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«THE RHODESIAN CRISIS IN BRITISH AND INTERNATIONAL POLITICS, 1964-1965 by CARL PETER WATTS A thesis submitted to the University of Birmingham For the ...»

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«Regional Oral History Office University of California The Bancroft Library Berkeley, California The Wine Spectator California Wine Oral History Series Arthur A. Ciocca ARTHUR A. CIOCCA AND THE WINE GROUP, INC.: INSIGHTS INTO THE WINE INDUSTRY FROM A MARKETING PERSPECTIVE Interviews Conducted by Carole Hicke in 1999 Copyright 2000 by The Regents of the University of California @ Since 1954 the Regional Oral History Office has been interviewing leading participants in or well-placed witnesses to...»

«INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF ISLAMIC THOUGHT P.O. Box 669 Herndon, VA 20172 USA ● Tel (703) 471-1133 ● Fax: (703) 471-3922 ● www.iiit.org ● E-mail: iiit@iiit.org LIST OF PUBLICATIONS (English Language) 1. A Guide for Authors, Translators, and Copy-editors: IIIT Style Sheet, 2002, 64pp, $6.50. 2. A Shared Past for A Shared Future: European Muslims and History-making, Martin Rose, 2009, 32pp, $4.50. A Thematic Commentary on the Qur’an, Shaikh Muhammad al-Ghazali, 3rd ed., 2005, 804pp 3....»

«AP® EUROPEAN HISTORY 2009 SCORING GUIDELINES Question 1—Document-Based Question Analyze attitudes toward and evaluate the motivations behind the European acquisition of African colonies in the period 1880 to 1914. BASIC CORE: 1 point each to a total of 6 points 1. Provides an appropriate, explicitly stated thesis that directly addresses all parts of the question. Thesis must not simply restate the question. The thesis must address both attitudes and motives, and with some degree of...»

«Renderings from Worcester's Past: Nineteenth-Century Architectural Drawings at the American Antiquarian Society LISA KOENIGSBERG I N THE 1 9 4 0 S, architecturalhistorianscalled for aregional approach to the study of American architectural history. In the next two decades, and especially in the 1970s, many histories of American architecture incorporated study of architectural drawings. Recent scholarship combines these two approaches, as architectural historians are writing regional studies...»

«Landmarks Preservation Commission March 23, 2010, Designation List 427 LP-2387 THE BRILL BUILDING, 1619 Broadway (aka 1613-23 Broadway, 207-213 West 49th Street), Manhattan Built 1930-31; architect, Victor A. Bark, Jr. Landmark Site: Borough of Manhattan Tax Map Block 1021, Lot 19 On October 27, 2009 the Landmarks Preservation Commission held a public hearing on the proposed designation of the Brill Building and the proposed designation of the related Landmark site. The hearing had been duly...»

«Independence and the National Question By Gabriel Christian 2008 represents the 30th Anniversary of Dominica’s Independence from Britain. Many of us who championed the independence struggle can only grimace when we consider the mistakes made by our leaders and people over the years in failing to seize the opportunities presented to champion the national interest and control of the means of production for the benefit of the vast majority of Dominica’s people. The deterioration of any...»

«U-Tapao Royal Thai Navy Airfield Historical Brief U-Tapao Royal Thai Navy Airfield was a front-line base of the United States Air Force. The facility is located near the city of Sattahip on the Gulf of Siam, approximately 90 miles south of Bangkok. USAF Use during the Vietnam War USAF Strategic Air Command KC-135 tanker (foreground) and B-52 bomber (landing) at U-Tapao Royal Thai Navy Airfield U-Tapao was an important forward operating base for the United States Air Force (USAF) during the...»

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