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«f?z/74. -*-••-•? UF THE Uiit, - -OtS tH UReAfcMNCMAMPAIOet UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS BOARD OF TRUSTEES Fifty-Seventh Report 1972-74 UNIVERSITY ...»

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Bavas in this capacity under the Intergovernmental Personnel Act of 1970 for two years dating from April 1, 1973. While on this assignment he will have the usual duties and responsibilities of an academic employee of the University. To signify its concern for the success of the program, the Department of HEW will make his services available to the University at fifty-one per cent of his salary, the Department contributing the remainder.

With the concurrence of the Vice President for Academic Development and Coordination, I recommend that the Chancellor at the Chicago Circle campus be authorized to negotiate an agreement along these lines.

On motion of Mrs. Rader, authority was given as recommended.


(14) Shimer College, a private institution of higher education located at Mount Carroll, Illinois, has proposed a cooperative agreement with The Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois, under which Shimer College students, usually in junior or senior status but occasionally, in special cases, an individual haying sophomore status, would be permitted to take courses at the University of Illinois at Chicago Circle to broaden and expand their curriculum opportunities.

Chicago Circle campus administrative officers are agreeable to this proposal, provided that such students meet normal and customary admission standards at the Chicago Circle campus and that space is available for them.

Accordingly, a contract has been negotiated, subject to Board of Trustees approval, providing for such cooperation. Under the proposed contract, Shimer College students attending the Chicago Circle campus would be treated basically as all other students there with the exception that they would not be billed individually for tuition and fees, but that a charge would be made to Shimer College for each student so attending, the charge to be based on the Chicago Circle campus standard schedule of tuition and fees for Illinois residents. This arrangement Copies are filed with the Secretary of the Board.

1973] UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS 297 could be terminated at the end of any of the campus's academic quarters by either party giving the other three months' notice in writing.

The Chancellor, with the concurrence of the Vice President for Academic Development and Coordination, recommends authorization by the Board of Trustees for the execution of a contract as described.

I concur in this recommendation.

On motion of Mr. Harm, authority was given as recommended.




(15) The Chancellor at the Chicago Circle campus recommends authorization by the Board of Trustees to execute a contract between the University, the Commander of the Air University, and Illinois Institute of Technology under which Chicago Circle students would be permitted to enroll in the Air Force ROTC program at Illinois Institute of Technology. He further requests authorization to execute a contract between the University and the Institute, under which the latter institution would pay to the University such sums as it may receive from the Air Force on account of Air Force scholarships granted Chicago Circle students enrolled in the AFROTC program at Illinois Institute of Technology. The Chicago Circle Senate has approved this program.

A copy of the proposed agreement between the University, the Commander of the Air University, and Illinois Institute of Technology has been filed with the Secretary for record.

I concur and recommend that the Chancellor be authorized to execute the above-described agreements on behalf of the University.

On motion of Mr. Hahn, authority was given as recommended.



(16) The University of Illinois under an agreement with the Agency for International Development is providing technical advice and assistance to improve the economic development and general welfare of India. As a part of the program, University personnel are located at G. B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology in India and are engaged jointly with that university in developing improvements in soybean processing using G. B. Pant University facilities.

G. B. Pant University has requested that it be given a nonexclusive royaltyfree license to make, use, and sell in India a patented Soybean Beverage Base invented at the University of Illinois. All University rights in the Soybean Beverage Base patent have previously been transferred to the University of Illinois Foundation for development pursuant to authorization of the Board of Trustees at its meeting of January 24, 1972. In return, G. B. Pant University, a nonprofit organization, will release to the University of Illinois all rights in or to any inventions developed under the cooperative soybean derived food processing project presently being conducted by its personnel and University personnel, except for such rights in India which G. B. Pant University would retain. The University would agree to release to G. B. Pant University whatever India rights the University of Illinois may have in any such inventions. The inventors, the University of Illinois Foundation, and its exclusive licensing agent, University Patents, Inc., have agreed to the proposed arrangement.

The President of the University of Illinois, with the concurrence of appropriate administrative officers, recommends the authorization of an agreement with the G. B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology in India in accordance with the above.

On motion of Mr. Swain, authority was given as recommended.


(17) The University of Illinois has been invited to join with the University of Wisconsin — Madison, Purdue University, the University of Minnesota, Northwestern University, Illinois Institute of Technology, and the University of Notre Dame in the formation of an organization to be known as Midwest Universities Consortium on Air Pollution.

298 [June 20


T h e purpose of the consortium will be to facilitate and coordinate action by and among the member institutions in education and research endeavors related to air pollution. It is intended that the activities of the consortium will augment the efforts of the individual participating institutions. Each participating university will exercise internal review over any consortium proposal or request for funds involving that particular university prior to submission to any potential funding agency. T o assist in reviews, the existing University-wide Committee on Air Pollution will become a subcommittee of the University Council on Environmental Studies.

Control of the consortium will be vested in a Board of Directors, with each member institution appointing one director with one vote. Each institution may be assessed on an equal basis for administrative expenses of the consortium up to the sum of $1,000 for each university in any annual period, September 1 to August 31. Any member of the consortium may withdraw on written notice to the other members.

I recommend that the Board of Trustees formally approve participation of the University of Illinois in this program, and that officers of the University be authorized to take such steps as may be necessary to provide for its representation in the consortium and for its formation. T h e recommendation is supported by the University Council for Environmental Studies and by the Vice President for Academic Development and Coordination.

On motion of Mr. Swain, this recommendation was approved and authority was given as requested by the following vote: Aye, Mr.

Forsyth, Mr. Hahn, Mr. Howard, Mr. Hughes, Mr. Neal, Mrs. Rader, Mr. Swain; no, none; absent, Dr. Bakalis, Mr. Livingston, Mr. Steger, Governor Walker.


(18) T h e Chancellor at the Urbana campus has recommended that an agreement be entered into with Champaign-Urbana Communications, Inc., an Illinois Corporation, providing for the installation, operation, and maintenance of a private broadband communication system on the Urbana-Champaign campus upon the

following terms and conditions:

1. T h e Company will install a completely dual coaxial cable broadband communications system of hub design on the Urbana-Champaign campus, providing a bandwidth of at least 270 Megahertz on each cable upon activation at least 20 Megahertz of which shall be in the reverse direction. These cables will be completely equipped with the necessary amplifiers, connectors, and outlets and the hub will be connected to all classroom buildings and University dormitory student rooms and apartment units in the campus area.

2. T h e campus system will be completely separate from, but interconnectable with, either or both of the systems to be constructed in the City of Champaign and the City of Urbana.

3. All signals available on the city system will be available on the campus system.

All the additional channel capacity on the campus system will be available for University use and the University will have access to three channels on the city system.

4. A direct line will be installed between the County Courthouse and the College of Law and a direct link will be established between the hub of the system and the W I L L Television Studios.

5. A television studio and an audio studio will be constructed and made available to the University and others for teaching purposes and for programming to the community.

6. T h e contract would not become effective until approval has been obtained from the Telecommunications Division of the Department of General Services of the State of Illinois and thereafter would be in effect until July 1, 1988.

7. T h e service fee to be paid by the University would be an annual rate of $100,000 upon completion of construction of the University and city systems, and would be prorated, based upon the percentage of usability during construction. Extension of wiring and replacement of existing wiring in classUNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS

–  –  –

and Comptroller be authorized to approve fund allocations and change orders under these contracts up to $23,000 on each project.

O n motion of Mr. Forsyth, these contracts were awarded by the following vote: Aye, M r. Forsyth, Mr. H a h n, M r. H o w a r d, Mr. Hughes, M r. Livingston, M r. Neal, M r s. R a d e r, M r. Swain; no, none; absent, Dr. Bakalis, M r. Steger, Governor Walker.




(24) The President of the University, with the concurrence of appropriate administrative officers, recommends approval of an agreement with the Capital Development Board for the University to provide for the design and construction of electrical utility service connections for the Medical Sciences Building at the Urbana campus at a cost not to exceed $27,000, subject to the Capital Development Board obtaining a release of funds by the Governor.

Funds for this project were appropriated to the University for FY 1973 from the Capital Development Bond Fund of 1972 and have been transferred to the Capital Development Board. That Board will pay the University for all costs and expenses incurred by the University for their portion of the work, up to $27,000.

O n motion of M r. Swain, this recommendation was approved b y the following vote: Aye, Mr. Forsyth, Mr. H o w a r d, M r. H u g h e s, Mr.

Livingston, M r. Neal, M r s. Rader, M r. Swain; no, none; absent, Dr, Bakalis, Mr. Steger, Governor Walker. Mr. H a h n asked to be recorded as not voting.


(25) The President of the University, with the concurrence of appropriate administrative officers, recommends that the Foundation be requested to lease the property at 502 East University Avenue, Champaign, for a period of approximately four years and ten months at an annual rental of $7,620.

The building is to be used by the Department of Psychology for a Community Psychology Training Program. It is anticipated that the lease will begin on September 1, 1973, and terminate June 30, 1978. The lease will provide for renewal options for five additional single-year periods with one rental adjustment by amending the annual base rent of $7,200 to correspond with any change in the Consumer Price Index during the original lease period. It is further recommended that the Foundation sublease the space to the University, subject to the availability of funds, at the same rental on an annual basis.

Funds for rental and operation for the initial period and subsequent annual renewals of the sublease will be requested in the budget of the Operation and Maintenance Division at the Urbana campus on an annual basis.

O n motion of Mr. H o w a r d, these recommendations were approved by the following vote: Aye, Mr. Forsyth, Mr. H a h n, Mr. H o w a r d, Mr.

Hughes, Mr. Livingston, Mr. Neal, M r s. Rader, M r. Swain; no, none;

absent, D r. Bakalis, M r. Steger, Governor Walker.




(26) The Chancellors at the Chicago Grcle and Medical Center campuses have proposed that the educational and service programs of the University be enhanced by the operation of a University-owned FM radio station to be utilized jointly by the two campuses.

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