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«Member Resource Guide Mission The mission of the Society of Critical Care Medicine is to secure the highest quality care for all critically ill and ...»

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Resource Guide


The mission of the Society of Critical Care Medicine is to secure the highest quality care

for all critically ill and injured patients.

Envisioned Future

The Society of Critical Care Medicine envisions a world in which all critically ill and

injured persons receive care from a present, integrated team of dedicated trained

intensivists and critical care specialists. Multiprofessional teams use knowledge,

technology and compassion to provide timely, effective, safe, efficient, and equitable, patient-centered care.

Thank you for being a member!

Your membership with the Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM) shows your dedication to the practice of critical care and your ongoing support of the Society’s mission to secure the highest quality care for all critically ill and injured patients. As a member, you contribute to the Society’s continued success.

To help you achieve your personal and professional goals, SCCM offers several practice-enhancing benefits, which are outlined throughout this guide. You will find information on SCCM’s vast array of educational and professional resources, networking opportunities, and ways to get involved with SCCM as well as your critical care colleagues locally, nationally, and internationally.

Together we can make a difference!

SCCM Headquarters Customer Service Society of Critical Care Medicine Phone: +1 847 827-6888 500 Midway Drive Fax: +1 847 827-7913 Mount Prospect, IL 60056 USA Email: support@sccm.org Phone: +1 847 827-6869 Fax: +1 847 827-6886 Website: www.sccm.org Email: support@sccm.org Membership Categories and Benefits With more than 16,000 members in over 100 countries, the Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM) is the premier multiprofessional organization dedicated to ensuring excellence and consistency in the practice of critical care. SCCM membership is made up of a diverse group of highly trained professionals who provide care in specialized units and who work toward the best outcomes possible for critically ill patients. These professionals fit into a number of different membership categories.

Physician Young Physician

• Anesthesiologists Available to individuals who have completed their

• Emergency Physicians fellowship training program within the last three

• Intensivists years. Membership may be renewed annually

• Internal Medicine Practitioners at this rate until three years after the physician

• Pediatricians completes the fellowship program. Documentation

• Pulmonolo

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Membership in the Society has allowed me to share research and practice ideas with like-minded individuals across a wide-spectrum of critical care providers including physicians of various medical specialties, nurse practitioners, nurses, pharmacists, and therapists. It cuts across all disciplines that have an interest in and provide care for patients requiring intensive care and, thus, has the resources and opportunity to engage its members in and quickly disseminate ideas that improve the care of these patients.

Michael L. “Luke” James, M.D.

International Physician Available to physicians residing outside the 50 United States. Provides privileges of membership, except the right to make motions, vote or hold office.

International Associate Available to all healthcare professionals residing outside the 50 United States. Provides privileges of membership, except the right to make motions, vote or hold office, receive Critical Care Medicine, or apply for fellowship in the American College of Critical Care Medicine.

Benefits Available to Healthcare Professional, Physician, International Physician, Young Physician, or In-Training Members Critical Care Medicine Membership includes a free subscription to the #1 critical care subspecialty journal, as well as access to the full online archive of past issues. Pediatric Critical Care Medicine is also available through a low-cost section membership program. Both journals will help improve the care you provide to your patients. The new MySCCM.org allows you to access the full-text articles featured in the journals with a single login.

Critical Connections A free subscription to the only newsmagazine focused on critical care is included in SCCM membership. Each bimonthly issue covers practice management topics, information on improving patient care and the latest trends in technology and clinical matters driving the field of critical care. Critical Connections also keeps members up to date on the latest SCCM activities and programs.

Professional Resources From practice guidelines and educational programs to an online job bank, SCCM provides unlimited resources to enhance your skills and support your practice of critical care.

Advocacy Efforts While you’re busy caring for patients, SCCM professionals are caring for you by confronting issues such as workforce shortages and reimbursement at both the state and federal levels.

The results of SCCM’s united efforts directly impact your practice.

Chapters Membership in your local or regional SCCM chapter helps you network within the field of critical care. Educational programs demonstrate how issues of national importance affect you, your colleagues, and your institution. Chapter membership also allows SCCM members to become leaders in critical care at the local level.

Creative Community Choose from many committees to volunteer your time and talents in order to help advance SCCM’s mission and goals.

Discounts Save up to 25% on SCCM educational programs and resources.

Visit www.sccm.org or call +1 847 827-6888 for more information. 3 Benefits Available to International Associates The Society’s International Associate member category provides a unique opportunity for healthcare professionals residing outside the United States to enhance their skills and contribute to the advancement

of critical care through the many benefits of SCCM membership:

Critical Care Medicine Membership includes online access to sample articles from recent issues of the official journal of the Society of Critical Care Medicine.

Critical Connections Online access to the industry’s only newsmagazine focused on critical care is included in SCCM membership, featuring articles on the multiprofessional team and improving patient care.

Professional Resources Stay current on the latest developments in critical care research and clinical breakthroughs through a variety of educational resources.

Creative Community Choose from 50 committees to volunteer your time and talents in order to help advance SCCM’s mission and goals.

Recognition Be recognized as an esteemed member with your membership certificate and identification card.

Discounts Save up to 25% on SCCM educational programs and resources.

The best part of being an SCCM member is that whenever there are new approaches to critical care medicine, I am confident that I will be informed in a timely manner. The leadership at SCCM without a doubt plays a pivotal role in making this possible, and I always leave the SCCM annual Congress with a renewed sense of hope and confidence!

Rashed Hasan, MBBS, FAAP Networking and Involvement Creative Community in Critical Care Become part of the Creative Community by volunteering your time and talents to assist the Society in developing programs and identifying innovative educational projects that benefit all critical care professionals and the patients they serve. Members of the Creative Community serve on SCCM committees and task forces, and as section and chapter leaders.

To become involved on a committee or task force, complete a committee application online under the Member Center/Volunteers section of the SCCM website or click the link at MySCCM.org. Committee applications are accepted at any time; however, May 15 is the deadline for consideration for the upcoming year. Committee appointments are made each September for the following year. Contact the Organizational Affairs Department at +1 847 827-6990 for more information.

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Visit www.sccm.org or call +1 847 827-6888 for more information. 5 American College of Critical Care Medicine Apply for fellowship in the American College of Critical Care Medicine (ACCM), which honors practitioners, researchers, administrators, and educators who have made outstanding contributions to critical care.

Recognized by the prestigious FCCM designation, Fellows of the American College of Critical Care Medicine are committed to fostering the highest goals of multiprofessional critical care. The College promotes a forum for the development of collaborative practice among the specialties and professions providing critical care and for the development of guidelines and practice parameters. For eligibility and application information, visit the Professional Development/ACCM section of the SCCM website.

Master of Critical Care Medicine In 2011, SCCM added the Master of Critical Care Medicine (MCCM) designation. This honors Fellows of the ACCM who have distinguished themselves by achieving national and international professional prominence due to personal character, leadership, eminence in critical care, or years of exemplary service to SCCM, ACCM and the field of critical care in its broadest sense. To be eligible, an individual must have been an FCCM for at least five years. Fellows may nominate other Fellows for this honor. For eligibility requirements contact Colette Punda at cpunda@sccm.org.

I joined, and have been an active participant in, the Society of Critical Care Medicine because of its multiprofessional, multidisciplinary nature. It is the only critical care organization that values every member of the team with equal weight. SCCM has really been a highlight of my professional life. It has provided me with an opportunity to work with some outstanding individuals from around the world, all with the same purpose. SCCM is singularly the best Society I’m involved with.

Pamela A. Lipsett, MD, MHPE, FCCM 2011-2012 President Visit www.sccm.org or call +1 847 827-6888 for more information.

Chapters The Chapters are independent organizations that share SCCM’s mission of securing the highest quality care for all critically ill and injured patients. As a member of a chapter, you can participate in exchanging knowledge of team-based critical care, collaborating with SCCM on projects and programs, and forming relationships with other critical care groups and organizations.

–  –  –

Chapter membership is free for in-training members and $45 for full members. To join a chapter, complete a chapter application online under the Member Center/Chapters section of the SCCM website or contact Customer Service at +1 847 827-6888.

Professional Resources Medical Journals and Periodicals Critical Care Medicine Learn about promising new research, clinical breakthroughs and advances in equipment and techniques that lead to better patient care in your free monthly subscription to the #1 critical care subspecialty journal, Critical Care Medicine (CCM). Your subscription includes round-the-clock access to the full archive of past issues.

Pediatric Critical Care Medicine Gain access to articles focused on pediatric critical care and critical care neonatology with a subscription to the Society’s bimonthly specialty journal, Pediatric Critical Care Medicine (PCCM). The journal is also available online and is included with Pediatric Section membership.

Log in to MySCCM.org to access Critical Care Medicine and Pediatric Critical Care Medicine.

Critical Connections Find ways to improve patient care and the multiprofessional team approach with your free subscription to Critical Connections, the only newsmagazine focused on critical care. Each bimonthly issue focuses on a new “hot topic” in critical care and highlights upcoming SCCM activities and job alerts. Special issues also contain the Congress Advance Program and the Congress Review.

Critical Care eNewsletter Delivered twice monthly to your email inbox, Critical eConnections compiles the latest headlines specific to critical care as well as updates on SCCM events, educational opportunities and member benefits.

iCritical Care Offering a wide selection of in-depth interviews on adult and pediatric topics, these podcasts provide unique perspectives as hosts chat with authors of the latest Critical Care Medicine and Pediatric Critical Care Medicine articles, well-known speakers and prominent SCCM members. Rated among the top 20 medical podcasts on iTunes, iCritical Care Podcasts are a valuable resource listeners can take anywhere.

The Surviving Sepsis Campaign A joint collaboration of SCCM and the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine (ESICM), the Surviving Sepsis Campaign is committed to reducing mortality from severe sepsis and septic shock worldwide. To learn more about the campaign, including the bundles, guidelines, and performance improvement database, please visit www.survivingsepsis.org.

ICU Liberation The Society has created a task force of clinical and research experts and funded a three-year plan to develop and implement the ICU Liberation campaign to engage clinicians in improving practice and patient outcomes related to pain, agitation, delirium and early mobility.

Visit www.ICULiberation.org for more information.

Guidelines and Practice Parameters Guidelines are developed in an effort to help ensure consistent, evidence-based care of critical care patients using the most up-to-date and relevant knowledge available. The ICU Guidelines app provides summaries of select American College of Critical Care Medicine (ACCM) guidelines for quick reference as well as an opportunity to download PDFs of full guidelines to your device. The ICU Guidelines app is a web-based app available for download on any device by visiting www. sccm.org/guidelinesapp. A complete list of ACCM’s clinical, administrative and endorsed guidelines is also available on the SCCM website.

SCCM Online Log on to the SCCM website to take advantage of member discounts on all SCCM offerings including registration fees, publications and product orders.

MySCCM.org Customize your SCCM experience by choosing what information is important to you with MySCCM.org. The site allows you to organize SCCM online information by areas of interest, bookmark particular pages and receive updates on critical care news and upcoming events. Further, MySCCM.

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