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«By Bro. Peter Dimond ****NOTE: This article concerns our recent lawsuit with Eric Hoyle, which we won. All of his fraudulent, false and mortally ...»

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A. Most Holy Family Monastery… (Sworn Testimony of Joseph Myers) Facts confirm this striking testimony. Within a few days of Hoyle’s abrupt departure from MHFM, he tried to 1) steal the monastery’s money, 2) have me and Bro. Michael Dimond arrested for theft and, when that didn’t work, 3) for “reckless driving.” He then 4) embarked on a maniacal campaign to contact MHFM customers and supporters, even verbalizing the desire to contact every single person he spoke with while at MHFM to warn them about MHFM’s “heresy,” “theft,” and/or “fraud.” When his attempts to steal the monastery’s money and have us arrested for theft and reckless driving proved unsuccessful, Hoyle then sued us in federal court on ten different counts, including “racketeering, wire fraud, mail fraud and bank fraud,” among other things. Hoyle even stated that one of his goals was to have facts or accusations that generated bad publicity circulated widely in the traditional community in order to negatively affect people’s view of MHFM.

Hoyle admitted under oath to attempting to transfer the monastery’s money to himself.

Deposition of Plaintiff Eric Hoyle, Feb. 8, 2011, pp. 64-68: “Q. Do you remember trying to Yes. Q. And when did you do that? A. In the morning of the day I left I tried to do so online, make a transfer out of the Scottrade account away from the monastery to yourself? A.

and in the afternoon I tried to do so on a telephone call… Q. And could you please describe the nature of the transaction you attempted to initiate? A. I attempted to transfer cash from the Scotttrade account to an account in my name. Q. And where did you have an account in your name? A. USAA Federal Savings Bank… Q. And could you tell me how much money you wanted to transfer out of the monastery’s account? When I say money, I mean cash, stocks, bonds, any sort of investment. How much were you attempting to transfer out of the monastery’s account into your own? A. I don’t recall. Q. Was it more than a million dollars?

A. No. Q. Was it more than five hundred thousand dollars? A. I don’t recall. Q. So it could have been more, you’re not sure? A. I’m not sure.” A police report, telephone call and recording all confirm that on Jan. 2, 2008 Eric Hoyle reported a theft to Trooper Larry LaRose, with the goal of having me and Brother Michael Dimond arrested for theft. A document also confirms that Eric Hoyle contacted the police with the intention of having Bro. Michael Dimond arrested for “reckless driving.” Hoyle even informed the police of the roads on which we travel when we go to the store, with the hope that officers would stake out the area and catch the “reckless driving.” Joseph Myers Testimony, p. 79: “Q. Did there come a time when you were staying at the hotel in Mt. Morris when you either saw or learned that Mr. Hoyle had communicated with the New York State Troopers? A. Yes. Q. Can you tell me about that, please? A. Yes. I don’t remember which day it was, but I remember he was really wanting to take – you know, them in some kind of criminal charge or some kind of criminal act…” (cscr no. 12585;

take Brother Michael and Brother Peter down, take the monastery down and get

–  –  –

Notes also indicate that Hoyle considered writing to our banks, the mayor of our town, and others informing them about MHFM’s supposed “fraud” and/or the withholding of his money (a claim now proven in court to be baseless). It was appalling to hear conversations of Hoyle with people who at any point over the past twenty years had contact with me or Bro. Michael. In speaking to them Hoyle was desperately searching, digging futilely to the bottom of the barrel, for any kind of “dirt” he could find, so that he could use it in his attempt to “take down” MHFM.

In his effort to tarnish MHFM’s reputation, Hoyle contacted hundreds if not thousands of MHFM’s readers and supporters. He alleged that Bro. Michael Dimond and I stole his money. He said that we violated contracts, cheated him, engaged in repetitive fraud, and more. These claims have all been proven false. Upon reviewing the record in evidence, the judge concluded that Hoyle donated the money he transferred to MHFM. There are many facts mentioned in the judge’s order which prove this point.

Perhaps the most prominent of Hoyle’s false claims about the money he donated was one he stated in his lawsuit and elsewhere, which was picked up by many newspapers, blogs, websites, etc. In fact, The Buffalo News, the largest newspaper in western NY, ran a cover story on Hoyle’s lawsuit.

Hoyle claimed that there was a document which guaranteed him a large amount of money should he depart MHFM. This was circulated widely in the traditional community, on websites and forums, with opponents of MHFM concluding that we are criminals who cheated Hoyle. It served to greatly tarnish our reputations. But Hoyle’s claim was false. When he was questioned about this alleged document during his deposition, Hoyle admitted that he: 1) didn’t have a copy of it; 2) didn’t know what it said; 3) didn’t know what Bro. Michael said about it, if anything; 4) didn’t know if it was signed.


Hoyle also admitted that he transitioned from being a strong supporter and member of MHFM to MHFM’s avowed enemy within just one day. E-mail documents confirm that Hoyle was enthusiastically recommending MHFM and our material to others just a few days prior to departing MHFM.

Prescinding from the interesting consideration given to us by a Catholic saint: that radical and sudden decisions – i.e., those which are not carefully and soberly considered, but instantly arrived at and which drastically alter one’s life or course of action – frequently come from Satan, suffice it to say that the man whose writings Hoyle read is clearly a false prophet. The so-called “prophet” who converted Hoyle (named R.I.) has admitted to falsely identifying another “prophet.” He has also admitted to being a condemned heretic and faith-denier while simultaneously claiming to be a “prophet.” The man also embraces a variety of outrageously heretical and schismatic views, including his condemnation of certain canonized saints of the Catholic Church as heretics. He also threatens to kill people who disagree with him; he hands out penances to people who live in his small religious community in the southwest; he even said that, as a penance for one of his followers, he would have her “blow a cat’s brains out.” “The prophet” also believes that St. Thomas Aquinas is in Hell and should be “pulled out of Hell” and tortured – no kidding. With all of this considered, it’s not hard to ascertain which spirit was behind Hoyle’s life-changing experience. Here’s a link to shocking audio of the false prophet.


After being “catechized” via the false prophet’s writings, Eric Hoyle became a full-fledged radical schismatic and decided to depart MHFM. After he left MHFM, Hoyle toyed with, and ventured into, a variety of schismatic positions. He became friendly with, and influenced by, a certain clique of radical schismatics. We actually have recordings of many of the conversations Hoyle had with these people after he left MHFM. They are very interesting in so far as they document Hoyle’s uncertainty and unbelief on the issues of faith. Hoyle made the recordings and was required to turn them over to MHFM. This is something he probably never dreamed would happen at the time he recorded the calls. It’s apparent that Hoyle recorded dozens of telephone conversations he had with others, including conversations about personal matters 2; and, in almost every case, the other party was unaware the call was being recorded. We have recordings of conversations (again, all turned over by Hoyle to us) that Hoyle had with people in states ranging from Florida, to Michigan, to Oklahoma, to Alabama, to Texas, to Illinois, to Arizona, to New York, to New Mexico, to Vermont, to New Jersey, to Delaware, and so on.

Some of the people Hoyle communed and conversed with, and was even instructed by, have now fallen into the schismatic position that Popes Leo XIII, Pius X, and Pius XI were heretical antipopes.

That’s just one example of a dark end to their prideful schism. “There is a way that seemeth to a man right: and the ends thereof lead to death” (Proverbs 16:25). Documents and recordings also prove that in the last few years Hoyle embraced, among many other things: the ridiculous “nojurisdiction-position”; the position that canonizations are not infallible; the idea that Fatima is or might be of the Devil; and the position that Padre Pio is in Hell, to name a few. Hoyle also composed a preliminary abjuration, in which he denounced the positions he held on water baptism and NFP while at MHFM. He condemned as non-Catholic the true position: that any idea of salvation without water baptism for unbaptized catechumens is contrary to dogma. He also condemned the idea that NFP is necessarily sinful. He articulated the position that the sinful birth control practice of NFP is acceptable, while adding that he’s still looking into it. 3 It’s fascinating, however, that during these conversations it’s clear that Eric Hoyle (like other radical schismatics) actually believes in nothing. For example, while he’s composing a preliminary abjuration, it’s interesting to hear him discuss how he’s not even sure he’s a Catholic or if he ever became one. Almost everything he says about his positions is prefaced by: “I’m still studying,” or “I’m not sure,” or “I’m still formulating my position” or words to that effect. He is truly eversearching and never coming to the knowledge of the truth (2 Tim. 3:7).

What became so clear to me, in analyzing his descent into roaming schism, is that he has no internal faith at all. Perhaps he never did. His brief acceptance of, or inclination toward, certain positions is simply an intellectual endeavor devoid of any real internal conviction. His confidence in the As just one example, Hoyle recorded a man describing his suspicions of adultery about his wife, and how infrequently they have marital relations.

Hoyle Document, Bates No. 00005414, assertion #10.

confidence he places in the people around him who believe in those positions. In other words, positions he adopts or leans toward is only temporarily bolstered in direct proportion to the when he had confidence in the Dimond Brothers, he adopted the position of the Dimond Brothers.

When he lost confidence in the Dimond Brothers, he rejected the position of the Dimond Brothers.

When he was friendly with radical schismatics, who served as his telephone pals, he leaned toward the position of the radical schismatics. When he was forced to stop communicating with many of the radical schismatics, following the temporary restraining order we won against him in 2008, he became much more liberal, as his deposition testimony shows.



For instance, during his deposition Eric Hoyle was questioned about his theological views. He was questioned about the concept that everyone on Earth is either in the Kingdom of Christ (the true Church) or in the Kingdom of Satan (outside the true Church). He was asked whether R.I., the radical schismatic cult leader mentioned earlier, is in the Kingdom of Christ or in the Kingdom of Satan. As I alluded to above, R.I. is a false prophet with absurdly heretical and schismatic views.

Those views include the position that numerous canonized saints are in Hell and that he would like to torture St. Thomas Aquinas if he could, to describe just a few. Based on Hoyle’s claim to reject communion with heretics and schismatics, one would think that it would be very easy for him to answer the question about whether R.I. is in the Kingdom of Satan: i.e., he is. But Hoyle, consistent with the vain lack of conviction I described above, responds with total uncertainty. According to Hoyle’s deposition testimony, R.I. might be a true Catholic, residing spiritually in the Kingdom of Christ.

Deposition of Plaintiff Eric Hoyle, Feb. 8, 2011, pp. 91-92: “Q.… You and I had some discussions about the kingdom of Christ versus the kingdom of Satan, and you identified people you thought fell within the kingdom of Satan. How about… [R.I.] would you identify him to be in the kingdom of Satan? A. I don’t know. Q. I’m not asking you to state as a fact whether he is or he isn’t, but this has to do I guess with the Roman Catholic religion as you’ve defined it. And based on its teachings as you know them, do you believe, does Eric Hoyle believe that… [R.I.] finds himself within the kingdom of Satan? A. I don’t have the information to make that kind of judgment in this regard.” Even though Hoyle was very familiar with the details of R.I.’s theological views, including the horrible positions described above, he doesn’t know if R.I is in the Church. In Hoyle’s empty, dark and faithless world, there is no settled ground (Colossians 1:23). Instead, he is carried to and fro by the wind of multiple opinions (Ephesians 4:14), never resting surely in the truth.

During his liberal period, when he gave his deposition testimony, Hoyle also contradicted the super-radical theology he adopted when he departed MHFM and immediately thereafter. To see just how radical he was at the time of his departure from MHFM and in the months that followed, consult his “Preliminary Abjuration,” quoted later. In his deposition Hoyle contradicted this theology by stating that attendees of Vatican II churches, including adherents of the Vatican II Church’s “Benedictine Confederation,” might be true Catholics and not heretics.

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