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«-1 Aspire V5 Series (15) User’s Manual 2© 2013. All Rights Reserved. Aspire V5 Series (15) Covers: Aspire V5-561G / V5-561 This revision: November ...»

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Aspire V5 Series (15")

User’s Manual

2© 2013. All Rights Reserved.

Aspire V5 Series (15")

Covers: Aspire V5-561G / V5-561

This revision: November 2013

Sign up for an Acer ID and enable Acer Remote Files

Open the Acer Portal from the Start screen to sign up for an

Acer ID or sign in if you already have an Acer ID.

There are three great reasons for you to get an Acer ID:

• Remotely access your PC from your other devices with our free Acer Remote Files app

• Get the latest offers and product information

• Register your device for warranty service

For more information, please visit the AcerCloud website:

www.acer.com/acercloud Important This manual contains proprietary information that is protected by copyright laws. The information contained in this manual is subject to change without notice. Images provided herein are for reference only and may contain information or features that do not apply to your computer. Acer Group shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained in this manual.

Model number: _________________________________

Serial number: _________________________________

Date of purchase: ______________________________

Place of purchase: ______________________________

Table of contents - 3


First things first 6 Securing your computer 41 Your guides

Basic care and tips for using your Using passwords


Turning your computer on and off............... 6 Power management 43 Taking care of your computer

Saving power

Taking care of your AC adapter.................. 7 Taking care of your battery pack................. 8 Battery pack 45 Cleaning and servicing

Battery characteristics

Your Acer notebook tour 9 Charging the battery

Screen view

In this section you will find:

• Useful information on caring for your computer and your health

• Where to find the power button, ports and connectors

• Tips and tricks for using the touchpad and keyboard

• How to create recovery backups

• Guidelines for connecting to a network and using Bluetooth

• Information on using Acer’s bundled software 6 - First things first

–  –  –

You can also put the computer in sleep mode by pressing the sleep hotkey Fn + F4.

Note If you cannot power off the computer normally, press and hold the power button for more than four seconds to shut down the computer. If you turn off the computer and want to turn it on again, wait at least two seconds before powering up.

Taking care of your computer Your computer will serve you well if you take care of it.

• Do not expose the computer to direct sunlight. Do not place it near sources of heat, such as a radiator.

• Do not expose the computer to temperatures below 0º C (32º F) or above 50º C (122º F).

• Do not subject the computer to magnetic fields.

• Do not expose the computer to rain or moisture.

• Do not spill water or any liquid on the computer.

• Do not subject the computer to heavy shock or vibration.

• Do not expose the computer to dust or dirt.

• Never place objects on top of the computer.

• Do not slam the computer display when you close it.

• Never place the computer on uneven surfaces.

Taking care of your AC adapter

Here are some ways to take care of your AC adapter:

• Do not connect the adapter to any other device.

• Do not step on the power cord or place heavy objects on top of it.

Carefully route the power cord and any cables away from foot traffic.

• When unplugging the power cord, do not pull on the cord itself but pull on the plug.

• The total ampere ratings of the equipment plugged in should not exceed the ampere rating of the cord if you are using an extension 8 - First things first

–  –  –

Base view Note The touchpad is sensitive to finger movement; the lighter the touch, the better the response. Please keep the touchpad and your fingers dry and clean.

The cursor is controlled by some basic gestures:

• Single-finger slide: Slide a finger across the touchpad to move the cursor.

• Single-finger tap: Lightly tap the touchpad with your finger, to perform a 'click', which will select or start an item. Quickly repeat the tap to perform a double tap or 'double click'.

• Drag: Press and hold the left side of the selection button, or tap twice anywhere on the touchtap, then slide a second finger across the touchpad to select all items in an area.

Touchpad gestures Windows 8.1 and many applications support touchpad gestures that use one or more fingers.

–  –  –

• Swipe in from edge: Access Windows tools by swiping into the center of the touchpad from the right, top or left.

• Swipe in from right edge: Toggle the charms.

• Swipe in from top edge: Toggle the app commands.

• Swipe in from left edge: Switch to the previous app.

• Two-finger slide: Swiftly scroll through web pages, documents and playlists by placing two fingers on the touchpad and moving both in any direction.

• Two-finger pinch: Zoom in and out of photos, maps and documents with a simple finger-and-thumb gesture.

18 - Recovery

–  –  –

Important We recommend that you create a Recovery Backup and Drivers and Applications Backup and as soon as possible.

In certain situations a full recovery will require a USB recovery backup.

Creating a recovery backup To reinstall from a USB storage drive, you must first create a recovery backup. The recovery backup includes the entire original contents of your computer’s hard drive, including Windows and all factory-loaded software and drivers. Using this backup will restore your computer to the same state as when you purchased it, while giving you an option to retain all settings and personal data.

–  –  –

1. From Start, type 'Recovery' and then click Acer Recovery Management in the list of apps.

2. Click Create Factory Default Backup. The Recovery Drive window opens.

Make sure Copy contents from the recovery partition to the recovery drive is selected. This provides the most complete and safest recovery backup.

3. Plug in the USB drive then click Next.

20 - Recovery

–  –  –

may use either a USB storage drive or, if your computer features a DVD recorder, one or more blank recordable DVDs.

1. From Start, type 'Recovery' and then click Acer Recovery Management in the list of apps.

2. Click Create Drivers and Applications Backup.

Plug in the USB drive or insert a blank DVD into the optical drive, then click Next.

• If you are using a USB drive, make sure your USB drive has enough capacity before continuing.

• If using DVDs, it will also show the number of blank, recordable discs you will need to complete the recovery discs. Make sure that you have the required number of identical, blank discs.

3. Click Start to copy files.You will be shown the backup progress on the screen.

4. Follow the process until it completes:

• If you are using optical discs, the drive ejects each disc as it completes burning it. Remove the disc from the drive and mark it 22 - Recovery

–  –  –

Reinstalling drivers and applications As a troubleshooting step, you may need to reinstall the applications and device drivers that came pre-installed on your computer from the factory. You can reinstall using either your hard drive or the backup you have created.

• Other applications - If you need to reinstall software that did not come pre-installed on your computer, you need to follow that software’s installation instructions.

• New device drivers - If you need to reinstall device drivers that did not come pre-installed on your computer, follow the instructions provided with the device.

If you are reinstalling using Windows and the recovery

information stored on your computer:

1. From Start, type 'Recovery' and then click Acer Recovery Management in the list of apps.

2. Click Reinstall Drivers or Applications.

24 - Recovery

–  –  –

2. You should see the Contents section of the Acer Resource Center.

Images for reference only.

3. Click the install icon for the item you want to install, then follow the onscreen prompts to complete the installation. Repeat this step for each item you want to reinstall.

Returning to an earlier system snapshot Microsoft System Restore periodically takes a 'snapshot' of your system settings and saves them as restore points. In most cases of hard-to-resolve software problems, you can return to one of these restore points to get your system running again.

Windows automatically creates an additional restore point each day, and also each time you install software or device drivers.

Note For more information about using Microsoft System Restore, from Start, type ’Help’ and then click Help and Support in the list of apps. Type ’Windows system restore’ in the Search Help box, then press Enter.

Returning to a restore point

1. From Start, type ’Control Panel’ and then click Control Panel in the list of apps.

2. Click System and Security Action Center, then click Recovery at the bottom of the window.

3. Click Open System Restore, then Next.

26 - Recovery

4. Click the latest restore point (at a time when your system worked correctly), click Next, then Finish.

5. A confirmation window appears; click Yes. Your system is restored using the restore point you specified. This process may take several minutes, and may restart your computer.

Returning your system to its factory condition If your computer experiences problems that are not recoverable by other methods, you may need to reinstall everything to return your system to its factory condition. You can recover from either your hard drive or the recovery backup you have created.

• If you can still run Windows and have not deleted the recovery partition, see Recovering from Windows below.

• If you cannot run Windows, your original hard drive has been completely re-formatted or you have installed a replacement hard drive, see Recovering from a recovery backup on page 29.

Recovering from Windows

Start Acer Recovery Management:

• From Start, type ’Recovery’ and then click Acer Recovery Management in the list of apps.

Two options are available, Restore Factory Settings (Reset my PC) or Customized Restore (Refresh my PC).

–  –  –

the Windows Store). See Customized Restore with Acer Recovery Management on page 28.

Restore Factory Settings with Acer Recovery Management

1. Click Restore Factory Settings.

Important ’Restore Factory Settings’ will erase all files on your hard drive.

2. The Reset your PC window opens.

Images for reference only.

3. Click Next, then choose how to erase your files:

a. Just remove my files quickly erases all files before restoring your computer and takes about 30 minutes.

b. Fully clean the drive completely cleans the drive after each file is erased, so no files can be viewed after the recovery. Cleaning the drive takes much longer, up to 5 hours, but is much more secure as old files are completely removed.

4. Click Reset.

28 - Recovery

5. The recovery process begins by restarting your computer, then continues by copying files to your hard drive.

6. After the recovery has finished, you can start using your computer by repeating the first-start process.

Recovering from the hard drive during startup

1. Turn on your computer and press Alt + F10 during startup. A screen appears asking you to choose the keyboard layout.

2. Several options are now presented. Click Troubleshoot.

3. Click either Refresh your PC or Reset your PC.

Note "Refresh your PC" enables you to restore your computer to the default factory condition with files intact. "Reset your PC" completely removes all your files and resets your computer to factory settings.

4. Click Next. The process will take several minutes.

–  –  –

2. The Refresh your PC window opens.

Images for reference only.

3. Click Next, then Refresh.

4. The recovery process begins by restarting your computer, then continues by copying files to your hard drive. This process takes about 30 minutes.

Recovering from a recovery backup

To recover from a recovery backup on a USB drive:

1. Find your recovery backup.

2. If your computer does not have a built-in keyboard, make sure a keyboard is attached to your computer.

3. Plug in the USB drive and turn on your computer.

4. If it is not already enabled, you must enable the F12 Boot Menu:

a. Press F2 when starting your computer.

b. Use the left or right arrow keys to select the Main menu.

c. Press the down key until F12 Boot Menu is selected, press F5 to change this setting to Enabled.

d. Use the left or right arrow keys to select the Exit menu.

e. Depending on the type of BIOS your computer uses, select Save Changes and Exit or Exit Saving Changes and press Enter.

Select OK or Yes to confirm.

f. Your computer will restart.

5. During startup, press F12 to open the boot menu. The boot menu allows you to select which device to start from, select the USB drive.

a. Use your arrow keys to select USB Device, then press Enter.

30 - Recovery

–  –  –

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