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«f?z/74. -*-••-•? UF THE Uiit, - -OtS tH UReAfcMNCMAMPAIOet UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS BOARD OF TRUSTEES Fifty-Seventh Report 1972-74 UNIVERSITY ...»

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4. The joint task force shall consist of thirteen members, four appointed by the Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois, four appointed by the Health and Hospitals Governing Commission of Cook County, four nominated by the West Side Health Planning Organization, and one nominated by the West Side Medical Center Commission. The chairman shall be elected by the task force at its first meeting. The task force shall be appointed no later than October 1, 1972, and shall hold its first meeting within two weeks of appointment. It shall have the authority to call upon the expertise or assistance of any members of the staff of either institution or of any relevant agency in carrying out this charge.

5. It is recognized that the Governing Commission must plan simultaneously for the remainder of Cook County, i.e., the North, South, and far South Sides, and that the Commission staff will continue planning efforts for those other parts of the County, relating, as necessary, to the joint task force planning for the Central and West Sides of Chicago.

For the Health and Hospitals For the University of Illinois Governing Commission of Cook County 1972] 69





(17) The Dean of the College of Nursing has recommended, and the Chancellor at the Medical Center campus concurs, that a cooperative agreement with the Health and Hospitals Governing Commission of Cook County be negotiated, under which the resources of the Cook County Hospital would be available to support certain educational programs of the College of Nursing.

The University will transfer to the Health and Hospitals Governing Commission of Cook County quarterly lump-sum payments for direct nursing education services received. The total payments for the 1972-73 academic year will not exceed $24,000 for the teaching services received by the University. Funds are available to the College of Nursing from a grant awarded by the Department of Health, Education and Welfare.

The cooperative agreement would require an annual "attachment," listing the individual staff members from Cook County Hospital who will provide teaching services and the percentage of appointment time for each. Such appointments would be based upon the number of hours in which each instructor would be involved and would specifically identify teaching assignments. Each individual would receive a nonsalaried appointment to the College of Nursing faculty processed through the usual University channels. The annual attachment would be prepared by the College of Nursing and submitted to the Health and Hospitals Governing Commission of Cook County for concurrence prior to June 30 of each year.

It is further recommended that the Chancellor at the Medical Center be authorized to approve the annual attachment just described.

I recommend approval.

On motion of Mr. Swain, these recommendations were approved by the following vote: Aye, M r. Forsyth, M r. H a h n, M r. H o w a r d, M r.

H u g h e s, M r. Neal, M r. Pogue, Mr. Steger, M r. S w a i n ; no, none; absent, D r. Bakalis, Governor Ogilvie.


(18) Under the will of the late Irma Brust, the Northern Trust Company of Chicago, as trustee, is directed to establish and administer the Irma and Anton Brust Scholarships. The scholarships, to be provided from the income from assets remaining after the satisfaction of other bequests, are to be established at the following institutions: James Millikin University (50 per cent of the scholarships), University of Illinois (25 per cent) and Illinois Institute of Technology (25 per cent).

The annual scholarships, which will initially be in the amount of $500, will be awarded upon the recommendation of a scholarship committee of each institution. The amount of the annual scholarship may be changed from time to time if there is 25 per cent variation in the purchasing power of the dollar. The scholarships are not renewable and are not restricted as to sex, color, race, or creed, but may be awarded only to residents of the State of Illinois.

The Vice President for Financial Affairs recommends that the scholarship proposal be approved by the Board of Trustees and that he be authorized to execute, on behalf of the University, any and all documents necessary for the awarding of the scholarships and the receipt and disbursement of funds for this purpose.

I concur.

On motion of Mr. Howard, this recommendation was approved and authority was given as recommended.



(19) On August 3, 1909, the University leased twenty acres of land from Blackburn College (now Blackburn University) in Macoupin County_ for agricultural experimentation. This is known as the Carlinville Experimental Field.

The lease provided that if the University discontinued the use of the land 70 [September 20


for agricultural experimentation for a period longer than two years, the lease would be terminated and control of the land would revert to Blackburn University. While the original indenture was called a "lease," it had all the characteristics of a permanent conveyance. Under State statutes, any reverter clause becomes ineffective after a period of forty years. Therefore, the Board of Trustees has had no power to terminate this lease without legislative authority.

Blackburn University now requires the land for expansion and has requested that the Board of Trustees terminate the lease to permit control to revert to Blackburn University.

The Seventy-seventh General Assembly enacted House Bill 4371, authorizing the Board of Trustees to convey without monetary consideration and quit claim all right, title, and interest in and to these twenty acres to Blackburn University.

On June 20, 1972, the legislation was approved by the Governor.

To implement the provisions of the Act, the President recommends that

the following resolution be adopted:

Resolution WHEREAS by an act of the Seventy-seventh General Assembly of the State of Illinois entitled, "AN ACT to authorize the conveyance of certain real property located in Macoupin County, Illinois, by The Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois to Blackburn University, Carlinville, in Macoupin County, Illinois" (H.B. 4371, approved June 20, 1972), The Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois is authorized to convey and quit claim all right, title, and interest in and to the real property hereinafter described and located in Macoupin County, Illinois, to Blackburn University for educational purposes and uses.

Now, Therefore, Be It, and It Hereby Is, Resolved by The Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois, a public corporation of the State of Illinois, that the Comptroller and Secretary of this public corporation be, and they hereby are, authorized and directed to execute, acknowledge, and deliver, in the name and in behalf of, this public corporation, and under its corporate seal, a Quit Claim Deed and such other documents in connection therewith as said Comptroller and Secretary may deem necessary or desirable in order to convey to Blackburn University, an educational institution, located at Carlinville in Macoupin

County, Illinois, title to the real property described as follows, viz:

Twenty acres of land located in the North One-half (N V£) of the Southeast Quarter (SE 14) of the Southeast Quarter (SE 14) of Section Twenty-one (21), in Township Ten (10) North, Range Seven (7) West of the Third Principal Meridian, situated in the County of Macoupin, and State of Illinois, subject to existing road right-of-way and easements.

On motion of Mr. Swain, the foregoing resolution was adopted.


SECTION 3 0 6, OF T H E HIGHER EDUCATION FACILITIES ACT OF 19 6 3 (20) Under the Higher Education Facilities Act of 1963, the United States Commissioner of Education is authorized to_ grant funds to reduce the cost of borrowing for the construction, rehabilitation, and improvement of academic and related facilities. The requirements of the Department of Health, Education and Welfare for the submission of an application for a grant under this Act necessitate the adoption of a formal resolution by the governing board of an institution authorizing the filing of the application and designating an individual to act in behalf of the University concerning the application.

The President of the University with the concurrence of appropriate administrative officers recommends that The Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois adopt the resolution submitted herewith which (a) authorizes the filing of an application for an annual interest grant to reduce the cost of borrowing to finance the construction of the Classroom-Office and Student Services Building at the Chicago Circle campus, and (b) designates James E. Osborn, Director of Business Affairs at the Chicago Circle campus, as the officer authorized to file the application in behalf of the University.

1972] 71


Resolution Authorizing the Filing of Application for Annual Interest Grant Program Under Section 306, Title I I I, of the Higher Education Facilities Act of 1963 WHEREAS, the U.S. Commissioner of Education is authorized under the Higher Education Facilities Act of 1963 to grant funds to reduce the cost of borrowing for the construction, rehabilitation, and improvement of certain academic and related facilities; and WHEREAS, The Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois, the governing body of the University of Illinois, hereinafter called the Applicant, is cognizant of the conditions under which such grants are made available and approved for payment to an applicant; and WHEREAS, it is the sense of the governing body of the Applicant that it is desirable to apply for an annual interest grant under Section 306, Title III, of

the aforementioned act for the project described as follows:

Classroom-Office and Student Services Building at the Chicago Circle Campus Now, therefore, be it Resolved, that an application for the project described is authorized and directed to be filed with the Office of Education, Department of Health, Education and Welfare, United States of America; and be it further Resolved, that the Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois designates James E. Osborn, Director of Business Affairs, Chicago Circle campus, as the officer authorized to file the application and act as the representative of this Board in connection with said application.

Signed EARL M. HUGHES, President



, 1972 On motion of Mr. Neal, the foregoing resolution was adopted.


(21) The University Patent Committee, with the concurrence of the Chairman of the University Research Board, submits the following recommendations relating to patentable inventions by members of the staff.

I concur in these recommendations.

1. Recirculating Water Bath — James L. Wood, Chief Electronics Engineer for the School of Life Sciences, Urbana-Champaign, and George Offutt, Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Physiology, Urbana-Champaign, inventors.

This is an inexpensive fluid recirculating system that can be produced for a few cents and will replace systems costing many hundreds of dollars. The novel features are: (1) Fluid is pumped by the introduction of air bubbles into a pumping chamber. The air bubbles rise in a capillary tube and the fluid is trapped between bubbles by surface tension. (2) The fluid level in the bath chamber is controlled by the amount of fluid in the system. (3) The flow rate can be precisely controlled by changing the altitude of the bath chamber with respect to the reservoir chamber.

University Patents, Inc., reports that this invention would have a limited market and further questions the patentability. Accordingly, the Committee recommends that the rights of the University in this invention be released to the inventors.

2. Slit Illuminator System and Contact Lens Support Ring for Use with Operating Microscope — Gholam A. Peyman, Research Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology in The Abraham Lincoln School of Medicine, Medical Center, Eric S. Ericson, Senior Medical Student, Medical Center, Donald R. May, Senior Medical Student, Medical Center, and Alfred Nelken, Instrumentation Engineer, Medical Center, inventors.

This system employs a conventional slit source of illumination from an American 72 BOARD O F TRUSTEES [September 20 Optical slit-lamp microscope, mounted to a Zeiss operating microscope via an arcshaped track. The light source of the Zeiss microscope is removed, and the arc and slit illuminator are mounted in its place on the back of the microscope, out of the way of the operator. The mounting is such that the microscope and slit illuminator focus up and down as a unit. The illuminator is mounted in the track by means of a series of brackets, ending in a roller fixture which permits movement along the track. Set screws allow fixation at any point along the track.

The track provides both support and guidance for movement of the illuminator from 30° left azimuth. A pivot joint in the support brackets provides for slight vertical tilting of the slit illuminator in order to eliminate any light reflex. The support mount of the slit illuminator has been elongated in order to bring the slit into position in the operating field. We have chosen 20 cm as a convenient operating distance. The objective lens of the operating microscope, therefore, has a focal length of 20 cm, and the arc track has been designed so that the slit illuminator rotates about this focal point. Slight modification of the lens system of the slit illuminator focuses the slit at this same point. For use in conjunction with the illumination system we have designed a device which allows easier use of the three-mirror and laser contact lenses.

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