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«f?z/74. -*-••-•? UF THE Uiit, - -OtS tH UReAfcMNCMAMPAIOet UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS BOARD OF TRUSTEES Fifty-Seventh Report 1972-74 UNIVERSITY ...»

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The second low and only other bidder was Applied Digital Data Systems of Hauppauge, New York, whose original bid was $20,804. That firm has advised that it can meet the critical time delivery schedule, and furthermore has agreed to reduce its selling price to $18,120.

The University and the Village of Oak Park, Illinois, are under contract for the University to provide a computer-aided dispatch system for the Village Police Department. Software developments will require approximately one hundred days and must begin in mid-May in order for the system to be operative on schedule.

The Purchasing Division has determined that the two vendors who responded to the initial sealed bid are the only firms presently having the capability to supply the unique and innovative terminals and monitors required. With the withdrawal of Cozzens and Cudahy, Applied Digital Data Systems is the only known source for this equipment.

The President of the University, with the concurrence of appropriate administrative officers, recommends that the order with Cozzens and Cudahy be cancelled and a new purchase agreement for this equipment be entered into with the Applied Digital Data Systems at the reduced price of $18,120.

Funds for this purchase are available in the Computer-Aided Dispatch System account.

I concur.

On motion of Mr. Swain, this recommendation was approved by the following vote: Aye, Mr. Forsyth, Mr. Hahn, Mr. Howard, Mr. Hughes, Mr. Livingston, Mrs. Rader, Mr. Steger, Mr. Swain; no, none; absent, Dr. Bakalis, Mr. Neal, Governor Walker.



(25) The Vice President for Financial Affairs also submitted a report of purchases approved by him on recommendation of the Directors of Purchases in amounts of $7,500 to $10,000, and a report of bids taken in behalf of the Capital Development Board. A copy of this report is filed with the Secretary.

This report was received for record.



(26) The Comptroller's monthly report of contracts executed was presented.

Medical Center New Contracts Amount to be Paid to the With Whom Purpose University Salsbury Laboratories Preparation and evaluation of coated beads of $ 15 708 ATGE virus State of Illinois Department Psychiatry residency training program 48 500 of Mental Health 17-121-105 Total $ 64 208 1973] 279


–  –  –


Elimination of Foreign Language as an Entrance Requirement, College of Engineering, Urbana (29) The Urbana-Champaign Senate has approved a recommendation from the College of Engineering that the two units of foreign language credit presently required for entrance to the College be dropped as a requirement and listed instead as recommended and acceptable general entrance credit.

The change was proposed by the Engineering College Policy and Development Committee because the requirement appeared to have little correlation with the qualifications sought in entering students and because it penalized otherwise wellqualified students from schools where language programs were limited or nonexistent.

Substitution of Fields of Concentration for Majors and Minors in the Sciences and Letters Curriculum, Urbana The Urbana-Champaign Senate has approved a proposal from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences for the elimination of the concept of majors and minors in the sciences and letters curriculum and the adoption of the concept of fields of concentration.

Under the present major-minor concept, the "major" frequently presupposes course work within one department while the "minor" is often used by students to take elective courses disassociated from the major. The term "fields of concentration" will be used to signify concentrated study which may extend beyond the bounds of departments, thus encouraging broader definition of undergraduate disciplinary study. Departments which wish to retain their presently existing requirements, however, may do so.

Change in Designation of Bachelor of Science in Industrial Education, Urbana The Urbana-Champaign Senate has approved a recommendation from the Department of Vocational and Technical Education of the College of Education that the name of the Bachelor of Science in Industrial Education be changed to Bachelor of Science in Occupational and Practical Arts Education.

Developments in occupational education have outdated the present title of the degree; those in the curriculum involved are not in industrial education. The change in name will more clearly reflect the function and purposes of the curriculum and more effectively communicate those purposes to prospective teachers and employers.

Preprofessional Program in Physical Therapy, Urbana The Urbana-Champaign Senate has approved a recommendation from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences that a preprofessional program in physical therapy be offered.

The two-year, sixty-hour program provides the necessary background for the professional curriculum in Physical Therapy offered by the School of Associated Medical Sciences at the Medical Center campus. The program is consistent with previously established preprofessional programs in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences for medical dietetics, medical record administration, medical technology, and occupational therapy.

The program in Physical Therapy and the School of Associated Medical Sciences at the Medical Center were co-sponsors of the program.

Revision of the Undergraduate Curriculum in Recreation and Park Administration, Urbana The Urbana-Champaign Senate has approved several changes in the undergraduate curriculum in recreation and park administration proposed by the Department of Recreation and Park Administration of the College of Physical Education.

Changes involved include: a liberalization of the general education requirements to comply with new university policies and to recognize the changing capabilities of entering students; division of the four-year program into preprofessional and professional programs to align it more closely with the needs of the increasing 1973] UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS number of students transferring from community colleges; and blocking of several professional courses into eight-week segments to allow for longer periods of professional field work and to provide an option for field work in periods other than the summer.

This report was received for record.


The Secretary presented for record appointments to the faculty and changes of status made by the President; resignations; and leaves of absence. A copy of the report is filed with the Secretary.



President Hughes reported that Mr. Neal had asked to be relieved of this assignment and presented in nomination the name of Mr. Howard to serve with the President of the Board of Trustees and with Mr.

Swain on the Retirement Board.

On motion of Mr. Swain, Mr. Howard was elected to serve in this capacity.


APRIL 2 9 - M A Y 1,1 9 7 3 At the request of Mr. Hughes, Messrs. Hahn, Howard, and Forsyth reviewed in some detail the recent AGB meeting which they had attended, summarizing the central points of discussion.



President Hughes called attention to the schedule for the next four meetings: June 20, Urbana-Champaign; July 18, Medical Center; September 12, Chicago Circle; October 17, Urbana-Champaign.

On motion of Mr. Howard, the Board adjourned.

–  –  –

The June meeting of The Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois was held in the Illini Union, Urbana, Illinois, on Wednesday, June 20, 1973, beginning at 10:00 a.m.

President Earl M. Hughes called the meeting to order and asked the Secretary to call the roll. The following members of the Board were present: Mr. William D. Forsyth, Jr., Mr. Ralph C. Hahn, Mr. George W. Howard III, Mr. Earl M. Hughes, Mr. Earl Langdon Neal, Mrs.

Jane Hayes Rader, Mr. Timothy W. Swain. Dr. Michael J. Bakalis, Mr.

Park Livingston, Mr. Russell W. Steger, and Governor Daniel Walker were absent. (Mr. Livingston was not present when the Board convened, but joined the meeting later.) Also present were President John E. Corbally Jr.; Vice Presidents Ronald W. Brady, Eldon Johnson, and Barry Munitz; Chancellor J. W.

Peltason, Urbana-Champaign campus; Chancellor Joseph S. Begando, Medical Center campus; Chancellor Warren B. Cheston, Chicago Circle campus; Mr. V. L. Kretschmer, University Director for Capital Programs; Mr. C. E. Flynn, Assistant to the President and University Director of Public Information; and the officers of the Board, Mr. H. O.

Farber, Comptroller; Mr. R. R. Manchester, Treasurer; Mr. Earl W.

Porter, Secretary; and Mr. James J. Costello, University Counsel.

President Corbally observed that Mr. Philip Steffen, who had been attending meetings on the behalf of Superintendent Bakalis, was attending his last meeting, inasmuch as he plans to enter the Peace Corps. Mr.

Corbally expressed appreciation for Mr. Steffen's interest in the work of the Board of Trustees.

288 [June 20



President Hughes announced there would be no meetings of the Board Committees this month.



T h e Board considered the following reports and recommendations from the President of the University.

President Corbally presented a report on selected topics of current interest, copies of which were distributed at the meeting, and a copy was filed widi the Secretary of the Board.

Selection Procedures for Major Administrative Positions President Corbally presented the following report on this subject in response to a resolution introduced by Mr. E a r l Neal at the March 2 1, 1973, meeting. ( F o r the text of that resolution, see the Minutes of M a r c h 2 1, 1973.) In meeting its responsibilities for the governance of the University of Illinois, a crucial role of the Board of Trustees is acting upon recommendations of the President of the University for the appointment of individuals to major administrative positions in the University. Of particular concern are recommendations for appointments as Vice President, Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, and Dean. In order to provide members of the Board of Trustees with necessary information to permit them to act upon recommendations of the President for such appointments in a timely and meaningful manner, the following procedures will be followed.

1. Members of the Board will be informed by letter when it is known that a vacancy will exist in such major administrative position.

2. Following the appointment of a search (or selection advisory) committee by the President or by a Chancellor, the first order of business shall be the enunciation of the criteria to be used in evaluating candidates for the position.

3. When such a criteria statement has been developed, it will be sent by the President to members of the Board for information and for comment. Questions, if any, concerning the criteria shall be resolved before candidates are evaluated by the search committee, the Chancellor, and the President.

4. When the President is prepared to recommend an appointment to a major administrative position as described above, he shall send to the members of the Board of Trustees a separate and confidential communication concerning his

recommendation which shall contain the following information:

A. The composition of the search committee which advised with the Chancellor and/or the President in reviewing candidates for the position.

B. A general description of the nature and extent of the search made for candidates for the position.

C. A reminder of the criteria used in evaluating candidates for the position.

D. A description of the background and experience of the individual to be recommended for appointment by the President with specific attention to the ways in which the proposed appointee meets the selection criteria.

Under normal circumstances, this information will be provided to members of the Board of Trustees at least two weeks in advance of the Board meeting at which the President will make the recommendation for appointment.

It is expected that the use of these procedures will keep members of the Board of Trustees more completely informed than at present concerning the processes and the substance which underlie recommendations made by the President for appointments to major administrative positions.

1973] 289


Report on Pharmaceutical Services and the HospitalMedical-Surgical Fee, Urbana At the President's request, Chancellor Peltason presented the following report as requested by the Trustees on July 19, 1972, concerning a oneyear experience under the new Hospital-Medical-Surgical Fee and the pharmacy operation supported in part through the fee.

As per your request, I wish to report upon our experiences this year under the new Hospital-Medical-Surgical Fee plan, as approved by the Board of Trustees on March 15, 1972.

Our experience has been excellent. The payment of a fee for health services by each student has had some demonstrable effects. More students now use the Health Service than in previous years. The number of doctor-patient visits at the Health Service has increased, while visits to private physicians have declined.

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