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«by Dr. Karl Bergmeister Notes from the editor of this e-book: • The original scanned version of this book was downloaded from nazi.org.uk in July ...»

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"It was at this time that I first began to receive the "Obschtscheje djelo", three copies of which were forwarded to me from Paris with a view to its distribution among the Russian emigrants. Ephron came to hear that I was receiving the "Obschtscheje djelo", and sent me a message through one of the Russians asking me to visit him, and saying that he would much like to see the paper in question. I visited him in the course of the next few days, and began also to send him the paper. Thus it was that my acquaintance with Ephron began.

"Later, in No. 440 of the above periodical, a feuilleton written by Kuprin appeared under the title of "Guslitzkaja Fabrika", in which he attacked the author of the Protocols for the blind and bloodthirsty hate against Christianity exhibited in them. Kuprin further expressed doubts regarding the capability of the Jews to express such sentiments. What he meant was that only the most ordinary type of Jew-baiter could ascribe such sentiments to them.

"This attitude of Kuprin to the Protocols disturbed Ephron very much, and on the occasion of my next visit, he started to relate to me the opinion which he had formed of the feuilleton in question. He had a reply to Kuprin already written, and addressed to the Editor of "Obschtscheje djelo", which he asked me to despatch. In the course of a further conversation regarding this feuilleton, he became very indignant about Kuprins' ignorance of the theme he had handled. He held him to be completely incompetent to express any opinion on the nature of the case.

"On the occasion of this conversation, Ephron handed me the concept of the letter he had written to Kuprin with the words: "Take it, my dear friend, it may perhaps be of use to you some day."

"In connection with this feuilleton of Kuprin's, there began between us the most open hearted conversations in the course of which he told me what he knew regarding the Zionist Protocols. In view of

–  –  –

As a result of further investigation, I was fortunate enough to find yet another Russian, who over a period of years had been personally acquainted with Ephron. This was W a s s i l i j M i c h a i l o w i t s c h C h o r o s c h u n who lived at Petkowitze in Jugoslavia, and who at the time of Ephron's residence there, was the business administrator of the monastery in the town.

Choroschun has given the following written declaration:

"During the period between June 1924 and November 1929, I was resident at the Cloister of St Paraskewa (Petka), in the Province of Schabatz in Jugoslavia. To the different duties which the Prior of this religious house, the monk Aristarch, laid upon me belonged that of conducting the business affairs of the cloister. I consequently became familiar with the archives of the cloister, and with all matters pertaining to the persons it contained."

"As regards Sawelij Konstantinowitsch Ephron, I associated with him from the moment of his arrival in the monastery, up to the time of his decease. According to the letter of recommendation from Bishop Michael of Schabatz, which was entered in our files under the number 191, Ephron arrived at the cloister on June the 7th 1921. His decease took place on the night of the 23 rd of June 1925. He died alone and without witnesses. All his personal belongings, his notes, and his books were sent by General Tolstow, who was also resident in the cloister, to the office of the Agent for Russian Refugees in Belgrade at that time one Paleolog. I often had talks with Ephron. He used to tell me about his past, and used to communicate to me his thoughts upon different matters, and among them upon the Jewish question. I remember that he told me that he completed his rabbinical training at Vilna, and that afterwards he became a rabbi. He said that after he came to know of a certain secret law among the Jews (he did not say which) in which the hatred of humanity which it propounds had impressed him most, he decided to break with Jewry. After he had broken with Jewry, he entered the School of Mines in St Petersburg, and qualified there. Afterwards he took to a literary career. He became a collaborator on the "Nowoje Wremja", editor of Komarow's newspaper "Swet", and of the "Istoritscheskij Wjestnik", and Secretary of the Slavonic Committee.

It was during the time that he was with on this Committee, that he became acquainted with the Prior of the Serbian Monastery in Moscow, the Archimandrite Michael, who afterwards when Bishop of Schabatz, arranged for his reception into the Cloister of Saint Paraskewa. Ephron told me that he had two sons who had remained in Soviet Russia, and who occasionally sent him money. I remember that on the day of his death 50 Dollars arrived from one of his sons. On one occasion Ephron made me a present of Nilus's book on the Zionist Protocols. I remember that on this occasion he said to me: " T h e y ( t h e Protocols) are an actual fact, and every word of them is t r u e. " In his conversations on the subject of Jewry, he asserted with all emphasis, that the Jews have secret books which they show to nobody but to the initiated.

Three or four months before his death, the author R o d i o n o f f wrote to him from Mostar urging him to reveal the secrets of Jewry. S. K. Ephron did not however wish to do this, as he was awaiting the visit of the M e t r o p o l i t a n A n t o n i u s, to whom he wished to reveal everything concerning the Jews. In his letters to Ephron, the Metropolitan Antonius promised him that he would visit the cloister in company with General Netschwolodow, who was coming from Paris for the purpose. In the last few days, as he felt death approaching, Ephron often gave expression for his distress at the Metropolitan not having arrived. He was apparently possessed with a great longing to reveal to him the secret of Jewry which was tormenting him. Unfortunately the Metropolitan never came, and thus did it come about that the secret was entrusted by Ephron to no-one.

Testified by the undersigned Wassilij Michailowitsch Choroschun, Petkowitze, District of Schabatz, Jugoslavia.

rd February 3, 1937.

The declarations of the Assistant Rabbi F l e i s c h m a n n, of Rabbi G r ü n f e l d and of the former Rabbi E p h r o n taken together, give incontrovertible proof of the correctness of the assumption that the Protocols are a genuine Jewish document. Of a particularly convincing order is the information supplied by Ephron to the three Russian witnesses Captain G e o r g e, Major S m i r n o w and the Administrator C h o r o s c h u n. From his testimony the following fact also becomes clear namely that the Protocols were drawn up before the Zionist Congress in Basel in 1897, and were already known to the initiated in Jewry; and moreover that the text which we possess through the intermediary of Nilus is a compressed extract only of an as yet undiscovered, and far more extensive secret document. It is therefore of particular importance to note that in this respect, Nilus makes practically the same assumption on page 54 of the third edition of his book, namely that the manuscript which had come into his hands was evidently "a fragment only of some very much more important manuscript, of which the beginning, and many details have either been lost, or may never even have been found."

6. The Contents confirm the Authenticity.

To prove the authenticity of the Protocols from their contents, would be beyond the scope of this treatise. There exists upon this subject a literature so extensive, and more particularly in the Expertise drawn up by Colonel Fleischhauer for the lawsuit in Berne, a mass of evidence so overwhelming, that I will confine myself to the following remarks only.

It is not by any means first in the Protocols, but already in the books of the Jewish prophets that the political objectives of the Jewish people are laid down. Isaiah in particular, in chapters XL to LX promises quite undisguisedly world-domination to the chosen people. The same thing exactly is the aim of the Protocols, which may be said to differ only in the sense that they are a modern strategic plan, drawn up in a manner more suited to present-day conditions.

Countless statements from Rabbinical sources, and by Jewish politicians, documentarily attested, agree in astonishing fashion with the general lines of the Protocols.

The following fact moreover cannot be refuted namely, that the political occurrences of the present day, taking place as they do under the influence of Jewish Freemasonry, are developing in exact accordance with the lines laid down in the Protocols, and that more particularly in Soviet Russia, under "the leadership of Jewry, the Protocols have already become an accomplished fact. It is only necessary to think of the destruction of the Christian religion as ordered in the Protocols, of the destruction of all estates, of the moral poisoning of youth, and of the undermining of the family, of the enslavement of the working people, and of the famines created in a fashion so conscienceless, of the way in which Moscow organises agitation and incitement of the masses in all countries, more especially in the case of Spain, of the continuous strikes and economic crises in France, and of the subsidised and controlled revolutionary movements in Mexico and in China, to come to the only possible conclusion namely, that Jewry with the help of Bolshevism, Marxism and Freemasonry, is undeviatingly carrying out what is prescribed in the Protocols, in order to obtain for the Jewish people that world-domination which is promised to them by their God Jehovah.

This fight for world-domination has been in full swing ever since Italian Fascism put an end to the destructive activities of Freemasonry, that most dangerous of all Jewish secret societies, and since Germany has declared openly that it is the Jew, and the Jew alone who is the driving force behind the destruction of political order among the different peoples. In complete accordance with the sense of Protocol 7, the dogs of war are to be let loose against those states who desire to free themselves from the Jewish reign of terror, such states as Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Poland.

On the above subject the following forms an interesting extract from the "Revue

internationale des sociétés secrétes, No 7 of the 1st of April 1937:

"A new war in defence of democracy and of alleged law is being prepared in all haste.

An alliance of all the Jewish groups is already complete; it bears the official title of the alliance of the three great democracies, the English, the American, and the French....

I s r a e l r e q u i r e s a n e w w o r l d w a r, a n d s o o n !... Israel is positively of the opinion that time is getting short. To them t h e i r w o r l d w a r is a necessity in order that, in the name of indivisible peace, all that portion of mankind who wish to cast off the Jewish yoke, may be laid low."

It is just the three countries above mentioned who to-day are completely under JewishMasonic control. Practically every member of their respective governments is a Freemason. In their case also in all key positions, men of Jewish origin are to be found, or persons who either as a result of marriage, or of financial obligation, are open to Jewish influence. I will in general refrain from mentioning names. I should like however to point to one man only, in regard to whom Jewry are always proclaiming that he is not a Jew namely, Stalin. But Stalin in point of fact is married to a Jewess, and his all powerful Secretary of State is his brother-inlaw Kaganowitsch. Only statesmen completely blind fail to recognise that the fate of the peoples entrusted to their charge no longer depends upon themselves, and that they will most certainly bring their peoples under the Jewish Bolshevist yoke if they do not first of all unite to fight the Jewish world danger. It is neither from Germany, Italy, nor Japan that danger threatens, but solely and only from the direction of Jewry, who in every country play a pretendedly patriotic role, but at the same time, by means of their international press, incite one country against the other, in complete accordance with

the directions of Protocol 7:

"Throughout all Europe, and by means of relations with Europe, in other continents also, we must create ferments, discords and hostility.... We must compel the governments of the Goyim to take action in the direction favoured by our widelyconceived plan, already approaching the desired consummation, by what we shall represent as public opinion, secretly prompted by us through the means of that so-called "Great Power" – t h e P r e s s, w h i c h w i t h f e w e x c e p t i o n s t h a t m a y be disregarded, is already entirely in our hands."

The plan of Jewry as developed in the Protocols, becomes from year to year more clear and more terrible. Whoever still persists in refusing to recognise it, is either seriously incapable, or else guilty of a crime against his own people.

And once again I will take as my authority a Jew, who unconditionally stands for the authenticity of the Protocols, and who asserts that Jewish mentality alone could draw up a programme like that of the Protocols, so that if only on these grounds, it is not possible to doubt the authenticity of the document. The authority referred to is the late Arthur Trebitsch, author of "Deutscher Geist oder Judentum", published 1921, on page 74 of which we find the


"Anybody who like the author, has long since realised, seen, and heard with ominous dread, all the thoughts, aims and intentions derived from the entirety of our economic, political and intellectual life, and expressed in those secret documents, can with absolute confidence assert that they present the most genuine and unalloyed expression of that versatile spirit which is striving towards world-domination; and that an Aryan mind, however far it might have been driven along the road of forgery and calumny by AntiSemitic rancour, could never, under any circumstances have devised these methods of action, these underhand expedients and these swindles as a whole."


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