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Godschalk. D. R., Beatley. T., Berke. P., Brower. D. J., and Kaiser. E. J. (1999). Natural Hazard Mitigation: Recasting Disaster Policy and Planning. Island Press, Washington, D.C.

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MACDIS - Military Assistance for Civil Disturbances MOOTW - Military Operations Other Than War MSCA - Military Support to Civil Authorities (NDAA) - John Warner National Defense Authorization Act NGO - Non-governmental Organization NIMS - National Incident Management System

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Asymmetric warfare – This is warfare in which opposing groups or nations have unequal military resources, and the weaker opponent uses unconventional weapons and tactics, as terrorism, to exploit the vulnerabilities of the enemy.


Military Operations Other Than War - Focus on deterring war, resolving conflict, promoting peace, and supporting civil authorities in response to domestic crises. The phrase and acronym has been popularized by the United States military in the 1990s.

(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Military_operations_other_than_war)Peace dividends - An amount of money taken from a defense budget and appropriated elsewhere in times of peace when less money is required for defense than in times of hostility or war.


Uni-multipolar - a hybrid system with one superpower and several major powers. The settlement of key international issues requires action by the single superpower but always with some combination of other major states; the single superpower can, however, veto action on key

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