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He was afterwards British Envoy to the republic of Venice from 1715 to 1720, and died in London at the advanced age of 83.

+ Recherches sur 1’Antiquite de la Nation et de laLanguc desCeltes autrement appelles Gaulois, par Dorn. Paul Pezron. Paris, 1703,


12mo. A curious and much esteemed work. This edition is extremely scarce.

+ Antiquite de la Nation et de la Langue des Celtes autrement appelez Gaulois (avec Table des mots.) Paul Pezron. Paris, 1703,8vo.

This learned author had it in contemplation to publish a complete work on the origin of nations, and more especially to trace and develope the origin of the ancient Celts ; but Matiniere, in his Critical and Geographical Dictionary under the article Celts, has given a most interesting letter from Pezron to the Abbe Nicaise, which throws much light on the antiquity of the Celts, and it was for the first time published in the said Dictionary after Pezron’s death. This work is particularly noticed, p. 416, Supplemental Observations.

+ Description of the Western Islands of Scotland, by M. Martin.

London, 1703.—12mo. This work contains, as expressed in the titlepage, a full account of the Western Isles, their situation, extent, soils, produce, &c. The ancient and modern government, religion, and customs of the inhabitants ; particularly of their Druids, heathen temples, monasteries, churches, chapels, antiquities, monuments, fotts, caves, and other curiosities of art and nature. Dr. Johnson’s father having put this work into his hand when a boy, was what first excited his curiosity to visit the Hebrides in 1773.

+ * The History of Scotland, by George Buchannan, originally written in Latin, has run through successive editions, in this and other countries, as well as his other miscellaneous works in prose and verse.

In this history the critics have done him the justice to say, u he has happily united the force and brevity of Sallust with the perspicuity and elegance of Livy.” His translation into Latm of the Psalms of David stands unequalled for its classical purity; and Dr. Robertson observes, ‘‘ the happy genius of Buchannan, equally formed to excel in prose and in verse, more various, more original, and more elegant than that almost of any other modern who writes in Latin, reflects, with regard to this particular, the greatest lustre on his country.” His works have been severally printed often, in various countries ;

an edition of them all collected together was printed at Edinb.

in 1704, in 2 vols. folio. This author flourished in the 16th century, and died at Edinb. in 1582, in the 76th year of his age.

+ Archaslogia Britannica; containing comparative etymology, comparative vocabulary of the original languages of Britain and Ireland, &c.;

language, customs, and antiquities. 553 an Essay towards a British Etymologicon, or the Welsh collated with the Greek and Latin, and some other European languages by David Parry. An Armoric Grammar and Vocabulary, by Julian Maunoir, englished out of French by Mr. Williams. A brief Introduction to the Irish or Ancient Scottish Language. An Irish-English Dictionary. Ed. Lhuyd. Oxford, 1707, folio. This eminent antiquary died in July, 1709, and left, in MS. a Scottish or Irish-English Dictionary, which was proposed to have been published by subscription, in 1732, by David Malcolme, a minister of the Church of Scotland, with additions ; as also the Elements of the said Language, with necessary and useful information for propagating more effectually the English Language, and for promoting the know ledge of the Ancient Gaelic or Irish, and very many branches of useful and curious learning. Mr. Malcolme, not meeting with suitable encouragement, gave up his plan. Sir Thomas Seabright, of Beachwood, in Hertfordshire, purchased the numerous MSS. belonging to Mr. Lhuyd, after his death. They consisted of 40 vols. in folio, 10 in quarto, and above 100 smaller; which all relate to the Gaelic, Irish, and Welsh antiquities, and chiefly in those languages.

+ De Re diplomatica libri sex, in quibus quicquid ad veterum instrumentorum antiquitatem materiam scripturam et stilura, &c.

Johannis Mabillon. Par. 1709, folio. The examination of almost an infinite number of charters and ancient titles which had passed through this learned French Benedictine’s hands, enabled him to form the design of reducing to certain rules and principles, the art of dccyphering the periods of ancient writings.

* + Historia Rerum Norvegicarum.

Thormodi Torfaei, Hauniae 1711, 4 vols. in folio.

* + Ejusdem Torfei Rerum Orcadensium Historiae libri III. Haunie, 1697, seu 1715, in folio. Thormodus Torfaeus was a native of Iceland, and patronised on account of his great abilities, by Frederick III. King of Denmark, by w hom he was extremely beloved. His son, ChristianV.

appointed him his Historian for the Kingdom of Norway, with a considerable pension, w hich was continued to him by Frederick IV. Torfeus’s great learning, his assiduity, and his skill in his native language, enabled him to discharge his post with the utmost credit to himself, and advantage to the public. He died about the year 1720, aged 81.

The Book of Common Prayer in the Irish Language and Character, with the Elements of the Irish Language. London, 1712, 8vo.


Nouveau Dictionnaire Francois-Breton. Morlaix, 1717.

Histoire critique dc 1’Etablissement des Bretons dans les Gaules, et de leur dependence des Rois de France et des Dues de Normandie.

Rene Aubert de Vertot. Paris, 1720, 2 vols. 12mo. This work was first translated into English by John Henley. London, 1722. 2 vols.


+ Mona antiqna restaurata. An archaeological discourse on the antiquities, natural and historical, of the Isle of Anglesey, the ancient seat of the British Druids; with a comparative table of primitive words and their derivatives in several of the tongues of Europe, by Henry Rowlands. Vicar of Llaniden, in the Isle of Anglesey.

Dublin, 1723. A second edition of this work was printed with an advertisement prefixed by Henry Owen. London, 1766.

+ The English and Welsh Dictionary. John Roderick. Salop, 1725, 8vo.

+ An History of the British Druids, with a critical Essay on the ancient Celtic Customs, Literature, &c. to which is added, an Account of some curious British Antiquities, by John Tolland. This history was published, together with letters on the Druids and other miscellaneous works, in 1726, and republished 1747, 2 vols. 8vo.

Literator Celta seu de exsolenda Literatura Europasa occidentali et septentrionali Consilium et Conatus. Val. Ern. Loescheras. Lipsiae, 1726, 8vo.

Welsh Grammar. W. Gambold. Carmarthen, 1727, 8vo.

La Religion des Gaulois, tiree des plus pures sources de I’antiquite, par D. Jacques Martin ; avec figures. Paris, 1727, 2 vols. 4to.

This treatise on the religion of the Gauls is much esteemed for the curious and learned researches of the author; but it contains some uncommon opinions which have not been generally adopted by his reader. One point which he particularly labours, is to derive the religion of the ancient Gauls from that of the Patriarchs.

The Elements of the Irish Language grammatically explained in English. H. Mac-Curtin. Louvain, 1728, 8vo.

Giammaire Francoise-Celtique ou Francoise-Bretonne. Greg, de Rostrenen. Rennes, 1728, 8vo.

+ Le Grand Dictionnaire Geographique et Critique. M. Bruzen La Martiniere. Haye, 1730, 10 vols. folio. This is a work of great estimation.

The English Irish Dictionary; to which is added the Irish Grammar, LANGUAGE, CUSTOMS, AND ANTIQUITIES. 555 or an Introduction to the Irish Language. H. Mac-Curtin. Paris, 1732, 4to.

Dictionnaire Francois-Celtique ou Francoise-Brctonnc. Greg, de Rostrenen Rennes, 1732, 4to.

Memoire pour 1’Histoire naturelle de Languedoc. Account of the language spoken in Languedoc, and particularly the Celtic. Astruc.

Paris, 1737, 4to. This author was an eminent physician in France, Professor in the College Royal, and Doctor Regent of the Faculty of Physic of Paris, and Ancient Professor of that of Montpellier.

A Collection of Letters, in which (inter alia) the usefulness of the Celtic is instanced in illustrating the Antiquities of the British Isles, &c. David Malcome. Edin. 1739, 8vo.

* + Histoire des Celtes, et particulierement des Gaulois et des Germains depuis les terns fabuleux jusqu’ a la prise de Rome par les Gaulois; par Simon Pelloutier. La Haye, 1740, in 2 vols. and Paris, 1770, in 8 vols. 12mo.

The Catechism (English and Irish) ; to which are added the Elements of the Irish Language. Paris, 1742.

Histoire critique de I’Etablissement de la Monarchic Franchise dans les Gaules, par J. Bapt. du Bos. Paris, 1742, 2 vols. 4to.

+ CorneliiTaciti Britannia, sive Commentarius in ea quae Tacito in *uis Scriptis de Britannia, &c. Britannia Insulis adducuntur, by Sir Robert Sibbald. This author died at Edin. in 1750. He published also during his lifetime the Natural History of Scotland, the History of Fifeshire, and several other curious pieces on the antiquities of Scotland.

Dictionnaire de la Langue Bretonne. De Pelletier. Paris, 1752.

Reflexions sur la Convenance de la Langue Celtique, et en particulier de Teutonique avec celles de I’Orient, See. M. Sussmilch. Berlin, 1752, 4to.

Antique Linguae Britannicae Thesaurus, being a British or Welsh Dictionary, to which is prefixed a Welsh Grammar. Tho. Richards.

Bristol, 1753, 8vo.

Histoire des Gaules et dcs Conquetes des Gaulois, depuis leur origine jusqu’a la fondation de la Monarchic Franfoise ; par D. Jaques Martin, et continuee par D. Jean Francois de Brezillac. Paris, 1754, 2 vols. 4to. This history of the Gauls, &c. is much esteemed by the learned.

Some Inquiries concerning the first Inhabitants, Language, Religion,


Learning, and Letters of Europe. F. Wise, A. S. Oxford, 1758, 4to.

Memoires sur la Langue Celtique contenant 1’histoire de cette langue une description etymologique de Villes, Rivieres, &c. avec un Dictionnaire de cette langue. M. Bullet. Besanfon, 1754, 1759, 1760, 3 vols.

folio. The author wrote several other works, but this contributed most to his reputation. He died in Sept 1775, aged 76.

+ The History of the Feuds and Conflicts among the Clans in the northern parts of Scotland and in the Western Islands, from the year 1031 until 1619, published from a MS. written in the reign of James VI.

and printed by Foulis. Glasgow, 1764, 12mo. This work contains the domestic feuds and savage conflicts, which disgraced the Clans from the 11th to the latter end of the 17th century, that is, from the Conflict of Drumilia,” in the days of Malcolm II. to the Battle of Mulroy, and shows us the degenerate state of the Highlanders and their ignoble motives for going to war, when compared to what they were in the days of Fingal. Another edition, printed at Glasgow in 1780, to which is added a collection of ancient Gaelic Songs.

The Way to Things by Words and to Words by Things, being a sketch to retrieve the ancient Celtic or primitive language of Europe.

John Cleland. London, 1766, 8vo.

An Irish and English Dictionary, by O’Brien. Paris, 1768, 4to.

+ Critical Dissertations on the origin, antiquities, language, government, manners, and religion of the ancient Caledonians, their posterity the Piets, and the British and Irish Scots. By John Macpherson, D. D. Minister of Slate in the Isle of Skye. London, 1768, 4to. This work was published after the learned Author’s death, and is dedicated by his son Sir John Macpherson, Bart, to^the Hon. Charles Grevillc.

Specimen of an etymological Vocabulary, or an essay to retrieve the ancient Celtic, by J. Cleland. London, 1768, 8vo.

Historical and critical Remarks on the British Tongue, and its con.

nection with other languages, founded on its state in the Welsh Bible.

Thomas Llewelyn. London, 1769, 8vo.

* + Ancient Scottish Poems, published from the MS. of George Bannatyne, 1568, by Sir David Dalrymple, Bart. (Lord Hailes).

Edinburgh, 1770, 12mo. The reputation of Lord Hailes, for a knowledge of antiquities and polite literature, is well known. Among

the many valuable works he published, the following are a few:

LANGUAGE, CUSTOMS, AND ANTIQUITIES. 557 Remarks on the History of Scotland. Edinburgh, 1773, 12mo.

Annals of Scotland, from the accession of Malcolm III. surnamed Canmore, to the accession of Robert I. Edinburgh, 1776. Tables of the succession of the Kings of Scotland, from Malcolm III. t»

Robert I. and chronological abridgment of the same. Annals of Scotland, from the accession of Robert I. to the accession of the House of Stuart, with an Appendix containing nine Dissertations, 1779, 4to.

This Author was born in Edinburgh, 28th October, 1726, and died 29th November, 1792, in the 66th year of his age.

+ Tour through Scotland, by Thomas Pennant, Esq. 1771, 3 vol.

4to. This work has run through several editions.

A Dissertation on the Welsh Language. John Walters. Cowbridge, 1770, 8vo.

English-Welsh Dictionary. Wm. Evans. Carmarthen, 1771, 8vo.

Introduction to the History of Great Britain, by James Macpherson, the Translator of Ossian’s poems, 1771, 4to.

+ An Essay on the Antiquity of the Irish Language, being a collation of the Irish with the Punic language. Lieut. Col. Charles Yallancey.

Dublin, 1772, 8vo.

+ A Grammar of the Iberno-Celtic, or Irish Language; to which is prefixed an Essay on the Celtic Languages, shewing the importance of the Iberno-Celtic to Students in History, Antiquity, and the Greek and Roman Classics, by Lieut. Col. Charles Yallanccy, LL. D. Dublin,

1773. A second edition. Dublin, 1780, 8vo.

+ Monde primitif analyse et compare avec le Monde moderne considere dans 1’histoire naturelle de la parole ou origine du langage et de Pecriture, par M. Court de Gebelin. Paris, 1775 and 1782, in 9 vols. 4to.

Dictionnaire Roman, Walon, Celtique, et Tudesque. Buillon, 1777, 4to.

Essai sur les Langues en general. Sablier. Paris, 1777.

+ The Works of the Caledonian Bards, translated from the Gaelic, by John Clark. Edinburgh, 1777, 12mo. An account of the poems in this collection is given in Note F. to Cesarotti’s Dissertation, p. 341.

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