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«f?z/74. -*-••-•? UF THE Uiit, - -OtS tH UReAfcMNCMAMPAIOet UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS BOARD OF TRUSTEES Fifty-Seventh Report 1972-74 UNIVERSITY ...»

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(b) The teaching staff shall generally be appointed with services required during the academic year and shall be free for other employment, either in the University or elsewhere, during the summer months, except that they shall report for any departmental meetings before registration and render all services requested of them in connection with registration and the preparation of materials and reports for the twe scmcatcra' work academic year.

(c) The administrative, research, and extension staffs shall generally be appointed with services required for twelve months, including allowable vacation.

Vacations are granted after the initial eleven months' service and may be taken durUNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS 247 ing a one-year period which starts extending from three months prior to the close of the fiscal year and ends nine months after the close of the fiscal year of the University. Vacations shall not be cumulative, but may be deferred at the request of the department or of the employee with the concurrence of the department.

Such deferred vacations shall be taken within the next succeeding twelve months.

Allowable vacations shall consist of one calendar month, unless otherwise specified. Vacations taken during the holiday recesses, other than the actual holidays recognized by the University, shall be considered a part of the annual vacation allowance of one month. Holidays recognized by the University shall be New Year's, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and such other days as may be determined by the President of the University.

(d) Minimum salaries shall be determined by the Board of Trustees for the various ranks upon recommendation of the President of the University. The minimum for eleven months' service shall be approximately two-ninths greater than the minimum for the academic year.

(e) For purpooeo of determining eomponoation for ocrvices for poriada loot) than the full academic year) the academic year shall be eonoidered to include the period September 16 through June 15, with the exception of tho University High School in Urbana Champaign) whore the academic year chall include the number of working days established to meet the requirement!; of the Superintendent of Publie Instruction of the State of Illinoic. Appointmonto roquiring oorviooo for one semester ohall be considered to be for the period September 16 through Jami»

ary 31, or February 1 through Juno 15i Appointmonto roquiring oorviceo for ono quarter at the Chicago Profoccional Collegec chall bo concidored to include the datoo indicated in the Profeesional Collegec calendar covering the ctated quartor.

Compensation for leso than one comeoteri quarter! or term chall be computed on the baoia of the percentage of tho oervicoo rendered to tho oorvicoa required in tho ooadomio yoag. Procedures for the determination of compensation for services for periods less than the full academic year shall be approved by the appropriate Chancellor and by the President and published in the business procedures ancT policies manuals at the campuses.

(f) Members of the staff at Urbana-Champaign required to render services during the academic year may be employed in the Summer Session, or to perform research or other services during a period not exceeding two months, and receive, for each month of such service, additional compensation at the rate of oneninth of the full time rate paid for services required during the preceding academic year. Such employment may be for longer periods during the summer only upon the advance approval of the Viee President and Provoat Chancellor. At Chicago Circle and at the Medical Center, compensation for a full summer quarter of full-time teaching, research or other service, by members of the staff required' to render services during the academic year shall be at the rate1 of one-third oT the salary paid for service during the preceding academic year. Staff members required to render services for twelve months, with allowable vacation, shall not receive additional compensation for services rendered during the summer. For staff members rendering services partly on a twelve months' basis and partly on an academic year basis, this regulation applies only to the twelve months' portion.

(g) Full-time employees shall not receive compensation for services in excess of a normal schedule within the University except for a reasonable amount of instruction in the Division of University Extension or grading of special examinations (outside^ regular course work), all to be done on off-duty hours.

(h) Exceptions may be made to this rule only with advance approval of the Preaidont or of tho Vice Prooidont • and Frovoot Chancellor. These exceptions should be held to a minimum.

(i) All staff members rendering services on a twelve months' basis with allowable vacation shall be compensated in twelve equal monthly installments."

When the academic calendar at Chicago Circle was presented to the Board on December 16, 1964, the Board approved the recommendation that: "Compensation for the fourth quarter of full-time teaching shall be one-third of the academic-year salary for three quarters."

The adoption of the early academic year calendar for 1973-74 at Urbana means that continuing twelve-month staff will receive an appointment for 1973-74 for the period September 1, 1973, through August 20, 1974. This short year appointment of eleven and two-thirds months means that the initial check to be paid on September 21, 1973, will be for only two-thirds of a month's pay covering services rendered September 1 through September 20, 1973. Thereafter, for the duration of their contract, they will be paid, on the 21st of each month, one-twelfth of their annual rate. Thus in the initial year of the early academic year calendar, there will be this inconsistency between the revised wording of Section 26(i) and the actual payment schedule.

248 BOARD OF TRUSTEES [April 18 (j) Staff member^ with the exception of assistants, rank of inotwictor or Qbovo rendering services during the academic year shall be compensated in twelve monthly installments or on a pro rata basis for shorter periods. Teaching aaoiotnnto may bo eomponontod for each academic year ef service in ten inDtallwenta of which the firot and laot ahall be one half installments and the other eight shall be full inotallmento equal to ono ninth of the annual rato. Assistants shall be compensated in monthly installments during the period over which services are rendered except for teaching assistants who may elect to receive their compensation for each academic year of service in twelve monthly equal installments.

(k) In case of termination of service of members of the academic and administrative staff through death or resignation, the following rules shall govern

the determination of salaries:

(1) Services required for twelve months, with allowable vacation:

a) During the first year of service, salary payments shall stop on the date of termination of service.

b) After one full year of service, a pro rata share of earned vacation shall be paid.

(2) Services required for the academic year: Total payments shall equal a percentage of the annual salary determined by the services rendered from Soptom bar 16 to dato of termination, in relation to the period from September 16 te Juno tirthe academic year established by the campus.

•$*»)• £11 All employees of the University, unless excepted by the President, are required to present medical evidence of their capability to perform the duties associated with the position that is being sought. The form in which this evidence is to be presented will be prescribed by the Director of the Health Service at each campus. Employees securing a rating of "Unemployable" may not be employed, except on approval of the President. As deemed necessary by the Director of the Health Services, new employees are required to be immunized against communicable diseases. Employees of the University whose duties require them to handle food products shall be subject to periodic medical examinations given under the supervision of the Director of the Health Services, and no individual shall be employed in duties of this nature who shows evidence of any communicable disease

-(*)• (m) Failure on the part of an employee to take any required physical examination, or to present evidence of freedom from tuberculosis or immunity to smallpox, after being notified to do so, shall serve to make the University employment contract inoperative and salary payments shall cease.

(o) The following echedule covarc the amount of work the accictantc. of different gradoo of pay give the University and the amount of graduate work to bo allowed. In special circurnctancec, a limited amount of graduate work in ejtcete of the amount chown may be approved by the Dean of the Graduate College,

–  –  –




(14) T h e Medical Center Senate has recommended the establishment of programs leading to the degrees of Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy in Public Health.

At its meeting on April 19, 1972, the Board of Trustees approved the establishment of a program leading to the degree of Master of Public Health. T h e Master of Public Health degree program is twelve months in length and is designed to provide for the training of persons to assume responsibility for the development and management of community public health programs. Approval by the Board of the recommended programs leading to the degrees of Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy will round out the academic offerings of the School of Public Health.

Candidates for admission must meet the standards established by the Graduate College. Students may select an area of specialization, i.e., epidemiology, biometry, occupational medicine, environmental health, health care delivery, or population science and international health. A substantial proportion of time must be devoted to research and independent study; the remainder is taken up in course work planned by the student with the advice and consent of his faculty adviser.

A minimum of 72 approved quarter-hours of credit are required for the Master of Science degree. T h e Doctor of Philosophy degree will require 144 approved quarter-hours of credit. In most instances, the Master of Science degree will be earned en route to the Doctor of Philosophy degree. However, in select instances, a student may petition to move directly into the Doctor of Philosophy program.

Graduates of these programs will be prepared to follow academic and research careers; to become specialists equipped to direct programs in large health institutions and agencies; or, to specialize in the health problems of industry or protection of the environment.

These programs are designed to capitalize on the existing resources of the University. Arrangements for collaboration presently include the College of Business Administration (Chicago Circle), the College of Urban Sciences (Chicago Circle), the College of Physical Education (Urbana-Champaign), the College of Engineering (Chicago Circle), and the Committee on Nutritional Sciences (Urbana-Champaign).

A document entitled "A Proposal for the Degrees of Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy" containing background information on the resources of the School of Public Health, descriptions of the admission and graduation requirements for the two new degree programs, detailed outlines of the several program sequences, a faculty listing, and individual course descriptions is filed with the Secretary of the Board.

The University's current Fiscal 1974 operating budget request includes the sum of $350,000 in additional funds for the School of Public Health.

The Dean and the faculty of the School of Public Health and the Dean and the faculty of the Graduate College at the Medical Center have approved these new programs. T h e University Senates Conference has indicated that no further Senate jurisdiction is involved. T h e Chancellor at the Medical Center and the Vice President for Academic Development and Coordination concur.

I recommend approval, subject to further action by the Illinois Board of Higher Education.

On motion of Mr. Swain, this recommendation was approved.



(15) T h e Urbana-Champaign Senate has recommended the establishment of a graduate degree program leading to a Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy in Atmospheric Sciences.

T h e graduate program in Atmospheric Sciences will be offered under the auspices of the Graduate College Committee on Atmospheric Science and Meteorology. In this program particular emphasis will be placed on studies of atmospheric dynamics. T h e degree requirements are designed to provide the basic knowledge 250 [April 18


of those disciplines (such as fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, applied mathematics, etc.) which are necessary for conducting fruitful research in the broad field of the atmospheric sciences, along with advanced work in an area of specialization.

In the future, skilled scientific personnel will be required to deal with atmospheric problems. Research in improving weather prediction, in studying and implementing weather modification procedures, and for understanding and alleviating air pollution that may be causing catastrophic climate changes on both local and global scales must be undertaken. These are needs that will expand in the foreseeable future as evidenced by recent international strategy conferences on these problems. The proposed program is designed to provide skilled scientists with sound knowledge of the theory of atmospheric behavior along with an insight to the nature of applied problems. It also will strengthen and coordinate other efforts related to atmospheric sciences that are now being pursued by several groups on campus.

The resources needed for this program would increase from the present level of approximately $100,000 in State funds and $250,000 in federal funds by increments of approximately $25,000 per year in State funds and $40,000 per year in federal funds for the next four years and then remain level except for inflationary increases normally incurred in any program.

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