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«Making things clear around Surgical smoke Surgery without smoke Foreword Following the introduction of laser surgery in the mid 1980s, education and ...»

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• Sterile with double peel pouch packaging for presentation to the surgical field

• Ready-to-use: no assembly required

• Easy to connect to the trocar with no leakage at the connection

• Long lasting performance even when challenged with elevated levels of moisture in effluent gas from the pneumoperitoneum.

In addition to the above, connecting the filter to the central vacuum system will ensure a complete elimination of the hazards of surgical smoke, without risking contamination of the system itself.

Administrative Controls In addition to the equipment required for evacuating smoke, hospital policies and education and training programs for the health care professionals are of utmost importance to ensure that steps are actively taken to protect the personnel and the patients against surgical smoke[15].

Surgical Smoke:

An Increasing Concern Worldwide Back in the nineties, the USA and Northern Europe expressed an increasing concern about the hazardous effect of smoke caused by electrosurgery and laser surgery on the health of OR workers and patients. Nursing associations and national authorities have since developed recommendations to improve the working environment in that regard, though with widely varying results.

England The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH - 2002) require that exposure to substances hazardous to health are adequately controlled to prevent occurrence of ill-health.

In a device bulletin from 2008, the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) recommends that smoke evacuation systems are used during laser surgery. In addition it is specified that masks and OR evacuation systems are not suitable for protection from surgical smoke.

France In addition to a section of the Labor Code regarding evacuation of smoke from the workplace (R. 232-5-7), there are recommendations of the C. CLIN Paris-Nord and the French Society of Hospital Hygiene (SF2H) dating from 2000 and 2004, relating to the use of medical devices (scalpels, lasers) equipped with smoke evacuation, and the use of filters for exsufflation of the pneumoperitoneum during laparoscopic procedures.

Denmark In Denmark, the European directive concerning the minimum safety and health requirements for the workplace (89/654/EEC) is implemented as a regulation with specific provisions concerning the elimination of polluted air from any working place. Recirculation of filtered air is furthermore forbidden; a dispensation request addressed to the government regarding recirculation of filtered air during surgical procedures was even dismissed in 2002.

Canada In January 2009, a new standard was issued covering any type of smoke emitting surgery, requiring the use of a smoke evacuator (CSA 7305.13-09). The new regulation states that facility safety officers shall ensure that plume removal requirements are established, implemented, monitored for compliance, reviewed, and revised periodically.

USA There is no regulation requiring the elimination of surgical smoke in the USA. However the concern about the posed hazard is on the rise, under the effort of the AORN (American Association of Registered Operating Room Nurses). The most important official document is the Hazard Controls No. 11 issued by NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health), recommending evacuation and filtration of surgical smoke[13].

Australia The Australian College of Operating Room Nurses (ACORN) represents professional nurses across Australia. The organisation practice guidelines recommend the prevention of patients’ and healthcare personnel’s exposure to surgical smoke, by means of appropriate equipment and procedures.

Evacuation of Surgical Smoke:

An Area of Expertise for SafeAir SafeAir is dedicated to making the working environment safe for all present in the operating room, without impairing the effectiveness of the surgical procedure.

The product range includes devices that match the various requirements of electrosurgical


Smoke evacuation pencils The SafeAir Smoke Pencil products are singleuse electrosurgery pencils with fully integrated smoke aspiration and liquid suction functions. A slim design and no additional cable that can disturb the surgical act make this product the perfect pencil for safe electrosurgery.

Smoke evacuation units Combined with the SafeAir Smoke Pencil products, SafeAir smoke evacuation units form a very effective solution for evacuation of electrosurgical smoke. Synchronised to the pencil, the unit provides a silent, powerful aspiration flow and effective filtration of particles and odours.

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