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«September 2004 Bayview Hunters Point Mothers Environmental Health & Justice Committee Huntersview Tenants Association Greenaction for Health & ...»

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1) Every San Franciscan has an equal right to a healthy and safe environment. This requires that our air, water, earth, and food be of a sufficiently high standard that individuals and communities can live healthy, fulfilling, and dignified lives.

2) Where threats of serious or irreversible damage to people or nature exist, lack of full scientific certainty about cause and effect shall not be viewed as sufficient reason for the City to postpone measures to prevent the degradation of the environment or protect the health of its citizens.

3) The Precautionary Principle requires a thorough exploration and a careful analysis of a wide range of alternatives. Using the best available science, the Precautionary Principle requires the selection of the alternative that presents the least potential threat to human health and the City's natural systems.

4) The public should be able to determine the range of alternatives examined and suggest specific reasonable alternatives, as well as their short and long-term benefits and drawbacks.

It is time that all government agencies take the precautionary principle to heart. Although it is difficult to remedy a more than fifty year legacy of environmental racism and neglect in Bayview

Hunters Point, several steps should be taken immediately:

1) PG&E Hunters Point Power Plant and other old polluting plants should be closed;

2) The City and County of San Francisco should aggressively work with the community to install energy efficiency measures and renewable energy to phase-out in-city fossil fuel generation;

3) The City should not site any additional fossil fuel generation;

4) Federal and state regulatory agencies should review and remediate all hazardous waste sites in Bayview Hunters Point to residential standards;

5) Government agencies must consider cumulative impacts from the many pollution sources in Southeast San Francisco when making permitting and regulatory decisions for existing and proposed industrial activities;

6) Government agencies should follow the Precautionary Principle and the Principles of Environmental Justice in decision-making;

7) Agencies such as the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, the Department of Toxic Substances Control and the Regional Water Quality Control Board must strengthen their regulation and enforcement of permits for companies polluting the air, soil and water of our communities. Polluters must reduce their pollution, adequate fines must be levied and polluters that threaten public health and the environment must be shut down.

It is our hope the next generation of residents in Bayview Hunters Point will not have to deal with the environmental degradation that their parents and grandparents have. It is time to end this legacy of environmental injustice and ensure that everyone has an equal right to a healthy and safe environment.

Next Steps This report was the first step in a community prioritization process that included conducting a toxic inventory of Bayview Hunters Point. During the next year, project partners, the Huntersview Tenants Association, the Mothers Environmental Health and Justice Committee, and Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice will continue the process: organizing the community to close the PG&E Hunters Point Power Plant, addressing indoor air pollution, and evaluating toxic sites and other existing and potential pollution sources so we can move forward on solutions that address and remedy the most pressing dangers to our community.

As government and industry have failed to protect the health and well-being of our communities, it is up to all of us to become informed and active to protect community health and achieve environmental justice. We hope this report contributes to this effort.

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1) Bay Area Pie Company 1980 Oakdale Ave, San Francisco

2) E.S. Brush & Sons Lumber 1313 Armstrong Ave, San Francisco

6) SF Water Department 1990, Newcomb Ave, San Francisco

7) West Coast Plumbing, 2230 Lane St., San Francisco

8) Willig Freight Lines, 123 Loomis St., San Francisco

9) Cobbledick & Kibbe (former), 80 Charter Oak Ave, San Francisco

10) Henry Broadcasting, 2277 Jerrold Ave., San Francisco

11) San Francisco Truck Repair, 4040 3rd St., San Francisco

12) Blakeway Metal Works, 101 Cargo Way, San Francisco

13) Super Soap Co., 1526 Wallace Ave, San Francisco

14) Charles Drew Elementary School, 50 Pomons St., San Francisco

15) Sartor Property, 280 Bayshore Blvd., San Francisco

16) Alhambra Water, 2217 Revere Avenue, San Francisco

17) Sirus Investment Co., 2540 Newhall St., San Francisco

18) Good Food Stuff Co.(former), 2725 Oakdale Ave, San Francisco

19) Shell Station, 319 Bayshore Blvd, San Francisco

20) CCSF - 3 COM Park 1, Candlestick Park, San Francisco

21) PG&E/Hunters Point Power Plant, 1000 Evans Ave, San Francisco

22) Commercial/Warehouse, 1955 Carroll Avenue, San Francisco

23) Consolidated De Pue Corp, 101 Toland St., San Francisco

24) Unocal Station #3500, 5545 3rd St., San Francisco

25) Florence Distributing Co., 1150 Thomas Ave, San Francisco

26) Warehouse, 251 Barneveld Ave, San Francisco

27) Bay Area Iron Works, 1440 Egbert Ave, San Francisco

28) WHITEY'S U RENT, 1940 OAKDALE AVE San Francisco

29) Kiem Produce, 270 Napoleon St, San Francisco

30) Marelich Mechanical (former), 200 Jennings St., San Francisco

31) SFFD Station #17, 1295 Shafter St., San Francisco

32) O'keefe, Inc., 75 Williams Ave, San Francisco

33) Robert Yick Co., 261 Bayshore Blvd., San Francisco

34) Former Gasoline Station, 2495 Jennings St., San Francisco

35) Armanino Farms (former), 1900 Carroll Ave., San Francisco

36) Growers Refrigeration Co., 2050 Galvez Ave., San Francisco

37) Chipman Moving Co., 2130 Oakdale Ave., San Francisco

38) Berkeley Farms, 2065 Oakdale Ave., San Francisco

39) Commercial, 1431-1435 Van Dyke Ave., San Francisco

40) Meiswinkel Construction, 2060 Newcomb Ave., San Francisco

41) Devincenzi Trucking Company, 1598 Carroll Ave., San Francisco

42) Meyer Properties, 3600 3rd St., San Francisco

43) Pacific Supply (former), 355 Bayshore Blvd., San Francisco

44) Beverages & More, 201 Bayshore Blvd., San Francisco

45) SFFD Station #9, 2245 Jerrold Ave., San Francisco

46) Vacant Lot, 2225 Ingalls St., San Francisco

47) CCSF - Central Shops, 1800 Jerrold Ave., San Francisco

48) CGF Cash and Carry, 2275 McKinnon Ave., San Francisco Noe Valley Parking Corp., 3861 24th St., San Francisco 49)

50) CCSF Muni Railway-Gannex Site, 1301 Cesar Chavez St., San Francisco

51) Pacific Fan & Blower, 1132 Quesada Ave., San Francisco

52) Loomis Armored, Inc. (former), 1060 Marin St., San Francisco

53) Mee Corp., 895 Innes Ave., San Francisco

54) CCSF-DPW Corporation Yard, 2323 Army St., San Francisco

55) Goodman's Lumber Company, 445 Bayshore Blvd., San Francisco

56) Commercial, 202 Paul Ave., San Francisco

57) SF Unified School District, 135 Van Ness Ave., San Francisco

58) Warehouse, 925 Toland St., San Francisco

59) B.R. Funsten & Co., 2045 Evans Ave., San Francisco

60) Syn-Mar, 220 Bayshore Blvd., San Francisco

61) Parisian Bakeries, 1995 Evans Ave., San Francisco

62) Warehouse, 1526 Wallace Ave., San Francisco

63) Sales Mart., 1485 Bayshore Blvd., San Francisco

64) Macbeath Hardwood Facility, 2150 Oakdale Ave., San Francisco

65) Annuzzi's Concrete Services, 68 Elmira St., San Francisco

66) Commercial, 1469Van Dyke Ave., San Francisco

67) CCSF – Pier, 800 Cesar Chavez St/Pier 80, San Francisco

68) Bayview Iron Works, 1235 Thomas Ave., San Francisco

69) Warehouse, 1601 Indiana St., San Francisco

70) Ideal Paint Co., Inc., 2479 Marin St., San Francisco

71) Bay Area Drum Facility (former), 1212 Thomas Ave., San Francisco

72) Armby, 390 Selby St., San Francisco

73) R.J. Muna Pictures, 225 Industrial St., San Francisco

74) California Beverages, 2550 Cesar Chavez St., San Francisco

75) Seven Up Bottling Co. of S.F., 1590 Yosemite Ave., San Francisco

76) Marriot Industries, 290 Maple St., San Francisco

77) Scannell Property, 2501 Ingalls St., San Francisco

78) Swiss American Sausage Co., 5990 3rd St., San Francisco

79) City Cab, 625 Bayshore Blvd., San Francisco

80) Lucky Lager (former), 2601 Newhall St., San Francisco

81) Commercial Construction Site, 5300 3rd St., San Francisco

82) Evergood Sausage, 1389 Underwood Ave., San Francisco

83) Habenicht & Howlett, 888 Marin St., San Francisco

84) Commercial Property, 50 Crisp Rd., San Francisco

85) Shell Service Station, 3830 3rd St., San Francisco

86) Stephens Family Trust, 1428 Egbert Ave., San Francisco

87) Kin Wo Construction Co., 2401 Ingalls St., San Francisco

88) SF Public Housing Development, 1815 Egbert Ave., San Francisco

89) Hawley Forge, 2350 Jerrold Ave., San Francisco

90) CCSF - DPW-Corp Yard 2323 Cesar Chavez St., San Francisco

91) Scheid Property 4049 3rd St., San Francisco

92) U-Haul Facility 1575 Bayshore Blvd., San Francisco

93) Arnold & Egan MFG Co. 1515 Griffith St., San Francisco

94) Pacific Bell, 1 McCoppin St., San Francisco Xtra Oil Co., 3750 3rd St., San Franicisco 95)

96) F.J. Burns Drayage, 630 Cesar Chavez St., San Francisco

97) Former Clementina Site 2177 Jerrold Ave San Francisco

98) Union Pacific Realty & Santa Fe Pier 80, Army St., Pier 80 San Francisco

99) M.J.B. Steel Product Co., 2245 McKinnon Ave., San Francisco

100) G. Paizis Trustee, 996 Innes Ave., San Francisco

101) Former Auto Wreckers, 1055 Underwood Ave., San Francisco

102) United States Postal Services, 1300 Ave., San Francisco

103) Trailways Facility, 290-300 Toland St., San Francisco

104) Arco Station # 00230, 2190 Carroll St., San Francisco Former Auto Repair Facility, 6201 3rd St., San Francisco 105)

106) Scott Company 175 Barneveld Ave., San Francisco

107) O'Keeffe Inc., 1240 Fitzgerald Ave., San Francisco

108) Commercial Property, 4445 3rd St., San Francisco

109) Robb Murray Co., 2655 Ingalls St., San Francisco

110) Alta Roofing Co., 1414 Donner Ave., San Francisco

111) Chevron Station #9-1776, 2101 Jerrold Ave., San Francisco

112) Laidlaw Transit Inc., 2270 Jerrold Ave., San Francisco

113) Herrero Brothers, Inc., 2100 Oakdale Ave., San Francisco

114) Airborne Express Building 435 23rd St., San Francisco

115) Roadway Services, Inc. 201 Toland St., San Francisco

116) SFFD Station #14, 551 26th Ave., San Francisco

117) CCSF-SE Treatment Plant., 750 Phelps St., San Francisco

118) Chevron (Patrick's) #9-0683, 101 Bayshore Blvd., San Francisco

119) Peninsula Oil Company, 1634 Jerrold Ave., San Francisco

120) Tosco/Unocal Station #0426, 3800 3rd St., San Francisco

121) U-Haul Facilty #708-66, 1575 Bayshore Blvd., San Francisco

122) U.S. Rentals 123 Loomis, San Francisco

123) CCSF - DPW Southeast Plant, 1701 Jerrold Ave., San Francisco

124) Commercial Property 1401 Shafter St., San Francisco

125) Blodgett Property, 2240 Revere Ave., San Francisco

126) Eagle Transfer/(Petrini Prop.), 2590 Oakdale Ave., San Francisco

127) Carpet Connection., 390 Bayshore Blvd., San Francisco

128) Independent Oil Company, 1455 Bancroft Ave., San Francisco

129) O' Neill Inc., 2090 Evans Ave., San Francisco

130) Scatena York Company, 2000 Oakdale Ave., San Francisco

131) Thompson Properties, 2045 McKinnon Ave., San Francisco

132) A. Modesto Poultry Co., 5144 3rd St., San Francisco

133) MBM Mechanical, 1325 Donner Ave., San Francisco

134) Tosco/Unocal Station #4200, 975 Bayshore Blvd., San Francisco

135) Allwood Door Co., 6000 3rd St., San Francisco

136) Coca-Cola USA, 5800 3rd St., San Francisco

137) Continental Baking Co., 1920 Ingalls St., San Francisco

138) SF Warehouse, 175 Napoleon St., San Francisco Commercial, 5700 3rd St., San Francisco 139)

140) Irta All Capital Galvez Ptnrs., 1601 Galvez Ave., San Francisco

141) Buckley Property, 2875 Vallejo St., San Francisco

142) Joes's Gas, 2399 Post St., San Francisco

143) Federated Fry Metals (former), 1901 Army St., San Francisco

144) Molinary Salami, 1401 Yosemite Drive, San Francisco

145) Wilcox Frozen Foods Site, 2200 Oakdale Ave., San Francisco

146) Carpenter Rigging, 222 Napoleon St., San Francisco

147) SFFD Station #25, 3305 3rd St., San Francisco

148) Hunters Point Shipyard - Site 4, Tank S-203, Building 203, San Francisco

149) Hunters Point Shipyard - Site 5, Tank S-209, Nimitz Ave, San Francisco

150) Hunters Point Shipyard - Site 5, Tank S-210, Building 203, San Francisco

151) Hunters Point Shipyard - Site 6, Tank S-211, Building 203, San Francisco

152) Hunters Point Shipyard - Site 6, Tank S-213, Building 203, San Francisco

153) Hunters Point Shipyard - Site 6, Tank S-212, Building 203, San Francisco

154) Hunters Point Shipyard - Site 7, Tank HPA-06, Building 205, San Francisco

155) Hunters Point Shipyard - Site 8, Tank S-214, Building 204/205, San Francisco

156) Hunters Point Shipyard - Site 10, Tank HPA-10, Building 231, San Francisco

157) Hunters Point Shipyard - Site 11, Tank HPA-11, Building 231, San Francisco

158) Hunters Point Shipyard - Site 12, Tank HPA-12, Building 231, San Francisco

159) Hunters Point Shipyard - Site 13, Tank HPA-16, Building 23, San Francisco

160) Hunters Point Shipyard - Site 14, Tank HPA-17, Building 231, San Francisco

161) Hunters Point Shipyard - Site 16, Tank S-251, Building 251, San Francisco

162) Hunters Point Shipyard - Site 17, Tank HPA-02, Building 253, San Francisco

163) Hunters Point Shipyard - Site 17, Tank HPA-03, Building 253, San Francisco

164) Hunters Point Shipyard - Site 18, Tank HPA-05, Building 253, San Francisco

165) Hunters Point Shipyard - Site 18, Tank HPA-04, Building 253, San Francisco

166) Hunters Point Shipyard - Site 19, Tank S-003, Building 253, San Francisco

167) Hunters Point Shipyard - Site 19, Tank S-001, Building 253, San Francisco

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