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«f?z/74. -*-••-•? UF THE Uiit, - -OtS tH UReAfcMNCMAMPAIOet UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS BOARD OF TRUSTEES Fifty-Seventh Report 1972-74 UNIVERSITY ...»

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Students continue to play an active, positive role in the development of Health Service policies. The Health Service Student Advisory Committee has a warm, high regard for Dr. L. M. Hursh, Director of the Health Service. The group meets regularly with Dr. Hursh, members of the medical staff, and staff from my office. Information and advice are sought and responded to. The students play an active role, encouraging users of the Health Service to report concerns and complaints and, more importantly, responding to complaints personally by interpreting Health Service policy and practice or by recommending changes that will minimize complaints and dissatisfactions. Occasionally their enthusiasm leads them to overstep the generally accepted role of an advisory committee, but this has not been a serious problem.

Our experience with the Health Service as being fully supported by a student fee has been excellent. I look forward to continued positive contacts with students on such matters.

The matter of a pharmacy to provide prepaid pharmaceutical services to students was a question much discussed in the Spring Semester, 1972. Much campus, community, and general interest focused on the pharmacy proposal.

This pharmacy now operating at the Health Service provides prescription drugs at no additional cost when the prescription is written by a Health Service physician. If a student prefers a physician from the community, he has his prescription filled by a privately-owned pharmacy and is reimbursed for one-half the cost through the student health insurance program. Insurance benefits cannot be applied to prescriptions written by McKinley physicians, nor can the McKinley pharmacy fill prescriptions written by physicians not employed by the University.

The pharmacy service was initially hampered by forces beyond the University's control. The initiation of the price and wage freeze caused a delay _ in the approval of the increase in fees. This delay caused our ordering of basic prescription drugs for the pharmacy to be deferred. Thus the school year opened without all of the pharmaceuticals necessary for a well-stocked pharmacy to be on hand. Both of these led to some generally well-publicized dissatisfaction with the new service.

The Illinois Association of Pharmacists and some local pharmacy owners opposed the new program and presented arguments against it. In approving the fee which included pharmacy service, the Board of Trustees indicated a desire for an analysis of the program after one year.

Our data suggest that the pharmacy at the Health Service has had a clearly beneficial effect on the health of students over the course of the school year.

Whereas a study completed in 1970 showed that about 21 per cent of the prescriptions written by Health Service physicians were not filled, in 1972-73, 99.5 per cent of prescriptions are being filled. The number of student visits to the Health Center has increased; to what this can be attributed is not clear, but it reverses a trend of gradual decline.

Earlier studies suggested that students failed to have prescriptions filled largely because of expense; inconvenience may well have been a factor, less frequently mentioned but likely to be true. Prepaid service, convenience, and accessibility may now be the overwhelming factors in the changes we see in the use of Health Service facilities and services.

[June 20 290 BOARD OF TRUSTEES The situation has not been without its negative factors. Some students have expressed dissatisfaction with the generic drugs dispensed, since personal taste and desires cannot be served unless the common generic drug stocked by the Health Service triggers an allergic response in the patient. Local pharmacists have reacted negatively. Their concerns are likely motivated by the reduction in prescriptions that they presently fill. The number of student prescriptions filled by local pharmacists in 1972-73 is roughly one-third the number which they filled in 1971-72.

The disaffection of some local pharmacists has on occasion led to challenges of the judgment of Dr. L. M. Hursh, Director of McKinley Health Center, and to attempts to enlist student assistance by developing a survey that might support the thesis of an inadequate or inefficient pharmacy. In response to these activities, the Health Service Student Advisory Committee has prepared its own survey.

While the pharmacists report some negative reaction, the data collected at the Health Service are overwhelmingly positive, lending further support to the apparent success of the program and to broad student satisfaction with those pharmaceutical services which are presently available.

The concern of local pharmacists has led to some discussions between the Health Service Student Advisory Committee and the Illinois Pharmaceutical Association. These discussions have resulted in a proposal by the Association for a fixed per capita premium basis program for providing pharmaceutical services through local privately-owned pharmacies. Such an arrangement would, if negotiated, allow a student to have certain prescriptions written by the Health Service and prescriptions of local physicians filled in local pharmacies on the payment of a stipulated minimum fee (likely to be one dollar). Such a program would replace the present pharmaceutical coverage in student insurance and supplement the Health Service pharmacy. The Student Advisory Committee has been skeptical of this proposal, its costs, and its benefits to students.

At my request, members of my staff met with representatives of the Illinois Pharmaceutical Association and of the Illinois Pharmaceutical Services Foundation (specifically chartered by the state to perform the services suggested). We believe that the proposals of the Association and of the Foundation have sufficient merit to warrant further exploration. If better defined and described, the proposal could result in improved benefits and services for students with regard to their health care needs at little or no additional cost.

Based on the above, the following recommendations emerge:

1. That the Health Service pharmacy be continued at least at its present level of operation, namely — providing prepaid pharmaceutical services to students who are under the care of Health Service physicians.

2. That members of the Campus Affairs staff and students from the Health Service Student Advisory Committee undertake formal discussions with the Illinois Pharmaceutical Services Foundation to explore providing pharmaceutical services through privately-owned pharmacies on a fixed, per capita basis. Such discussions will begin immediately with the likelihood that any formal proposals that emerge can be ready for review and approval in January, 1974.

Dr. L. M. Hursh, the Student Advisory Committee, and members of my staff strongly concur with the first recommendation. Members of my staff, a representative of the Insurance Office, and a staff member in the Health Service have made the second recommendation based on their recent discussions with the Pharmaceutical Association and the Foundation.

I concur with both of these recommendations and recommend them to you for your approval.

Hugh M. Satterlee Vice Chancellor for Campus Affairs This report was received as a matter of record and information.


Mr. Neal moved to recall and withdraw the resolution he had presented in March and moved approval of the President's report on Selection 1973] UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS 291 Procedures for Major Administrative Positions. T h e motion was approved.

M r. H o w a r d called attention to pending federal legislation which m a y prohibit the University of Illinois-Willard Airport from charging a boarding fee with which to finance required security measures. H e asked that the Board be advised if the legislation should become law in order that at a subsequent Board meeting the Trustees might withdraw their action of April 18, 1973, at which time the fee was established.


(1) The Committee on Accountancy recommends that the certificate of Certified Public Accountant be awarded, under Section S of the Illinois Accountancy Act of 1943, as amended, to six candidates who have presented evidence that they are holders of valid and unrevoked Certified Public Accountant certificates obtained by passing a standard written examination in another state or territory of the United States and who qualify in all other respects under this provision of the law. The names of the candidates are filed with the Secretary.

I concur.

O n motion of Mr. Forsyth, these certificates were awarded.



(2) The Executive Dean of the College of Medicine has recommended to the Chancellor at the Medical Center the appointment of Melvin Sabshin, presently Professor of Psychiatry and Head of the Department, as Professor of Psychiatry and Acting Dean of the Abraham Lincoln School of Medicine beginning July 1, 1973, on a twelve-month service basis, without change in salary.

Dr. Sabshin will succeed Dr. Alexander M. Schmidt who has resigned from the deanship effective July 1, 1973, to accept appointment as Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration within the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare.

This nomination is made after consultation with the Executive Committee of the Abraham Lincoln School of Medicine.

The Chancellor at the Medical Center approves the recommendation and the Vice President for Academic Development and Coordination concurs.

I recommend approval.

O n motion of Mr. Swain, this appointment was approved.


URBANA (3) The Chancellor at Urbana-Champaign has recommended the appointment of Dr. Allen V. Sapora, presently Professor of Recreation and Head of the Department of Recreation and Park Administration, as Acting Dean of the College of Physical Education effective August 21, 1973, for the academic year 1973-74, or until a dean is appointed, at a salary of $26,090.

Dr. Sapora will succeed Dean King J. McCristal who has asked to be relieved of this administrative assignment. ^ This recommendation is endorsed by the Executive Committee of the College.

The Vice President for Academic Development and Coordination concurs.

I recommend approval.

O n motion of Mr. Howard, this appointment was approved.


(4) The Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences has recommended to the Chancellor at Urbana-Champaign the appointment of Dr. Robert J. Nelson, presently Professor of French, as Professor of French on indefinite tenure and as Head of the Department of French beginning August 21, 1973, on an academic year service basis, at an annual salary of $31,SS0.

292 [June 20


Dr. Nelson will succeed Dr. Bruce Mainous who has asked to be relieved of this administrative assignment.

The nomination was made with the advice of a search committee1 and after consultation with members of the Department of professorial rank and with the concurrence of the Executive Committee of the College. The Chancellor at Urbana-Champaign has approved the recommendation and the Vice President for Academic Development and Coordination concurs.

I recommend approval.

O n motion of M r. Neal, this appointment was approved.



(5) Pursuant to the "Extension Reorganization" report made to the Board of Trustees on March 21 outlining the decentralization of certain continuing education functions now performed in the Division of University Extension and the

coordination of public service functions generally, the Vice President for Governmental Relations and Public Service has recommended the following appointments, involving the two incumbents mentioned in that report:

DR. STANLEY C. ROBINSON as University Coordinator of Continuing Education beginning July 1, 1973, on a twelve-month service basis, and Professor of Business Administration on indefinite tenure. Dr. Robinson, who has served as Dean of the Division of University Extension since July 1, 1960, will exercise the responsibilities outlined in the March report.

DR. JOHN B. CLAAR as Associate Vice President for Public Service effective July 1, 1973, in addition to his present responsibilities as Director of the Cooperative Extension Service and Associate Dean of the College of Agriculture, with the rank of Professor of Agricultural Economics. Dr. Claar's new University-wide responsibilities are also outlined in the March report.

I recommend approval.

On motion of Mr. Hahn, these appointments were approved.


(6) The following new appointments to the faculty of the rank of Assistant Professor and above, and to certain administrative positions, have been approved since the previous meeting of the Board of Trustees.

Positions in the University are classified in the following categories and are designated in the budget by the symbols indicated: A — indefinite tenure; P — indefinite tenure, part-time service only; B — two years; D — one year; E — nine months from the beginning of the academic year; F — one-year appointment ending other than August 31; G — special tenure; Q — initial term appointment for a Professor or Associate Professor; T — terminal appointment, accompanied with or preceded by notice of nonreappointment; W — one year appointment subject to special written agreement; Y — twelve months' service required instead of two semesters; X— percentages opposite X are for the academic year; fulltime summer service is indicated by " S " ; 1-7 — indicates the number of years of service which will be credited at the end of the contract period toward completion of the probationary period relating to tenure.

Figures following a symbol indicate percentage of time if the appointment is on a part-time basis (e.g., D75 means one year on three-fourths time).

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