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«f?z/74. -*-••-•? UF THE Uiit, - -OtS tH UReAfcMNCMAMPAIOet UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS BOARD OF TRUSTEES Fifty-Seventh Report 1972-74 UNIVERSITY ...»

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President Hughes called attention to the schedule for the next three meetings of the Board of Trustees: April 17, Chicago Circle; May 15, Medical Center; June 19, Urbana-Champaign.

President Hughes also announced that an executive session had been requested and was being ordered for consideration of recommendations relating to pending litigation.


The Secretary presented for record appointments to the faculty and changes of status made by the President; resignations; leaves of absence ; a change in a sabbatical leave of absence; 1 and retirements. A copy of the report is filed with the Secretary.


(28) The City of Chicago has filed a quasi-criminal proceeding against the University for an alleged violation of the anti-smoke ordinance in the Municipal Code of Chicago. The violation is alleged to have occurred at 1911 West Roosevelt Road in Chicago where the Valley Outpost Clinic of the Medical Center campus is operated. Representatives of Chicago's Corporation Counsel's Office have indicated they view the proceeding as a test case to establish the City's regulatory jurisdiction over the University.

The University Counsel states that in his opinion the position of the City of Chicago is not well founded. At the December 19, 1973, meeting of the Board of Trustees, where the general subject was discussed, it was indicated that the general rule of law is that the University, as a State instrumentality performing a function of State government, is not subject to local ordinances and regulations and that, otherwise, a municipality could effectively limit the performance of University functions and programs.

The University Counsel recommends that he be authorized to take such steps as are necessary or appropriate, including the employment of special counsel, to represent the University and to protect its interests in the proceeding.

I concur.

On motion of Mr. Swain, authority was given as recommended by the following vote: Aye, Mr. Forsyth, Mr. Hahn, Mr. Howard, Mr.

Hughes, Mr. Livingston, Mrs. Rader, Mr. Steger, Mr. Swain; no, none;

Sanathanan, C. K., Professor of Information Engineering, Chicago Circle campus, cancellation of sabbatical leave of absence for the fall quarter 1973-74, full pay.

1974] UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS 527 absent, Dr. Bakalis, Governor Walker. Mr. Neal asked to be recorded as not voting.

On motion of Mr. Swain, the Board adjourned.

–  –  –

The April meeting of The Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois was held in the Chicago Circle Center, Chicago Circle campus, Chicago, Illinois, on Wednesday, April 17, 1974, beginning at 10:00 a.m.

President Earl M. Hughes called the meeting to order and asked the Secretary to call the roll. The following members of the Board were present: Mr. Ralph C. Hahn, Mr. George W. Howard III, Mr. Earl M.

Hughes, Mr. Earl Langdon Neal, Mrs. Jane Hayes Rader, Mr. Russell W. Steger, Mr. Timothy W. Swain. Dr. Michael J. Bakalis, Mr. William D. Forsyth, Jr., and Governor Daniel Walker were absent. The following nonvoting student trustees were present: Mr. Michael J. Crowley, Urbana-Champaign campus; Mr. Kenneth J. Kosten, Medical Center campus; Mr. Lloyd Zimmerman, Chicago Circle campus.

Also present were President John E. Corbally Jr.; Dr. Eldon Johnson, Vice President for Governmental Relations and Public Service; Dr.

Barry Munitz, Vice President for Academic Development and Coordination; Chancellor J. W. Peltason, Urbana-Champaign campus; Chancellor Joseph S. Begando, Medical Center campus; Chancellor Warren B. Cheston, Chicago Circle campus; Mr. V. L. Kretschmer, University Director for Capital Programs; Mr. George H. Bargh, Executive Assistant to the President; Mr. C. E. Flynn, Assistant to the President and University Director of Public Information; and the officers of the Board, Dr. Ronald W. Brady, Comptroller (also Vice President for Planning and Allocation for the University); Mr. R. R. Manchester, Treasurer;

Dr. Earl W. Porter, Secretary; and Mr. James J. Costello, University Counsel.


–  –  –

In the past, Mr. Hahn has taken special interest in the Springer Lake project as it bears on the responsibilities of the Board. Mr. Hughes asked him to continue to serve in this area and to feel free to request assistance from other Trustees on an ad hoc basis as appropriate.



The Board considered the following reports and recommendations from the President of the University.

President Corbally presented a report on selected topics of current interest, copies of which were distributed at the meeting, and a copy was filed with the Secretary of the Board.

Appropriations for 1975 President Corbally indicated that consideration of the University's appropriation bill would begin soon in the House and that he and others of the staff would keep the Trustees informed as to its progress through the legislature.


(1) The Committee on Accountancy recommends that the certificate of Certified Public Accountant be awarded, under Section 5 of the Illinois Accountancy Act of 1943, as amended, to fourteen candidates who have presented evidence that they are holders of valid and unrevoked Certified Public Accountant certificates obtained by passing a standard written examination in another state or territory of the United States and who qualify in all other respects under this provision of the law.

The names of the candidates are filed with the Secretary.

I concur.

On motion of Mr. Howard, these certificates were awarded.



(2) I submit the following nomination for appointment to the University of Illinois Citizens Committee for a period of three years ending January 1, 1977. (This nomination is in addition to those approved by the Board on March 20.) GORDON R. HJALMARSON, President, Scott, Foresman and Company, 1900 East Lake Avenue, Glenview, Illinois 60025 On motion of Mr. Livingston, this appointment was approved.



(3) The Chancellor at the Urbana-Champaign campus has recommended the following new appointments to the Advisory Council of Librarians of the Graduate School of Library Science for terms of three years beginning September 1, 1974.

Public Libraries RUTH W. GREGORY, Librarian, Waukegan Public Library, Waukegan, to succeed Barbara Ballinger, Librarian, Oak Park Public Library, Oak Park, whose term is expiring.

College and University Libraries DALE B. CANELAS, Assistant University Librarian for Administrative Services, Northwestern University Library, Evanston, to succeed Fritz Veit, Librarian Emeritus, Chicago State University, Chicago, whose term is expiring.

School Libraries VIOLA JAMES, Coordinator, Instructional Materials Services, Glenbrook North High School, Northbrook, to succeed Miriam E. Peterson, Director, Division of Libraries, Board of Education, Chicago, whose term is expiring.

532 BOARD OF TRUSTEES [April 17 Special Libraries DAVID E. KING, Librarian, Editorial Library, Standard Educational Corporation, Chicago, to succeed Edward G. Strable, Manager of Information Services, J. Walter Thompson Company, Chicago, whose term is expiring.

I concur.

On motion of Mr. Swain, these appointments were approved.


(4) T h e following new appointments to the faculty of the rank of Assistant P r o fessor and above, and to certain administrative positions, have been approved since the previous meeting of the Board of Trustees.

Positions in the University are classified in the following categories and are designated in the budget by the symbols indicated: A — indefinite tenure; P — indefinite tenure, part-time service only; D — one year; E — nine months from the beginning of the academic year; F — one-year appointment ending other than August 20 or 31; G — special tenure; Q — initial term appointment for a Professor or Associate Professor; T — terminal appointment, accompanied with or preceded by notice of nonreappointment; W —one-year appointment subject to special written agreement; Y — twelve months' service basis; X — percentages opposite X are for the academic year. Full-time summer service is indicated by " S ' ; 1-7 — indicates the number of years of service which will be credited at the end of the contract period toward completion of the probationary period relating to tenure.

Figures following a symbol indicate percentage of time if the appointment is on a part-time basis (e.g., D75 means one year on three-fourths time).

C h i c a g o Circle

1. JOHN P. M C W I L L I A M S, JR., Associate Professor of English, beginning September 1, 1974 ( A ), at an annual salary of $17,000.

Medical C e n t e r

2. MICHAEL BARANY, Professor of Biological Chemistry, School of Basic Medical Sciences, beginning March 1, 1974 ( A Y ), at an annual salary of $29,000.

3. L u z GUEVARA BONDOC, Assistant Professor of Prosthodontics in the College of Dentistry, beginning April 1, 1974 ( D Y ), at an annual salary of $16,000.

4. Louis A B E GOODE, Assistant Professor of Operative Dentistry, College of Dentistry, on 40 per cent time, beginning April 1, 1974 (D40), at an annual salary of $6,720.

5. FREDERICK JOHN GRUNDBACHER, Associate Professor of Genetics in the Peoria School of Medicine, beginning April 1, 1974 ( Q Y ), at an annual salary of $26,000.

6. MARCIA G. HUGHES, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry in The Abraham Lincoln School of Medicine, on 85 per cent time, beginning April 1, 1974 (FY85), at an annual salary of $25,000.

7. DHARMAPURI VIDYASAGAR, Associate Professor of Pediatrics in T h e Abraham Lincoln School of Medicine, beginning March 1, 1974 ( A Y ), at an annual salary of $31,500.


8. DIMITRI P. BERTSEKAS, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering and Research Assistant Professor in the Coordinated Science Laboratory, beginning January 21, 1974 (1), at an annual salary of $14,000.

9. JAMES A. FARMER, J R., Associate Professor of Continuing Education in the Department of Educational Administration and Supervision, beginning August 21, 1974 ( Q ), at an annual salary of $18,300.

10. DONALD O. MORGAN, Associate Professor of Veterinary Physiology and Pharmacology, beginning March 15, 1974 ( Q Y ), at an annual salary of $22,000.

11. VICTOR D. RAMIREZ, Professor of Physiology, beginning April 1, 1974 ( A ), at an annual salary of $24,000.

12. MELVIN D. SCHOENBERG, Professor of Pathology, School of Basic Medical Sciences, beginning February 1, 1974 ( A Y ), at an annual salary of $32,000.

13. JOHN L. WEDBERG, Assistant Professor of Agricultural Entomology, beginning March 1, 1974 (1Y), at an annual salary of $14,200.

1974] UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS 533 Administrative Staff

14. HUGH W. FOLK, Professor of Economics and in the Institute of Labor and Industrial Relations and Director of the Center for Advanced Computation, Urbana, beginning March 1, 1974 (AY.DY), at an annual salary of $31,500.

On motion of Mr. Howard, these appointments were confirmed.


(5) Under Article II, Section 1, of the University of Illinois Statutes, amendments to a Senate Constitution must be approved by the Board of Trustees.

At its meeting on Wednesday, February 6, 1974, the Senate at the Medical Center campus approved a change in Article III, Section 6, of the Constitution1 as


The elected heads of the student bodies and the President of the Executive Student Council shall be ex officio members of the Senate. Such members to be seated shall be member's of the student electorate [and].

Except for the President of the Executive Student Council^ they shall be counted as a Senator apportioned to [that] their student voting unit.

The effect of the amendment is to formally recognize the President of the Executive Student Council as an ex officio member of the Senate.

The Chancellor at the Medical Center campus and the Vice President for Academic Development and Coordination concur in the recommended change. The University Senates Conference has indicated that no further Senate jurisdiction is involved.

I recommend approval.

On motion of Mr. Hahn, this recommendation and the proposed revision of Article I I I, Section 6, of the Medical Center Senate Constitution were approved.


(6) In accordance with the University of Illinois Statutes, the following amendments to Article I, Sections 3 and 4b, and Article V, Section 1, of the UrbanaChampaign Senate Constitution are presented for Board action." These amendments were approved by the required two-thirds vote of the senators present.

Article I, Section 3 For the purpose of implementing the provisions of this constitution and to provide for the internal organization of the Senate, the Senate shall enact such bylaws as it deems necessary and proper, not inconsistent with this Constitution. Bylaws of the Senate shall be adopted, amended, or repealed only upon two-thirds vote of the Senators present and voting at a Senate meeting, provided due notice (as denned in Article V, Section 10) of such proposed action has been given. Unless otherwise provided therein bylaws or amendments thereto shall be effective immediately upon adoption.

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