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«Transcript of the Safeguarding the Integrity of Sport Forum May 2015 A production of Play by the Rules In cooperation with © Play by the Rules 2015 ...»

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the Integrity

of Sport

Transcript of the

Safeguarding the Integrity of Sport Forum

May 2015

A production of Play by the Rules

In cooperation with

© Play by the Rules 2015

The content of this ebook is provided for information purposes only. The contents of this

ebook do not constitute legal advice and should not be used as such. Formal legal advice

should be sought in particular matters.

Whilst the information contained in this ebook has been formulated with all due care, Play by the Rules or its partners do not accept any liability to any person for the information (or the use of such information) which is provided in this ebook or incorporated into it by reference.

The information in this ebook is provided on the basis that all persons accessing the ebook undertake responsibility for assessing the relevance and accuracy of its content. For further information please contact manager@playbytherules.net.au 2 Keeping sport safe, fair and inclusive Preface On 1 June 2015 representatives from Northern Territory sports organisations and major clubs gathered to attend the Safeguarding the Integrity of Sport forum in the Michael Long Learning Centre in Darwin. The Darwin forum concluded a unique national roadshow, organised by Play by the Rules, which addressed the impact that doping, match-fixing and the use of supplements are having on sport at a grassroots and sub-elite level.

The forums were unique in many ways, not least for the extent of inter-agency cooperation that went into staging them. Major partners were the Australian Sports Commission, the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA), the National Integrity of Sport Unit (NISU) and all state and territory departments of sport and recreation. The initiative was funded via the Committee of Australian Sport and Recreation Officials (CASRO), the collective of federal, state and territory heads of sport. CASRO’s support followed recommendations from the Access All Levels report, commissioned by Play by the Rules on behalf of CASRO and produced by Bluestone Edge in 2014.

The report confirmed what CASRO suspected — that doping, match-fixing and the use of supplements were no longer confined to high performance sport.

This ebook is a direct transcript of the forum that was held in Sydney in May 2015. It is divided into five sections – the introduction, part 1 on ethical decision-making by Paul Oliver, part 2 from the presentation of ASADA on anti-doping, part 3 from the presentation on match-fixing from NISU and part 4 from the presentation on supplements and image enhancing substances from Dr Gary Slater. To view the full video, or major topic session

videos, simply go to:

www.playbytherules.net.au/news-centre/projects-sport-integrity/1446-safeguardingintegrity At the time of producing this ebook we are in the process of planning for the next stage of support in these areas of integrity. If you would like to be kept informed of these initiatives and resources then sign up here – www.pbtr.com.au/safeguarding/ Thanks Peter Downs Manager – Play by the Rules August 2015

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Peter Downs (Manager – Play by the Rules) Good morning, everybody. My name is Peter Downs, from Play by the Rules. I guess Play by the Rules is the organizing collective behind these series of forums. You might be aware of Play by the Rules, but it is a true collective of the Australian Sports Commission, Australian Human Rights Commission, all state departments of sport and recreation and equality opportunity commissions, the Australian Sports Law Association, and the Office of Children’s Guardian. So, it is a true collective.

Now, just to give you one minute of background to where these forums came from, it was about two years ago now that CASRO, in particular, who were the heads of departments of sport across the country, were concerned that issues of doping, match fixing, and supplement use were emerging at the grassroots and sub-elite areas of sport. They were no longer confined to high performance sport. To cut a long story short, there was a report commissioned, called “Access All Levels,” that Play by the Rules managed that report, which confirmed the suspicions that we had that these were, in fact, emerging issues at a grassroots and sub-elite level.

4 Keeping sport safe, fair and inclusive To cut that story even shorter, we’re now here. Part of that is to provide some education, awareness, and a framework to look at addressing those issues of doping, match fixing, supplements, and image-enhancing substances for the grassroots and sub-elite areas of sport, to raise this as an emerging issue for the sub-elite and grassroots area.

When we thought about it, how do we coach that? We don’t want to just present a series of lecture-type things across different subjects. How do we framework this set of forums?

And we thought, really, just like all issues to do with Play by the Rules, it’s to do with the decisions that people make. And a lot of these issues arise out of decisions that people make. As it happens, the author of the “Access All Levels” report, Paul Oliver, was working on an ethical decision-making framework with a number of national sports organizations at that time, and we thought that fit perfectly with this kind of forum. And that’s how Paul’s going to guide us, in a second, through a series of presentations around these issues. There will be a chance to ask questions and to interact and to use the ethical decision-making framework, which you have, I think, in your papers there, and see how that applies to doping, match fixing, supplement use, and in fact, other issues to do with integrity of sport in your sports.

So, hopefully that makes sense of how we tried to framework this series of forums. Now, we understand it’s always a bit of an issue with traffic in Sydney, so we anticipate people will be drifting over the next 10 or 15 minutes or so. We wanted to get started there. We will have a break, so we won’t be sitting down for the entire 4 hours. We’ll have a break midway for a quick snack outside. And at the end, there will be a chance, also, with some food, for a bit of a late lunch afterwards outside, to mix with the presenters and to have a chat, as well. So, hang in there. We’ll have a break, and then we’ll have some more food right at the end.

OK, let’s get started. Paul Oliver is going to facilitate this, as I explained, through the next hour or so, before we have a break. Paul, would you like to take the stage?

–  –  –

Thanks, Pete. And thanks, everyone, for coming along, too. Four hours is a big investment out of your time on a chilly Friday morning in Sydney. My name is Paul Oliver. I’ve been involved with sport most of my life. I’ve worked for government in sport. I’ve worked with NSOs, SSOs, at grassroots sports. As Pete said, I’ve written a few major reports and reviews around these sort of issues in Australian sport, and I’ve done a PhD in this area. So, I love it.

I’m passionate about this area. But I’m especially passionate about helping sport be all that it can be. And these integrity issues are one of the areas that are really impacting on sport at the moment.

This is the fourth of our presentations around the states and territories. On this issue, integrity and sport, we always try and keep the presentations fresh. And there’s been no shortage of material as we travel around. We started off about 6 weeks ago, and straight away, there were all these issues in Geelong with grassroots sport. We had the Perth Glory League salary-cap stuff. We’ve had the Essendon saga run throughout. We’ve had homophobia issues in the ARU. We saw yesterday that there were gambling issues with AFL players. It really does make you think what has happened to integrity in sport. To me, looking at it, it looks less of the blackest day in Australian sport, and more a black thundercloud has moved in off the coast, and sat off the coast here, and won’t move away at the moment. There’s been so many issues.

Play by the Rules But it’s not all bad. My kids play sport, under-sixes and under-tens, and I watch them every weekend, with their swimming or their soccer or their nippers, and I see all the values of what sport can do, which we all know and love. They meet new friends. They’re having fun. They have all the social connection through it—everything that we know that sport can espouse. But the fact is that there are a lot of challenges in sport at the moment, unprecedented challenges by globalization, new technologies, which we’ll hear from with Damien with the match fixing. We’ll hear from Gary with supplements, and how they’re imported into the country these days. But it makes, these days, sports more accountable. It’s more visible to everyone, and that’s led to a whole range of different integrity issues.

As Matt said, we have some fantastic speakers today. Michelle and Simon from ASADA will run you through all the anti-doping information. We have Damien from NISU, and he’ll talk about match-fixing, all the issues there. And Gary will finish off, from the University of the Sunshine Coast, and he’ll talk about supplements—the pros, the cons, all the things that can happen there. But the main part of today is—you have those fantastic experts there. Please use them. There’s plenty of time after everyone’s talk. There’s about 15 minutes or so for questions. So, don’t hold back anything you have. I know, when Michelle and Simon were there at the start, I live at Cronulla, so I had a lot of questions for them straight off—not that they answered any for me! But please, please don’t hold back with the questions. That’s the biggest part of today, for you to come here. You have fantastic experts. Find out and listen to them.

There’s a flyer on your seat which I’ve done. I’ll talk a bit about ethics and ethical decision-making and how it’s involved with sport. We’ve done up a flyer, and I’ve done up a simple framework, ethical decision-making framework, for you to run through. And I’ll pose some simple ethical dilemmas that you probably get in your sporting lives, or on the sport on weekends, and just practically run through those with you to try and demonstrate that framework, and to see how easy it can be used to solve issues. And then, I’ll come back at the end, and I’ll do a summary of a complete approach to safeguarding the integrity of sport.

I just wanted to mention, as you came in—all of the documents and all of the speech notes today are on the USB that you have there. So, there’s no need for notes, really. Every bit of that material is there.

8 Keeping sport safe, fair and inclusive So, how did we get here? How did we get where off-field dramas tend to over-challenge the on-field excellence these days, when there are more sports on the front pages of the paper than the back papers, for the wrong reasons? Sport, in the old days, amateur days, used to be about teamwork and sportsmanship, fair play, all of those things—character-building— but these days, it seems to be a lot more around the pressure on kids and personal gain and getting ahead, that type of thing. I’ve seen it in some of the reports that I did, the “Access All Areas” one with drugs and doping in grassroots sport. And I’d hear reports of 9-year-old kids, their coach giving them four or five Red Bulls at halftime during a game to get them ahead. How have we got a situation like that that’s led to a no-risk, no-reward-type attitude that seems to infiltrate sport these days?

And for me, that’s led to a lot of the integrity issues that we’re having in sport these days, that “no-risk, no-reward, whatever it takes” attitude that seems to engulf sport. And for me, the negatives of that—it takes away all the good oxygen of all those good things that I said sport espouses. If you’re a casual observer, you’d think sport is marred and all of this stuff.

But we work in this area. We know all the fantastic stuff sport can do, as well. One of those examples, the other day, I saw was that Paris-Roubaix cycling race, with the cyclists trying to get across with a 100-km train coming at them, trying to get across the railway thing, squeezing in one second earlier to get ahead with the pack. I’m thinking, “What are you valuing there? It’s obviously not your life! You’re valuing getting a few seconds ahead to try and get in a race.” And people see that sort of stuff and think sport’s gone a bit crazy.

And particularly at a time when parents are looking at different options for kids, so many lifestyle choices, iPods, computers, that type of thing, we really need to be promoting the best sport can do. And integrity issues seem to be taking away a lot of that spotlight. But we have a lot of safeguards and laws and rules against these sort of things and protections.

We have rules and good governance and codes of conduct. When I work with Play by the Rules, that’s what we did, tried to promote those things—the codes, policies, frameworks, to protect from any of those issues happening. With ASADA, you have the monitoring, surveillance, sanctions, all of those sort of things—investigations—the deterrent side of things. Education—we have training around those rules and risks in sport. But still, people still transgress. We still get the integrity issues happening on a daily basis. Why?

And the basic reason is—that’s a bit hard to see—your kids are watching, parents—your kids are watching—but basically, why is because we’re human. We’re fallible. We are going to make mistakes. I know I’ve made a few throughout my life, and I know I still make them now. So, what about an 18-year-old kid who has all the pressure on him, trying to succeed, get ahead, all of those type of things and the decisions and pressure on him or her?

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