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«Robert Thirsk High School Complementary Registration Guide 2016 – 2017 (January 2016 Edition) Table of Contents Complementary Courses Health and ...»

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Robert Thirsk High School

Complementary Registration Guide

2016 – 2017 (January 2016 Edition)

Table of Contents

Complementary Courses

Health and Wellness

Global Studies

English Language Learners (ELL)

International Students

Recommended Course Sequence in Languages

French as a Second Language

Spanish Language and Culture

Global Studies Courses

Fine Arts Programs

Acting for the Camera

Art (Visual)

Creative Writing and Publishing


Film Studies


Technical Theatre / Performing Arts

Musical Theatre


Advanced Acting

Advanced Placement (AP) Courses

Recommended Sequence for AP Courses

AP Courses

Career & Technology Studies (CTS) Registration Guide

Work Experience, RAP and Green Certificate

Business Administration, Finance and Information Technology (BIT).............. 13 Health, Recreation & Human Services (HRH)

Media, Design & Communication Arts (MDC)

Natural Resources (NAT)

Outdoor Pursuits

Trades, Manufacturing & Transportation (TMT)

RTHS High School Planner

RTHS Course Listing

Complementary Courses Note: All complementary courses at RTHS will be offered based on student interest, enrolment and school resources.

Health and Wellness Yoga 15 (1449) Yoga 15 provides an introduction to the foundational postures (asanas), establishes breathing techniques and an preparatory meditation practice. It will also present students with the historical roots of yoga and give them an understanding of basic anatomy and physiology as it applies to the discipline. Students will develop an enhanced appreciation for, and acceptance of their body. The program is designed to allow students to experience the benefits of increased flexibility, strength, focus and concentration.

Students will learn to be non-judgmental about their own and others’ yoga practice.

Through continued practice, students will relieve stress, learn relaxation techniques, and experience the health benefits of a yoga practice. Prerequisite: None Yoga 25/35 (2449/3449) - 5 credits each Both Yoga 25 and 35 offer students the opportunity to deepen their study of yoga and to continue to experience the benefits of a regular practice More advanced postures (asanas) and breathing techniques (pranayama) will be introduced. Students will establish a consistent meditation practice in order to deepen their self-understanding and share this knowledge through leadership and collaboration. They will study alignment, anatomy, and physiology of the physical postures and learn to build complimentary sequences. The focus will be on self-knowledge and self-care with an emphasis on an awareness of balance in their personal environment, focusing on how yoga, school and life work as integral components that contribute to their sense of wellness. Prerequisite for Yoga 25: Yoga 15. Prerequisite for Yoga 35: Yoga 25 Global Studies International studies will help you develop global citizenship in our ever-evolving world.

Learn how to connect and lead in a global society through opportunities including:

partnerships, exchange opportunities and 1 to 2 day intensive language learning events, participation in an international youth summit, international travel opportunities or completion of an international certificate (https://sites.google.com/a/educbe.ca/globallearning/products-services). Acquire second language skills to impact your intellectual potential, achievement in school, first language skills and citizenship. This program will be continually evolving.

English Language Learners (ELL) ELL students may be required to take an English Language Proficiency Test upon arrival to class in order to determine their language proficiency level. The focus of all levels is to develop English communication skills, both oral and written. Besides the English language component, Canadian Studies and Culture are also taught. Going to the next level is dependent upon the student’s competency at mastering the language requirements for advancement. Other courses will be included in a student’s timetable.

However, we will try to tailor each timetable to reflect the individual student’s situation.

Robert Thirsk High School Registration Guide 2016 – 17 3 http://schools.cbe.ab.ca/b880/ International Students Many international students are welcomed to Robert Thirsk High School to pursue credits in courses to continue their high school academic requirements or to improve their

English language efficiency. For more information, please visit the following link:


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Note | Any student with prior language experience will need to meet with the Language teacher to get a recommendation for placement.

French as a Second Language French 10 (1093) - 5 credits This entry-level course provides a practical learning experience using a theme-based approach. Students do not need previous language experience.

French 20 (2093) - 5 credits Students who have successfully completed up to grade 9 French are recommended to register for the French 20 Level.

French 30 (3093) - 5 credits Students who have successfully completed an immersion program are recommended to register for the French 30 Level or discuss a challenge with the teacher.

Spanish Language and Culture Note | Any student with prior Spanish language skill or courses will need to meet with the Spanish teacher to get a recommendation for placement.

Spanish 10 (1345) - 5 credits Spanish 10 is a beginner’s course designed to equip students with a practical knowledge of Spanish, no previous Spanish required.

Spanish 20 (2345) - 5 credits Students must have Spanish 10 as a prerequisite for this course or have had equivalent experience in the Spanish language. Please discuss placement with the Spanish teacher.

Robert Thirsk High School Registration Guide 2016 – 17 4 http://schools.cbe.ab.ca/b880/ Spanish 30 (3345) - 5 credits Students must have Spanish 20 as a prerequisite for this course or have had equivalent experience in the Spanish language. Please discuss placement with the Spanish teacher.

Global Studies Courses Intercultural Studies 35 (3 credit course) Intercultural Studies 35 is designed to develop inter-cultural skills for students who intend to have an overseas experience. The course is designed to focus on culture and intercultural skills (such as adaptation, communication, practical skills, and relationship building). Students engaging in international excursions often receive credit in this course.

Fine Arts Programs Studying Fine Arts helps develop the interests and talents that shape who we are as individuals. In addition, participation in the arts can develop employability skills such as improvisation, commitment, organization and problem solving. Enhance your experience in high school by adding some Fine Arts courses and accessing our beautiful new Fine Arts spaces. We envision that some of you will be able to highlight many of your talents by completing the CBE Fine and Performing Arts Certificate.

Acting for the Camera Acting for the Camera 15/25/35 (0014) - 5 Credits Acting for the Camera 15/25/35 is designed to develop an appreciation of acting as a distinct form of performance art, communication, and visual media that reflects diverse social, cultural and global perspectives. Students will develop an appreciation for the creative work of others while striving to understand and interpret the thoughts, ideas and emotions presented in acting performances. Through the exploration of published work, students will practice acting for camera skills. Students will also have the opportunity to use their own imagination to create original scripts, scenes and/or monologues to express themselves through acting for camera. In Acting for the Camera 15/25/35, students will need to communicate and collaborate with others by building positive relationships, sharing responsibility, and showing flexibility. Students will be required to access, understand and apply basic film technologies in an ethical and responsible manner.

Art (Visual) Art 10 (1400) - 5 credits This course provides an introduction to the visual arts at the high school level. No previous art courses are required for you to experience success. Taking this course will help you develop new skills and refine previously acquired skills through the exploration of various materials and techniques. Opportunities to creatively express yourself through various methods of painting, drawing, sculpting, etc will be provided. Prerequisite: None Art 20 (2400) - 5 credits Art 20 is designed to develop, expand and refine your confidence and abilities when communicating visually. You will be encouraged to experiment with a variety of materials and techniques in both two and three dimensional work. Increasingly you will select Robert Thirsk High School Registration Guide 2016 – 17 5 http://schools.cbe.ab.ca/b880/ personal themes for expression, allowing you to assess your interest and potential through the visual arts. Prerequisite: Successful completion of Art 10.

Art 30 (3400) - 5 credits The emphasis of Art 30 is to foster within you, an independent and stylistic characteristic common to practicing artists. You are expected to achieve and exhibit a personal style through in-depth study. Personal experiences will be used as a source of images.

Research of selected artists and periods will be incorporated into the course.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Art 20.

Creative Writing and Publishing Creative Writing and publishing 15/25/35 (1269) – 5 Credits Through participating in the actual publication process, students will use relevant technologies to create their own texts and follow those texts through the editing, publishing and marketing processes.

In liaising with professional writing organizations, submitting to established publications and creating their own publication, students comprehend and manage the processes and conventions of publishing and marketing creative writing. Because the general outcomes of the course span grades ten through twelve, Creative Writing and Publishing can be offered as a blended course when enrolment is insufficient to offer separate classes at each grade level. Within the specific outcomes, there is an increasing sophistication in

the understanding of concepts and application of strategies and skills. Prerequisites:

none Dance Dance 15 (1404) - 5 credits* Senior high dance seeks to develop personal and social growth through dance experiences, and an understanding of dance as an art and means of self- expression.

You will be provided with the opportunity to explore a variety of dance styles that may include a combination of up to 4 styles: jazz, hip hop, ballet, lyrical, creative, West African, funk and modern dance. Dance technique, creativity, choreography, performance, safety, anatomy, history and dance awareness are integral components of the program. In addition, positive interaction skills such as cooperation, consideration for others, and self-discipline will be stressed. You will be evaluated based on your competencies, choreography memorization, personal growth, in-class and stage performances. Prerequisite: None Dance 25/35 (2404/3404) - 5 credits each* Dance 25 challenges students to improve the dance skills that were developed in Dance

15. As you grow as a dancer, you will also have opportunity to develop leadership skills by creating dance warm-ups, and exercises. Collaboration and contribution to class choreography will also be explored. Prerequisite: Successful completion of Dance 15 or teacher recommendation.

Dance 35 sequentially develops dance technique and skills learned in Dance 25.

Emphasis is placed on developing leadership skills and creating choreography. You will also have the opportunity to teach and perform that choreography with other students.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Dance 25 or teacher recommendation.

Robert Thirsk High School Registration Guide 2016 – 17 6 http://schools.cbe.ab.ca/b880/ *All dance classes have a performance element. Dances learned in class will be presented at school shows, where dancers have the opportunity to learn and demonstrate all the elements of a rehearsed and polished performance.

Film Studies Film Studies 15/25/35 (1408/2408/3408) - 5 credits each.

In Film Studies you will view and respond to a variety of films with the aim to increase you knowledge and awareness of film, with a focus on film history, genre, and social implication. You will explore film from an artistic, as well as a technological perspective.

This course is designed to provide you with the ability to appreciate film at an advanced level and to foster critical understanding. The course will provide you with information on the variety of post-secondary and career opportunities in film, and will serve as an excellent basis for those interested in pursuing the study and vocation of film beyond high school. Depending on student interest and numbers, this may be incorporated with Technical Theater or Drama areas.

Music Instrumental Music 10 (Band - 1425) / Physical Education 10 (combination) 5 credits each (10 credit combination) If you are interested in pursuing studies in instrumental music this is a course you should consider. The course will include all aspects of playing a wind or percussion instrument, including development of tone, range and flexibility. Music performed will be selected from a variety of periods and styles. The course will also include theoretical and historical concepts as they pertain to the music. If you do not have the prerequisite, you may be considered if you possess equivalent experience. If you are enrolled in the music program you are expected to be involved in the performance- based course which occurs outside of the regular timetable. This combination course is scheduled for the full year, devoting equal amounts of time to instruction in instrumental music and physical education. The physical education course combined with Band is restricted to Band students. Prerequisite: Grade 9 Band or Music teacher's recommendation.

Instrumental Music 20 (Band - 2425) - 5 credits Prerequisite: Successful completion of Instrumental Music 10 or Music teacher’s recommendation.

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