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Here is this guy, and that guy, and here is why it is not the case." And I told Michael Zapolin (InternetRealEstate.com) Page 41 of 47 DomainSherpa.com: http://www.domainsherpa.com http://twitter.com/domainsherpa http://facebook.com/domainsherpa DomainSherpa.com: The Domain Name Authority him and he was like silent on the end of the phone. And I was like: "What's up?" And he was like: "Well, this is like really exciting me." He said, "There is something in my Vedic wisdom that relates to this that also is a hidden element of truth and reality and touches on these things." And he was like: "It so overlaps with what you are telling me. This is so important. We got to sit down and do an interview and we will figure out what to turn it into, whether that is a film or a standalone, but we got to talk about this on video. A book would not even do this the right service." So I was like: "Wow, this is awesome." So, I sat down with Deepak and did an interview with him that you can see on the website, TheRealityofTruth.com. The conversation was blowing my mind as it was happening. Some of the things that he was talking about were so incredible that I was just amazed and, at the same time, we were talking about shamanistic practices, and ancient wisdom, and things like that. And you will see, when you look at TheRealityofTurth.com and look at the video, that, at the end of the video, I said to Deepak: "Yeah, you and I believe this and we are sitting here, but how do we break through to everybody else in this 21st Century? Like what do we have to do?"

Michael C: Right.

Michael Z: And Deepak was like: "Let's have a party." And I was like:

"What?" And he was like: "Yeah, let's have a party. We will take some people down to Peru and stir it up in the pot, and let's drink it. Let's have that experience." And right there I was like: "All right. I am in. Sounds good to me. I will go sit with a Shaman down in Peru and see if I am tapping into spirituality or if I lose my mind, or what happens."

Michael C: Yeah.

Michael Z: So, I was in. So, Deepak and I, right after that interview, sat down together and said, "Let's do a documentary film, where you guys go down to Peru; you talk to all these other thought leaders that are out there about reality and about everything from religion to spirituality. Psychedelics. And let's try to get an answer for this, but let's create a movie where you romantically show people what is happening. Not just you and I talking." So, I wound up getting a group of friends of mine, including Michelle Rodriguez - the actress from Avatar - and some really cool friends to go down to Peru with me and Michael Zapolin (InternetRealEstate.com) Page 42 of 47 DomainSherpa.com: http://www.domainsherpa.com http://twitter.com/domainsherpa http://facebook.com/domainsherpa DomainSherpa.com: The Domain Name Authority film this whole experience of us hiking the Inca trail, going to Machu Picchu, sitting with Shaman, and drinking ayahuasca, which is a sacred medicine down there that claims to tap you into spirituality, enlightenment, and Godconsciousness; and went round to Fairfield, Iowa, where the Transcendental Meditation Movement is based. There are seven million people around the world doing transcendental meditation to figure out: Could meditation tap you into alternate reality? Could psychedelics? Could chant? Could prayer?

Like all these methodologies for transcending out of what we usually think of as reality. This day-to-day reality that we think is real. Can you transcend out of that and, if you can, how do you do it and why should you even bother doing that?

Michael C: Wow. So, I watched the excerpt of this. Sort of the promo reel for this film. Now it all makes sense to me. So, people should go watch that.

When is this film going to be released and where?

Michael Z: So, the goal is to finish it up around the end of the year and to bring it out just after the beginning of the year 2013. And we are going to release this. We are going to do some of the festivals and things like that. We think it is going to obviously have an interesting group there. There is a lot of controversy within it that I will save for the film. Quite controversial. And we are going to release this directly on the Internet, like some very successful movies I have done recently. There is a movie called Thrive that was brought out by Foster Gamble. He was the Heir to the Proctor and Gamble Fortune, decided he did not like what was going on at Proctor and Gamble, and he spent several years and several million dollars of his own money creating this movie Thrive. And so, he put it online direct; he has had five million plus people download it. He has made all kinds of profits from this releasing. We interview Foster Gamble in our movie as well, and he is kind of chaperoning us in this direct release along with Deepak. And we have got all these thought leaders, like Deepak, and Foster Gamble, and Marianne Williamson, (Unclear 1:40:07.6) Dawson, and even Joel Osteen - the mega preacher from Houston.

All these people that we have talked to. They all have their audiences. So, we feel like if we put this out directly and they let their audiences know and stir some of the controversy, we are going to be able to put the movie out directly and do a lot better than we could do in a traditional release. And it is just one of these phenomenon that the Internet is allowing you do it. There is a Michael Zapolin (InternetRealEstate.com) Page 43 of 47 DomainSherpa.com: http://www.domainsherpa.com http://twitter.com/domainsherpa http://facebook.com/domainsherpa DomainSherpa.com: The Domain Name Authority Comedian, Louis C.K., who recently started putting out his concerts direct to the Internet. Instead of having some development group do it, he is doing it directly. He spends a couple hundred thousand dollars setting up that situation and then he releases it direct; and the guy is making millions of dollars directly. He can do is exactly what he wants. His fans do not have to pay eighteen dollars to get the DVD. Instead, they get it for five bucks, they get it right away, and it feels really good.

Michael C: Yeah. I was down at TRAFFIC. I heard that John Stewart was debating Bill O'Reilly in preparation for the debates that were happening and the election that just took place. And I am like: "Well, I need something to watch on the way home when I am tired of working," and so I paid my five bucks, downloaded it right there, and I enjoyed it on the plane ride back. So, yeah, the direct-to is a business model that is definitely opening right up. Let me ask you about this, Zappy. You are working on putting together a domain fund. Is that correct?

Michael Z: Yeah, I do not want to say I am putting it together in the moment.

I will say that all of my experience has me thinking that, as I have been doing it, it has been sort of the one off. I find a domain I like. We have to raise funds around it. Develop it. Do that business. And when you are doing it that way, often times you are not getting the domain at the cheapest price, like you would if you walked in with a load of cash. You are also not able to react as quickly to situations if you are not sitting there with kind of a war chest.

And I thought to myself: "It would be really great if I could have more of a domain fund, where I could go and look at opportunities and be able to buy those opportunities for cash cheaper because I have the cash; make more moves at the table because more of a fund approach."

Michael C: Right.

Michael Z: And so, that is in my thinking because I think there are such great opportunities today. Best time ever for domains.

Michael C: Well, I guess. Could you say that 2000 was maybe a better time?

Michael Zapolin (InternetRealEstate.com) Page 44 of 47 DomainSherpa.com: http://www.domainsherpa.com http://twitter.com/domainsherpa http://facebook.com/domainsherpa DomainSherpa.com: The Domain Name Authority Michael Z: No, I do not think so. I still think that when I was telling somebody in 2000 what the domain was worth, they did not get it or why it affected their business. I have had an ad agency in 2007 tell me they did not think the domain was really important. And then, a year later, here they were working with some client, begging me to allow that client and them to buy the same domain name for millions of dollars more than I had been talking about before. So, just the fact that the Internet is defined; the people are looking for credibility sort of like we are talking about today. Maybe people think that these other domain extensions are a good thing for them. I feel as though they might be great for some people, but just like the 800 phone number, every time they come out with a new extension - 888, 877, 876, 866

- it just makes the 800 number that much more credible. So, the.COM is that.

And the more extensions they come with, the more credible that is to consumers and to search engines. So, I look and I think: "Well, if.BIZ never really worked and.MD, and.US, and.WEB, like why would one hundred more work?" And I think this is a great time. I would still urge people to go for quality because, if you are going to spend the time developing, you should get a much bigger multiple than you were going to get if you have a nonquality domain name. And you can see, if you look at a modern chart of fortune five hundred companies and you look at what domains they own, across the board they own a lot of these category generics, especially the really intelligent ones, like the pharmaceutical industries and people like that.

They have deep domain portfolios because they are able to monetize those really effectively. So, it is a great time. I think it is better than that because then you were up against all kinds of chaos. You were doing something good with a great brand, and then your dentist comes along and says, "Hey, I got a community for dentists and I am raising money at a hundred million valuation." There was just too much noise. Now it is like people understand what a good quality domain with a good quality business could equal.

Rent.com. Hotels.com. Whatever it is, they understand now.

Michael C: So, let me ask you this, Zappy. If you did put together this fund, and you raise some money, and you had the war chest to go out and pick up great names because you can close them quickly and negotiate with the support of that financial backing, would you still use your Super Bowl test?

Michael Zapolin (InternetRealEstate.com) Page 45 of 47 DomainSherpa.com: http://www.domainsherpa.com http://twitter.com/domainsherpa http://facebook.com/domainsherpa DomainSherpa.com: The Domain Name Authority Michael Z: I would use not the Super Bowl test because that is too limited, but I think I would use what I call my observation of society model.

Observing what people are doing. So, that is why InsuranceQuotes.com, which would not have been on my Super Bowl list per se, became onto my list. And I will give you another example. Just like maybe a year and change ago, I was sitting there watching TV with my wife, and we were watching these commercials, and the Kmart commercial comes on and they start talking about layaway. "Hey, put it on layaway." And I was thinking: "Oh, that is cool. They are bringing back layaway. Everybody spent all their money and their credit cards are tapped. Oh, here comes layaway." So I started thinking. My wife says, "We should get a bunch of layaway domains."

I am like: "Oh, that is right." So, we sat down right then and there. We started popping off all of these LayawayBoats.com, LayawayEngagementRing.com, LayawayCars.com, LaywayPlasticSurgery.com, and LayawayNoseJob.com.

They were all available and it never would have occurred to me that those had value to somebody prior to understanding where people's general consciousness or where niche consciousness is at. I get certain newsletters and I have not had enough time to do this in the last year, but I get these newsletters from people, like (Unclear 1:47.13.4) while the Futurist, and people like that. And I get these newsletters and then sometimes, on a whim, I will see what they are talking about and I will go to the GoDaddy or whatever. I will look at it and it is available; and it is like how can this domain in this category, whether it is Nano technology or all these things, be available? This is like the greatest opportunity ever. All you have to do is observe culture and then assume what is going to be valuable to different parties.

Michael C: Yeah. Just making a note right now. Great points. Zappy, I want to thank you for all your time. We have gone way over what I wanted, but this was a fantastic interview packed full of information. I am going to have to invite you back again. We will talk about your movie. We will talk about a couple of the other deals that you have done in the new year when it is out. If people have follow-up questions for you, Zappy, I want to ask them to post them in the comments below and we will ask you to come back and answer as many as you can. I do not believe that you are Twitter if people want to follow you, but you are on Facebook and you openly connect with people there. Is that correct?

Michael Zapolin (InternetRealEstate.com) Page 46 of 47 DomainSherpa.com: http://www.domainsherpa.com http://twitter.com/domainsherpa http://facebook.com/domainsherpa DomainSherpa.com: The Domain Name Authority Michael Z: Yeah. Facebook and LinkedIn I am pretty active on. And yeah, I totally appreciate what you are doing and evangelizing the space and really giving people concrete information. It is great. And I watch the videos on Domain Sherpa too. I watched some of the videos and some of the stuff that I get out of it is awesome. Just watching those videos and getting a sense of how some of these other people are operating, it makes me better as I am doing it. So, just kudos to you and I would say I am sort of a user interface junkie. I like to look at people's user interface and, really, I like to always hopefully have a good new username face. You have the best username face of any of the domain related sites, or blogs, or anything. It is just perfectly done.

Michael C: Thank you. Thank you for that. Michael "Zappy" Zapolin, thank you for coming on the show, sharing your background and tips for online success, and thank you for being a Domain Sherpa.

Michael Z: All right, thanks a lot. Have a good one.

Michael C: Thank you all for watching. We'll see you next time.

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