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«RAPPORT arbeidsgruppe for utarbeidelse av håndbok for utvikling og drifting av fellesgrader på ph.d.-nivå 02.10.09 BAKGRUNN Følgende ...»

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10. The doctoral dissertation/thesis will be written in English or in other language if applicable. The dissertation/thesis must be accompanied by a substantial summary in English or other language if applicable. The doctoral dissertation/thesis will be defended in English or other language if applicable, and the discussion that follows will occur in English or other language if applicable, upon decision of the board of examiners. The doctoral dissertation/thesis will on its front page include the logos of both universities and mention that the dissertation/thesis results from a joint supervision agreement (co-tutelle).

Award of degree and diploma

11. Based on the evaluation of the dissertation and the assessment of the dissertation/thesis defence Ms./ Mr. ……………………will be awarded the degree of degree name from the partner institution and the degree of Philosophiae Doctor (PhD) of the University of Bergen.

The doctoral candidate will be awarded one diploma only. The institution which issues the diploma must ensure the diploma includes the following: the title of the dissertation/thesis, the date of the dissertation/thesis defence and the joint supervision with the partner institution.

The Head of the assessment committee will write a report, countersigned by the members of the assessment committee.

The University where the defence is held commits itself to give a copy of the defence report as well as a hard copy of the defence report to the other University for the candidate’s PhD degree.

Article 3. Funding

1. Funds available to both supervisors within this project will serve to assist research and travel expenses necessary for conducting the dissertation/thesis work of Ms/Mr doctoral candidate

2. Expenses related to the dissertation/thesis defence will be paid by indicate institution or funder who will cover the defence costs. Expenses related to presentation of doctoral dissertation/thesis in seminar at the partner institution after the defence will be covered by indicate institution or funder who will cover the seminar costs

3. Ms/Mr doctoral candidate will also apply to funding schemes to assist travel and accommodation expenses specific to a dissertation/thesis under joint supervision.

Article 4. Social security and civil liability

1. The following conditions affect the social security and civil liability cover of the Ms/mr

doctoral candidate:

a. The candidate will be covered - While at institution Ms/Mr doctoral candidate qualifies for the student benefits provided by national Social Security. In addition, she/he should take out civil liability insurance.

b. Under the regulations of the EU/EEA agreement, the candidate will be covered by the social security system in Norway, given that she/he has a membership in the social security system in another EU/EEA country. The candidate must present evidence of this to the host university.

Article 5. Publication

1. The dissertation will be submitted in accordance with the provisions regarding public display, registration, and publication of each country. The PhD dissertation/thesis will be available through Bergen Open Research Archive (BORA) at UiB’s library. The publication, protection and dissemination of the dissertation/thesis subject as well as the dissertation/thesis results will be provided by both institutions. The results of the research will be subjected to protection in accordance with the laws in force in each of the two countries and the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) regulations of the institutions.

Article 6. Termination of agreement

1. In the case the candidate should not register in one or other of the contracting institutions, or fulfilling the requirements for the PhD programme, the two institutions must immediately bring the present agreement to an end, by a joint decision. In such a case the partner institutions commit themselves to notifying each other in writing as soon as possible. The doctoral diploma which may be awarded, will not mention the joint supervision. The PhD degree will only be awarded according to the regulation of the institution’s country in which the enrolment has been maintained.

Article 7. Exchange of information

1. The two institutions, through the two co-supervisors and the administrative contact persons, will communicate in English or other administrative language agreed upon to one another all of the necessary information and documentation for the joint supervision of the candidate’s doctoral studies and the preparation, submission and evaluation of the doctoral dissertation/thesis.

2. |Administrative contact persons at each institution must be established and any information concerning the execution of this agreement will be addressed in English

or other administrative language agreed upon to:

For the partner institution:

E-mail: Administrative contact person, NOT scientific contact person!

For the University of Bergen:

University of Bergen Department of Research Management Prof. Keysersgt 8, 5020 Bergen, Norway Tel: +47 55 584984 / Fax: +47 55 584981 E-mail: kristin.nodland@geo.uib.no

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Appendix 1 The rights and duties explained in the following sections are from the PhD handbook Recommended by The Research Board, UiB 10.03.09 and based on the PhD regulations at UiB, the PhD-contract and the regulations for employees with a university fellowship, and the regulations for conducting research (ethical regulations).

The PhD candidate’s responsibilities

Your responsibilities as a PhD candidate are:

1. To carry out your research effectively, to a high standard and within the prescribed period of study

2. To attend PhD events at the university, faculty and department and to attend the courses agreed with your main supervisor

3. To agree and strictly abide by a timetable for regular contact with the main supervisor, at least once a month, and for the submission of your written work

4. To submit your written work by agreed deadlines to allow sufficient time for comment and discussion. Drafts or parts of the thesis should be submitted at regular intervals, in accordance with the PhD regulations section 4.3, at least three times per semester.

5. To present your work or findings at seminars/conferences from time to time if encouraged by the main supervisor

6. To comply with the ethical standards for research that apply to the academic field in question

7. To submit an annual standard report by 1 November to the department/faculty about the progress of your doctoral training, in consultation with your main supervisor

8. To participate in a midway evaluation of the progress of your doctoral training

9. To responsibly keep track of all documentation of the courses, seminars and activities you complete as part of the training component

10. To inform your main supervisor about all matters that may have a bearing on supervision. You should feel free to bring any problems, including problems of a social or medical nature, to the attention of your main supervisor or head of department/administrative PhD coordinator.

11. To consult in confidence the head of department/administrative PhD coordinator if you feel that a change of supervisor is desirable for any reason

12. To consult the co-supervisor when advised to do so by your main supervisor

13. To inform the external party (for those financed or supported otherwise by an external party) about any matters that could have a significant bearing on the cooperation and the progress of the project

14. To follow the procedures for study leave or interruption of doctoral training. If you have sickness absence or other types of approved study leave, you must inform your assigned PhD administrative coordinator.

15. To discuss all matters regarding expenses relating to the financing of your research project with your supervisor at UiB, or, if relevant, with representatives of the institution that is financially responsible for your position

16. To keep track of all working hours spent as part of your 25% obligatory workload for PhD candidates with university fellowships of four years. Expect your supervisor to help you keep within the workload limits for duty work.

Regular contact can be maintained by e-mail, meetings or phone contact; it is not necessary to present written documentation of all supervision contact.

Expectations of the supervisory team Main supervisor

You can expect your main supervisor to:

1. Participate actively in discussing and designing your research project and in selecting relevant courses and activities for your training component

2. Be responsible for your budget for project expenses

3. Provide quality advice/supervision of your research work, consider which hypotheses and methods may be suitable, and provide you with feedback on written texts as they develop (outline, contents,writing style, documentation etc.)

4. Ensure that it is possible to complete the thesis work within the normal timeframe of three years fordoctoral training

5. Provide you, within a reasonable timeframe, with constructive criticism and reactions to submitteddraft work in order to facilitate timely completion of your thesis. Such follow-up should take place atleast three times per semester.

6. Introduce you to specialist literature and basic data sources (libraries, archives etc.)

7. Introduce you to the department, its facilities and procedures, and to other PhD candidates and relevant staff, and encourage attendance at events and seminars related to doctoral training in general and to your research field in particular. To allow for the planning of relevant study-abroad periods, the supervisor shall at an early stage of your studies introduce you to other relevant academic environments outside the department, also internationally.

8. Advise you on the name of the person in charge of doctoral training (PhD-coordinator) in the department/faculty and ensure that you can contact him/her to discuss relevant matters, including difficulties that may arise in your relationship with your supervisors and your study progress

9. Decide, in consultation with the Head of Department, at the start of your PhD project, whether assignment of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) is necessary and, if so, ensure that an agreement on IPR is established at the outset of the project

10. Ensure that a risk assessment of any laboratory and/or field-based activities has been carried out in accordance with departmental procedures and that you receive the necessary safety training.

11. Ensure that ethics approval has been obtained in accordance with the regulations, and provide guidance on questions of research ethics related to the thesis work. Arrange for you to familiarise yourself with your responsibility to avoid any form of misconduct.

12. Ensure that you maintain records of your research data in a systematic manner so that they canbe consulted and understood by anyone with a legitimate right to enquire, such as the evaluation committee

13. Discuss incidents with you that may seem to be related to research misconduct or plagiarism and report to the department on any suspected instance of research misconduct, including plagiarism

14. Organise and take part in your midway evaluation

15. Agree with you after your midway evaluation on a realistic timetable for completion of the research and writing up of your thesis

16. Submit annually by 1 November to the department/faculty, as appropriate, a standard report about the progress of your doctoral training

17. In consultation with co-supervisors and the department/faculty, make satisfactory arrangements for supervision if the main supervisor is absent for a period of more than four weeks. Keep you informed about all matters that could have significant bearing on the supervision.

18. Encourage you to present your work in progress from time to time and attend relevant conferences, meetings and workshops, and to consult relevant sources of information and advice inside and outside your department

19. Encourage you to develop and improve your general and transferable skills

20. Help you to ensure that duty work does not exceed 25% of your total workload Co-supervisor

You can expect your co-supervisor to:

1. Participate in planning your research project and the training component, which is necessary for your admission and enrolment as a PhD candidate

2. Supervise you in connection with your research project

3. Keep updated on the progress of your work and be present at (at least) quarterly supervisory team meetings.

4. Provide quality advice concerning your research work, consider which hypotheses and methods may be suitable, and provide you with feedback on written texts as they develop.

This is to ensure that you are able to complete the thesis within the normal timeframe, which is three years for PhD studies.

5. Improve the effective supervision of your work by contributing a second opinion or additional areas of expertise, if the main supervisor considers it desirable

6. Provide for continuity of supervision in the event of the absence or departure of the main supervisor. Arrange (in consultation with the main supervisor and the department) for a replacement in the event of his or her parallel absence with the main supervisor.

7. Take part in your midway evaluation Utkast til policyerklæring for UiB; felles studieprogram, fellesgrader og co-tutelle (pgh, 08.10.09) Generelt Som ledd i universitetets utdannings-, forsknings- og internasjonaliseringsstrategier, ønsker Universitetet i Bergen å utnytte nye måter og virkemidler for forsknings- og utdanningssamarbeid i større omfang og mer systematisk enn hittil. Dette gjelder både for utdanninger på bachelor- og masternivå og for den organiserte forskerutdanningen (ph.d.).

Viktige virkemidler i denne sammenhengen er felles studieprogram, fellesgrader og co-tutelle.

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