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«FRENCH POLITICS AND POLICY GROUP NEWS No.12/November 2011 FPG/APSA Coordinators: Amy G. Mazur, Department of Political Science, Washington State ...»

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Questions about the award may be addressed to them as well. The award committee includes: Virginie Guiraudon (Centre d’Etudes Européennes, Sciences Po Paris);

Jonathan Laurence (Boston College); and Alistair Cole (Cardiff University).

See our website for complete versions of some of the dissertations from past award years.

Stanley Hoffmann Best Article Award on French Politics, 2013 Administered by the FPG with the AFSP and financed by Sciences Po Paris, this award is given every other year to the best English-language article on French Politics published in any peer reviewed journal during the previous two years. The award was first given in 2007. Articles may be on any aspect of French Politics and the selection committee consults a full range of journals that publish scholarship on French Politics.

Prize money is 1900 euros and the recipient is required to accept the award at the annual APSA meetings the year the award is made. For the list of abstracts and journals consulted, go to the FPG website, http://www.wsu.edu/~frg/. Articles published in 2011 and 2012 will considered for the 2013 award.

The 2011 awards committee - John Gaffney (Aston University), Jonah Levy (University California, Berkeley) and Annie Laurent (CERAPS) – chose Kathleen Thelen (MIT) and Bruno Palier (Centre d’Etudes Européennes, Sciences Po Paris) as the recipients of the Stanley Hoffmann Best Article Award on French Politics 2011. Among the 301 articles published in 2009 and 2010 in 143 different journals that were considered,

Kathleen Thelen and Bruno Palier were distinguished for the following article:

"Institutionalizing Dualism: Complementarities and Change in France and Germany," Politics & Society 38: 1 (March 2010), 119-148.

2009 Award 181 articles published in 2007 and 2008 were consider in 99 different journals;

139 journals were searched. Award Committee: Frank Baumgartner (Penn State University); Jocelyn Evans (University of Salford); Sophie Duschesne (CEVIPOF).

Recipient: Eliza Ferguson (University of New Mexico) “Domestic Violence by Another Name: Crimes of Passion in Fin-de-Siècle Paris” Journal of Women's History.

Volume 19, Number 4, Winter 2007.

2007 Award 223 articles published in 2005 through 2006 were considered from 112 refereed journals. The committee was comprised of Stanley Hoffmann--Chair (Harvard University), Gérard Grunberg (Sciences Po Paris), Pierre Hassner (Sciences Po Paris).

The committee selected the following three winners, with the top prize going to James Shields.

James Shields (University of Warwick) for his January 2006 article in Parliamentary Affairs, “Political Representation in France: A Crisis of Democracy?” David Yost (US Naval Postgraduate School) for his June 2006 article in International Affairs, “France’s New Nuclear Doctrine” Elaine Thomas (Bard College) for her March 2006 article in Ethnic and Racial Studies, “Keeping Identity at A Distance: Explaining France’s New Legal Restrictions on the Islamic Headscarf”.

Teaching and Research Resources on the FPG Website

The following resources are available on the FPG website:

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News of the French Politics, Policy and Society GroupPSA Since September 2010, the Specialist Group of the Political Studies Association on French politics is under new leadership, and has a (slightly) new name. The co-conveners of the French Politics, Policy and Society Group are Alistair Cole and Helen Drake (contact details at the top of this joint newsletter), who extend their sincere thanks to Ben Clift and Jocelyn Evans for their work in running the group up to now. The Group’s most recent activities (2011) are outlined below, as are its plans for 2012 and beyond.

Looking forward: 1. A One-Day conference on the 2012 French Presidential Election at Queen Mary, University of London 24th May 2012 This conference is supported by the French Politics group of the Political Studies Association, Cardiff University, Loughborough University, Queen Mary University of London and the Franco-British Council. The conference organisers are Raymond Kuhn, Rainbow Murray, Alistair Cole and Helen Drake.

The 2012 electoral series (the presidential election in April and May, legislative elections in June) promises to be interesting on several counts. The presidential election is not only the highlight of France’s quinquennial calendar, but it is the core decisive election around which French politics is centred. This proposed one day conference, organised by the French Politics group of the Political Studies Association and Queen Mary University of London, will debate the key issues around, campaign for, results and likely consequences of the 2012 presidential election. Four sessions will be proposed, with a mixed roundtable-individual paper format. These sessions will encompass The Sarkozy Legacy;

The Campaign; The Results and their Analysis and The Future.

Contributors will include Alistair Cole (Cardiff University); Raymond Kuhn (QMUL) Helen Drake (Loughborough) Rainbow Murray (QMUL); John Gaffney (University of Aston); James Shields (Aston University); Ben Clift (Warwick); Andy Knapp (Reading University); Nonna Mayer (Sciences Po, Paris); Vincent Tiberj (Sciences Po, Paris), Nicolas Sauger (Sciences Po, Paris), Susan Collard (Sussex University), M. Lewis-Beck (University of Iowa); Susan Milner (Bath), Philippe Marlière (UCL), Daniel Gaxie/ Nicolas Hube (Paris 1) and Florence Faucher-King (Sciences Po).

For more information and to register your interest, please contact Helen Drake (H.P.Drake@lboro.ac.uk), or Alistair Cole (ColeA@Cardiff.ac.uk).

Looking Forward 2: the PSA at Belfast, 3-5 April 2012 Following the enthusiasm aroused at the London conference of 2011 (see below), the convenors again proposed four panels for the PSA meeting in Belfast, in April 2012, all of which were accepted. A full report will appear in the next newsletter. Details of the panels are available on http://www.psa.ac.uk/2012/. All panels take place on Wednesday 4th April 2012: quelle journée!

Panel One. Voters, parties and leaders: the 2012 French Presidential Election Sarkozy’s Strange Presidency Alistair Cole The PS and the Socialist Left Presidential Campaign Ben Clift Marine Le Pen and the ‘new’ FN: The impact of the far right in the 2012 electoral series James Shields Panel Two. Exporting the Hexagon; policy transfer, institutional design and international influence beyond France Franco-Turkish relations under President Sarkozy Estelle Davutoglu The EU and its Common Foreign and Security in Sudan: Towards Actorness?

Gordon Cumming Exogenous political institutions? Constitutional choice in post-independence Francophone sub-Saharan Africa Robert Elgie The UK, France and ECOWAS: towards convergence?

Tony Chafer Panel Three. Issues and Challenges in the 2012 French Presidential Election Back from the Brink: Electoral Prospects for the Front National in the 2012 French Presidential Elections Gabriel Goodliffe Everywhere and Nowhere: the role of European and International Affairs in the 2012 French presidential election Helen Drake Women in the 2012 French Elections: Candidates, Voters, Policies Rainbow Murray Panel Four France and its 'Others': Representing the Republic Is participative democracy a response to mistrust of political parties? The impact of the British Labour leadership election and the French “presidential citizen primary election” on party membership and activism Florence Faucher French Headscarves and American School Prayer: Liberalism and Republicanism in the United States and France John Tate Representation at the Borders: Who speaks for postcolonial immigrants in France?

Leah Bassel Looking Back: the Political Studies Association Conference in London, April 2011 The first conference sessions organised under the chairs of Helen Drake and Alistair Cole produced four panels, all organised on the same day. These panels were well attended (12-20 at each session) and provoked some very lively discussion. Papers that were uploaded can be freely consulted on the PSA website at http://www.psa.ac.uk/Proceedings/2011

Panel One : Political Parties and the New Radical Agenda in France

For the past 25 years, political radicalism in France has been consigned to the margins.

As center-right and center-left grew closer in their policies and in power-sharing, and as the French Communist Party sank into deeper decline, the far-right Front National was alone among the major parties in trumpeting its radicalism. Two major events occurred recently to change this: the election of Nicolas Sarkozy as President in 2007 and the global financial crisis. Political radicalism is back on the agenda in France. Sarkozy was elected on a promise of ‘rupture’ and a markedly right-wing programme of economic and social reform. The polarising effects of his presidency in a context of economic crisis have been felt across the French left, where the new Socialist leader, Martine Aubry, has called for her party to reinvent itself as a true party of ‘the Left’, while on the far left Olivier Besancenot cultivates support for his anti-capitalist, anti-system, anti-Sarkozy platform.

The panel took the form of a roundtable, with contributions from Alistair Cole, James Shields, and Jocelyn Evans. Some of the papers of this panel have now been published as a special issue of French Politics, Culture and Society (Winter 2011).

Panel Two: France and its migrants Our second panel was organised by Helen Drake. Via a case-study of France, this panel explored a number of the many dimensions of contemporary migration and immigration in Europe. It investigated the terminological and statistical complexities involved, and focussed on the consequences of legal distinctions drawn between EU and non-EU migrants for migrants’ lives, with particular reference to their political and civic rights.

We considered the specifically French context to the difficulties and opportunities for integration by migrants into the host society and by way of contrast, compared this with the United Kingdom. Our papers allowed us to question evidence of convergence towards EU policy norms in this field, as well as consider the enduring national specificities that plague policy-making in the domain of migration and immigration in the present day. We also consider the implication of France’s migrants for notions of French national identity and ‘Frenchness’. The papers presented were those of Helen Drake (Loughborough) ‘British Migrants in France: Fact and Fiction in Tales of Migration Today’, Sue Collard (Sussex) ‘French municipal democracy: cradle of European citizenship?’; and ‘Kursheed Wadia (Warwick), ‘Migrant women and the border control: integration contradiction in France’.

Panel three: Sarkozy’s State.

This panel was organised by Alistair Cole (Cardiff University) and Jean-Michel EymeriDouzans (Sciences Po Toulouse), as part of the ongoing dialogue between the PSA and the Association Française de Science Politique fruitfully engaged in Edinburgh, 2010.

The panel explored various dimensions of the State under Sarkozy, with a focus on managerial, territorial, and societal reform. More than anywhere else, in France the state has believed in its capacity to impose its technocratic solutions and symbolic visions upon a society that is (or at least once was) conceived as a vast field of implementation.

The panel will evaluated three dimensions of Sarkozy’s State: Elites and the State in Sarkozy’s France (Jean-Michel Eymeri Douzans, Toulouse); the Twin Faces of State Reform (Alistair Cole, Cardiff); and Sarkozy’s State and the European Union (Helen Drake, Loughborough).

Panel four: Rethinking the French Socialist Party

Our final panel was the best attended of all. The French Socialist Party has been the object of sustained, if somewhat intermittent academic attention by UK academics. The panel reviewed the study of French Socialism, in the context of a potential reversal in electoral fortunes after three successive defeats in ‘decisive’ presidential elections. The panel proposal invited papers on two types: first the state of the contemporary PS in the light of the forthcoming presidential election of 2012; second, comparative and conceptual perspectives on the state of the study of the PS. The panel brought together papers that envisage the object of the Socialist Party at differing levels of analysis; from whole ‘stories’ of the party’s history and ‘genetic code’; to middle level analysis of organizational or policy dynamics, to the individual level of electors and activists.

Philippe Marlière, UCL (‘The Parti Socialiste: New Ideas, Old Policies?), Robert Ladrech, Keele University (‘Europeanization, Party Structure, and Dissent in the Parti Socialiste’) and Rainbow Murray, QMW (The Socialist Party in the Senate).

Future Plans

As ever, the group is keen to facilitate academic exchange of all kinds. It continues to make teaching documents available, and is always looking for additions to its portfolio of module documents. These can be sent to Helen Drake (H.P.Drake@lboro.ac.uk) or Alistair Cole (ColeA@Cardiff.ac.uk) In addition, we are always looking to support initiatives to organize conferences or seminars – either exclusively on French politics, or on French politics in a broader comparative perspective. If you have an idea for an academic event on French politics, why not contact either Helen Drake (H.P.Drake@lboro.ac.uk) Alistair Cole

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