press.

Presbyterian Church (Winchester Va.). Y.P.M. Society. The Winchester cook book.

Winchester, Va.: The Society, 1905.

Providence United Methodist Church (Richmond Va.). United Methodist Women.

Cooking in circles. Part two. Olathe, Kan.: Published and printed by Cookbook Publishers, 1990.

Providence United Methodist Church (Yorktown Va.). Our daily bread cookbook :

recipes from Providence United Methodist Church. Waverly, Iowa: G & R Pub.


Pulaski Presbyterian Church (Pulaski Va.). Woman's Auxiliary. Pulaski County cook book. 2nd ed. Pulaski, Va.: Woman's Auxiliary Pulaski Presbyterian Church, 1931.

Purcellville Baptist Church. Divine provender from Purcellville Baptist Church : a book of favorite recipes. Leawood, KS: Circulation Service, 1994.

Purcellville Preservation Association. The spice of life : Purcellville, Virginia. Purcellville, VA: Purcellville Preservation Association, 2002.

Quota Club of Roanoke, Virginia. Star City recipes : Feeder's Digest. Kansas City, Kan.:

Bev-Ron, 1975.

Rabatin, June, ed. Count the ties to Manassas : a collection of oral history. Manassas, Va.: Manassas Museum, 1984.

Radford Founder's Day Cookbook Committee. Radford Founder's Day cookbook.

Olathe, Kan.: Published and printed by Cookbook Publishers, 1987.

Radford Presbyterian Church (Va.). Radford cook book. Radford, Va.: Radford Presbyterian Church, 1924.

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———. The Virginia house-wife. 2d ed. Washington,: Printed by Way & Gideon, 1825.

———. The Virginia house-wife. Washington,: Printed by Way & Gideon, 1825.


———. The Virginia house-wife. Washington,: Printed by Davis and Force, 1824.


———. The Virginia house-wife : or methodical cook. S.l.: Avenel Books.

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Thompson, 1830.

———. The Virginia house-wife, or, Methodical cook. 3rd ed. Washington: P.

Thompson, 1828.

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———. The Virginia housewife: or, Methodical cook. Stereotype ed. Baltimore,: Plaskitt & Cugle, 1843.

———. The Virginia housewife; or, Methodical cook. Stereotype ed. Baltimore,: J.

Plaskitt, 1836.

———. The Virginia housewife; or, Methodical cook. Philadelphia: E.H. Butler & Co., 1856.

———. The Virginia housewife; or, Methodical cook. Philadelphia,: E.H. Butler, 1858.

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Randolph, Mary, and Karen Hess. The Virginia house-wife. 1st ed. Columbia, S.C.:

University of South Carolina Press, 1984.

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Philadelphia: E.H. Butler & Co., 1860.

Randolph, Mary Randolph. The Virginia housewife : or, Methodical cook. Philadelphia:

E.H. Butler, 1846.

Randolph-Macon Woman's College., and Bobbye Mallory Hunter. Recipe book.

Lynchburg, Va.: Randolph-Macon Press.

Randolph-Macon Woman's College. Alumnae Association. Roanoke Chapter. Pot luck.

2nd ed. Roanoke, Va.: Roanoke Chapter, 1959.

Rappahannock Community College., and Rappahannock Community College.

Educational Foundation. The Rappahannock seafood cookbook. Warsaw, Va.:

Rappahannock Community College Educational Foundation, 1984.

Rappahannock Woman's Club. Country kitchen delights. volume II. Front Royal, Vir.:

Warren Press, 1975.

Regency Lioness Club (Richmond Va.). Recipes. Waseca, MN: Walter's Cookbooks.

Reid Memorial Association (Norfolk Va.). Tidewater Virginia cook book : a collection of good, reliable recipes. Norfolk, Va.: Landmark Pub. Co., 1891.

Retail grocers' association of Richmond incorporated Richmond Va. [from old catalog] ed. Old Virginia cooking; Retail grocers' association of Richmond, incorporated, editors. [Richmond, Va.]: Richmond press, inc., printers, 1910.

Richmond, Corvette Club of. CCRuisin' in the Kitchen.

Richmond Symphony Orchestra. Women's Committee., Martha D. Massie, and Anita Swertfeger Werner. The Women's Committee of the Richmond Symphony's Symphonic selections. S.l.: s.n., 1973.

Riddick's Folly Inc. A southern lady's spirit : compleat with recipes : a cookbook. Suffolk, Va.

Hampton, Va.: Riddick's Folly Inc. ;

Printed by Multi-Print Inc., 1985.

Ridgewood Sunshine Club Senior Citizens (Roanoke Va.). A Collection of recipes.

Collierville, TN: Fundcraft Pub., 1990.

Riverside Convalescent Center (Saluda Va.). Residents' Council. Recipes. Waseca, MN: Walter's Cookbooks, 1995.

Roanoke (Va.). Presbyterian Church. Ladies' Aid Society. The Roanoke cook book.

Roanoke, Va.,: Bell Print. and Manufacturing Co., 1891.

Roanoke City Public Library Staff Association. Food for thought : a collection of recipes from the staff, past and present, of the Roanoke City Public Library. Roanoke, VA: s.n., 2001.

Roanoke Symphony Society (Roanoke Va.). Women's Auxiliary. Symphony seasons :

recipes from Roanoke, Virginia. Roanoke, Va.: Women's Auxiliary of the Roanoke Symphony Society, 1975.

Robert E. Lee Memorial Foundation. Stratford Hall cook book. Southern recipes of the directors and friends of Robert E. Lee Memorial Foundation, Inc. N.p.,.

Robe-Terry, Anna Lee. Bootstraps and biscuits : 300 wonderful wild food recipes from the hills of West Virginia. Fairmont, W. Va.: A.L. Robe-Terry, 1997.

Robinson, Martha Hollis, and Virginia Chefs Association. Culinary secrets of great Virginia chefs : elegant dining from colonial Williamsburg to historic Richmond.

Nashville, Tenn.: Rutledge Hill Press, 1995.

Rockbridge Baths Extension Homemakers Club. Rockbridge bicentennial cook book.

Lenexa, Kan.: Cookbook Publishers, 1978.

Rockbridge Baths Senior Citizens (Rockbridge Baths Va.). The Rockbridge Baths Senior Citizens cookbook, 1992. Collierville, TN: Fundcraft Pub., 1992.

Rockingham Farm Bureau Association Inc. Women's Committee. Rockingham County Farm Bureau Women's Committee cookbook. Harrisonburg, Va.?: The Committee, 2002.

Rogers, Mary Anne. Favorite recipes of the Virginias. Meats ed. Louisville, Ky.: Favorite Recipes Press, 1966.

———. Favorite recipes of the Virginias : contains 900 recipes from women's club leaders in the Virginias. Montgomery, AL: Favorite Recipes Press, 1964.

———. Favorite recipes of the Virginias; contains 900 recipes from women's club leaders in the Virginias. Desserts ed. Louisville, Ky.,: Favorite Recipes Press, 1966.

Rountree, Susan Hight. Entertaining ideas from Williamsburg. Williamsburg, Va.:

Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, 1993.

———. From a colonial garden : ideas, decorations, recipes. Williamsburg, VA: Colonial Williamsburg, 2003.

Rouse, Parke. Below the James Lies Dixie : Smithfield and Southside, Virginia.

Richmond, Va.: Dietz Press, 1968.

Rowe, Eugenia M., and Shelly A. Rowe. Crockett family fare : a collection of recipes, old and new. Virginia?: Eugenia M. Rowe Shelly A. Rowe, 1995.

Royal Oak Presbyterian Missionary Society (Marion Va.). Marion Cook Book. 5th ed.

Pulaski, Va.: B.D. Smith & Bros., 1921.

———. Marion cook book. 3rd ed. Marion, Va.: Royal Oak Presbyterian Missionary Society, 1916.

Ruckersville Volunteer Fire Dept. Ladies Auxiliary. Recipes. Waseca, MN: Walter's Cookbooks, 1990.

Rumford Chemical Works. Selected recipes for cakes, biscuit, muffins, &c. prepared by ladies of Virginia. Providence, R.I.: Rumford Chemical Works, 1927.

———. Selected recipes for cakes, biscuit, muffins, etc. prepared by ladies of Virginia.

Rumford, R.I.: Rumford Chemical Works, 1900.

Rural Retreat Garden Club (Va.). The Rural Retreat Garden Club cookbook. Gamer, N.C.: LA - MA Enterprises, 1981.

Rural Retreat Methodist Church. Woman's Society of Christian Service. What we eat in Rural Retreat. S.l.: s.n., 1900.

Rural Retreat Woman's Club (Va.). What's cooking in Rural Retreat. Chicago, Ill.:

Women's Clubs Pub. Co.

Rutan, Rhonda F., and Northern Virginia Electric Cooperative. Christmas through the eyes of a child, 1988. Manassas, Va.: Northern Virginia Electric Cooperative, 1988.

Sacred Heart Church (Virginia Minn.). Marians Guild Cook Book Committee. Marians Guild of the Sacred Heart Church cookbook. Kansas City, Mo.: Bev Ron, 1956.

Saint Mark's Lutheran Church. Woman's Auxiliary. Sweets and meats : directory.

Roanoke, Va.: The Church, 1925.

Saint Mary's Episcopal Church (Arlington Va.). From the parish pantry : of Saint Mary's Episcopal Church. Washington, D.C.: The Circle, 1950.

Saint Thomas' Church (Orange Va.). Luncheon Committee. Virginia recipes. Orange, Va.: The Committee.

Salem Methodist Church (Rice Va.). Women's Society of Christian Service. What's cookin'? in Rice, Virginia. Kansas City? Mo.: Bev-Ron Pub. Co., 1948.

Sanders, Melburn P., Jan Reimann, and Great Falls Catholic Community (Great Falls Va.). A cook's tour through Great Falls. Great Falls, Va.: Great Falls Catholic Community, 1978.

Scheel, Annette Masters. The Ketoctin kitchen : a potpourri of meat, vegetable, desert [sic] and beverage receipes, largely from the Loudon and Shenandoah Valleys of

Virginia : with a host of before-meal blessings, some set to music. 1st ed. s.l.:

s.n., 1975.

School and Civic League (Crewe Va.). The League cook book. Crewe, Va.: The League, 1926.

School of the Richmond Ballet. Friends. Culinary curtain calls : out of the dancer's bag.

Richmond, Va.: The School, 1981.

School, Sanville Elementary. Down home cooking at Sanville Elementary School. Henry County, Va.: The School, 1999.

Schooler, Rebekah, and Mill Ridge Gift Shop (Madison Heights Va.). Rebekah's Just desserts : Mill Ridge recipes and others. Kearney, NE: Cookbooks by Morris Press, 1997.

Scott Memorial United Methodist Church (Virginia Beach Va.). Oceana tabletalk. Olathe, Kan.: Cookbook Publishers, 1986.

Second Baptist Church (Richmond Va.). Helping Hands Auxiliary. Recipes old and new, tried and true. Lenexa, Ky.: Cookbook Publishers, 1983.

Second Baptist Church (Richmond Va.). Woman's Auxiliary. The Second Baptist Church cook book : a useful collection of practical tested and approved recipes.

Richmond, Va.: The Auxiliary, 1925.

Service League of Northern Virgina. Time Savours. S.l.: The League, 1972.

Seventh Avenue Baptist Church (Huntington W. Va.). Women's Mission Society.

Feeder's digest. Kansas City, Mo.: Bev-Ron Pub. Co., 1968.

Sheltering Arms Rehabilitation Hospital (Richmond Va.), and Sheltering Arms Rehabilitation Hospital (Richmond Va.). A culinary celebration in honor of Sheltering Arms' 100 birthday. Olathe, Kan.: Cookbook Publishers, 1989.

Shenandoah County Association for Family and Community Education (Va.). Kitchen keepsakes. Kearney, NE: Morris Press, 1994.

Shenandoah Presbyterian Church (Va.). Favorite recipes of W.I.C. of Shenandoah Presbyterian Church. Oak Park, Ill.: Project Cuisine.

Shields, John. Chesapeake Bay cooking, 1998.

Shiloh Methodist Church (Lynchburg Va.). Strictly personal : the family book. S.l.: s.n., 1959.

Siebert Realty. Sandbridge Beach cookbook. Lenexa, KS: Published and printed by Cookbook Publishers, 1998.

Simply Country (Firm : Occoquan Va.). Simply Country presents "A taste of Occoquan."

Lenexa, Kansas: Cookbook Publishers, 1995.

Simpson Creek Baptist Church (Bridgeport W.V.). Kitchen comfort : a book of practical and tried recipes. Bridgeport, W.V.: Simpson Creek Baptist Church, 1917.

Simpson, Frances Darlington. Virginia country life and cooking. Washington, D.C.,, 1963.

Slash Christian Church (Ashland Va.). Christian Women's Fellowship. Christian Women's Fellowship cookbook. Ashland, Va.: Christian Women's Fellowship Slash Christian Church, 1989.

Slash Cottage Garden Club Ashland Va. The Slash Cottage cook book. Ashland, Va., 1951.

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