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«Hour of Power vom 28.10.2012 Begrüßung (Bobby Schuller) This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it. Turn around to those ...»

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Hour of Power vom 28.10.2012

Begrüßung (Bobby Schuller)

This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it. Turn around

to those who are standing next to you. Shake their hands and say God loves you

and so do I.

Let’s pray: Father, we come to You in the name of Your son Jesus and we thank

You for this gorgeous day. We thank You Lord that You are here present with us,

that You never left us, and we ask God that You would bless us, teach us, forgive

us and restore us, in the name of Your Son Jesus we pray, amen.

Bibellesung – Ausgewählte Verse aus Psalm 8 – (Dr. Lawrence Wilkes):

Well in preparation for this morning’s service hear these words from Psalm 8:

Oh Lord, our Lord, how excellent is Your name in all the earth. Who have set Hour of Power Deutschland Your glory among the heavens. When I consider Your heavens, the work of Your Steinerne Furt 78 fingers, the moon, the stars, which You have ordained, what is man that You are 86167 Augsburg mindful of him, and the son of man that You visit him. For You have made him a little lower than the angels, and You have crowned him with glory and honor. You Telefon: 0 18 05 / 70 80 99* have made him to have dominion over the works of Your hands. You have put all Telefax: 0 18 05 / 70 80 98* things under his feet. All sheep and oxen, even the beasts of the field, the birds of the air, and the fish of the sea that pass through the paths of the sea. Oh Lord, E-Mail: info@hourofpower.de www.hourofpower.de our Lord, how excellent is Your name in all the earth.

May God add His blessing to the reading of this, His word.

Baden-Württembergische Bank BLZ: 600 501 01 Interview Bobby Schuller (BS) mit Sterling Copeland (SC) und Lindy Hickman Konto: 28 94 829 (LH):

BS: I was in my car driving a number of weeks ago; hadn’t turned the * (Dieser Anruf kostet 14 Cent TV on or anything. I was going down Chapman to a meeting, and I saw a flag pro Minute aus dem deutschen that was at half mast. And then I saw another flag that was at half mast and Festnetz und ggf. abweichendem another after that, and I wondered what had happened. So I turned on th

–  –  –

And so there you are, you’re sitting and you actually saw the gunman come in? He came in and you were sitting there with your friend in the middle of the theater. Did you actually see him?

SC: We were actually right in the entrance of theater eight, so when we were told that a gunman was in the lobby that stopped us from leaving.

BS: Yes, I see. Did you hear the gun shots or did you see what was happening?

SC: Absolutely. It’s one of those things when you get startled in the middle of a movie and you kind of jump, you realize it must not be part of the movie if there’s smoke around you. Yes it was such a cracking and a burst that happened right next to us that it felt that something was really out of place.

LH: And that first set of shots was during a fight scene in the film, so we’re thinking we’re at a premier and maybe they have some kind of enhanced audio or something because it was so loud, but it’s during gun scene, you don’t think twice about it, really. And then the second set was not during a fight scene, it was later on in the film, and that’s when everybody started to say okay, this is something else. This is not just part of the film. And I think that’s when we all started to realize kind of what was going on.

BS: And what happened? Did people start scrambling?

SC: You know we thought again it was just some kids messing around. But when somebody ran through the theater saying the gunman is in the lobby, almost immediately the emergency sirens came on, and that’s when we knew it was real. And naturally people crowd towards the doors. When we were told that he was in the lobby; we were the closest ones to the lobby, so that’s kind of when we had to have a little bit of I guess peace with what was going on.

We had to try and think through everything that was going on and it seemed that’s kind of where our faith came in.

BS: So tell me about that. So you’re in the midst of this crazy thing that’s happening, you don’t know what’s going on, and then you say your faith came in. What does that mean? What did that feel like?

SC: Well I can just say that for me, it was when we realized that we were completely helpless, as in we could not protect ourselves..

BS: I mean were you afraid for your lives?

SC:..yes I mean..

BS: Was it that?

LH: Absolutely. I mean I think that everybody in that theater prayed whether they were religious or not the same prayer. I mean I know my prayer was ‘God please save me. Don’t let me die.’ And I’m sure in that moment, that’s all you can think about. There’s not these graceful prayers, they’re not eloquent, you’re just saying please don’t let me die. And at the same time, I know that for me, there’s a peace in knowing that if I did die, that I know exactly where I’m going and who I’m going to be with, and a lot of people in that theater didn’t have that same hope.

BS: That’s interesting.

LH: And so even though you’re scared, because its unknown and it’s not something you want to happen, you have this hope that even if it does happen, you’re going to be okay. You’re going to be with God and that it’s not the end of the world.

BS: So you’re saying that you had a strength or you felt centered, in a way, because you knew okay, you know, if something happens to me, I’m still in God’s care.

LH: Well for a lot of those people, if they get shot and they die, and they don’t have faith, they don’t have Christ, it is the end of their world. I mean it is and so they have this uncontrollable fear and this hopelessness, really, and I would say that I was definitely feeling helpless, but there wasn’t a point where I felt hopeless at all.

BS: What about your friend? You had a friend there, too. It was a girl?

SC: Yes.

BS: And how did she respond? What was her story?

SC: The toughest thing I think and for everyone really to know is the toughest thing is your support system after. And we were very, in a way, you can say blessed to have each other to kind of lean on, but you know for Brittney, was her name, that originally wanted to go, and you know we’ve been trying to speak in to her life as much as we can, and we’ve become obviously much stronger friends through it, so..

BS: Of course, yes.

SC:..you know, we’re just thinking if we didn’t have the support systems around us, godly families, godly work places, its, you know, that’s where it comes in that we’re so thankful for who’s around us.

BS: So what’s been happening since then? I mean you leave this theater, it’s the center of national attention, you have your small group but many of them didn’t go. I bet a lot of them are very thankful they didn’t go. And have you been working with your small group to sort of work through some of the memories?

LH: I had a trauma counselor I went to who was excellent and he was great and that I just kept saying ‘I just want to get back to normal, I just want to go back to normal.’ And he would tell me..

BS: What does it mean normal versus what you have now?

LH: Just things like after the shooting, I would walk to my car and I’d always, you know, kind of look around and be really nervous and check the back of my car, make sure nobody’s in there. And you just live in this different state of heightened awareness, a lot more fear going on, and that just was never something I experienced before. I was never scared to walk out to my car at night by myself. And he was saying, you know, it’s very normal but it’s also, it’s a new part of your new normal. He’s like it will go away, it will lessen, but the truth is you’re never going to get rid of this experience, it’s always something that’s a part of you and so you need to know that this is normal for you now. It gets better, but it’s never going to be what it was.

BS: Is it difficult to talk about it?

SC: The way that I was describing that is you know any person that’s had where you can honestly say God brought you out of something, at first, it was tough. I mean it’s never easy, but the reality is when God brings you out of something, there should never be a time that you stop telling about it. I mean because we really do believe God had us there for a purpose for Brittney, and finally we’re able to actually tell about what faith means in situations like that, rather than just talking about a shooting.

BS: Yes, and tell me what does faith mean, and what has it meant to you in the shooting and since the shooting?

SC: Well it’s just that only thing that can really restore you in that kind of situation is you know when we sat down kind of in the theater, when we were told we couldn’t leave, it was God, this is completely in Your hands. And what better place can we be in in our lives than just completely turning to God and falling into the arms of Christ. So being willing to accept that is a really neat thing.

LH: I always thought, you know, I’d live to 80 or 90. I have a very healthy family. My grandparents are all in their 80’s and 90’s, and I just assumed that I would get 90 years on the planet. And when you’re in a theater and you really think I’m going to die here, this is it, you all of a sudden realize that you’re never guaranteed that, no matter how healthy your family is, no matter how good your gene pool is, you’re never guaranteed time.

BS: Yes.

LH: And so it was just eye opening experience that I’m not in control of my own life, and I’ve never been so acutely aware of it as I was in that moment. And some people would say, you know, it’s really frightening to think you’re not in control of your own life, but it’s actually really liberating. And it would be frightening if we served a God who was just out to get us all the time.

But we don’t. We serve a very good God and so you can put your life in His hands and just say, you know, however long I’ve got, I trust You with it, and it’s just a more liberating way to live your life.

BS: I like the word liberating, because what I hear you saying is that you thought you would live to this ripe old age, but this reminds you, you know, at your young age that anything can happen. What does that do to how you value today? I mean does that change it?

LH: Oh absolutely. I mean it makes you appreciate everything more. It makes you appreciate your family more, your friends more, just your time more. It makes you re-think how you interact with people, and the impact you make on their life. I mean the last thing you want to do is speak something into somebody and know that that’s the last thing they heard on this planet.

BS: I see.

LH: And you just have a new awareness of how you conduct yourself. If this is my last day on the planet, how do I want to spend it, because you just never know.

BS: Yes.

SC: That’s good, she wins; yes she’s good on that one.

BS: Okay! And now there was a quote you said “there is evil in our world, and bad things do happen, but..

LH: But we serve a good God,” and so He’s bigger than all of that. I mean it’s nice to know that in that moment, James Holmes and a shooter in a theater seems like the biggest thing in the world, but the truth is God is so much greater than any of that. He’s so much bigger than James Holmes, He’s so much bigger than any person who wishes harm on anyone else, and more than that, He loves us and He protects us. So just knowing how big God is and that He’s in control of your life just comforts you.

SC: And how many times are we told that God’s plans are good, even if they don’t make sense. And to actually be able to for the first time, mean that, having experienced it, saying full well, God brought us out of this for a specific reason and He did it for a specific reason. You know evil is still in the world, but that’s not the way that we have to take from a situation like that.

BS: Oh thank you Sterling and Lindy. Now let’s just take a moment, we’d love to pray for you both before we send you home, and bless your community and be praying for you as you guys process through this.

Lord, we come to You in the name of Jesus and we pray for Aurora, and we pray, God, that Your spirit and Your power, Your ability to heal would be present in that place. We pray that You would heal our country and state of Colorado, and all of the people that feel scared and wounded, frustrated, angry, Lord, would You heal us and help us in this.

Lord, I pray a special blessing over Sterling and over Lindy, and I pray, God, that You would bless everything they put their hand to. That this event, even though it is awful and evil, could actually turn for good in their life. That it would continue to show them that every day matters, that every day has value, every day is beautiful. And show them what it means to walk in peace and to always walk in Your hope. Lord, I pray that You’d bless them and give them Your peace, in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, we pray, amen.

LH: Amen.

BS: What an inspiring story. Thank you so much, Sterling and Lindy. It’s been such a blessing.

LH: Thank you.

SC: Thank you so much. Thanks guys.

Predigt „Wie erlebe ich die Gegenwart Gottes?“ (Bobby Schuller):

This morning, the title of my message is “Practicing the Presence of God.” When I was talking to Sterling and Lindy just a moment ago, they were reflecting on a horrible experience that both of them shouldn’t have gone through. I mean something that has rocked our whole country. I can’t imagine what it would have been like sitting in the theater, you know, seeing this horrific scene, and yet out of that, God was able to produce inside of them something very rich and meaningful. The thing that I distilled most when we were talking here was that they said that today is more special, in a way. That’s how I would say it. They thought that they would, you know, being young, live long lives and in that moment they realized well anytime something can happen that can end it all. And that caused me to think that maybe today is a lot more important and a lot more special than I thought it was before because I might not have as many today’s as I thought I did.

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