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«f?z/74. -*-••-•? UF THE Uiit, - -OtS tH UReAfcMNCMAMPAIOet UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS BOARD OF TRUSTEES Fifty-Seventh Report 1972-74 UNIVERSITY ...»

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Article I, Section 4b The Senate shall act on the amendment at a subsequent regular or special meeting which occurs at least ten days after the meeting at which the amendment was introduced. Due notice (Article V, Section 10) shall be given that the amendment will be acted upon at such meeting. Adoption of the amendment shall require a vote of no less than 2/$ of the Senators present and voting at the meeting. After adoption of a constitutional amendment by the Senate, the Senate shall transmit the amendment to the Board of Trustees for appropriate action, in accordance with the University Statutes.

Article V, Section 1 At the request of the Chancellor, upon request contained in a petition signed by members of the faculty electorate as provided hereafter, or on its own initiative, the Senate shall obtain by a written mail poll the reAdditions are italicized; deleted material appears in brackets. The title Statutes is not an addition.

534 BOARD OF TRUSTEES [April 17 quested expression of opinion from the faculty electorate. The minimum number of [signers] valid signatures required in such a petition from the faculty electorate shall be established by the Senate in its bylaws. The formulation of the questions presented, and the procedures for obtaining such an expression of opinion shall be determined in each instance by the Senate. In all cases in which such poll is required, the Senate shall arrange for the poll to be conducted promptly upon receipt of the request. The results of any such poll of the faculty electorate shall be made public promptly.

The University Senates Conference has indicated that no further Senate jurisdiction is involved. The Chancellor at Urbana-Champaign and the Vice President for Academic Development and Coordination have forwarded this amendment for appropriate approval.

I recommend approval.

On motion of Mr. Livingston, this recommendation and the proposed revision of Article I, Sections 3 and 4b, and Article V, Section 1, of the Urbana-Champaign Senate Constitution were approved.



(7) The dean and the faculty of the Peoria School of Medicine have recommended, and the Executive Dean of the College and the Medical Center Senate have approved, the reorganization of the faculty of the school into the following departments : Basic Science, Dermatology. Family Practice, Medicine, Neurosciences, Obstetrics-Gynecology, Pathology, Pediatrics, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Preventive Medicine, Psychiatry, Radiology, and Surgery.

These departments correspond to the thirteen currently existing disciplines in the Peoria School of Medicine. From its inception, the school has not been departmentalized but has operated informally under faculty-selected coordinators, with responsibilities generally corresponding to the plan of departmental organization here recommended. The school has now reached a level of development at which its administration will be more effective by formal delegation of responsibilities in specific areas of teaching and research to regularly constituted departments with a qualified head or chairman in each case.

The Chancellor at the Medical Center campus and the Vice President for Academic Development and Coordination concur in the recommendation.

The University Senates Conference has indicated that no further Senate jurisdiction is involved.

I recommend approval.

On motion of Mr. Swain, this recommendation was approved.


(8) The Chancellor at the Medical Center campus has recommended an increase in the service fee in the amount of $6.00 per quarter for full-time students at that campus effective September 1, 1974. Proportionate increases would be assessed students with less than a full-time program. The service fee is now $54.00 per quarter for full-time students, and the recommended increase would bring the amount to $60.00 per quarter. The recommendation for an increase is made in order to meet rising costs of operations. The service fee has not been increased since September 1, 1971.

Additionally, the Chancellor has recommended that the fee be assessed students of the College of Medicine enrolled at the Peoria School of Medicine and at the Rockford School of Medicine effective September 1, 1974. The fee has not heretofore been assessed at these two locations. The Board of Trustees' action on August 17, 1971 (adopting certain changes in the tuition and fees structure at the Medical Center campus) concluded that the service fee for students in the College of Medicine enrolled at Peoria or Rockford would be recommended later after needs and services at those locations had been defined on the basis of growth and operating experience. The programs at Peoria and Rockford are now well underway, and it is appropriate that the service fee paid by medical students at the MediUNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS cal Center now be assessed at Peoria and Rockford. Important student services have been initiated at these locations and administrative officers with student affairs duties have been employed at Peoria and at Rockford to give continuing leadership to the planning of additional activities and services.

Under the proposal, the tuition and fees total would be the same for medical students at the Medical Center, at Peoria, and at Rockford. Students in the College of Medicine enrolled at the Urbana-Champaign campus are assessed the same tuition assessed all other medical students, but are assessed the fees paid by other students at that campus (Urbana-Champaign).

The Vice President for Planning and Allocation concurs.

I recommend approval.

On motion of Mr. Swain, these recommendations were approved.




(9) The Chancellor at the Urbana-Champaign campus has recommended an increase in the Hospital-Medical-Surgical Fee, to become effective for the fall term of 1974 and thereafter in order to cover the full cost of the student health insurance program and the student health services. The Chancellor further recommends a temporary reallocation of the Service Fee for one year only. The increase in the Hospital-Medical-Surgical Fee is required to meet the increased costs of the services presently rendered and does not reflect any changes in those services. The health insurance portion of the fee may be waived upon the presentation of evidence of insurance coverage equivalent to the University program. The health service portion, designed to cover the cost of providing on-campus health services to students, is not subject to waiver on the basis of other insurance coverage. The increase recommended will be covered by the Illinois State Scholarship Commission for Illinois resident undergraduate students with financial need who hold fullvalue ISSC awards.

The proposed fee increase originated with the Director of the Health Service, who recommended an increase of $5.00 per semester; the McKinley Health Service Student Advisory Committee concurred in the recommendation. Such recommendations are also reviewed by the Service Fee Advisory Committee, which is composed of four students and three members of the faculty and staff and is convened by the Associate Vice Chancellor for Campus Affairs. This committee recommended that any increase of the health service portion of the HospitalMedical-Surgical Fee be held to $3.00 per semester and that other sources of funding be explored.

At present, students on the Urbana-Champaign campus pay a Hospital-MedicalSurgical Fee of $37.00 per semester or summer session. This includes $15.00 to cover the cost of health insurance and $22.00 for the cost of care at the Health Service.

An increase of $2.00 is now recommended, bringing the total Hospital-MedicalSurgical Fee to $39.00 per semester or summer session.

In addition, the Chancellor has recommended that $2.00 of the regular $58.00 Service Fee per semester ($1.00 of the $29.00 summer session Service Fee)_ be earmarked for a special health care reserve account for the 1974-75 fall, spring, and summer session terms only. The reallocation of $2.00 of the regular Service Fee is made possible as a result of a balance in the operating surplus account of the Assembly Hall. The $2.00 to be transferred from the Service Fee would be made available to the Health Service to supplement funds derived from the proposed increase in the Hospital-Medical-Surgical Fee. To the extent that these funds are not required to meet the budgeted needs of the Health Service, any balance remaining in the special health care reserve account as of June 30, 1975, will revert to the Assembly Hall. This shall not constitute an established practice but is subject to annual review.

Based on the financial information available, the reduction of $2.00 in the amount projected for allocation to the Assembly Hall will not adversely affect the financial operations or balances in that fund during the 1974-75 academic year.

The recommended changes are summarized below:

536 BOARD OF TRUSTEES [April 17 Present Proposed Amount Change Amount Hospital-Medical-Surgical Fee Health Service. $22 +$2 $24 Insurance Premium 15 — 15 Total HMS Fee $37 + $2 $39 Service Fee Operation and Debt Service, Service Fee Buildings $58 — $2 $56 Special One-Time Reserve for Health Service — + 2 2 $58 0 $58 Total Fees per Semester $95 + $2 $97 The health insurance premium of $15.00 included in the proposed $39.00 Hospital-Medical-Surgical Fee is effective through August, 1974. However, the status of price controls on health-care costs is uncertain. If a change in the insurance premium is recommended, it will be submitted separately for Board consideration.

The funding arrangements described above are intended to forestall an immediate increase of $4.00 per student per semester or summer session and to provide time to explore other funding alternatives. The establishment of the proposed rate increase would be subject to the applicable regulations of the Federal Price Commission and Cost of Living Council.

The Chancellor and the Vice Chancellor for Campus Affairs have also recommended a change in one aspect of the Hospital-Medical-Surgical Fee refund policy.

By action of the Board of Trustees on September 16, 1964, students not desiring coverage under the Hospital-Medical-Surgical Fee for the period between the close of the summer session and the beginning of the first semester may secure a refund of one-half of the fee upon written request. That provision was incorporated into University oolicy at a time when it was the practice to close the Health Service during the period in question. Since the Health Service is no longer closed during this period, and since it is the intent for all enrolled students to participate equally in sharing the cost of supporting the facility, it is no longer equitable to refund one-half of the fee for the summer session.

It is therefore recommended that, beginning with the 1974 summer session, no portion of the Hospital-Medical-Surgical Fee be subject to refund, with the exception of the insurance portion of the fee as is provided under the rules for refunds within the first five days of instruction.

I concur in these recommendations and recommend their approval.

In accord with the Board's policy, Chancellor Peltason had invited student spokesmen who wished to comment on the recommendation to appear before the Board prior to action by the Trustees. Present were Mr. Kenneth King of UGSA (Undergraduate Student Association at Urbana) who indicated that his group favored the recommendation as a shoTt-term compromise but recommended exploration of other sources, in particular, general revenue funds or further diversion of Assembly Hall reserves for this purpose in the future, and Miss Sue Wood of the Health Service Advisory Committee who favored the recommendation.

In addition, a letter from the Graduate Student Association in Urbana was presented, expressing opposition to an increase in the fee and favoring restoration of full State funding in support of the McKinley Health Center. Chancellor Peltason indicated that, if inflationary trends continue, it will probably be necessary to recommend a further increase next year. He stated that the recommendation at this time constituted a minimal increase, noting the present dependency upon reserve funds diverted from the Assembly Hall.

On motion of Mr. Livingston, the recommendation was approved with the following amendment to the text: At the end of the paragraph beginning "In addition, the Chancellor has recommended that $2.00 of the regular $58.00 service fee of the first semester..."; "This shall not constitute an established practice but is subject to annual review."

1974] 537



(10) The Buildings and Grounds Committee of the Board of Trustees on February 20, 1974, approved a recommendation that the University request the University of Illinois Foundation to utilize the bequest from the estate of the late Benjamin Goldberg for the construction of a special research facility to be located at the northeast corner of Taylor Street and Damen Avenue in Chicago. The facility will incorporate the former Laundry Building and is to be named "The Benjamin Goldberg Research Center." The Center will be used for research and consultation concerning any research problem in the Medical Center.1 Initially it will house the Biomedical Engineering program. The University of Illinois Foundation on April 4, 1974, concurred in the use of the bequest for the purposes intended.

The President of the University, with the concurrence of appropriate administrative officers, recommends that the Board of Trustees request the Foundation to build "The Benjamin Goldberg Research Center" facility with the funds received by the Foundation from the estate of the late Benjamin Goldberg and further requests authority to submit appropriate materials to the State Board of Higher Education requesting approval of the construction of the proposed facility.

On motion of Mr. Steger, this recommendation was approved and authority was given as requested by the following vote: Aye, Mr. Hahn, Mr. Howard, Mr. Hughes, Mr. Livingston, Mr. Neal, Mrs. Rader, Mr.

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