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«f?z/74. -*-••-•? UF THE Uiit, - -OtS tH UReAfcMNCMAMPAIOet UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS BOARD OF TRUSTEES Fifty-Seventh Report 1972-74 UNIVERSITY ...»

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Action, Fiscal Year 1974 Budget Request, Board of Higher Education President Corbally reported that, at its meeting on February 6, 1973, the Board of Higher Education acted to approve the recommendations of the Executive Director as stated in his report No. 113. He noted that there had been constructive discussions between the officers and the staff of the Board, that there had been no disagreement regarding need, but some differences in the degree of priority assigned varying items. In brief, the differences between the Board and the University staff amount to some $6.6 million for: support of enrollment growth at Chicago Circle, deferral of new programs, salary annualization, and restoration of equipment funds. He indicated the final decisions must await action by the General Assembly and by the Governor.

Establishment of the Office for the Study of Continuing Professional Education The Chancellor at Urbana-Champaign has established an Office for the Study of Continuing Professional Education. The Office will be housed administratively in the College of Education and represents an extension of activities already present in that College.

The Office will not develop or conduct programs in continuing professional education, but will assist other academic units on the Urbana-Champaign campus in the development of such programs and conduct research in this area. The Office will also disseminate descriptions of innovative and effective programs of continuing professional education which are in progress elsewhere and will provide assistance with program evaluation.

The Director of the Office is Dr. Alan B. Knox, Professor of Education. Professor Knox will be advised by a policy committee consisting of individuals engaged in or interested in continuing professional education and drawn widely from among campus units.


(1) The Committee on Accountancy recommends that the certificate of Certified Public Accountant be awarded, under Section 5 of the Illinois Accountancy Act of 1943, as amended, to seven candidates who have presented evidence that they are holders of valid and unrevoked Certified Public Accountant certificates obtained by passing a standard written examination in another state or territory of the 1973] UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS 161 United States and who qualify in all other respects under this provision of the law.

The names of the candidates are filed with the Secretary.

T h e Committee on Accountancy, pursuant to Rule 16(d) of the Regulations, also recommends that the certificate of Certified Public Accountant be awarded to nine candidates who wish to transfer the examination credit earned by passing the standard written examination in another state and who have fulfilled all other legal requirements under Sections 1, 2, and 3 of the Illinois Accountancy Act of 1943 as amended. The names of the candidates are filed with the Secretary.

T h e Committee on Accountancy recommends that the certificate of Certified Public Accountant be awarded to 539 candidates who passed the standard written examination in November, 1972, in Illinois and who have fulfilled all other legal requirements under Sections 1, 2, and 3 of the Illinois Accountancy Act of 1943 as amended. T h e names of the candidates are filed with the Secretary.

I concur.

On motion of Mr. Forsyth, these certificates were awarded.


(2) The following new appointments to the faculty of the rank of Assistant P r o fessor and above, and to certain administrative positions, have been approved since the previous meeting of the Board of Trustees.

Positions in the University are classified in the following categories and are designated in the budget by the symbols indicated: A — indefinite tenure; P — indefinite term appointment for part-time service only; B — t w o years; D — o n e year; E — nine months from the beginning of the academic year; F-—one-year appointment ending other than August 3 1 ; G — special t e n u r e ; Q — initial term appointment for a Professor or Associate P r o f e s s o r ; T — terminal appointment, accompanied with or preceded by notice of nonreappointment; W — one year appointment subject to special written agreement; Y_—twelve months service required instead of two semesters; X — percentages opposite " X " are for the academic year.

Full-time summer service is indicated by " S " ; 1-7 — indicates the number of years of service which will be credited at the end of the contract period toward completion of the probationary period relating to tenure.

Figures following a symbol indicate percentage of time if the appointment is on a part-time basis (e.g., D75 means one year on three-fourths time).

Medical C e n t e r

1. A u x ALPHONSE CHARLES, Assistant Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, T h e Abraham Lincoln School of Medicine, on one-half time, beginning February 1, 1973 (DY50), at an annual salary of $13,000.

2. FAZLUR R. K H A N, Assistant Professor of Medical Radiology, T h e Abraham Lincoln School of Medicine, on 20 per cent time, beginning January 1, 1973 (DY20), at an annual salary of $8,000.

3. ROBERT RICHARD M C K I E L, Assistant Professor of Biological Chemistry in Pathology, T h e Abraham Lincoln School of Medicine, beginning March 1, 1973 (1Y), at an annual salary of $15,000.

4. RUSSELL S. M C M I L L A N, Associate Professor of Epidemiology, School of Public Health, and in Dental Administration, College of Dentistry, beginning February 1, 1973 ( Q Y ), at an annual salary of $26,000.

5. ROBERT L E E NORTHROP, Associate Professor of Epidemiology, School of Public Health, and Associate Professor of Microbiology (nonsalaried), College of Medicine, beginning February 1, 1973 ( A Y ), at an annual salary of $26,800.


6. J A N E W I N - S H I H L I U, Research Assistant Professor of Computer Science, beginning February 15, 1973, on one-half time (D50), at an annual salary of $7,000.

7. STEPHEN M. RIES, Assistant Professor of Plant Pathology, beginning January 15, 1973 (1Y), at an annual salary of $14,000.

–  –  –

9. SEYMOUR SHIMMON RAVEN, Acting Director of Public Information, beginning February 1, 1973 (DY), in addition to his present appointment as Assistant to the Chancellor for Cultural Affairs, at an annual salary of $21,000.

Medical Center

10. GEORGE RICHARD COLLINS, Assistant Administrator of Medical Research Laboratory, Graduate College, beginning February 19, 1973 (DY), at an annual salary of $20,000.

11. JOHN PORTER MARBARGER, Associate Dean of Graduate College, beginning March 1, 1973 (DY), in addition to his present appointment as Director of Research Resources Laboratory and Professor of Physiology, at an annual salary of $33,000.

Urbana- Champaign

12. HAROLD W. HAKE, Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Director of the Office of Planning and Evaluation and Professor of Psychology, beginning February 1, 1973 (DY,A), at an annual salary of $34,000,

13. TIMOTHY O. MADIGAN, Associate University Counsel and Campus Legal Counsel, beginning January IS, 1973 (DY), at an annual salary of $25,000.

On motion of Mr. Howard, these appointments were confirmed.


(3) The Chancellor at Chicago Circle has recommended the appointment of Dr.

Charles J. Orlebeke, presently Deputy Under Secretary for Policy Analysis and Program Evaluation of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, as Dean of the College of Urban Sciences, and Professor of Urban Sciences on indefinite tenure, beginning March 16, 1973, on a twelve-month service basis, at an annual salary of $38,000.

Dr. Orlebeke will be the chief administrative officer of the College of Urban Sciences with major responsibility for planning the programmatic development of the College and recruitment of its personnel. He will succeed Dr. Eugene Eidenberg who has been Acting Dean of the College.

This recommendation is endorsed by the Vice President for Academic Development and Coordination.1 I concur.

On motion of Mr. Neal, this appointment was approved.


STUDIES. URBANA (4) The Director of the Center for Latin American Studies has recommended to the Chancellor that the name of the Center be changed to the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies effective September, 1973.

Traditionally, the Spanish-speaking countries in the Caribbean have been included within the Center's area of interest, and the research and teaching programs have always given attention to those countries. Recently, however, the non-Spanish speaking areas of the Caribbean have become more important and the Caribbean area is often identified as a multilingual totality. In view of the changes, and taking into consideration the increased research and teaching activities in the non-Hispanic Caribbean countries, it is appropriate to alter the official title of the Center.

The Center Executive Committee, the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and the Chancellor concur in this recommendation.

I recommend approval.

On motion of Mr. Hahn, this recommendation was approved.





(5) The Chicago Circle Senate has recommended authorization of a curriculum leading to the degree of Master of Arts in Criminal Justice and Master of Science The College of Urban Sciences Task Force, a faculty-administrative body, advised the Chancellor in the selection of the Dean.

1973] UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS in Criminalistics. It has also endorsed the creation of a Center for Research in Criminal Justice. These programs would be formally initiated in September, 1973.

Criminal Justice is an interdisciplinary problem-oriented field of scholarship and research. It embraces those aspects of the social, behavioral, natural, and medical sciences relevant to understanding crime and social deviance, and it entails a critical examination of the system which has evolved for handling the attendant problems. T h e two masters-level programs recommended for approval will have a common core. T h e M.A. in Criminal Justice is designed to contribute to the establishment and maintenance of a rational criminal justice system through preparation of scholars, teachers, researchers, and practitioners who will understand both crime and justice. T h e M.S. degree in Criminalistics will concentrate upon technical procedures in criminal investigation.

The Center for Research in Criminal Justice will focus the resources of the campus upon research in the area of criminal justice. Through this Center, specialists in the academic community and practitioners in criminal justice organizations will be encouraged to make the most effective use of professional and academic resources in the control and treatment of crime and the individual involvement in the criminal justice system. This Center, a unit within the Department of Criminal Justice, will support a core staff to conduct research in the field of criminal justice and coordinate the activities of others engaged in research in criminal justice.

At the present time, no college or university within the State of Illinois has a graduate program offering a Master's Degree in Criminal Justice. University of Illinois internal planning documents and Master P l a n - P h a s e I I I of the Illinois Board of Higher Education identify the field of criminal justice as a high priority area, and it is fitting that the Chicago Circle campus develop such programs which are of the greatest and most immediate relevance to both its urban constituency and the state at large. In recognition of the campus' commitment to the development of the field of Criminal Justice, the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration of the United States Department of Justice has given Chicago Circle annual Law Enforcement Education Program awards of from $40,000 to $60,000 a year since 1970, and the level of support will range from $75,000 to $100,000 next year. It is expected that through the Center additional external funds of substantial magnitude will be generated. These programs also have been assigned a high priority for internal reallocation of resources, since they play such an essential role in the academic plan for the campus.

T h e Chancellor at the Chicago Circle campus and the Vice President for Academic Development and Coordination concur in this recommendation. The University Senates Conference has indicated that no further Senate jurisdiction is involved.

I recommend approval subject to further action by the Illinois Board of Higher Education.

On motion of Mr. Howard, this recommendation was approved.


(6) T h e Chicago Circle Senate has recommended approval of a new curriculum leading to the degree of Master of A r t s in Geography.

Areas of emphasis initially available will be Urban Geography and Environmental Studies. T h e program will consist of a core of courses in the philosophy and methodology of geography, courses in the area of emphasis, and intra- and extradepartmental courses supportive to the a r e a of emphasis. A thesis is required.

T h e program responds to the continued and anticipated increase in demand for scientists able to make decisions with respect to problems of the urban and natural environments. It is designed: (1) to prepare students for careers as geographers in the fields of urban geography and city and regional planning;

(2) to prepare students for careers as geographers in those areas of commerce, industry, and government related to land development and resource management;

(3) to prepare teachers of geography for positions in junior and community colleges, and to improve the level of geographic education at all levels of instruction in the nearby public and parochial school systems; and (4) for qualified students, as a step toward acquiring a more advanced degree in geography at another institution.

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