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«f?z/74. -*-••-•? UF THE Uiit, - -OtS tH UReAfcMNCMAMPAIOet UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS BOARD OF TRUSTEES Fifty-Seventh Report 1972-74 UNIVERSITY ...»

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When the Board reconvened, the same members of the Board, officers of the Board, and officers of the University as recorded at the beginning of these minutes were present.



The Board considered the following reports and recommendations from the President of the University.

President Corbally presented a report on selected topics of current interest, copies of which were distributed at the meeting, and a copy was filed with the Secretary of the Board.

Medical Center Cost Effectiveness Study The President called on Chancellor Begando who discussed the study briefly, taking the College of Dentistry as an example and detailing methods used in cutting costs within that college. Copies of the study were sent to the Trustees prior to the meeting and a copy was filed with the Secretary.




(1) President Hughes announced that a request from the Illini Union Student Activities Program Committee to appear before the Board had been granted. He introduced Mr. Patrick J. Shane, Chairman of the Committee, who presented a report indicating that the programming function of his Committee has been seriously hampered by the Illini Union Board and requesting that the Trustees consider establishment of the Committee as a department of the Illini Union rather than as a committee of the Board. He referred to materials which had been sent to the Trustees in advance of the meeting, copies of which have been filed with the Secretary of the Board. Following his presentation, he responded to questions from the Trustees.

Mr. Hughes then introduced Mr. Russ Toal, Chairman of the Illini Union Board, who had also requested an opportunity to make a presentation. Mr. Toal presented the Illini Union Board's view that the Illini Union Board took seriously its responsibility in the programming area and does not feel that the concerns of the Illini Union Student Activities Committee are justified. He responded to some points raised by Mr. Shane.

Chancellor Peltason advised the Board that a study was now in progress which he thought would clarify the present controversy. He said he expected the report to be completed in January. Several Trustees expressed the view that this problem had been developing for too long and that January was too long to wait for its resolution. Trustee Livingston moved that the matter be referred to the Student Welfare and Activities Committee, with the direction that the Committee, in consultation with the administration, report to the Board of Trustees in time for the Board to take action in July.

After further discussion by the Trustees, the motion was approved.

SCOPE AND MISSION O F T H E UNIVERSITY O F ILLINOIS. 1 9 7 4 - 1 9 8 0 (2) The document entitled Scope and Mission of the University of Illinois, 1974a copy of which is filed with the Secretary) describes a planning framework for the educational activities of the University of Illinois system during the remainder of the 1970-1980 decade. This document is the culmination, but not the conclusion, of activities initiated in the spring of 1972 and is the most recent of 1974] 553


several formal statements of institutional mission, objectives, and plans. The first of these statements, the Provisional Development Plan, was approved in principle and for transmittal to the Illinois Board of Higher Education by the Board of Trustees on September 16, 1970.

By the spring of 1972, both the staff of the Illinois Board of Higher Education and the staff of the University of Illinois had agreed that the principles and the procedures introduced by the IBHE staff to prepare the operating appropriations requests for FY 1972-73 left much to be desired. Executive Director's Report No.

104 recognized that all sectors of Illinois higher education "are mutually anxious to avoid the problems and the constricted timetable which hampered FY 73 deliberations." More specifically, it stated :

The systems have been asked to provide their separate plans for approaching FY 74 budget decisions. We will work to coordinate their responses to effect uniform development and review procedures. We are determined that the next several months be dedicated to institutional system and statewide planning, encouraging the priority and program evaluation activity to be done at the campus and system level.

In response to the IBHE staff's request, the University suggested that several general issues be considered before the guidelines for the planning of succeeding appropriation requests were formulated, including the establishment of a basic fiscal frame of reference for institutional and IBHE staff planning, the assessment by each institution (and by the IBHE staff) of the impact of the budget limitations for the biennium 1971-73 upon the individual institutions and upon the entire system of higher education, the updating and further refinement of statewide enrollment projections for each campus, and the examination of the basic planning assumptions regarding scope and mission for the various institutions.

In its commentary upon the recommendations in Executive Director's Report No. 103 for the elimination or sharp curtailment of some of its educational programs, the University indicated that its unwillingness or inability to accept most of those recommendations stemmed in large measure from fundamental disagreements with what appeared to be the assumptions underlying them. It seemed clear then, and the IBHE staff subsequently agreed, that the apparent conflict between Report No. 103 assumptions and the Master Plan-Phase III and other IBHE policy statements concerning the University's scope and mission had to be resolved as a prerequisite to effective communication and cooperation between the Board of Higher Education and the University of Illinois in future planning.

The first item in Report No. 104 addressed this point directly in acknowledging that "Campus master plans at senior, junior, and private institutions need systematic revision to bring these plans into full concurrence with MP-III, especially as it relates to scope and mission and interinstitutional planning." The

University commented in response to that observation that:

... in the light of the discussion above concerning the relationship of MP-III to the University of Illinois, that there is considerable ambiguity or indeterminacy in MP-III regarding that document's "basic planning assumptions" for the various institutions. Many aspects of Master PlanPhase III have not been defined operationally, and frequent disagreements have arisen between the IBHE staff and institutional representatives regarding the interpretation of MP-III.

(University of Illinois Commentary on Executive Director's Report No.

103, p. 57) During later discussions between the IBHE staff and the staff of each public higher education system, it was agreed that the initial step toward accomplishing an operational definition of MP-III would be the preparation by each institution of a statement of its conception of the scope and mission assigned to it and of the corollary basic planning assumptions. As these institutional statements were being developed, conferences were held by the IBHE staff at each campus in May, 1972, to explore the critical issues that might have emerged prior to the adoption of MP-III and since then, for the purpose of achieving better mutual [May 15 554 BOARD OF TRUSTEES understanding of apparent divergencies of interpretation and in the hope of resolving such differences to the fullest extent possible. In the light of those discussions and partly on the basis of the statements submitted by each of the University's three campuses following the meetings with I B H E staff members, a document entitled The Scope and Mission of the University and the Basic Planning Assumptions of Its Campuses was prepared and submitted to the I B H E staff in June, 1972.

F o r fiscal 1975 budget requests and multi-year budget estimates, the Illinois Board of Higher Education introduced a new format, the Resource Allocation and Management Program ( R A M P ), within which Illinois public senior universities must submit their budgets for review by the I B H E. T h e R A M P format required, for the first time as a formal requirement, universities to state their scope and mission objectives and technical plans for achieving those goals. This document is in response partly to this requirement and is the product of a continuous process of interaction among departments, colleges, campuses, central administration, governing board, and the Illinois Board of Higher Education.

Previous bound versions were prepared for distribution to members of the Board of Trustees on July 18, 1973, and April S, 1974.

T h e first chapter considers the scope and mission of the University of Illinois as a whole, together with its major planning emphases, and the continuing process of academic development and program evaluation. T h e following three chapters are focused upon the distinctive contributions made by each campus to the University's educational mission and responsibilities, and upon the basic assumptions underlying their respective sets of priorities in educational planning and in the allocation of resources. Attention is given to several specific problems that have been identified during the many scope and mission deliberations.

T h e second section of the document spells out the University's assumptions about enrollment patterns and the availability of resources for higher education.

T h e planning proposals of the first four chapters depend in part upon the validity of these assumptions. Also, the enrollments and resource projections of the financing model are reconciled with the scope and mission statements of the first four chapters.

While the basic purposes of a university such as the University of Illinois remain constant, the specific activities and programs undertaken to meet those purposes will vary with time. T h e dynamic nature of the University and the multitude of plans for innovative response to changes in the state of knowledge, social conditions, and the nature of the student body defy a statement which specifically defines the scope and mission of the University of Illinois over an extended time. This document, which I recommend for approval and for transmittal to the Illinois Board of Higher Education, is already the subject of the continuous process of reassessment and adjustment.

O n m o t i o n of M r. S w a i n, t h i s d o c u m e n t w a s a p p r o v e d a n d a u t h o r i t y w a s g i v e n f o r t r a n s m i t t a l t o t h e I l l i n o i s B o a r d of H i g h e r E d u c a t i o n.


(3) T h e Committee on Accountancy recommends that the certificate of Certified Public Accountant be awarded, under Section S of the Illinois Accountancy Act of 1943, as amended, to six candidates who have presented evidence that they are holders of valid and unrevoked Certified Public Accountant certificates obtained by passing a standard written examination in another state or territory of the United States and who qualify in all other respects under this provision of the law. T h e names of the candidates are filed with the Secretary.

I concur.

O n m o t i o n of M r. L i v i n g s t o n, t h e s e c e r t i f i c a t e s w e r e a w a r d e d.


(4) For several years, the University of Illinois has anticipated recent demands on it in the area of purchasing by coordinating, and in a number of cases by combining, purchases for its campuses. Mr. Lester E. Elliott has acted as the coordinator in these efforts while he has served as Director of Purchases for the Urbana-Champaign campus.

1974] UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS 555 During the last year, in an attempt to achieve more coordinated purchasing for all of higher education, common procurement practices have been under development by the senior institutions — a purchasing division of IECCS (Illinois Educational Consortium for Computer Services) has been created, and some commodities have been tentatively identified for statewide procurement. Actions relating to these developments will be before this Board in the near future.

In order that the Univerity may continue in the forefront of these worthwhile developments, the Vice President for Planning and Allocation recommends that Mr. Lester E. Elliott be designated as the University Director of Purchasing, to continue his present coordinating role and to take a leadership position for the University in the developing statewide efforts — efforts which are being promoted by a number of state agencies, as well as the Joint Council on Higher Education.

From these efforts, the University anticipates savings and better procurement practices.

This action does not require new resources; it is a realignment of existing funds and personnel.

I concur.

On motion of M r. Swain, this position was authorized and the appointment was approved.



(5) The Acting Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Chicago Circle has recommended to the Chancellor the appointment of Stanley K. Shapiro, presently Professor of Biological Sciences, as Professor of Biological Sciences on indefinite tenure and Head of the Department of Biological Sciences, beginning September 1, 1974, on an academic year service basis, at an annual salary of $31,000.

Dr. Shapiro will replace Professor Elmer Hadley, who has asked to be relieved of the administrative appointment effective September 1974.

The nomination of Professor Shapiro is supported by the Consultative Committee for the Headship of the Department of Biological Sciences1 and by the faculty of the Department. The Chancellor has approved the recommendation, and the Vice President for Academic Development and Coordination concurs.

I recommend approval.

On motion of Mr. Livingston, this appointment was approved.


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