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«Volume 2, Issue 7 July 2014 The Wright Stuff A Word from Bob Wright Well, we’re back. After a lot of soul-searching, conversations with the Board ...»

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Volume 2, Issue 7 July 2014

The Wright Stuff

A Word from Bob Wright

Well, we’re back. After a lot of soul-searching, conversations with the

Board of Directors, the Advisory Board, and staff – we all decided

unanimously that the mission must continue. Whatever it takes. No

money – no problem. No salaries – no problem. We will stay the

course as long as we can and as long as the need still exists. And, with

the phone ringing off the hook with cancer patients (of which there is no shortage – sadly), I guess this effort is eternal.

In This Issue Book Recommendations Cherie Calbom: Juicy Tips Newsletter Dr. Michael and Stress Guest Article: Ed Johnson Blueberries for Health Haelan 951 Testimonial – From Death to Life Where’s Bob?

AACI Newsletter However, at this point, we are looking for feedback from our readers, followers, and all of those interested in what we are doing. How can we do it better, be more efficient and effective, fund-raise in a way that makes people want to participate, enlist volunteers to take on tasks that help move this organization forward – from wherever they are, etc. So, we are asking for your input. Actually, we also really want to know how many of you are reading this monthly missive. If nothing else, just drop us a line at info@americanaci.org and let us know what you think about the newsletter, our mission – or anything else. It will be good to hear your collective “voices.” Feel free to shout if you like.

Starting in July (now) we are going to make a great push to market and sell the new Third Edition of “Killing Cancer – Not People.” People often ask how they can help us. Spreading the word about this book, that has been touted by many to be the best “anti-cancer” guide ever written, helps us to raise funding that goes right back into the mission. “Friend” us on Facebook – and feel free to post there. Send others to this page and to our website. Consider becoming a State, Provincial, or International Ambassador for the AACI. At this point in time, we will wave all fees to those who want to make a commitment to help us. Send us information that you feel is appropriate for cancer patients – or anyone suffering from sickness or disease. We are always researching things that will actually “work” for those who need help; natural things, of course.

We need testimonials, too. If you have healed yourself “naturally,” or know someone who has, we’d like to hear about it. And consider letting me use that testimony in a new book that I will begin soon. We need to let the allopathic community know that what we promote and testify to really works. While they keep asking for clinical trials for “natural healing mechanisms,” (of course, which aren’t done because they are way too expensive and would mean nothing to them anyway), we will show

–  –  –

Consider hosting me at a convention or seminar for your group or community. I have done events all over the country – from Los Angeles to Pittsburgh, and many places in between. Let’s see if we can work something out.

Spread the word about this newsletter. See how many people you can get signed up. After all, it’s free and filled with important information that we all need to know – and might just save someone’s life.

Go to our on-line store and obtain the products that you may buy anyway – right there. As we have told you several times before, we have previously never sold products. We did not want people to think that we were just marketers and wanting to sell anything and everything just to make money. No, that was not us then – and it’s not now. We will only offer what we believe will really help people and is as clean and pure as can be.

If you follow our “Resources” drop-down menu, then click on “Online Store,” you will find several products that you can obtain right now.

Currently featured are all products from Apricot Power, including B-17 and B-15; raw vegan protein from Sun Warrior; coconut oil from Nutiva;

specialized supplements from Shan Stratton’s Core Health; Lypo-Spheric vitamin C from LivOn Labs; wild seafood, organic meats, and natural and Kosher goods from Vital Choice; Soul, the world’s most effective natural anti-inflammatory from Rain International; and the Navarro HCG urine test, enema supplies, etc., from the Joe Ball Company. Most of these companies offer many other products, as well. Each sale via this site benefits both you and the AACI/IWARC.

AACI Newsletter In addition, for the new organic sulfur/MSM, email Antonina at wellbeing@antonina.ca. Acquire the new and incredible ionic silver directly through us by emailing to info@americanaci.org. For the new Haelan fermented soy product (see article in this newsletter), contact Jared at jared@haelannutrition.com. Also, if you don’t have a Kangen Water distributor or Reliv Distributor, email us and we will direct you.

We will continue to build our online store and add more and more products over the next year. By then, it will be fully stocked and you will probably be able to satisfy all your nutritional and health needs there.

Again, we all benefit. If you know of a product you believe we should be carrying, let us know and we will investigate and see if it is appropriate for the store, the masses – and you.

We are here to serve you, America, and the world. Yes, the world. Some of our greatest activity is taking place in Malaysia, Brunei, and the Philippines right now. We have posted some of the incredible testimonials coming out of this area of Southeast Asia and will have more soon.

As you may recall, I began the June newsletter with the words, “Wow!

What a ride it has been.” Well, the ride continues and we are asking you to get on board. Join us in any capacity that fits you and will benefit those we are trying to serve. Also, keep in mind that we are indeed an IRSdesignated 501©3, non-profit organization. All donations are taxdeductible under our Federal EIN 94-3442051. Think about that when you or someone you know is looking for a deduction or just trying to do a good thing. You can also go to our donation page and join the ranks of those who are donating on a monthly basis; $4.95, $9.95, or $19.95. It’s not much. One Starbuck’s run per month. Yet, when a thousand of you are doing that – it’s a lot.

–  –  –

AACI Newsletter Book Recommendations Jean Sumner is the co-founder of World Wellness Education, a non-profit dedicated to encouraging and inspiring people to live healthier lives. Jean is also the Eastern Regional Ambassador for the American Anti-Cancer Institute/International Wellness & Research Center. And, we are both proud and darned lucky to have her.

Jean is the author of several books that would make great additions to your “health and wellness” library. I recommend them highly. R U Toxic? is about 52 small weekly changes you can make to minimize the toxins in your life. Journey to Raw outlines 52 weekly changes to add more raw food into your diet (folks, we all need that). Finally, 52 Tips To Be Healthy (are you sensing a trend here?) covers everything from adding an additional serving of vegetables at dinner time to changing the oils that you use and from exercise to adding fish to your diet – and almost everything in between.

These are not long books – but are jampacked with ideas and tips that can really make a difference to your health and wellness. Keep in mind that the real “cure” is prevention – a subject that far too many of us know way too little about. Here’s an opportunity to beef-up your repertoire in this category.

Find the World Wellness Education website at http://www.worldwellnesseducation.biz/.

You can acquire Jean’s books there.

AACI Newsletter The Mid-West Ambassador for the American Anti-Cancer Institute and International Wellness & Research Center is the “organic guru” herself, Lynnette Marie (formerly Lynnette Pate). Lynnette is one of the most delightful people you will ever meet – full of energy and probably more concerned about your health than you are.

The second edition of her book, Fuel For The Body, becomes available on June 10th. You are going to want a copy for several reasons. Do you want glowing skin, the truth about GMO’s, new recipes, to lose weight, gain health? All of these and more are packed into this work that outlines the real secret to life – your health. You will discover the secret of “fueling” the body, facts about “secret” foods and secret – yet essential – food staples, and learn why meat and dairy are not good for you.

–  –  –

AACI Newsletter Cherie Calbom: Juicy Tips Newsletter We have written about the International Juice Lady, Cherie Calbom, previously. She is so good, though, that we just can’t stop.

Cherie is in constant demand and has appeared on too many radio and T.V. shows to mention. She is now world-renowned as the International Juice Lady and tens of thousands swarm to her website for advice, recipes and juicing know-how. If you want to know how juicing improves your energy, stamina, sleep, mental functions, etc., etc., head to www.juiceladycherie.com and learn what to do, how to do it, what juicer to buy and how to use it. Subscribe to her free newsletter while you are there.

This month’s recipe comes from Cherie and is for zucchini hummus. For those of you who have never had hummus – you are truly missing the boat. And, it’s healthy. After trying this you can experiment and make your own. How about jalapeno hummus? Oh, yeah!

Click here for Cherie’s newsletter and recipe. ♦ AACI Newsletter Dr. Michael and Stress I met Dr. Michael Donaldson at a series of events I recently did in Atlanta, Georgia. I liked him immediately. A young chiropractor (chiropractors are some of the best doctors) who really gets it when it comes to health and wellness, I was struck by his true understanding of the workings of the human body. In addition, he has a wonderful healing story that involves his young daughter that everyone should hear. You can watch that YouTube video here.

In another YouTube video available here, Dr. Michael gives an explanation of how the body manages the endocrine stress cycle and how water and nutrition can be used to support these functions. You don’t want to miss this – especially if you are struggling with chronic fatigue, sleeplessness, or stress of any kind. You just might find an answer here with a better understanding of how this “fight or flight” system works within you.

If you have further questions, contact the good Doctor via email at drmichael@drmichaelexplains.com. ♦ AACI Newsletter I Believe That Drinking Diet Cokes Sweetened With Aspartame (NutraSweet) Caused My Two Brain Tumors By Ed Johnson, J.D., Attorney, © 2014 It is an honor to serve on the AACI Advisory Board, and I am very proud to do so. I began my long journey and search for how to have and maintain good health in 1997, after I was diagnosed with a pituitary adenoma brain tumor, and had surgery to remove it on December 11, 1996, followed by 62 days of radiation to the pituitary to remove any of the tumor that the surgery did not get. This occurred when I was at the very peak of my 30 year career in law practice. I was later asked in 2000 to write a narrative of my experience by Dr. Betty Martini, and it is published under the title, “Aspartame Causes Brain Tumors Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt,” at the following site: www.dorway.com/lawyer1.html. Dr. Martini now serves on the AACI Advisory Board with me. See www.Americanaci.org (Select “About Us,” and “Advisory Board.”) I say that “I began my long journey and search for good health in 1997,” because, in January of 1997, as I was recovering from my first of two brain tumor surgeries, I was in a doctor’s waiting room, and chanced to pick up a 1 page article by Dr. Betty Martini, which educated me on the many dangers of aspartame, including the fact that “aspartame causes brain tumors.” That really caught my attention, as I had been a high consumer of Diet Cokes, which is sweetened with aspartame (aka “NutraSweet” or “Equal”) for 15 years (drinking about 8- 10 Diet Cokes per day). I also used about 6-15 packets of “Equal,” in the blue packets (which is aspartame) and squeezing cut lemons into a glass to make 1-2 glasses of lemonade at lunch. So, I was regularly and consistently ingesting aspartame each and every day, resulting in my 2 brain tumors.

AACI Newsletter It was July 4th weekend of 1998, and I was shocked to have again experience severe double vision, and I called my neurosurgeon, who was on vacation. His associate neurosurgeon ordered an immediate MRI, which disclosed that the pituitary tumor had grown back, and was impinging on the optic nerve in my optic chasm. And once again, the serious surgical risks were explained to my wife and myself: i.e., blindness, a deadly infection of the brain following surgery, or immediate death due to the possibility of severing an artery. Due to the size of the tumor, I had emergency surgery the same night, at 10:30 pm, July 6th,

1998. Due to the side effects of the prior radiation and surgeries, I was forced to medically retire from my law practice in January 2000, at the peak of my 30 year career in law, when I served as the Chairman and CEO of the then 18th largest law firm in San Antonio, Texas.

In January 1997, I “chanced” to be watching “60 Minutes” on CBS, and the major topic that day was: “Aspartame Causes Brain Tumors,” and a graph was displayed showing the sharp increase in brain tumors in the US since aspartame was allowed by the FDA to be added to foods and beverages in the US in 1981. The history of How and Why the FDA allowed the use of a deadly neurotoxin such as aspartame in foods and beverages is well discussed in my aspartame article: “Aspartame Causes Brain Tumors Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt.” (See this article at www.dorway.com/lawyer1.html).

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