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«A Thesis Submitted for the Degree of PhD at the University of Warwick This thesis is made available online and is ...»

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1. Highmore, Essays Moral, Religious and Miscellaneous 2 Vols. (London, 1766) H. Home, Lord Kames, Sketches of the History of Man 4 Vols. (1778) (Edinburgh and London, 2nd edition, 1788) D. Hume, 'Of Polygamy and Divorces,' in D. Hume, Essays: Moral, Political and Literary (1741-2) (London, 1963), pp.185-95 Hymen: A Poem (London, 1794) E. Inchbald, A Simple Story (1791), ed. P. Clemit (Hannondsworth, 1996) C. Jenner, The Placid Man; or Memoirs of Sir Charles Beville 2 Vols. (London, 1770) Samuel Johnson, ed. D. Greene (Oxford and New York, 1984) E.A. Kendall, The Crested Wren (London, 1799) V. Knox, Liberal Education; or, A Practical Treatise on the Methods of Acquiring Useful and Polite Knowledge (London, 1781) The Lady's Monthly Museum; or, Polite Repository of Amusement and Instruction G. de Lairesse, The Art of Painting, in all its Branches (1738, first Dutch edition 1709) (London, 2nd edition, 1778) B. Lara, An Essay on the Injurious Custom of Mothers not Suckling their Own Children (London, 1791) Correspondence of Emily, Duchess of Leinster 1731-1814 Vol.I: Letters of Emily, Duchess of Leinster; James, First Duke of Leinster; Caroline Fox, Lady Holland, ed.

B. Fitzgerald (Dublin, 1949) The Life and Letters of Lady Sarah Lennox, eds. the Countess of Ilchester and Lord StavordaJe, 2 Vols. (London, 1901) c. Lennox, The Female Quixote; or, The Adventures of Arabella (1752), ed. M.

Dalziel (Oxford, 1989) The Life and Amours of Lady Ann F-L-Y: Developing the Whole of her Intrigues from the Time of her Marriage with the Hon. Edward Foley, in October 1778, till the Present Time (London, 1782) The Life and Memoirs of Elizabeth Chudleigh, afterwards Mrs Hervey and Countess of Bristol commonly called Duchess of Kingston (London, 1788) J. Locke, Some Thoughts Concerning Education (1693), eds. J.W. and 1.S. Yolton (Oxford, 1989) The London Chronicle The London Courant and the Westminster Chronicle The London Packet; or, New Lloyd's Evening Post H. MacKenzie, The Man of Feeling (1771), ed. B. Vickers (Oxford and New York, 1987) Letters of the First Earl of Malmesbury, his Family and Friends, ed. the Rt. Hon. the Earl of Malmesbury, 2 Vols. (London, 1870) B. de Mandeville, The Fable of the Bees (1714), ed. P. Harth (Harmondsworth, 1970) B. de Mandeville, The Virgin Unmask'd; or, Female Dialogues Betwixt an Elderly Maiden Lady, and her Niece; or, Several diverting Discourses on Love, Marriage, Memoirs, and Morals, &c. of the Times (1709), ed. S.H. Good (New York, 1975) T. Mantell, Short Directions for the Management of Infants (London, 1787) Marriage A-La-Mode: An Humorous Tale in Six Canto's, in Hudibrastic Verse,' being an Explanation of the Six Prints lately Published by the Ingenious Mr. Hogarth (London, 1746) T. Martyn, The English Connoisseur: Containing an Account of Whatever is Curious in Painting, Sculpture &c. in the Palaces and Seats of the Nobility and Principal Gentry of England, both in Town and Country 2 Vols. (London, 1766) The Matrimonial Magazine; or, Monthly Anecdotes of Love and Marriage for the Court, the City and the Country Memoirs of Sir Finical Whimsy and his Lady (London, 1782) The Middlesex Journal Elizabeth Montagu, The Queen of the Blue-Stockings: Her Correspondence from 1720-1761, ed. E.J. Climenson, 2 Vols. (London, 1906) Memoirs o/the life of Mrs Hannah More: Abridged, ed. W. Roberts (London, 1839) H. More, Strictures on the Modem System of Female Education with a View of the Principles and Conduct Prevalent among Women of Rank and Fortune 2 Vols.

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Ecclesiastical and Civil Courts for Adultery 2 Vois. (1789) (London, 1830) A Poetical Epistle to Sir Joshua Reynolds, Knt. and President of the Royal Academy (London, 1777) The Poems of Alexander Pope, ed. 1. Butt (London, 1970) 1£ Pour et le Contre: Being a Poetical Display of the Capital Paintings exhibited at Spring Gardens (London, 1767) The Public Advertiser A. Radcliffe, The Romance of the Forest (1791), ed. C. Chard (Oxford 'and New York, 1986) C. Reeve, The Two Mentors: A Modem Story 2 Vols. (1783) (London, 2nd edition, 1783) Letters of Sir Joshua Reynolds, ed. F.W. Hilles (Cambridge, 1929) Sir Joshua Reynolds and his Works: Gleanings from his Diary, Unpublished Manuscripts, andfrom other Sources (London, 1856) Sir J. Reynolds, Discourses on Art (1769-1790), ed. R.R. Wark (1966) (London, 4th edition, 1969) J. Richardson, 'An Essay on The Theory of Painting' (1715), in The Works of Mr.

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S. Richardson, Pamela: Volume II (1741), ed. M. Kinkead-Weekes (London and Melbourne, 1984) The Road to Hymen made Plain. Easy and Delightful; in a New Collection of Familiar Leners. Pleasing Dialogues and Verses (London, 1790) J.I. Rousseau, Emile (1762), ed. P.O. Jimack (London and Melbourne, 1974) The Royal Female Magazine; or. The Ladies General Repository of Pleasure and Improvement Rules for Drawing Caricaturas; with an Essay on Comic Painting (London, 1788) J. Seymour, On the Management and Education of Children: A Series of Letters wrinen to a Niece (London, 1754) The Exhibition: or. A Second Anticipation. Being Remarks on the R. Shanhagan, Principal Works to be Exhibited next Month at the Royal Academy (London, 1779) F. Sheridan, Memoirs of Miss Sidney Bidulph (1761), ed. P. Koster and J.C. Cleary (Oxford and New York, 1995)

R.B. Sheridan, 'The Rivals' (1773), in E.S. Rump, ed., Richard Brinsley Sheridan:

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F.A. Childs, 'Prescriptions for Manners in English Courtesy Literature, 1690-1760, and their Social Implications' (unpub. Ph.D. thesis, Oxford, 1984) J. Egerton, 'William Hogarth's Marriage A-La-Mode' (paper given at Chiswick Town Hall, London, 7 October 1994) E. Nicolson, 'The Domestication of Majesty' (paper given at the University of Warwick, 1996) K. Stanworth, 'Historical Relations: Representing Collective Identities. Small Group Portraiture in Eighteenth-Century England, British India, and America' (unpub. Ph.D.

thesis, Manchester, 1994) N. Tadmor, 'Concepts of the Family in five Eighteenth-Century Texts' (unpub. Ph.D.

thesis, Cambridge, 1992) K.Wrightson, 'The Family in Early Modern England: Continuity and Change' (paper given at the University of Warwick, 8 January 1998) SECONDARY S. Amussen, An Ordered Society: Class and Gender in Early Modern England (Oxford, 1988) M. Anderson, Approaches to the History o/the Western Family 1500-1914 (London, 1980) F. Antal, Florentine Painting and its Social Background (London, 1948) B. Antonis, 'Motherhood and Mothering', in Women in Society: Interdisciplinary Essays (Cambridge, 1981), pp.55-74 P. Aries, Centuries a/Childhood (1960), transl. R. Baldick (Harmondsworth, 1962) N. Armstrong, Desire and Domestic Fiction: A Political History a/the Novel (New York and Oxford, 1987) N. Armstrong, 'The Rise of the Domestic Woman', in N. Armstrong and L.

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1. Barrell, The Political Theory of Painting from Reynolds to Hazlitt: 'The Body of the Public' (New Haven and London, 1986) M. Baxandall, Painting and Experience in Fifteenth-Century Italy (Oxford, 1988)

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