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«Combat, Memory and Remembrance in Confederation Era Canada: The Hidden History of the Battle of Ridgeway, June 2, 1866 Peter Wronski (Peter Vronsky) ...»

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In the U.S. National Archives (NARA) diplomatic despatches from Consuls in Toronto, Fort Erie and Clifton (Niagara Falls), described the events and included transcripts of witness testimony and judge‘s notes from the subsequent trials in Toronto of captured Fenians who were American citizens and confidential correspondence from their U.S. State Department-paid Toronto attorneys. Reports from the U.S. Army Provost-Marshal‘s Office in Buffalo, order books from U.S. military units on the Canadian border, from U.S. Army H.Q. and General-inChief Lt. General Ulysses S. Grant, correspondence of the U.S. Army Division of the Atlantic, the Department of the East, interdepartmental correspondence between the State and War Departments and the naval log books of the U.S. Navy gunboats in the Niagara River offered some insight into the invasion from the American point-of-view as did the correspondence of the British Minister to Washington, Sir Frederick Bruce, the originals of which were purchased by the University of Rochester and are archived there.

The Archives of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Toronto (ARCAT) and those of the Toronto Police in the City of Toronto Archives (CTA) revealed aspects of the Fenian threat from within and the making of the secret services in Canada under their founder John A. Macdonald.

Harboured in the Fort Erie Historical Museum in Ridgeway were found surviving local family accounts of profound ancestral worship as were also in regimental museums of the former 13th Battalion in Hamilton and the Queen‘s Own Rifles in Toronto.

The Thomas Sweeny papers held by the New York Public Library and published in a microfilm version, kindly lent to me by David Wilson offered detailed information on the Fenian preparation and plan for the invasion of Canada.

Between entering graduate school in 2004 and the submission of this thesis six years later, a monumental amount of primary and contemporary sources became available on the Internet through public domain digitization by Google or Microsoft or on sites like archive.org and canadiana.org, which makes available an enormous amount of nineteen century Canadian broadsides, pamphlets, and publications. Almost all of the contemporary histories of Ridgeway and early accounts of Fenianism were available on-line, including the huge Fenian Brotherhood Collection of documents made available online1 by the Catholic University of America in Washington and Harvard University Library‘s Fenian Movement open collection. 2 A most valuable resources for this study was a Canadian website www.PaperOfRecord.com which made available free of charge some 21 million pages of historical newspapers, including over 100 Canadian publications from the nineteenth century, including from Ontario, The Grand River Sachem, Cambridge Daily Reporter, Hamilton Evening Times, Kingston Chronicle and Gazette, London Advisor, Niagara Spectator, Niagara Times, Ottawa Times, St. Catharines Constitutional, St. Thomas Weekly Dispatch, Canadian Freeman, Irish Canadian, Nation, Toronto World, Welland Canal, Waterford Star, Windsor Herald, Woodstock Review, etc.3 The Internet as a source however, is not without its perils. This centrally accessible, word and date searchable and downloadable wealth of Canada‘s historical newsprint patrimony suddenly vanished literally overnight in January 2009, half way through the writing of this thesis, when the U.S. search engine Google purchased PaperOfRecord.com and incorporated it into Google News Archive, making most of the newspapers now unavailable until Google works out its pricing and search engine strategy.4 Most of the historical Canadian newspapers still cannot be found or accessed on the Google News Archive search engine except through paid subscription-based services, like WorldVitalRecords.com, a U.S. service for genealogists, to which Google is now licensing our patrimony.

http://www.aladin0.wrlc.org/gsdl/collect/fenian/fenian.shtml http://ocp.hul.harvard.edu/immigration/fenians.html http://www.paperofrecord.com/ See, American Historical Association AHA Today, website, ―Paper of Record‖ Disappears, Leaving Historians in a Lurch, http://blog.historians.org/news/771/paper-of-record-disappears-leaving-historians-in-the-lurch and http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/news/thread?tid=1c47e6d29331dc2c&hl=en;

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