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«Geometry Expressions Manual TM Saltire Software PO Box 230755 Tigard, OR 97281 0755 © 2013 Saltire Software. All rights reserved. Information in ...»

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Geometry Expressions Manual TM

Saltire Software

PO Box 230755

Tigard, OR 97281 0755

© 2013 Saltire Software. All rights reserved.

Information in this document is subject to change without notice. The distribution and sale of this product are

intended for the use of the original purchaser only. Under the copyright laws, neither the documentation nor

software may be copied, photocopied, reproduced, translated, or reduced to any electronic medium or

machine-readable form, in whole or in part without the prior written consent of Saltire Software, Inc., except in the manner described in the Software License Agreement.

Saltire Software, Inc.

P.O. Box 230755 Tigard, OR 97281 0755 http://www.saltire.com http://www.geometryexpressions.com Geometry Expressions TM is a registered trademark of Saltire Software Inc.

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 0750028 Contents 3 Table of Contents Getting

Started Need


Linked Text

The Display and How It's Organized

The Status Bar

Customizing Your Display

Arranging Toolboxes

Hiding / Showing Toolboxes

Saving the Configuration

Arranging Project Pages

Changing Background Color

Adjusting the Default Settings

File Handling

Wookbooks and Individual.gx Files


Some Opening Examples


© 2013 Saltire Software 4 Geometry Expressions Manual Drawing

Using the Drawing Tools

Adding a Point

Adding Line Segments


Lines Drawing

Vectors Drawing

Polygons Drawing

Circles Drawing

Ellipses Drawing

Parabolas Drawing

Hyperbolas Drawing

Arcs Drawing

Regular Polygons Drawing

Curve Approximations Adding Text to the Drawing

Using Pictures in the Drawing

Adding Expressions

Creating Functions

The Selection Arrow

Adjusting the Drawing


Using Drawing Constraints


Added Constraints Constraint Conflicts

–  –  –

Distance / Length Constraint

Radius Constraint

Perpendicular Constraint

Angle Constraint

Direction Constraint

Slope Constraint

Coordinate Constraint

Constraining Vector Coeffecients


Constraint Incident

Constraint Congruent Constraint


Constraint Implicit Equation Constraint

Point Proportional Along a Curve Constraint


Creating Constructions

Midpoints of Line Segments


Perpendicular Bisector

Angle Bisector

Parallel Constructions

Perpendicular Constructions


Polygon Construction


© 2013 Saltire Software 6 Geometry Expressions Manual Translation



Locus of Points / Envelope


Area Under the Arc


Applying Annotations


Calculating the Output

Distance / Length Calculation


Calculation Angle Calculation

Direction Calculation

Slope Calculation

Calculate Coordinates

Area Calculation

Perimeter Calculation

Calculate Coefficients

Calculating Parametric Equations

Calculating Implicit Equation


Viewing the Output


–  –  –

Using Symbols

Inserting Greek Letters

Multiplication & Division Editing Tools


Root Editing Tool Subscript / Superscript Editor

Parentheses and Absolute Value Notation

Using the Piecewise Function

Built-In Functions

Using Annotation Symbols

System Variables and Animation

Investigating Variables

Variables List

Functions List

Using the Lock Tool

Changing and Locking the Variable Value


Animation Console

Animation Modes

Animation Values and Duration

Animation and the Locus Tool


and Icons File Menu

Importing Files from the Figure Gallery

© 2013 Saltire Software 8 Geometry Expressions Manual Importing Files from the Geometry Atlas

Exporting a Drawing

Graphing Mode


Menu Copying Mathematics

View Menu

Zooming and Scaling

Toolbox Menus


Menu Context Menus

The General Context Menu

Selection Context Menu


Bar More About Geometry Expressions

What's New in Geometry Expressions?

Where is the Geometry Expressions Website?


I See Some Examples?


–  –  –

Tool Tips:

When you move the cursor over any icon on the screen, the name of the icon appears briefly below the cursor.

Linked Text Some words in the program's Help system are highlighted and underlined.

When you place the cursor over this text, the cursor becomes the hand symbol. This text indicates a link to more information on the subject. Click the text to jump to the related help page.

–  –  –

Many of the menu items in the drop down menu bar at the top of the screen correspond to one of the icons or buttons across the top of the display window or in one of the toolboxes.

Icons across the top of the screen comprise the standard Windows File, Edit, View and Help commands. The construction and calculation tools are displayed along the side of the drawing window. These toolboxes can be displayed on the left or right panel, top or bottom panel, floating in a separate window, or hidden.

The Output window can be displayed below the drawing window to show large expressions.

The status bar at the bottom of the window displays the following (from

left to right):

Menu Help Current Mode Cursor Coordinates Angle Mode

–  –  –

The Status Bar The status bar at the bottom of the screen prompts the following

information (from left to right):

Menu Help - summary of a selected menu item.

· Current Mode - Each icon in the drawing toolbox represents a mode.

· Tools requiring additional inputs after clicking the tool will display further prompts in this field.

Cursor Coordinates - Displays the current coordinates of the cursor · in the diagram.

Angle Mode - A drop down window for conveniently changing from · Radians to Degrees and visa versa. This default can also be changed in the Preferences dialog - Edit / Preferences / Math.

© 2013 Saltire Software III Customizing Your Display 18 Geometry Expressions Manual You can arrange the display as it suits you.

Arranging Toolboxes - Anchored or floating toolboxes can be placed around the drawing window.

Hide / Show Toolboxes - You may want to hide toolboxes which you rarely use.

Saving your configuration - Use the View / Tool Panel Configurations.

Arranging projects - You can open multiple project files and arrange them in the drawing window using the page tabs.

In the example below three toolboxes (Draw, Constrain (Input), and Construct) are anchored, two (Calculate (Output) and Variables) are floating, and three (Anotate, Symbols, and Annotation Symbols) are hidden. Two slightly different locus examples are displayed for comparison.

–  –  –

Arranging Toolboxes You can move the toolboxes around the periphery of the drawing window by clicking the title bar and dragging.

Click the pushpin on the upper right corner of individual toolboxes to make it a "floating" box that you can drag anyplace on the screen. Floating boxes have a colored title bar © 2013 Saltire Software 20 Geometry Expressions Manual To re-anchor the toolbox, drag the box until a blue shadow appears at the position where you want it, then release the mouse button. You may want to readjust the screen size for optimal viewing.

Hiding / Showing Toolboxes Use the X on the upper right corner of individual toolboxes to hide them.

To display a hidden toolbox, select View / Tool Panels. The submenu lists the toolboxes and the Main Toolbar (the icon strip at the top of the window). Boxes shown are preceded by a check, those without a check are hidden.

–  –  –

Click a toolbox name to change its state.

Saving the Configuration After configuring the screen to you preference, you can save this arrangement in case it gets messed up, or perhaps you need the tools arranged differently for different projects. This is easy with the View / Tool Panel Configurations menu selection. You can give a name to an arrangement of the toolbars. Several configurations can be saved in a list and referred to as needed.

Add - to save the current screen configuration. You will be prompted for a name to reference this configuration.

Delete - if you no longer will use a certain configuration you can delete it from your list.

Set - to change a configuration which you have saved, simply select the configuration name from your list. Check out the configurations that come with the program.

© 2013 Saltire Software 22 Geometry Expressions Manual Default - reset tool panels back to the default configuration.

Arranging Project Pages You can open multiple project files for quick reference. By default files are overlaid. Click a page tab to bring a file to the top.

Comparing drawings side by side - click the page tab and drag it to one side, top, or bottom of the window. A shadow of the drawing gives you an indication of how the drawings will be arranged before you release the mouse button.

–  –  –

Returning to overlaid configuration - drag one tab and position it over the other tab. The shadow will appear only on the title bar, then release the mouse button.

© 2013 Saltire Software 24 Geometry Expressions Manual Changing Background Color You can now change the drawing's background color to something other

than white by the following steps:

1. Select Edit / Preferences... (or in the Mac version, Geometry Expressions / Preferences...)

2. Click Grid, Axis, Page button

3. Change Fill Color in Background section. The color will be applied to all pages.

–  –  –

© 2013 Saltire Software IV Adjusting the Default Settings 28 Geometry Expressions Manual Select Preferences from the Edit menu (or in the Mac version, Geometry Expressions / Preferences...) to modify the program's defaults.

The default settings are grouped by type, listed on the left side of the Preferences dialog. Click the icon to display the desired page.

These settings are also available for editing a selected object or group of objects individually without changing the defaults, using the Selection Context Menu.

–  –  –

To see the possible values for each property, click the row. An icon will appear at the right end of the row (except the Point Size selection under the Font property -you can enter the point size directly).

–  –  –

Changing a default for a type of drawing entity will apply to all entities of © 2013 Saltire Software 30 Geometry Expressions Manual that type except ones whose properties have been individually set, by selecting it and then choosing Edit / Properties or right clicking All Properties from the Selection Context menu. Likewise, text, pictures or expressions that were individually pinned or unpinned will not be affected by changes to the default Pinned settings.

–  –  –

Geometry Expressions uses standard Windows file Open and Save operations. Save your files regularly with the handy icon at the top of the screen.

The data files generated from your drawings will have the extension ".


You may create multiple data files and have them open in a session. Each file is on separate page with the tabs across the top of the drawing window. Click the tab to view the file.

If you are preparing a multi-paged lesson, you can save the pages together as a Workbook, with the file extension ".gxw". This is a completely separate file from the.gx files.

The Open / Save (As) / Close Workbook file selections apply only to the workbook. and the File / Save commands will NOT save the workbook files. They only affect the individual.gx files.

Files can also be arranged for comparison viewing.

–  –  –

When all of the pages are together on the page tab bar, select Save © 2013 Saltire Software 34 Geometry Expressions Manual Workbook (As) from the file menu.

Note: saving the workbook does NOT update any of the individual.gx files displayed in the workbook, since the workbook file is an entirely separate file (.gxw). If you want to keep the individual.gx file up to date with the workbook page, you must use the regular File / Save for each page / file. But, if you forget, you can always save it from the workbook at any time.

Likewise, saving an individual page, File / Save, of an open workbook does NOT update the workbook file (.gxw). However, if you forget to save the workbook, but save a page (.gx), you can always open the.gx file again from your open workbook file and resave the workbook.

If you don't want to keep individual copies of all your workbook pages, then you just have to remember to use the Save Workbook file selection.

However, to give the workbook pages custom names (instead of unnamed7.gx), you must save the individual page (for example, Lesson 1 Ellipse.gx) at least once. After the first time, you don't need to continue to save the.gx file.

Only one workbook file can be open at a time. If you open a workbook file while other individual files or another workbook file is open, they will be closed, after, of course, prompting you to save them if you have made changes.

–  –  –

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