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«Dr. Sarwar Naqvi Cell: 0300.973.8327 E-mail: sarwarazma OR naqvisarwar Objective: To lead Pakistan’s Space Program and bring it ...»

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Dr. Sarwar Naqvi

Cell: 0300.973.8327

E-mail: sarwarazma@yahoo.com

OR naqvisarwar@yahoo.com


To lead Pakistan’s Space Program and bring it to the level of other advanced countries

particularly through appropriate human resource development to minimize Pakistan’s external

dependence in this specialized field; i.e., create an indigenous knowledge base in space

technology for Pakistan.


Matriculation 1958 St. Lawrence’s Boys School, Karachi FSc (Intermediate Science) 1960 D.J. Science College, Karachi BSc (Honours) 1961 Department of Mathematics, University of Karachi [Completed first year honors in Mathematics and then left for London, England for further education] GCE: A-Levels and O-Levels 1962 Woolwich Polytechnic, London, England BSc Aeronautical Engineering First Class Honours 1962-1965 Queen Mary College, University of London, England MS Electrical Engineering Control Systems Group (GPA = 3.0) 1967-1969 Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island U.S.A.

MS & PhD Mechanical Engineering Aero-Astronautics Group (GPA = 3.9) 1969-1971 Rice University, Houston, Texas U.S.A.

Dr. Sarwar Naqvi – Resume page 1 of 12 April 4, 2006

Professional Work Experience:

(starting with current position)

1. Sep 2004 – Present : Institute of Space Technology, Islamabad Professor and Past Head, Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Current duties include (but are not limited to):

 Participate in providing strategic and tactical long-term plans for visions of Pakistan’s Space Program  Provide guidance on making the Institute a “Center of Excellence” for aerospace sciences and engineering and to make it a human resource development center in this field  Provide support for defining goals and objectives for the Institute and define educational requirements to match Pakistan’s overall space program  Provide support to the Higher Education Commission (HEC) in their efforts to promote higher education in Pakistan  Generate public support for Pakistan’s overall space program  Participate in making educational policies for the Institute  Emphasize need for research and promote generation of appropriate project topics for students, particularly those that are being worked by student-sponsoring organizations  Create experimental laboratories of high quality to conduct appropriate research in space technology for all governmental institutes in Pakistan and to attract well qualified faculty  Create an academic environment with appropriate focus and priorities to match a free-thinking institute for research and higher learning  Provide teaching assignments to departmental faculty and staff  Offer appropriate technical “workshops” for professionals to develop and improve their skills in space technology  Review and revise curriculum for degree programs to maintain current status on a regular basis;

add new courses and remove obsolete ones as appropriate  Teach, assist and advise students in their academic programs and problems  Recruit qualified faculty for the department  Assist part-time faculty in all areas of their teaching responsibilities  Organize and handle all day-to-day activities of the department

–  –  –

 Design Space Shuttle trajectory for the ascent flight phase  Ensure that all flight products are accurate, within budget, and delivered on time  Support technical meetings with NASA and all of its contracting and subcontracting agencies  Develop training programs for flight design on a variety of media – (computer based training, video tapes, audio tapes, etc.)

3. Jan 1994 – Jun 1994 : Milby High School, Houston, Texas Mathematics teacher Took all courses required for teacher certification in the State of Texas Duties included teaching mathematics to disadvantaged high school students

4. Jul 1989 – Dec 1993 : Rockwell Space Operations Co., Houston, Texas Project Manager

Duties included :

 Lead definition and development aspects of the Flight Analysis and Design System (FADS) for the U.S. space shuttle  Plan, implement, and evaluate FADS prototypes  Facilitate collection of user requirements  Conduct smooth transition of flight design personnel and software from production in old system to production in new automated system  Develop training programs for flight design on a variety of media – (computer based training, video tapes, audio tapes, etc.)

5. Jul 1987 – Jun 1989 : Rockwell Space Operations Co., Houston, Texas Principal Engineer

Duties included :

 Provide technical expertise for development and maintenance of Ascent Guidance Navigation and Control (GN&C) software tools  Coordinate high level management reviews and working group meetings between NASA, Rockwell, and subcontractors  Maintain cognizance of the computational facility configuration status and participate in resolution of facility resource issues

–  –  –

 Software development and project management consultancy  Manage turnkey contracts of scientific and commercial applications for large organizations such as Pakistan Telephone and Telegraph, Karachi Water & Sewerage Board, and other private organizations  Handle all new business negotiations  Interface with all levels of management, starting from top  Complete responsibility for successful implementation of all projects  Applications included: telephone billing (over a million subscribers), water billing, payroll, financial systems, water-networking, management information reports, import/export systems, inventory, etc.

 Responsible for practices of consistent application of policies and procedures

7. Jun 1985 – Jun 1986 : BCCI Foundation for the Advancement of Science and Technology (FAST)., Institute of Computer Science Karachi, and Institute of Electronics Lahore, Pakistan Director

Duties included :

 Chief administrator of both institutes  Responsible for total management of all faculty and staff  Responsible for practices of consistent application of policies and procedures  Define strategic and tactical goals for the institutes  Assess institutes’ needs and requirements and monitor budget  Responsible for developing and planning instructional curriculum  Interface with high schools, local businesses and industry for input and support  Coordinate resources and facilities planning  Responsible for coordination of several academic programs – continuing education, development/deficiency, vocational, and training  Responsible for all student services programs  Supervise faculty and delegate assignments to full-time and part-time faculty and staff  Responsible for maintaining high academic standards

–  –  –

 Teach a variety of courses whenever needed – either for regular courses or for courses especially arranged and tailored for industry

8. Oct 1981 – Mar 1985 : IBM Federal Systems Division, Houston, Texas Systems and Staff Engineer

Duties included :

 IBM team leader for ascent flight software verification for the U.S. Space Shuttle  Plan, schedule, and conduct testing activities, ensure quality testing, track progress, and make alternate recovery plans if necessary  Provide systems engineering support for flight software development and verification for the U.S.

Space Shuttle  Technical Requirements Manager for the “Flight Planning Element” of the Shuttle Operations Planning Complex (SOPC) program of the U.S. Air Force in Colorado Springs

9. Jul 1974 – Oct 1981 : McDonnell Douglas Technical Services Co., Houston, Texas Task Manager and Group Engineer

Duties included :

 Supervisor for Ascent flight phase of the Space Shuttle  Direct all activities of first and second stage flight verification  Responsible for providing engineering design and analysis to construct a baseline trajectory  Coordinate team effort between NASA and other NASA contracting agencies such as Lockheed, Rockwell, Thiokol, Computer Sciences Corporation, Honeywell, Singer Link, and MIT’s Draper Laboratory  Develop, plan, schedule, and implement flight software testing procedures  Coordinate all technical meetings for working groups arranged across the U.S. to interface with all involved NASA agencies

10. May 1973 – Jul 1974 : Honeywell Inc., Minneapolis, Minnesota Senior Research Engineer

Duties included :

 Provide engineering analysis and design for the Space shuttle Flight Control, Guidance, and Navigation systems  Conduct trade studies and develop trajectory optimization algorithms  Support technical meetings at all levels for generating a baseline trajectory

–  –  –

 Conduct reservoir simulation studies for oil production  Prepare presentations for and interface with the customer  Prepare deliverable reports on oil production status

Teaching Experience:

Teaching experience, since the spring of 1975, includes part time teaching at all levels – mostly University (both undergraduate and graduate), Junior College, and High School.

Training courses were also developed and taught in the engineering industry including NASA.

Subjects taught at the various institutes (starting with the most recent) were:

1. Institute of Space Technology:

 Introduction to Aerospace Engineering

–  –  –

 Incompressible Aerodynamics  Compressible Aerodynamics  Flight Stability and Control  Spaceflight Dynamics

–  –  –

 Workshop on Modeling and Simulation of Aerospace Vehicles

2. University of Houston, Main Campus:

 Process Control and Instrumentation  Network Analysis, Electrical & Electronic Circuits  Statics, Dynamics, Solid Mechanics  Engineering Thermodynamics & Fluid Mechanics  Programming Languages and the UNIX Operating System  Engineering Mathematical Analysis

3. San Jacinto College, South, Houston Texas:

 Several mathematics courses since 1987

–  –  –

 Instrument Society of America, ISA (Senior Member)  Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, IEEE (Member)  The Royal Aeronautical Society, RaeS - England (Associate Member)  Institute of Engineers, Pakistan, IEP (Fellow)  Pakistan Engineering Council, PEC (Professional Engineer)  Chairman, Membership Committee AIAA, Houston Chapter (1978-1980)  General Chairman, ISA Technical Symposium Clear Lake Chapter (1978 and 1979)  Technical Vice Chairman, AIAA Houston Chapter (1980-1981)  Councilor, AIAA Houston Chapter (1981-1982)  Vice Chairman (Aeronautical), IEP (1984-1985)  Program Chairman, AIAA Houston Chapter (1989-1990)  Vice Chairman of Operations, AIAA Houston Chapter (1991-1992)

Awards and Honorary Societies:

 Research Fellowship from all universities attended  National AIAA Membership Chairman Award (Twice: 1979 and 1980)  Member Sigma-Xi () Society, Brown University Chapter (1968)  Biography in JANE’S WHO’s WHO IN AVIATION AND AEROSPACE, U.S. Edition (1983)  Group achievement award for Flight Analysis and Design System Development Team (March 1992)  Letter of Commendation from Rockwell Space Operations Co. (August 1992)  Employee of the month award from Rockwell (October 1992)  Group achievement award for “Development and Implementation of FADS” (April 1993)  Group achievement award for “Instructor and Instructional Development” (April 1993)  Biography in MARQUIS WHO’s WHO IN SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING, 2nd Edition (1994)

–  –  –

 MIELE, A., NAQVI, S., LEVY, A.V. and IYER, R.R., Numerical Solution of Nonlinear Equations and Nonlinear, Two-Point Boundary Value Problems, Advances in Control Systems, Theory and Applications, Vol. 8, 1971, Leondes, C.T., Editor, Academic Press.

 HUANG, H.Y., and NAQVI, S., Extremization of Terminally Constrained Control Problems, Journal of the Astronautical Sciences, Vol. Xx, No. 4, pp. 193-222, Jan – Feb 1973, Baker, R.M.L., Editor.

 NAQVI, S., Space Shuttle Flight Control System for First Stage Ascent, presented at the IEEE Conference held at Karachi, Pakistan in 1986.

 NAQVI, S., Performance Verification of the Space Shuttle Onboard Software, presented at the third national conference on Aeronautical Engineering, held jointly by the Royal Aeronautical Society, London, and the Institute of Engineers, Pakistan, November 1985.

 Plus numerous company publications in the Aerospace Industry around the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.

Company Reports: (Theses reports are not publishable in International Journals because of their confidential nature) The following company and NASA reports were prepared by Dr. Naqvi but not published in any

international journal:

1. Six-Degree-of-Freedom Trim Computation for the Space Shuttle Orbiter, Appendix-A, Honeywell Vehicle Design Flight Control Analysis Report, EDRD No. HI03

2. Ascent Flight Data Required for SRB Separation, Rockwell International Internal Letter No. 24 from D.L.

Jensen D/390-400 041 AC52 to D.D. Brockschmidt D/390-400 041 AC 52; April 2, 1974.

3. Elevon Hinge Moment Load Relief, Task 3, Rockwell International Internal Letter No. 36 from D.L.

Jensen D/390-400 041 AC52 to N.F. Whitte D/390-001 041 AC 07; May 16, 1974.

4. Synthetic Wind Speed Profiles for Vertical Flight Paths, Honeywell Interoffice Correspondence Report submitted to A.K. Hammell, Aerospace Division, Florida; July 5, 1974.

5. The Johnson Space Center Simulator Check for First Stage Ascent, McDonnell Douglas Astronautics Company, Houston, Transmittal Memo No. 1.3-TM-C0103-040, to W.H. Peters, Johnson Space Center, EJ3; December 24, 1974.

6. Ascent Flight Control and Environments Documentation for the Space Shuttle, McDonnell Douglas Astronautics Company, Houston, Transmittal Memo No. 1.3-TM-C0103-041, to W.H. Peters, Johnson Space Center, EJ3; December 24, 1974.

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