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Elemens de la Langue des Celtes Gomerites ou Bretons, avec un Vocabulaire. Le Brigant. Strasburg, 1779, 8vo.

+ Gaelic Antiquities, consisting of a History of the Druids, particularly of those of Caledonia, a dissertation on the authenticity of the


nnw.= of Ossian, and a collection of ancient poems translated from the Gaelic of Ullin, Ossian, Orran, &c. by John Smith, D. D. Edinburgh, 1780. The originals of those poems were published in 1787, and dedicated to the Noblemen and Gentlemen of the Highland Society of London.

Antiquities and Scenery of the North of Scotland, in a series of letters to Thomas Pennant, Esq. By the Rev. Charles Cordiner, minister of St. Andrew’s Chapel, Bamf, 1780, 4to.

Druidism revived, or a dissertation on the characters and modes of writing used by the (ancient) Irish. Wm. Beauford. Dublin, 1781, 8vo.

Chinese and Japonese Languages collated with the Irish, by Lieut.

Colonel Charles Vallancey. Dublin, 1782, 8vo.

+ Origin and Progress of Writing, as well hieroglyphic as elemen.

tary, illustrated by engravings taken from Marbles, Manuscripts, and Charters, ancient and modern, by Thomas Astle, Esq. Keeper of the Records in the Tower of London, 1784, 4to. An improved edition of this valuable work was printed in London, 1803, 4to. This work and Mabillon’s Re-Diplomatica, already noticed, are regarded as chef-d’ceuvres in the art of decyphering ancient writings, and they hare been quoted in the Report of the Highland Society of Scotland, as well as in some of the Notes and Observations to Cesarotti’s Dissertation, to prove the antiquity of several Gaelic MSS. in the possession of the Highland Society of Scotland. Sec Notes E. and N. to Cesarotti’s Dissertation, Supplemental Observations, p. 439, et seq. and Catalogue of Gaelic MSS. in possession of the said Highland Society inserted at the end.

* + Historical Memoirs of the Irish Bards. Walker, 1786.

* + Miss Brooke’s Relicts of Irish Poetry.

+ The Life and Miracles of St. Columba, by the Rev. John Smith, D. D.

* + Poems of Ossian, lately discovered by Edmund de Harold, Colonel in the service of the Elector Palatine, &c. Dusseldorf, 1787, 8vo. An account of this collection is given in Note I. to Cesarotti’s Dissertation, p. 344.

Antiquities of Scotland, by Francis Grosse, Esq. 1789. 2 vols.


Archaeologia Cornu-Britannica, or an Essay to preserve the RudiLANGUAGE, CUSTOMS, AND ANTIQUITIES. 559 merits of the ancient Cornish language, containing a Grammar and Vocabulary. Win. Pryce. Sherborne, 1790, 4to.

+ Prospects and Observations on a Tour in England and Scotland, natural, (Economical, and literary. By Thomas Newte, Esq. London, 1791, 4to.

Observations made in a Journey through the Western Countries of Scoland, relating to the Scenery, Antiquities, Customs, Manners, Population, Agriculture, Manufactures, Commerce, political Condition, and Literature of these parts. By Robert Heron. Perth, 1793.

2 vols. 8vo.

A Welsh and English Dictionary, to which is prefixed a Welsh Grammar. Wm. Owen. London, 1793.

The History of the ancient Surname of Buchanan, and of the Scottish Surnames among the Clans. By Wm. Buchanan of Auchmar.

Glasgow, 1793.

A Defence of the Scottish Highlanders in general, and some learned Characters in particular, with a new and satisfactory account of the Piets, Scots, Fingal, Ossian, and his poems, as also the Macs, Clans, Bodotria, and several other particulars respecting the high Antiquities of Scotland, by the Rev. John Lane Buchanan. London, 1794, 8vo.

* + The Statistical Account of Scotland, drawn up from the com- ] munications of the Ministers of the different Parishes. By Sir John Sinclair, Bart. Edinburgh, 1794 and 1802, in 21 vols. 8vo. This laborious work not only does infinite credit to the zeal and patriotism of the editor, who first formed the plan, but displays a fund of learning and curious information on the Antiquities, natural History, rural and political (Economy of Scotland, a knowledge of which the Clergy in so eminent a degree possess; and it may be justly said, in the words of the late George Dempster, Esq. “ That no publication of equal information and curiosity has appeared in Great Britain since Doomsday Book, and that from the ample and authentic facts which it records, it must be resorted to by every statesman, philosopher, and divine, as the best basis that has ever yet appeared for political speculation.” Travels in England, Scotland, and the Hebrides, undertaken for the purpose of examining the state of the Arts, the Sciences, Natural History, and Manners in Great Britain, with a Description of the Cave of Fingal. Translated from the French of B. Faujas SaintFond, Member of the National Institute, &c. London, 1799, 2 vols. 8vo.


+ History of Poetry in Scotland, by Alexander Campbell, 1798.

2 vols. 4to.

+ Asiatic Researches; or Transactions of the Society instituted in Bengal for inquiring into the History and Antiquities, the Arts, Sciences, and Literature of Asia, 1799. 6 vols. 4to.

Etymologicon Magnum, or universal Etymological Dictionary, on a new plan, with illustrations drawn from various languages, English, Gothic, German, Danish, &c. Greek, Latin, French, Italian, Spanish, Gaelic, Irish, Welsh, Bretagne, &c. The dialects of the Sclavonic and Eastern languages, Hebrew, Arabic, Persian, Sanscrit, Gipsey, Coptic, &c. Part I. by Walter White. Cambridge, 1800, 4to.

+ Observations on a Tour through the Highlands and part of the Western Isles of Scotland, particularly Staffa and Icolmkill, by Tho.

Garnett, M. D. late Professor of Natural Philosophy and Chemistry in the Royal Institution of Great Britain. London, 1800. 2 vols.

4to. AVe have given an Extract from this work, together with an interesting letter from the Rev. Mr. Macintyre, respecting the authenticity of Ossian’s poems in the Summary of Evidence, p. 463, Supp.


Remarks on local Scenery in Scotland during the years 1799, and 1800, by John Stoddart, LL. B. London, 1801. 2 Vols. 8vo.

+ Tour from Edinburgh through parts of North Britain, with remarks on Scottish landscape, and observations on rural economy, natural history, manufactures, trade, and commerce, interspersed with anecdotes traditional, literary, and historical, by Alexander Campbell, 1802. 2 vols. 4to.

+ Poems on various subjects, by Mrs. Grant Laggan, 1803, 8vo.

This collection contains the Highlanders, or Sketches of Highland Scenery and Manners, with several other poems; also Observations on the Authenticity of Ossian’s poems, and an English version from the Gaelic, of a fragment of Morduth and the Aged Bard’s Wish.

Celtic Researches on the Origin, Tradition, and Language of the Ancient Britons, with some introductory sketches on primitive Society.

By Edward Davies, Curate of Olvestone, Gloucestershire. London, 1804, royal 8vo.

Some of Ossian’s lesser poems rendered into verse, with a preliminary discourse in Answer to Mr. Laing’s Critical and Historical Dissertation on the Anfiquity of Ossian’s poems, by Archibald Macdonald.

Liverpool, 1805, 8vo.

LANGUAGE, CUSTOMS, AND ANTIQUITIES. 56l + Monumens Celtiques, ou Recherches sur le Culte des Pierres, precedees d’une notice sur les Celtes, et sur les Druides, et suivies d’Etymologies Celtiques, par M. Cambry de 1 Academic Celtique de la Societe Imperiale d’Agriculture des Academies de Cortone, de Verone, &c. Paris, 1805, 8vo. This Work is dedicated 11 A. S. M. Imperiale et RoyaleJ' and has been quoted in pages 366, 414, 416, and 431 of Supp. Observations.

+ Recherehes sur plusieurs Monumens Celtiques et Remains. Par J. F. Barailon, ancien depute du departement de la Creuze, Membre du Corps legislatif, Correspondant de 1’Institute de France de la Societe Galvanique de Paris, Associe regnicole de la Societe dc Medecine de la meme Ville, Associe de celle de Bordeaux, Membre non resident de 1’Academie Celtique, &c. Paris, 1806, 8vo.

To have noticed all the Greek and Latin works which treat of the Druids, or of the Celtic language, customs, and antiquities, would have swelled this catalogue beyond the limits prescribed. Although various works of foreign, Scottish, and Irish Writers have been noticed, besides those quoted in the present publication, yet, for the reasons we have now assigned, many have been omitted. The Greek and Latin authors, whose works have not been described in the preceding Notices, but who have been occasionally referred to as authorities in the Supplemental Essay, are, Archilochus, Tyrtasus, Xenophon, Plautus, Diodorus Siculus, Strabo, Csesar, Pliny, Plutarch, Tacitus, Mela, Lucan, Justin, Pausanias, Porphyrius, Marcellinus, Claudianus, and Stephanus Byzantinus.

–  –  –

Notices of the principal Gaelic Books published during the Sixteenth, Seventeenth, and Eighteenth Centuries.

* + A Translation into Gaelic of the Form of Prayer and Administration of the Sacraments and Catechism of the Christian Religion, as used in the Reformed Church of Scotland, by John Carswell, Bishop of the Isles. Edinb. 1567, 8vo.

* + A Translation into Gaelic of the Psalms of David, by the Rev.

Mr. Kirk, Minister of Balquidder. Edinb. 1684 8vo. In Nicolson’s Scottish Historical Library, Appendix, No. II. there is a Vocabulary of Gaelic and English Words, by Mr. Kirk. This author is quoted in Sir John Sinclair’s Dissertation, p. 28, and in Supplemental Observations, p. 402.

Baxter’s Call to the Unconverted, translated into Gaelic by the Rev. Mr. M‘Farlane. Foules, Glasgow, 1725.

A Gaelic andEnglish Vocabulary, by Alexander M‘Donnald, Schoolmaster, at Ardnamurchan. Edinb. 1741, 8vo.

* + Ais-Eiridh na Sean chanoin Albannaich. A collection of Gaelic Poems, by Alexander M‘Donald. Edinb. 1751, in 12mo. This collection contains several panegyrical and satirical songs. As a poet he is surpased by few of the modern Gael.

Tiomnadh Nuadh, or Gaelic translation of the New Testament;

to which rules are annexed for reading the Gaelic, by Mr. Stuart.

Edinb. 1767. In this version most of the Irish idioms and inflections which had been admitted into the Scottish Gaelic writings were rejected, and the orthography improved and adapted to the sounds of the language.

+ The Holy Bible, translated into Gaelic by the Rev. Dr. Stuart, Minister of Luss, and others. This, with the translation of the New Testament, may be considered the standard of the Gaelic language^ both as to style and orthography.

A Collection of Poems, by Duncan Mac-Intyre of Glenurchy, Argyllshire, 1768, 8vo. Mac-Iutyre, though an illiterate man, holds place among the first of modern Bards ; his poem on the Summer is beautiful and energetic, equal to any thing in Thomson’s Seasons;

his panegyric on Beindouran (a hill above Glenurchy) excels every THE 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries. 563 thing of the kind ; his Mam-Lorn, or Coire cheathaich and Coire gorm au fhasaich, are admired by every Celtic scholar who takes pleasure to see nature painted in the liveliest colours. His Love Songs are pure yet full of fire. In measure and purity of diction he is always correct and successful.

Poems and Hymns, both religious and moral, allowed to be equal to any in the Gaelic language for the harmony of the versification, especially the poem on the Sufferings of Christ; on the Day of Judgment ; the Address to a Human Skull taken up in a Church-yard;

and a Warning to Old Age, &c. by Dug. Buchanan, schoolmaster in Ranoch, Perthshire, 1770, 8vo.

A Collection of the Works of the Gaelic Bards, both ancient and modern, by Ronald Macdonald, son of Alexander the Poet. This collection is posessed of much merit, but the orthography is in soma respects defective.

A Gaelic and English Dictionary, containing all the words in the Scottish and Irish dialects, of the Celtic that could be collected from the voice, old books and MSS. by the Rev. Wm. Shaw, A. M.

London, 1780, in 2 vols. 4to, Poems by Peter Stuart, schoolmaster at Lochaird. Monteith, 1783, 8vo.

Poems and Songs by Margaret Cameron, residing at Callender.

Monteith, 1785, 12mo.

A Congratulatory Poem on the Restoration of the Forfeited Estates, by Donald M{Kenzie of Inverary.

A Poem on the same subject, intitled, u Rannaibh Nuadh,” by John Brown, Genealogist to his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales.

This is an historical rhapsody, with notes in English, and contains a panegyric on the Highland dress newly restored, after it had been prohibited during 40 years. 1785.

t A Collection of ancient and modern Gaelic Poems and Songs, transmitted from Gentlemen in the Highlands to John Gillies of Perth, 1786, 8vo; intitled, u Shean Dain agus ora'n Ghaidhealich,” &c.

This collection, although full of typographic errors, is valuable on account of several pieces of Mr. Lachlan M‘Pherson, of Strathmasie, being in it, which possess much merit. It is well known that Mr.

James McPherson, the translator of Ossian, lived many years in the family of McPherson of Strathmasie, in Badenoch, who was an emi.


nent Celtic antiquary, an excellent scholar, and a poet of considerable talents.

+ Sean Dana le Oisian, Orran, Ulann, &c. Ancient Poems of Ossian, Orran, Ullin, &c. collected in the Western Highands and Isles, being the originals of the translations published in the Gaelic Antiquities in 1780, by the Rev. John Smith, D. D. Minister of Cambelton, 1787, 8vo, A Collection of Songs, humourous, panegyrical, and satirical, by Kenneth Mackenzie, of Inverness. Many of these songs are allowed to have merit; the idiom of the language is pretty well preserved throughout the whole, though some of them have the appearance of being composed without much attention or study. 1792, 8vo.

Vocabulary, Gaelic and English, with some directions for reading and writing the Gaelic, by Robert Macfarlan, G. P. Edinb. 1795.

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