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«Clscs 430R: THE RISE AND FALL OF ATHENS Winter 1996 MWF 2-2:50 p.m. Course Description: More than any other city-state in Greece, fifth century ...»

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Professor: Eric D. Huntsman

Office: 3010-Q JKHB, ext. 8-2259

Email: huntsman@jkhbhrc.byu.edu

Consultations: MWF 11-11:00 a.m.


Winter 1996

MWF 2-2:50 p.m.

Course Description: More than any other city-state in Greece, fifth century Athens exemplifies

the apogee of Greek civilization. This semester Classics 430R will study the history of Athens

from 509 B.C., the year of Kleisthenes’ “democratic” reforms, through Athens’ period of strength and empire until her fall at the hands of Sparta in 404 B.C. Accordingly the seminar will cover the Persian Wars, the development of the Athenian Empire, and the Peloponnesian War. Any of these three areas could, on its own, form the basis of a serious graduate course;

taken together, however, these periods of Athenian history will provide a case study of the “organic” phases of a state’s rise and fall as well as providing a fuller history of Sparta’s animosity towards Athens and a comprehensive view of Persia’s critical role and the beginning and end of the Fifth Century.

This course will focus on issues of constutional development, inter-state relations, and military and political history while not neglecting cultural developments. Significant attention will be given to source issues and criticism: primary literary texts and other documents (in translation) form the core of our study, allowing for significant discussion regarding the developing genre of Greek historiography and for an introduction to the proper use of epigraphy.

Texts: The following texts are available in the B.Y.U. Bookstore and will be used regularly

throughout the class:

Fornara, Charles W. Translated Documents of Greece & Rome (Vol. 1, Archaic Time to the End of the Peloponnesian War). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1988.

Green, Peter. The Year of Salamis. London: Widenfeld and Nicolson, 1970. [packet] Herodotus. The Histories. Trans. Aubrey de Sélincourt. New York: Penguin Books, 1972.

Hignett, C. Xerxes’ Invasion of Greece. Oxford: Clarnedon Press, 1963. [excerpts in packet] Kagan, Donald. The Outbreak of the Peloponnesian War. Ithaca and London: Cornell University Press, 1969.

Meiggs, Russell. The Athenian Empire. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1972.

Plutarch. The Rise and Fall of Athens. Nine Greek Lives. Trans. Ian Scott-Kilvert. New York: Penguin Books, 1960.

Thucydides. History of the Peloponnesian War. Trans. Rex Warner. New York: Penguin Books, 1972.

Copies of the following are being held in the re

–  –  –

Bury, J.B. and Meiggs, Russell. A History of Greece to the Death of Alexander the Great. Fourth Edition.

New York: St. Martin’s Press, 1975, repr. 1985.

Diodorus. Diodorus of Sicily. Translated by C.H. Oldfather (Loeb Classical Library, Diodorus vols IVVI). Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1946-1954.

Fornara, Charles. Herodotus. Oxford, 1971.

Gomme, A.W., A. Andrewes, and K.J. Dover. A Historical Commentary of Thucydides. 5 vols. (Books IVII). Oxford, 1945-70.

Hignett, C. Xerxes’ Invasion of Greece. Oxford: Clarnedon Press, 1974.

How W. W. and Wells, J. A Commentary on Herodotus. 2 volumes. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1912 Kagan, Donald. The Archidamian War. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 1974.

--------. The Peace of Nicias and the Sicilian Expedition. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 1981.

--------. The Fall of the Athenian Empire. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 1987.

de Ste. Croix, G.E.M. The Origins of the Peloponnesian War. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 1972.

Traill, John S. The Political Organization of Attica; a Study of the Demes, Trittyes, and Phylai, and Their Representation in the Athenian Council. Princeton, N.J.: American School of Classical Studies at Athens, 1975.

Xenophon. Hellenica I-IV. Trans. Carleton L. Brownson (Loeb Classical Library) Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1918.

One book is on reserve in the J. Reuben Clark Law library, namely:

–  –  –

The following reference works are available in the Ancient Studies Room:

APh L'Année Philologique. Bibliographie critique et analytique de l'antiquié Gréco-Latine (fondée par J. Marouzeau). Paris: Société Internationale de Bibliographie Classique, starting in 1924.

–  –  –

RE Paulys Realencyclopädie der classischen Altertumswissenschaft. Edited by G. Wissowa et al.

Stuttgart: J.B. Metzlersche Verlagsbuchhandlung, 1893-1978.

SEG Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum. Alphen aan den Rijn, 1923

–  –  –

Primary sources appear first in each day’s reading assignment, first with documents in translation followed by readings from the ancient historians and biographers. Secondary works from the lists above then appear in the syllabus by their primary author or by their translator/editor. Other books and articles are listed with daily assignments as needed.

Requirements: Clscs 430 is a topical senior seminar, and each meeting presupposes the preparation and participation of the students. All readings should be completed before class except for the rare instances when particularly heavy assignments prompt the instructor to divide the secondary readings among the class members. Students are also responsible for material presented by classmates in reports (see following paragraph).

Seminar participants should come to class prepared to discuss and argue the evidence and positions held for each day’s topic. Each student will give two oral presentations, each lasting approximately 20 minutes and accompanied by a handout and a select bibliography. In most cases the report topics listed in the syllabus provide initial bibliography as a starting point. A substantial paper is due on the last day of class, and in most cases it will be a further development of one of the student’s two oral reports. In addition there will be midterm and final examinations.

Grades will be calculated by the following formula:

–  –  –

W10Jan Period Sources Introductions to the Penguin editions of Herodotus, Thucydides, and Plutarch Hignett, 25-40 Meiggs, 1-18 Oxford Classical Dictionary articles s.v. “Herodotus (1),” “Hellanicus,” “Thucydides (2),” “Aristophanes,” “Ephorus,” “Xenophon (1),” “Theopompus (3),” “Diodorus (3) Siculus,” and “Plutarch.” F12Jan Epigraphic Sources; Reference Works, Tour of BYU’s Ancient Studies Room Fornara, v-vii, xix-xxii Meiggs, 18-22 M15Jan Martin Luther King Holiday; NO CLASS W17Jan Archaic Athens (Review) Fornara nos. 15, 30-31, 37 [Arist.] Ath. Pol. [1]-12 Hdt. 5.55-71 (Penguin, 360-64, 366) Th. 6.54-9 (Penguin, 443-446) Bury, 115-132 See also: Plut. Vit. Sol; Bradley, 78-91; Hignett, Constitution, II-IV F19Jan Reforms of Kleisthenes (Review) Fornara nos. 39-42 [Arist.] Ath. Pol. 17-22, 41-69 Hdt. 5.66-75, 6.123 (Penguin, 364-68, 431-32) Bury, 134-140.

Green, 15-19 Hignett, Constitution, VI D.M. Lewis, “Kleisthenes and Attika,” Historia [D51.A5] 12 (1963), 22-40.

See also: Bradley, 95-106; Burn, 176-192; Traill, 33, 56-58, 64-81 (selections for familiarity with Traille’s

methods and conclusions).

–  –  –

W24Jan Ionian Revolt Hdt. 1.141-216, 5.97-6.47 (Penguin, 379-404) Burn, 193-217 Green, 10-15, 19-22 Hignett, Invasion, 86 M. Lang, “Herodotus and the Ionian Revolt, Historia 17 (1968) 24-36 Meiggs, 23-30 F26Jan Marathon Fornara nos. 48-51 Hdt. 6.94-140 (Penguin, 421-439) Plut. Vit. Arist. 5 Burn, 221-227, 236-256 D. Gillis, “Marathon and the Alcmaeonids,” GRBS 10 (1969) 133-45.

Green, 27-40 Hignett, Invasion, 86-88 Meiggs, 30-32 See also: N.G.L. Hammond, “The Campaign and Battle of Marathon,” JHS 88 (1968) 13-57; M.F.

McGregor, “The pro-Persian Party at Athens from 510-480 B.C.” in Athenian Studies Presented to W.S. Ferguson (Cambridge, Mass., 1940) 71-95.

M29Jan Xerxes and the Invasion Hdt. 7.1-137 (Penguin, 441-486) Burn, 313-332 Green, 75-80 Hignett, Invasion, 88-96 See also: Diod. 11.1-3

–  –  –

W31Jan The Hellenic League Fornara nos. 52, 56 Hdt. 7.138-173 (Penguin, 486-502) P.A. Brunt, “The Hellenic League Against Persia,” Historia 2 (1953-4) 135-63.

Green, 80-108 Hignett, Invasion, 96-104 See also: Diod. 11.5 Report: Delphi and Persia: Burn, 345-349; Hignett, 439-447 F02Feb Themistokles Fornara no. 55 Plut. Vit. Them. 1-6; Vit. Arist. 1-4, 6 Burn, 279-296 Green, 22-27 Hignett, Invasion, 96-104, 458-468 Report: THE THEMISTOKLES DECREE: Burn, 364-377; Chambers, M. “The Significance of the Themistokles Decree,” Philologus 111 (1967) 157-69; Charles W. Fornara, “The Value of the Themistokles Decree,” AHR 73 (1967) 425-33; M. Jameson, “A Revised Text of the Decree of Themistokles from Troizen,” Hesperia 31 (1962) 310-315.

M05Feb Thermopylai Hdt. 7.174-239 (Penguin, 502-524) Plut. Vit. Them. 7 Burn, 378-422 Green, 109-143 Hignett, Invasion,105-148 See also: Diod. 11.5-11 Report: QUESTIONS ABOUT THERMOPYLAI: A.R. Burn, “Thermopylae and Callidromus,” in Studies Presented to David Moore Robinson (St. Louis, 1951) 1.480-9; J.A.S. Evans, “The Final Problem at Thermopylae,” GRBS 5 (1964) 231-7; Hignett, Invasion, 361-378; M.J. Labarbe, BCH 78 (1952); Pritchett, “New Light on Thermopylai,” AJA 62 (1958).

–  –  –

F09Feb Salamis Fornara no. 21 Hdt. 8.40-112 (Penguin, 537-562) Plut. Vit. Them. 10-18; Vit. Arist. 8-10 Green, 153-198 Hignett, Invasion, 193-239 W.F.J. Knight, “The Defence of the Acropolis and the Panic Before Salamis,”JHS 51 (1931) 174-8 See also: Aesch. Pers.; Diod. 11.14-18.

Report: SALAMIS AND HISTORIOGRAPHY: N.G.L. Hammond, “The Battle of Salamis,” JHS 76 (1956) 32-54; Hignett, 393-417 M12Feb Winter of 480/79 Hdt. 8.113-144 (Penguin, 532-575) Green, 201-228 Hignett, Invasion, 240-247, 264-273 C.A. Robinson, “Athenian Politics, 510-486 B.C.”AJPh 66 (1945) 243-54 See also: Diod. 11.19 W14Feb Plataia and Mykale Fornara nos. 57-60 Hdt. 9.1-113 (Penguin 577-621) Plut. Vit. Arist. 11-22 Green, 228-283 Hignett, 247-263, 273-288 C.G. Starr, “Why Did the Greeks Defeat the Persians?” PP 17 (1962) 321-9 See also: Diod. 11.27-39

–  –  –


The Delian League Hdt. 9.106, 114 (Penguin, 618, 621-622) [Arist.] Ath. Pol. 23.1-5 Diod. 11.46.4-47, 50 Plut. Vit. Arist. 24-25, Cim. 4-6 Kagan, Outbreak, 40-44 Meiggs, 42-67, 459-464 de Ste. Croix, 298-307 Report: THE PURPOSE OF THE DELIAN LEAGUE: N.G.L. Hammond, “Origin and Nature of the Athenian Alliance,” JHS 87 (1967) 41-61; H.W. Jackson, “The Original Purpose of the Delian League,” Historia 18 (1969) 12-16; Larsen, J.A.O. “The Constitution and the Original Purpose of the Delian League,” HSCPh 51 (1940) 175-213.

Report: THE “PELOPONNESIAN LEAGUE”: Kagan, Outbreak, 9-30; de Ste. Croix, 101-150, 339-342.

W21Feb The Pentekontaëtia Fornara nos. 62, 65 Th. 1.97-101, 135-138 Diod. 11.60-62 Plut. Vit. Them. 22-32; Vit. Cim. 7-14 Kagan, Outbreak, 44-48 Meiggs, 68-88 H.D. Westlake, “Thucydides and the Pentecontaetia,” CQ n.s. 5 (1955) 53-67 Report: THE END OF THEMISTOKLES: W. den Boer, “Themistokles in Fifth Century Historiography,” Mnemosyne 15 (1962) 225-237; R.J. Lenardon, “The Chronology of Themistokles’ Ostracism and Exile,” Historia 8 (1959) 23-48; J.L. O’Neil, “The Exile of Themistokles and Democracy in the Peloponnese,” CQ n.s. 31 (1981) 335-46.

–  –  –

F23Feb Ephilates and the Radical Democracy Fornara no. 67 Th. 1.102 Diod. 11.63-64 Plut. Vit. Cim. 15-17; Vit. Per. 3-10 Kagan, Outbreak, 57-74 Meiggs, 88-91 de Ste. Croix, 178-183 Report: EPHILATES AND THE AREOPAGUS: J.R. Cole J.R. “Cimon’s Dismissal, Ephialtes’ Revolution, and the Peloponnesian Wars,” GRBS 15 (1974) 369-85; C. Hignett, Constitution, 193-213; D.

Stockton, “The Death of Ephialtes,” CQ n.s. 32 (1982) 227-8.

M26Feb Land Empire and Egypt Fornara nos. 72, 74, 77-80, 8, 109 Th. 1.103-108 Plut. Vit. Per. 11, 14-16 Diod. 11.71, 78-84 D.W. Bradeen, “The Athenian Casualty Lists,” CQ 19 (1969) 145-59.

Kagan, Outbreak, 77-97, 133-153 Meiggs, 92-108 See also: R.J. Buck, “Athenian Domination of Boetia,” CP 65 (1972) 217-227.

Report: LONG WALLS AND ARISTOCRATS: [Xen.] Ath. Pol. (see also Fornara no. 107); J.P. Boersma, Athenian Builiding Policy (Groningen, 1970); W.S. Ferguson, “The Oligarchical Movement at Athens,” CAH V (1940) 321-347; A. Gomme, 1.312-313; R.L. Scranton, “The Fortifications of Athens at the Beginning of the Peloponnesian War,” AJA 42 (1938) 525-36; R.E. Wycherly, The Stones of Athens (Princeton, 1978).

–  –  –

F02Mar The Thirty Years’ Peace Fornara no. 97 Th. 1.113-115 Diod. 12.5-7, 22, 26.2 Plut. Vit. Cim. 13.4-5; Vit. Per. 12-13, 17-18, 21-23 Kagan, Outbreak, 109-130 Meiggs, 152-188 Report: THE CONGRESS DECREE AND THE PERIKLEAN BUILDING PROGRAM: R. Meiggs, “The Political

Implications of the Parthenon,” GR 10 (1963) Suppl., 36-45; R. Seager, “The Congress Decree:

Some Doubts and a Hypothesis,” Historia 18 (1969) 129-141.

Report: COINAGE DECREE: H.B. Mattingly, “The Athenian Coinage Decree,” Historia (1961) 148-188;

E.S.G. Robison, “The Athenian Currency Decree and the Coinage of the Allies,” Hesperia Suppl.

8 (1949) 324-340.



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