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«f?z/74. -*-••-•? UF THE Uiit, - -OtS tH UReAfcMNCMAMPAIOet UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS BOARD OF TRUSTEES Fifty-Seventh Report 1972-74 UNIVERSITY ...»

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Further Resolved, that the Comptroller of the Board be and hereby is authorized and directed to accept delivery of title to the 1.915 acres of land upon which said free-standing building for housing a shock-test machine is to be located, subSeptember 20 52 BOARD OF TRUSTEES ject to the lien of the mortgage and the rights of the United States of America under the lease concerning the Laboratory, as amended, on behalf of the Board of Trustees.

Further Resolved, that in the event that the lease between the United States of America and the University of Illinois Foundation concerning the Construction Engineering Research Laboratory should be cancelled or terminated for cause or otherwise, the Comptroller and the Secretary of the Board are authorized and directed to enter into an agreement with the Foundation pursuant to which the University would, until such time as the 1972 Bonds are fully retired, make such payments to the Foundation as would have been made to the Foundation by the United States had the lease not been cancelled or terminated.

Further Resolved, that the Comptroller of the Board be and hereby is authorized to pledge as additional security for the bonds to be issued by the Foundation for the financing of this project all additions or income to the University's Contract Research Reserve up to $300,000 per annum to the payment of the obligation with respect to said facilities referred to in the previous resolutions.

Further Resolved, that the Comptroller and the Secretary of the Board be and they hereby are authorized and directed to execute such documents, contracts, written understandings or commitments as may be necessary to adequately evidence and affirm the actions taken herewith.

On motion of Mr. Swain, the foregoing resolution was adopted by the following vote: Aye, Mr. Hughes, Mr. Pogue, Mr. Swain; no, none;

absent, none.


The Secretary presented for record appointments to the faculty made by the President; resignations; declinations and resignations of summer appointments; leaves of absence; retirements. A copy of the report is filed with the Secretary.

The business of the meeting having been completed, on motion of Mr. Swain, the Executive Committee adjourned.

–  –  –

It should be noted that the proposed group will be advisory to the President, it will meet at two specified times annually with the Student Welfare and Activities Committee of the Board, and that procedures for communication with the Board will be developed. This group will relate to the President and to the Board in ways similar to existing relationships with the faculty (through the University Senates Conference) and with nonacademic personnel. The establishment of this group will not require Board action and the Board will not, therefore, be establishing special relationships with students which it has not established with its many other constituencies.

T h e proposal follows:

Purpose: This Committee shall have as its major purpose the provision of continuing and formal liaison among three basic groups: the students of the University of Illinois, the University administration represented by the President of the University, and the Board of Trustees of the University.

In meeting this major purpose, the Committee will be expected t o :

1. Identify and analyze for the President those issues which affect students on a University-wide basis or, similarly, to analyze those issues identified by the Board or by the President as issues which affect students on a University-wide basis.

2. Gather and interpret student attitudes and student concerns on matters related to University-wide policies and procedures.

3. Assist in communicating and interpreting University concerns on matters related to University-wide policies and procedures.

(This Committee shall be involved in University-wide matters and shall not replace student advisory mechanisms developed by the Chancellors to meet similar purposes in dealing with campus concerns. This Committee shall be responsible for developing its own liaison mechanisms with such campus advisory groups.) Membership: This Committee shall consist of twelve members. Members shall

be selected from the various campus constituencies as follows:

Medical Center (3) : 1 graduate student 1 professional student 1 undergraduate student Chicago Circle (4) : 3 undergraduate students 1 graduate student Urbana-Champaign (5) : 2 undergraduate students 2 graduate students 1 professional student While selection processes shall not be mandated by the President, some procedures which would provide for terms of longer than one year for members of the Committee would be desirable.

Procedures: T h e Committee shall meet with the President of the University monthly. T h e Committee shall elect a presiding officer who shall work with the President to prepare the agenda for each monthly meeting. A schedule of meeting dates, places, and times for the year shall be approved at the October meeting each year.

T h e Committee shall meet with the Student Affairs Committee of the Board of Trustees twice annually — in January and in April. During these two months these meetings shall replace the meetings developed by the Chancellors to provide for campus student groups to meet with the President and the Student Affairs Committee of the Board of Trustees.

T h e Committee and the President shall develop procedures for communication between the Committee and the Board of Trustees in addition to the two meetings scheduled each year.

Evaluation: At the conclusion of each academic year, the Committee and the President shall prepare a report to the Board of Trustees reviewing the work of the Committee.

This Committee is established by the President of the University under BOARD OF TRUSTEES [September 20 the authority delegated to the President by the Board of Trustees. The general intent is not to seek Board approval of the mechanics of the operation of the Committee and it would be assumed that changes in structure and procedure could be accomplished by joint agreement of the Committee and the President.

Report Concerning the Operation of the Conduct Control Systems on the Campuses of the University of Illinois, 1971-72 In accord with the action of the Board of Trustees on January 19, 1972, the President submitted in advance of the meeting an annual report concerning the operations of the conduct control system during the preceding academic year. (The report was summarized by the President.) A copy is filed with the Secretary for record.

Illinois Educational Consortium for Computer Services President Corbally also spoke briefly concerning the establishment and incorporation of the Illinois Educational Consortium for Computer Services.

A N N U A L OPERATING BUDGET FOR 1 9 7 2 - 7 3 (1) The budget for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 1972, is submitted herewith, including recommendations for: (a) academic and administrative appointments beginning September 1, 1972, with salary increases effective November 1, 1972; and (b) appointments to the nonacademic personnel staff beginning July 1, 1972, with salary increases effective September 1, 1972. Authorization to pay salaries and wages for nonacademic and academic personnel for the month of July and subsequent payrolls prior to this action was granted by the Board of Trustees on July 19, 1972.

The funds appropriated by the Seventy-seventh General Assembly to the University of Illinois for all purposes for FY 1973 are summarized, with comparative figures for FY 1972.

The budget has been prepared by the Executive Vice President and Provost and the Vice President and Comptroller, based upon recommendations of: (a) the chancellors at the three campuses (after consultation with their respective deans, directors, and other campus administrative officers); (b) general University officers concerning the budget for University-wide offices; and (c) the President of the University. The allocation of funds follows general policies and assignments recommended by the University Budget Committee1 during the preparation of the University's FY 1973 budget.

Submitted herewith is the budget document3 containing: (a) a Condensed Analysis, which outlines the income anticipated for fiscal year 1973 and describes the changes in the budget; (b) Schedules A through I, which contain summaries of income and appropriations for the entire University and budget totals by major categories for each campus; and (c) summaries for each college or other major administrative unit. Also submitted are four supplemental volumes (two for Urbana-Champaign and General University Units, and one each for the other two campuses) presenting budget details for departments, divisions, and other operating units.

As previously reported to the Board of Trustees, the necessity of providing faculty salary increases equivalent to those provided other staff and administrative employees and some uncertainties regarding income estimates led to the imposition of a partial "freeze" on new appointments to the University payrolls. This partial "freeze" continues under the direction of the Vice President for Planning and Allocation working in concert with the chancellors.

I recommend that this budget, covering the allocation of the estimated operating income from all sources for the year beginning July 1, 1972, be approved by the Board, and that the President of the University be authorized in accordance with the needs of the University and the equitable interests involved, and within total income as it accrues: (a) to accept resignations; (b) to make such additional

•University Budget Committee (1971-72): Lyle H. Lanier, Executive Vice President and Provost, Chairman; Allen W. Anderson, Associate Professor and Head of Department of Pedodontics, Medical Center campus; Norton M. Bedford, Professor of Accountancy and of Business Administration, Urbana-Champaign campus; Joseph S. Begando, Chancellor of the Medical Center campus; Warren B. -Cheston, Chancellor of the Chicago Circle campus; Herbert O. Farber, Vice President and Comptroller; Jack W. Peltason, Chancellor of the Urbana-Champaign campus; William F. Sager, Professor and Head of the Department of Chemistry, Chicago Circle campus. Staff Associates: Morris S. Kessler, Assistant Comptroller; Martin L. Zeigler, Associate Provost.

* The complete budget is printed separately as a supplement to the 1970-72 minutes.

1972] 55


appointments as are necessary subject to the provisions of the University Statutes and the Policy and Rules — Nonacademic; and (c) to make such changes and adjustments in items included in the budget as are needed. All such changes are to be covered in periodic reports to the Board.

On motion of Mr. Steger, the budget was approved and authority was given as recommended by the following vote: Aye, Mr. Forsyth, Mr. Hahn, Mr. Howard, Mr. Hughes, Mr. Neal, Mr. Pogue, Mr.

Steger, Mr. Swain; no, none; absent, Dr. Bakalis, Governor Ogilvie.

B U D G E T O F T H E ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION FOR 1972-73 (2) The Director of Intercollegiate Athletics has submitted, on behalf of the Board of Directors of the Athletic Association, the budget for the Association for 1972-73

which is summarized as follows with comparative figures for the preceding year:

1971-72 1972-73 Income $2 064 739 (actual) $2 275 480 (estimate) Appropriations 2 049 951 2 275 074 Excess of Income 14 788 406 The budget has been reviewed and approved by the Vice President for Planning and Allocation, the Vice President for Financial Affairs, and the Chancellor at the Urbana-Champaign campus.

I recommend that this budget be approved and that the Board of Directors of the Athletic Association be authorized to make such changes and adjustments, including approval of new appointments and acceptance of resignations, as are

necessary within the total income and surplus of the Association, provided that:

appointments of head coaches and administrative officers and assignments of funds for new projects or nonrecurring capital expenditures in excess of $12,500 shall be presented to the Board of Trustees for approval.

A copy of the budget is being filed with the Secretary of the Board of Trustees for record.

On motion of Mr. Swain, this recommendation was approved and authority was given as requested by the following vote: Aye, Mr. Forsyth, Mr. Hahn, Mr. Howard, Mr. Hughes, Mr. Neal, Mr. Pogue, Mr. Steger, Mr. Swain; no, none; absent, Dr. Bakalis, Governor Ogilvie.

R E Q U E S T F O R O P E R A T I N G A P P R O P R I A T I O N S — FY 1 9 7 4 Preliminary Report— No action required.

The table below summarizes the recommendations of the President for increases in the University's appropriations for FY 1974. These proposals have been prepared, upon recommendation of the chancellors with appropriate campus review, by the Office of the Vice President for Planning and Allocation with the advice of the University 2 Planning Committee' and will be reviewed by the University Budget Committee prior to the October meeting of the Board of Trustees. The submission dates required by the Illinois Board of Higher Education (preliminary request, July 31; detailed request, October 6) have necessitated preliminary requests prior to Budget Committee review and Board action in October. AH such transmittals have been marked "Preliminary."

The FY 1974 request is particularly important. The failure during the past two fiscal years to receive sufficient increases in appropriations and other income Ronald W. Brady, Vice President for Planning and Allocation, Chairman; Joseph S.

Begando, Chancellor at the Medical Center campus; Eugene Eidenberg, Vice Chancellor for the Chicago Circle campus; Barry Munitz, Vice President for Academic Development and Coordination; Morton W. Weir, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Urbana-Champaign campus.

Staff Associate: Martin L. Zeigler, Associate Vice President for Planning and Allocation.

* Ronald W. Brady, Vice President for Planning and Allocation, Chairman; Joseph S.

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