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«f?z/74. -*-••-•? UF THE Uiit, - -OtS tH UReAfcMNCMAMPAIOet UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS BOARD OF TRUSTEES Fifty-Seventh Report 1972-74 UNIVERSITY ...»

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Several alternatives are before us. We could, with justification and with ample evidence of need, attempt to convince the General Assembly and Governor Walker that this need should be met through the approval of one-half of the tuition increase which we have approved. In many ways, this course of action seems unwise. It would detract from the commendable effort of the Governor to provide general revenue funds in support of higher education in excess of those sought by the IBHE — the first time since my arrival in Illinois that such a supported action has occurred. It would divide the systems of public higher education in Illinois at a time when unity is essential. Because of the process which such an effort would face, we would be unable to make firm financial plans for fiscal year 1975 or to inform our students of our firm tuition levels for 1975 until after the start of the 1974-75 academic year.

I am persuaded, therefore, that our recommendations for tuition increases for 1974-75 which the Board approved are both fair and necessary, but are impossible of attainment for fiscal yfar_ 1975. I believe that the_ Board of Trustees is the only governing board in Illinois to have faced the tuition issue squarely and 474 [March 20


realistically during this year and I am certain that the issue is not going to disappear. There is no way that we can envision meeting our financial requirements in the years ahead without planned and modest tuition increases, but our view has not prevailed for fiscal year 1975.

Another alternative is simply to reduce our expenditures by one million dollars. I will not repeat today why this alternative is unacceptable except to say that an unacceptable alternative of the last few months is now even more so under the pressures of energy costs and of inflation.

Since January, 1974, we have been concerned about the possibility of achieving our proposed increases in the income fund and have been searching for alternatives. We have now developed a package of items which can provide a one time increase in our income fund for fiscal year 1975 and which will permit us to meet our minimal needs for 1975 while we continue to press for long-term solutions — including an acceptable tuition policy — for fiscal year 1976 and beyond.

There are a number of small items which are contributing to the health of our income fund — all the way from reduced institutional fee waivers to improved earnings on funds invested temporarily. However, the most significant item is that we can deposit approximately $1.5 million of the working capital of our stores and service accounts in our income fund on July 1, 1974. These funds have previously been needed to finance the inventory of the stores and service departments, but due to more sophisticated practices and procedures and by cooperation with various state agencies we can reduce our need for working capital by this amount and temporarily use these funds to pay for fuel oil increases and to offset the loss of funds which would have accrued through tuition increases. To accomplish this transfer, we must, of course, have the concurrence of the General Assembly and of the Governor to appropriate the funds to us; but such an action does not require general revenue funds and will permit us to meet our minimum needs without a tuition increase over the FY 1974 levels.

Accordingly, with the full realization that we are deferring rather than solving a problem and based upon the assumption that at least the level of funding proposed by the Governor will be appropriated by the General Assembly, I

recommend that the Board of Trustees approve the following action:

1. Upon the recommendation of the President of the University, the Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois authorize the President to seek appropriation increases from the income fund of the University of Illinois for fiscal year 1975 over fiscal year 1974 in an additional amount of approximately $1.5 million. Such increases shall be supported by transfers of working capital into the income fund, through increased investment income, and through such other methods as are appropriate without increasing student tuition levels.

2. The Board of Trustees suspend until further order of the Board its action in approving increases in tuition levels for 1974-75 and direct that financial planning for fiscal year 1975 be based upon the resources recommended in the Governor's budget message plus the increases in the income fund authorized in the paragraph above.

3. The Board of Trustees direct the President of the University and other University officers to continue analyses of the impact upon the University of rising energy costs and of general inflation and, if deemed necessary, to work in concert with the Illinois Board of Higher Education, the Governor, and the General Assembly to seek special appropriations to deal with previously unanticipated major problems related either to energy costs or to inflationary impacts upon personnel salaries.

M r. Livingston raised an objection to the lateness of the recommendations and expressed his feeling that he had not had sufficient time to consider or study the recommendations and that, accordingly, he was unwilling to vote in support of them.

O n motion of M r. Swain, the report and recommendations as presented were approved, with M r. Livingston dissenting.

Hospital-Medical-Surgical Fee, Urbana Chancellor Peltason indicated that presently under consideration was a 1974] 475


–  –  –

Reappointments From the Faculty FRANK C. H I N D S, Associate Professor of Animal Science ( H e has served on the Board since 1973.) HENRY S. STILLWELL, Professor and Head of the Department of Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering; Faculty Representative t o the Big T e n ( H e has served on the Board since 1964.) A. ROBERT TWARDOCK, Professor of Veterinary Physiology and Pharmacology and of Physiology and Biophysics and Associate Dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine ( H e has served on the Board since 1972.) ROLLIN G. WRIGHT, Professor and Head of the Department of Physical Education ( H e has served on the Board since 1970.) New Appointment J O H N R. DAHL, Associate Professor of History and Associate Chairman of the Department, and Counselor in Teacher Education (Professor Dahl received the B.A., M.A. and A.B.D. from the University of Washington. H e joined the Urbana-Champaign campus faculty in 1968 and has been Associate Chairman of the Department since 1972.) From the Alumni Reappointments Association WILLIAM J. CHAMBLIN, Class of 1955, Bradford Supply Company, Robinson ( H e has served on the Board since 1973.) ALAN M. HALLENE, Class of 1951, Montgomery Elevator Company, Moline ( H e has served on the Board since 1973.) New Appointments JAMES S. GRABOWSKI, Class of 1966, Director of Quality Assurance, Sellstrom Manufacturing Company, Palatine. A s a student he lettered in football.

500 [March 20


PAUL L. PATTERSON, Gass of 1950, Player Relations and Scout, Chicago Bears, Chicago. As a student he lettered in football and track.

O n motion of M r. Steger, these appointments were approved.


(6) The Board of Directors of the University of Illinois Athletic Association at Urbana-Champaign has approved the recommendation of the Director of the Athletic Association that B. Gene Bartow, presently Head Basketball Coach at Memphis State University, be appointed as Head Basketball Coach effective March 9, 1974, on a twelve-month basis at an annual salary of $27,500.

With the concurrence of the Chancellor at the Urbana-Champaign campus, the recommendation that Mr. Bartow be appointed Head Basketball Coach has been publicly announced by the Board of Directors of the Athletic Association.

The action is now submitted to the Trustees for approval.

I recommend approval.

On motion of M r. Steger, this appointment w a s approved.


(7) The following new appointments to the faculty of the rank of Assistant Professor and above, and to certain administrative positions, have been approved since the previous meeting of the Board of Trustees.

Positions in the University are classified in the following categories and are designated in the budget by the symbols indicated: A — Indefinite tenure; P — Indefinite tenure, part-time service only; D — One year; E — Nine months from the beginning of the academic year; F—One-year appointment ending other than August 20 or 31; G — Special tenure; Q — Initial term appointment for a Professor or Associate Professor; T — Terminal appointment, accompanied with or preceded by notice of non-reappointment; W — One-year appointment subject to special written agreement; Y — Twelve months' service required instead of two semesters; X — Percentages opposite X are for the academic year. Full-time summer service is indicated by "S"; 1-7 — Indicates the number of years of service which will be credited at the end of the contract period toward completion of the probationary period relating to tenure.

Figures following a symbol indicate percentage of time if the appointment is on a part-time basis (e.g., D75 means one year on three-fourths time).

Medical Center

1. MICHAEL HENRY GOLDBAUM, Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology in The Abraham Lincoln School of Medicine, on 75 per cent time, beginning January 1, 1974 (1Y75), at an annual salary of $23,537.

2. MARGARET MARY KIRCHMAN, Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy in the School of Associated Medical Sciences, beginning February 25, 1974 (1Y), at an annual salary of $18,000.

3. LAURETTE F. LIPSON, Assistant Professor of Medical Education in Center for Educational Development, College of Medicine, beginning February 4, 1974 (WY), at an annual salary of $14,500.

4. MICHAEL T. O'MAHONEY, Assistant Professor of Psychology in Psychiatry in The Abraham Lincoln School of Medicine, on 10 per cent time, beginning March 1, 1974 (DY10), at an annual salary of $1,500.

5. BISWAMAY RAY, Assistant Professor of Urology in Surgery in The Abraham Lincoln School of Medicine, on 50 per cent time, beginning February 1, 1974 (DY50), at an annual salary of $16,928.

6. KOTTARATHIL VENUGOPAL, Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology, beginning March 8, 1974 (1Y), at an annual salary of $40,000.


7. CRAIG R. BAUMRUCKER, Assistant Professor of Dairy Science, beginning August 1, 1974 (1Y), at an annual salary of $15,750.

8. JUDY KAY BRUN, Assistant Professor of Vocational and Technical Education, beginning January 21, 1974 (1), at an annual salary of $14,000.


–  –  –


(10) The Senates at the Chicago Circle and Medical Center campuses have recommended that honorary degrees be conferred on the following persons on the occasions indicated.

Chicago Circle JEAN PIAGET, Psychologist, Director of the International Center for Genetic Epistemology, Geneva, and former Professor at the University of Geneva — the degree of Doctor of Humane Letters to be conferred at a special convocation following his lecture on May 10, 1974.

DAVID RITTENHOUSE INGLIS, Professor of Physics at the University of Massachusetts and former Senior Physicist at the Argonne National Laboratory —• the degree of Doctor of Science to be conferred at the Commencement Exercises June 9, 1974.

Medical Center ESTELLE BRODMAN, Librarian and Professor of Medical History, Washington University School of Medicine — the degree of Doctor of Science to be conferred at the dedication of the Library of the Health Sciences on April 22, 1974.

A. EDWARD MAUMENEE, Professor and Head, Department of Ophthalmology, and Director of The Wilmer Ophthalmologic Institute, Johns Hopkins University and Hospital — the degree of Doctor of Science to be conferred at the Commencement Exercises on May 31, 1974.

ROSALYN S. YALOW, Research Professor, Department of Medicine, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, and Chief of Nuclear Medicine Service, Veterans Administration Hospital, Bronx, New York — the degree of Doctor of Science to be conferred at the Commencement Exercises on May 31, 1974.

The Chancellors at Chicago Circle and the Medical Center concur in the recommendations of the Senates.

I recommend approval.

O n motion of M r. Swain, these degrees were authorized as recommended.

SABBATICAL LEAVES O F ABSENCE. 1974-75 (11) The Chancellors at each campus have recommended that the following members of the faculty be given sabbatical leaves of absence in accordance with the provisions of the University of Illinois Statutes and on the terms and for the periods indicated.

The programs of research, study, and travel for which leaves are requested have been examined by the Research Boards at the three campuses, and the Vice President for Academic Development and Coordination has reviewed the applications for the leaves and recommends approval.

I concur.

Urbana-Champaign College of Agriculture Office of Agricultural Communications JOHN H. BEHRENS, Associate Professor of Agricultural Communications and in Office of Instructional Resources, six months beginning May 1, 1974, full pay.

Department of Agricultural Economics RICHARD P. KESLER, Associate Professor of Farm Management in Agricultural Economics, one year beginning August 21, 1974, one-half pay.

ALLAN G^ MUELLER, Professor of Farm Management in Agricultural Economics, six months beginning July 1, 1974, full pay.

ROBERT G. F. SPITZE, Professor of Agricultural Economics, six months beginning August 21, 1974, full pay.

Department of Agronomy THEODORE HYMOWITZ, Associate Professor of Plant Genetics in Agronomy, six months beginning September 21, 1974, full pay.

504 [March 20


L o u i s F. W E L C H, Professor of Soil Fertility in Agronomy, six months beginning January 1, 1975, full pay.

Department of Animal Science E F T O N E. HATFIELD, Professor of Animal Science, six months beginning February 1, 1975, full pay.

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