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In a series of articles that began forty-five years ago, I argued that the United States should prohibit plea bargaining123 and that doing so was feasible.124 Now, however, the criminal justice system has gone off the tracks, and the rails themselves have disappeared. If someone were to propose a Tea Party (or Back to Basics) Movement for Criminal Justice, I might still join,125 but I would not give the group more than ten dollars. The time for a crusade to prohibit plea bargaining has passed.126

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125. I say that as someone who is appalled by the actual Tea Party’s influence on American politics.

126. As late as 1965, a federal court of appeals declared, “It is clear, of course, that a plea of guilty induced by a promise of lenient treatment is an involuntary plea and hence void.” Scott v. United States, 349 F.2d 641, 643 (6th Cir. 1965). The proposition asserted by the court was far from clear in 1965, but the fact that a court could make this confident pronouncement reveals how different the world is now. As late as 1973, a federal crime commission proposed abolishing plea bargaining “as soon as possible, but not later than



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Instead, the time may have come for criminal justice scholars to abandon the search for ways to make the criminal justice system fair and principled. Their principal mission today should be to make it less awful. Improving the plea bargaining process should be one of their goals. The decisions in Lafler and Frye take a tiny step in that direction, and the articles published in this symposium point to larger steps—recording plea offers, amending the rules that prohibit judges from participating in plea negotiation, and ensuring that Brady disclosures and other discovery occur at the time the process begins or at least before it ends.127 Beyond improving the plea bargaining process, scholars should ask of every proposed reform whether approving it would make trials more or less available. They should seek ways to simplify trial, pretrial, and post-trial procedures. They should resist overcriminalization (especially the expansion of federal criminal law).

They should oppose severe punishments. They should support greater funding for indigent defense and seek more effective ways of supplying it.128 They should embrace Professor Bibas’s proposal for sentencing juries empowered to accept or reject plea agreements.129 They should cheer most measures that would reduce the bargaining leverage of prosecutors while booing most measures that would enhance it. Most of all, they should not allow what is familiar to become what is right.

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