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«f?z/74. -*-••-•? UF THE Uiit, - -OtS tH UReAfcMNCMAMPAIOet UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS BOARD OF TRUSTEES Fifty-Seventh Report 1972-74 UNIVERSITY ...»

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From Appropriated Funds Recommended $ 83 837 58 From Institutional Funds Authorized $1 262 727 32 Recommended 368 622 65 Total 1 631 349 97 Grand Total $1 715 187 55 A complete list of the purchases, with supporting information, including the quotations received, was sent to each member of the Board in advance of the meeting, and a copy is being filed with the Secretary of the Board for record.

[October 18 100 BOARD OF TRUSTEES

–  –  –


The Secretary presented for record appointments to the faculty and changes of status made by the President; resignations; leaves of absence; and retirements. A copy of the report is filed with the Secretary.

On motion of Mr. Swain, the Board adjourned.

–  –  –

The November meeting of The Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois was held in the Faculty Lounge, Illini Union, Urbana, Illinois, on Friday, November 17, 1972, beginning at 10:15 a.m.

President Earl M. Hughes called the meeting to order and asked the Assistant Secretary to call the roll. The following members of the Board were present: Mr. William D. Forsyth, Jr., Mr. Ralph C. Hahn, Mr. George W. Howard III, Mr. Earl M. Hughes, Mr. Earl Langdon Neal, Mr. Russell W. Steger, Mr. Timothy W. Swain. Dr. Michael J.

Bakalis, Governor Richard B. Ogilvie, and Mr. Roger B. Pogue were absent.

Also present were President John E. Corbally Jr.; Vice Presidents Ronald W. Brady, Eldon Johnson, and Barry Munitz; Chancellor J. W.

Peltason, Urbana-Champaign campus; Chancellor Joseph S. Begando, Medical Center campus; Mr. V. L. Kretschmer, Director for Capital Programs; Mr. C. E. Flynn, Assistant to the President and University Director of Public Information; and the officers of the Board, Mr. H. O. Farber, Comptroller, Mr. R. R. Manchester, Treasurer, Mr. R. C. Wicklund, Assistant Secretary, and Mr. James J.

Costello, University Counsel.

108 BOARD OF TRUSTEES [November 17


The Board considered the following reports and recommendations from the President of the University.


President Corbally presented a report on selected topics of current interest, copies of which were distributed at the meeting, and a copy was filed with the Secretary of the Board.


On July 24, 1968, the Board of Trustees approved a Provisional Code of Conduct for persons employed on the staffs of state-operated institutions of higher learning. This code included both standards of conduct relative to economic interests and procedures for disclosure of economic interests by "employees in key administrative or other positions."

The new legislation in Illinois dealing with ethics for _ public officials and employees provides reporting and disclosure procedures which differ from and supersede those provided for in the 1968 Board action. However, the standards of conduct outlined in the 1968 action are still pertinent. Accordingly, without asking for a change in your 1968 action, I am reporting to you that within the framework of that action we now consider the new statutory reporting procedures to meet its intent and with that interpretation we consider the 1968 code still to be operative.


President Corbally called on Vice President Barry Munitz who gave a brief report on the change in policy governing intercampus transfer of

students. T h e new policy is:

Any undergraduate student in good academic standing at the Chicago Circle campus or the Urbana-Champaign campus shall be admitted to the undergraduate college of his choice on the opposite campus, provided he meets the requirements of the second college for admission of an intercampus transfer.

Admission shall remain open for each term until all spaces for the college or curriculum of the student's choice have been filled.




(1) The Board of Trustees at its meeting on July 19, 1972, approved the "Budget Request for Capital Funds — Fiscal Year 1974," including a building addition to house the program of the Rockford School of Medicine.

The "Statement of Project Scope" which originally stated space needs for the Rockford School of Medicine was submitted to the Board of Trustees as a part of the capital budget request on September 16, 1970. The original plan called for an additional 11,000 square feet to be added in Fiscal Year (FY) 1975 for the additional space for the family practice program and expanded classroom needs.

Conversations between our space planners and the State Board of Higher Education have indicated it would be desirable both economically and programmatically for the addition to be made in FY 1974. The building program statement has been amended to reflect the need for 53,640 net assignable square feet (the original request was for 42,640 net assignable square feet). The change in project scope will increase the area available to the model family practice clinic, its examining rooms, waiting rooms, and support space, while the balance of the area requested will meet the needs for faculty offices for the expanded family practice department and other minor refinements of the educational plan. The estimated project cost will be increased from $3,608,500 to $4,555,500.

The Chancellor at the Medical Center campus with the concurrence of the Vice President for Planning and Allocation recommends approval of an amendment to the "Budget Request for Capital Funds — Fiscal Year 1974" as described above.

I concur and request authorization to transmit the amendment to the State Board of Higher Education.

1972] 109


On motion of Mr. Swain, this recommendation was approved and authority was given as requested by the following vote: Aye, Mr. Forsyth, Mr. Hahn, Mr. Howard, Mr. Hughes, Mr. Neal, Mr. Steger, Mr.

Swain; no, none; absent, Dr. Bakalis, Governor Ogilvie, Mr. Pogue.


(2) T h e Committee on Accountancy recommends that the certificate of Certified Public Accountant be awarded, under Section 5 of the Illinois Accountancy Act of 1943, as amended, to six candidates who have presented evidence that they are holders of valid and unrevoked Certified Public Accountant certificates obtained by passing a standard written examination in another state or territory of the United States and who qualify in all other respects under this provision of the law. T h e names of the candidates are filed with the Secretary.

T h e Committee on Accountancy, pursuant to Rule 16 (d) of the regulations, also recommends that the certificate of Certified Public Accountant be awarded to one candidate who passed the standard written examination in another state and wishes to transfer the examination credits to this state and who has fulfilled all other legal requirements under Sections 1, 2, and 3 of the Illinois Accountancy Act of 1943 as amended. T h e name of the candidate is filed with the Secretary.

I concur.

On motion of Mr. Howard, these certificates were awarded.



(3) T h e Advisory Committee for the College of Pharmacy consists of nine appointed and three ex officio members. Three members are appointed annually for three-year terms. T h e ex officio members are the Chairman of the State of Illinois Board of Pharmacy, the President of the Illinois Pharmaceutical Association, and the Chairman of the Illinois Council of Hospital Pharmacists.

T h e advisory committee originated at the time the Chicago College of Pharmacy was incorporated into the University of Illinois in 1896. In 1970 the membership was increased from five members to eleven members, two of which are ex officio. In 1971 the Chairman of the Illinois Board of Pharmacy was added as an additional ex officio member of the advisory committee.

The Dean of the College of Pharmacy has recommended to the Chancellor at the Medical Center the following appointments in accord with the advisory

committee structure:

Appointments to Expire June 30, 1975 Mr. JAMES BICKETT, Community pharmacist, Bickett Pharmacy and Bickett Pharmaceutical Center, Zion Mr. JACK C. MUNSON, Community pharmacist, Doctors Building Pharmacy, Champaign Mr. SHERWOOD THOMAS, Community pharmacist, Touhy Pharmacy, Chicago Ex Officio Members Chairman, State of Illinois Board of Pharmacy (Mr. Frederick Janes, Avon) President, Illinois Pharmaceutical Association (Mr. Edmond S. Barcus, Oaklawn) Chairman, Illinois Council of Hospital Pharmacists (Mr. Ronald Turnbull, Chicago) T h e Chancellor at the Medical Center recommends approval.

I concur.

On motion of Mr. Forsyth, these appointments were approved.


COMMITTEE. URBANA (4) T h e Dean of the College of Physical Education at Urbana has recommended and the Chancellor has approved the following appointments to the Advisory Committee for the College of Physical Education for a three-year term ending

June 30, 1975:

110 BOARD O F TRUSTEES [November 17 Mr. DONALD BUSHORE, Executive Director of the Athletic Institute, Chicago Mrs. JOAN BERTRAND, Homemaker, Chicago I concur.

O n motion of M r. Steger, these appointments were approved.


(5) The following new appointments to the faculty of the rank of Assistant Professor and above, and involving tenure, have been approved since the previous meeting of the Board of Trustees.

Positions in the University are classified in the following categories and are designated in the budget by the symbols indicated: A — indefinite tenure; P — indefinite term appointment for part-time service only; B — two years; D—one year; E — nine months from the beginning of the academic year; F —one-year appointment ending other than August 31; G—special tenure; Q — initial term appointment for a Professor or Associate Professor; T — terminal appointment, accompanied with or preceded by notice of nonreappointment; W — one year appointment subject to special written agreement; Y— twelve months' service required instead of two semesters; X — percentages opposite X are for the academic year. Full-time summer service is indicated by " S " ; 1-7 — indicates the number of years of service which will be credited at the end of the contract period toward completion of the probationary period relating to tenure. Figures following a symbol indicate percentage of time if the appointment is on a parttime basis (e.g., D7S means one year on three-fourths time).

Medical Center

1. EDWIN H. CHEN, Associate Professor of Biometry, School of Public Health, beginning November 1, 1972 (WY), at an annual salary of $21,000.

2. ALAN COCHIN, Assistant Professor of Surgery, The Abraham Lincoln School of Medicine, beginning October 1, 1972 (1Y), at an annual salary of $13,000.

3. MARGARET GIFFIN ELLSWORTH, Assistant Professor of Nursing Administration, College of Nursing, beginning September 1, 1972 (1), at an annual salary of $16,000.

4. LORRAINE G. HIRSCHFELD, Head of Information Services and Associate Professor, Library of the Health Sciences, beginning September 1, 1972 (AY), at an annual salary of $14,000.

5. NORMAN L. KATZ, Assistant Professor of Pharmacology, College of Pharmacy, beginning September 1, 1972 (1), at an annual salary of $12,500.

6. JOHN W. LACKMANN, Assistant Professor of Medical Education in the Center for Educational Development, College of Medicine, beginning October 1, 1972 (WY), at an annual salary of $16,500.

7. PAUL S. LEVY, Assistant Professor of Biometry, School of Public Health, beginning November 1, 1972 (WY), at an annual salary of $23,500.

8. RAYMOND A. LISH, Assistant Professor of Medical Social Work, beginning October 1, 1972 on 35 per cent time (DY35), at an annual salary of $4,000.

9. LOUISE RIFF, Assistant Professor of Medicine, The Abraham Lincoln School of Medicine, beginning October 1, 1972 (1Y), at an annual salary of $22,000.


10. RONALD J. ADRIAN, Assistant Professor of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, beginning September 1, 1972 (1), at an annual salary of $12,900.

11. DAVID BECKLES, Research Assistant Professor of Computer Science, and in the Center for Advanced Computation, beginning September 1, 1972 (WY), at an annual salary of $15,500.

12. TERRENCE F. CONNORS, Professor of Labor and Industrial Relations, and in University Extension, beginning January 1, 1973 (AY), at an annual salary of $23,000.

13. HAMISH L. FRASER, Assistant Professor of Metallurgy in the Department of Metallurgy and Mining Engineering for the second semester 1972-73 (1), at an annual salary of $12,000.

14. JOSEPH H. JEPPSON, Assistant Professor of Higher Education in the Department of Secondary and Continuing Education for the academic year 1972-73 (W), at an annual salary of $16,000.


15. FORREST L. LANCASTER, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer and Assistant Professor of Aviation, beginning September 1, 1972 (AY), at an annual salary of $20,700.

16. JOHN F. MCNAMARA, Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering, beginning September 1, 1972 (1), at an annual salary of $12,500.

17. PAUL S. PICKARD, Assistant Professor in Nuclear Engineering Program, for the academic year 1972-73 (1), at an annual salary of $12,600.

Administrative Staff

18. CLARENCE J. KAISER, Director of Dixon Springs Agricultural Center, and Associate Professor of Agronomy, beginning January 1, 1973 (BY.AY), at an annual salary of $21,000.

On motion of Mr. Howard, these appointments were confirmed.

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