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«Question #1: Please provide a complete, up-to-date organizational chart for each division within the agency including, either attached or separately, ...»

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Question #1: Please provide a complete, up-to-date organizational chart for each division within the agency including, either attached or

separately, an explanation of the roles and responsibilities for each division and subdivision.



Executive Director Executive Assistant




Director of Operations General Counsel Financial Analyst (Part-time) Director of Television Programming Assistant Attorney Generals Program Analyst Program Support Assistant Paralegal Specialist Staff Assistant Program Support Assistant IT Specialist







NETWORK (DKN) Consumer Services Of

–  –  –

The Office of the Executive Director plans and develops comprehensive communication and public relations programs for the general public, the media, as well as other District Government agencies. The executive director manages the overall policy directives, strategic and financial planning, and public relations, in addition to insuring compliance of District cable operators and regulation of cable television and similar video system operations in the District of Columbia. The executive director also administers the programs and services under the agency's purview; administers the Office’s responsibility for the day-to-day oversight of the construction and operation of the District’s cable television systems;

regulates cable television services in the District as prescribed in Cable Franchise Agreements and is ultimately responsible for programming the District’s municipal cable access channels, TV-13, District of Columbia Network (DCN) and District Knowledge Network (DKN).

Operations Division The Operations division provides leadership, direction and oversight of all administrative functions in support of the mission of the agency. These functions include support services, human resources, customer service, contracts and procurement, fleet administration, information technology and budget and financial management.

Customer Service Customer support serves as the communications link between cable consumers and the District’s cable franchise operators. Customer support addresses District residents cable complaints and mediates to resolve customer related cable problems. Customer support also provides monthly performance measures of all cable franchise holders operating in the District of Columbia to ensure compliance with all government standards, rules and regulations.

Legal and Regulatory Affairs Division

Under the administrative structure and supervision of the District of Columbia Office of the Attorney General, the Legal and Regulatory Affairs Division provides legal advice to OCT in support of its mission to regulate cable franchises operating within the District of Columbia, by providing a comprehensive system of service and support to District citizens. The Legal and Regulatory Affairs Division is primarily responsible for planning legal strategies, protecting the interests of the department and advising agency staff on matters of legal implication.

Programming Division The Programming division provides 24-hour programming on TV-13, DCN and DKN. Programming also covers public service announcements for the Executive Office of the Mayor, the District of Columbia City Council and other District government agencies requesting program service.

Television Production Producers are charged with administrative management and logistic details of production. Employees consult with clients to discuss general concepts, objectives and the target audience of the program.

They also develop schedules, approve scripts and production sets, set-up props and select sites for onlocation shooting.

Camera Photography (Videography) Videographers are responsible for capturing images on video tape, field and studio cameras, and production components that provide for cable casting of programs and continuity on TV-13, DCN and DKN. Working with digital, electronic and film cameras, a videographer is responsible for capturing and recording an array of events, programs, and interviews to ensure technical quality and creative visual appeal.

Audiovisual Production Audiovisual production conveys news and public information to District residents providing production and performance recording, narration accompanied by video-disk masters, multi-screen programs, automatic slide shows, museum-like exhibits or scenic and historic sites.

Video Editor A video editor is responsible for assembling the final product consisting of the raw camera footage, dialogue, sound effects, music and graphics. Using linear and non-linear editing techniques, a video editor edits and assembles programs according to script, outlines and treatments prepared by producers.

District Knowledge Network (DKN) DKN is a joint venture supported by District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS) and the Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) and is designed to provide innovative resources and support to students, parents, teachers and community members. Utilizing online and other leading-edge technical resources such as video-on-demand and video conferencing, DKN will empower DCPS students and the community at-large by refining and adding relevant instructional and life skills programming that fosters and encourages student learning and achievement, as well as, promotes community wellness.

II. Personnel

2. Please provide a complete, up-to-date position listing for your agency, which includes the following


 Title of position  Name of employee or statement that the position is vacant, unfunded, or proposed.

 Date employee began in position  Salary and fringe, including the specific grade, series, and step of position  Job status (continuing/term/temporary/contract) Please list this information by program and activity (Attachment)

3. Please provide the average salary for administrative and managerial staff.

The average salary for OCT administrative staff is $66,656.57.

The average salary for OCT managerial staff is $100,607.83.

4. Please provide the number of FY13 full-time equivalents (FTEs) for the agency, broken down by program and activity. Please also note the number of vacancies at the close of FY13, by program and activity, and current vacancy information.

 For each vacant position, please note how long the position has been vacant and whether or not the position has since been filled.

 How many vacancies within the agency were posted during FY13 and FY14, to date?


5. Does the agency currently conduct annual performance evaluations of all its employees? Who conducts such evaluations? What steps are taken to ensure that all agency employees are meeting individual job requirements? What steps are taken to train and/or discipline employees who do not meet individual job requirements?

OCT conducts annual performance evaluations for all employees. The senior and mid-management team conducts e-Performance evaluations on an annual basis. OCT uses the DCHR’s E-performance evaluation module in order to ensure that all agency employees are meeting individual job requirements. This process involves direct input from the employee and their supervisor. The evaluation consists of three major areas: Job Competencies, SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely) and an Individual Development Plan (IDP). Employees are required to develop SMART goals and an IDP that align with the agency’s goals and the employee’s job position description. Employees are evaluated on the job competencies and their SMART goals. Employees who do not meet their individual job requirements are placed under a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) as outlined in DCHR’s District Personnel Manual Chapter 14 and may receive hands-on training, classroom training, peer-to-peer training or progressive discipline (when required). PIP is the performance document which identifies performance areas in need of improvement and outlines how to improve performance on the established criteria. Use of the PIP replaces the Letter of Warning for deficient employee performance.

The purpose of the PIP is to ensure that there is proper documentation available for both employee and supervisor to determine what areas are in need of improvement, to monitor and report on performance, and to serve as the basis for further action if there is continuing ineffective performance.

6. Please list all employees detailed to or from your agency, if any. Please provide the reason for the detail, the detailed employee’s date of detail, and the detailed employee’s projected date of return.

OCT does not have any employees detailed to or from the agency.

7. Does your staff participate in ethics training? If so, how soon after beginning work does a new hire undergo this training? Please describe.

Yes, OCT staff participates in ethics training. OCT has maintained 100% compliance in its efforts to ensure that all OCT employees are properly briefed on workplace and environmental protocol as a public servant. OCT staff has participated in both online and in-person ethics training presented by the DC Department of Human Resources (DCHR) and the Office of Contracting and Procurement (OCP).

All new OCT employees receive ethics training at the DCHR’s Entry of Duty (EOD) orientation. The orientation includes an introduction to District government, a discussion of DC personnel policies, and information about employee benefits.

8. Please provide the Committee with the following information:

a. A list of all employees who receive cell phones, personal digital assistants, or similar communications devices at agency expense;

b. A list of all vehicles owned, leased, or otherwise used by the agency and to whom the vehicle is assigned;

c. A list of employee bonuses granted in FY13 and FY14, to date, if any;

d. A list of travel expenses, arranged by employee; and e. A list of the total overtime and workman’s compensation payments paid in FY13 and FY14, to date.

–  –  –

OCT vehicles are not assigned to individual users. All vehicle operators are required to complete annually an ORM District of Columbia Vehicles Operator’s Acknowledgement Form and submit it along with a copy of a valid driver’s license to the Fleet Certifying Official (FCO) or designee. OCT maintains an internal vehicle log book to track mileage and usage. All registered OCT vehicle operators are required to log their name, vehicle, location/destination, time, date and purpose of vehicle usage into the vehicle log book before acquiring keys to the vehicles. Keys must be immediately returned after each use;

except where authorized by a manager to retain keys in his/her possession. The manager must notify the FCO in writing of those employees identified to retain keys.

c) Bonuses No OCT employees were granted bonuses in FY13 and FY14, to date.

d) Travel

–  –  –

Employee Angela Harper Conference The National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) is an organization of journalists, students and media-related professionals that provides quality programs and services to and advocates on behalf of black journalists worldwide.

Location Orlando, FL Registration $398.00 Transportation $315.80 Hotel $553.50 Incidentals $541.00

e) Overtime During FY2013, OCT performed a total of 1,123.50 hours of overtime for a total of $57,672.82.

To date, OCT has performed a total of 217 hours overtime for a total of $12,187.01.

9. What number and percent of your employees are District residents? Does your agency have a written policy to increase the hiring of District residents? If so, please provide a copy of the policy.

Please describe the methods used by your agency to increase the hiring of District residents.

20 or 54% of OCT employees are District residents. OCT does not have a separate written policy to increase the hiring of District residents. However, OCT does abide by D.C. Law 17-108, the Jobs for D.C.

Residents Amendment Act of 2007, effective February 6, 2008, and applies residency preference to all competitive appointments including career service, legal service and Management Supervisory Service (D.C. Code §1-515.01 (a&b). OCT’s hiring strategy includes participating in professional and industry outreach events as well as posting job announcements to local colleges, universities and a number of broadcast/production outlets. OCT continues to make strategic, concerted efforts to hire DC residents in order to fill vacant positions.

10. Please detail the number of employees hired as a result of OCT’s partnership with the Office of Risk Management to employ Return to Work Employees (RTW).

In Fiscal Year 2013, OCT participated in a partnership with the Office of Risk Management’s Return to Work Program. OCT identified the vacant program support assistant position as being easily suitable for a light duty position. The collaboration provided an opportunity for two DC government employees to work at OCT. The RTW employees responsibilities include: administrative duties (filing, scanning, inventory); TV programming development (research); pre-production (booking guests/locations and tape logging); and customer service (answering phones and responding to customer service complaints). As a result of this successful partnership, OCT ultimately hired one of the employees as a full-time program support assistant.

III. Budget

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