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«Vibrations Notice of Annual General Meeting Advocacy Update News from UBC School of Audiology & Speech Sciences September 2014 The S.E.E.D. Project ...»

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I met Mac (short for Macbeth, which he NEVER used) Rambali for the first time approximately 20 years ago when it was my privilege to be the Executive Director of the BC Association of Speech Language Pathologists and Audiologists (BCASLPA) in the 1990s. Mac was the Secretary of the Provincial Council, their equivalent of a Board of Directors, a role he was to assume for many, many years and at the time he was working as a Speech Language Pathologist in the Prince George School District.

It is my observation and experience that we stutterers have this uncanny ability to spot another one of “us” a mile away on pretty short notice. Mac was the first person who stutters I met who was also a Speech Language Pathologist, and I found this both interesting and fascinating. That is how our friendship began and it evolved into something special.

Mac was a very relaxed, quiet and dignified man, always impeccable groomed and dressed. He was also dedicated to his profession and respected by his colleagues, not only by how he carried himself but also by his seasoned experience, which he demonstrated in a very unassuming manner. He was not one to be in the limelight or dominate a room, but when he spoke, people listened, out of respect and reverence. I never saw him express anger, perhaps frustration by his inability to do more for children with speech difficulties, but never an angry word came out of his mouth. As the majority of Speech Language Pathologists and Audiologists in the MAC RAMBALI - “MANY THANKS” (CONTINUED) province were, and I assume still is the case now, female, I observed that he was viewed by many, maybe not as a Father figure but at least as a favourite Uncle.

Mac taught me the expression “Many Thanks”, which he always used to end a conversation or a correspondence, instead of the traditional “Good Bye” or “Regards”. I never asked him how he learned it, be it from what I assume the education system in England, or from whatever part of the then British Empire he was born and raised. It was an expression I looked forward to hearing and reading, because I knew it was coming and it was what made Mac unique in my mind. It is an expression I borrowed from him because I really liked it and use on occasion to this day out of respect and tribute.

Mac also had that dry English sense of humour, which I always find refreshing. That connected us as well.

When Mac was required to retire from the Prince George School District, he took it upon himself to fill a position that had been vacant for a very long time in Prince Rupert and he would tell me of his commute and isolation from his Family in Prince George for extended periods of time. Mac took the position because he still wanted to help children and did so, in spite of the “hardship tour” that it was, particularly at his age, at personal and financial expense to himself, because he did not want the children of that arguably isolated part of the province to do without. That was Mac.

I also recall on one occasion, him leaving a meeting to go to the aid of a child a significant distance away from the location we were in, and return a few hours later, with a satisfied look on his face for having been able to be of help, to then continue to participate in the discussions. That was Mac.

Mac also participated in BCAPS, at annual weekend Refreshers in Prince George and Provincial ones throughout BC. Although he was a speech pathologist himself, he always deferred to and never challenged the facilitating...w one. When it came to BCAPS, he was one of “us”. That was Mac.

When he met my Uncle Tony Vaupshas, long time Blockbuster Editor, for the first time at the refresher at 108 Mile Resort, the two “elder statesmen” hit it off. Afterwards, Mac would always ask of Uncle Tony whenever we would meet and had kind words for me after his passing in 2011. That was Mac.

On one occasion, I had the opportunity to stay at this house and meet his Family. I was made to feel most welcomed. It was there in the presence of his wife Elisabeth, he told me of how they met and I finally found out why it was that he could speak German.

I was shocked and saddened to learn of the passing of Mac Rambali in late January at the age of 77, just as I was a few years earlier when his Son tragically predeceased him.

Many Thanks Mac, Many, Many Thanks. I will miss you.

Anthony Intas British Columbia Association of People who Stutter (with permission from Elisabeth Rambali)


Announcing BCASLPA’s Annual General Meeting – All Members Welcome Date: Saturday, October 25, 2014 Time: 12:00 PM Noon – 1:30 PM Place: The Vancouver Marriott Pinnacle Downtown, 1128 West Hastings, Vancouver Lunch is provided at the AGM Notice of Proposed Bylaws Amendments to the 2014 BCASLPA AGM

Proposed Motion:

Be It Resolved That the CASLPA Councilor position be removed from Sections 19(1)(n), Section 37, Section 48, Section 49(2) of the BCASLPA Bylaws and any other section of the BCASLPA Bylaws making reference to this position.

Background Information for Proposed Motion:

There is no longer a SAC (formerly CASLPA) Director position on Provincial Council. The “CASLPA Director for BC” was a member of the BCASLPA Provincial Council and represented CASLPA to the Association. As a result of the Governance Review, SAC has modernized its board structure to fit with current best practices using a skill-based competency model to guide the election of Directors. The new SAC board composition allows Directors to represent the best interests of all members, regardless of geography. Therefore, BCASLPA will no longer have a SAC representative on the Provincial Council and the BCASLPA Bylaws need to be updated to reflect this.

Can’t be at the AGM? Consider Proxy Voting

According to BCASLPA Bylaw 63 on Proxy Voting:

A Member may vote by proxy on a poll at any general meeting, but the proxy holder must be a Member entitled to attend and vote at a meeting To be a valid proxy, the proxy holder must produce to the chair of the meeting at or before the start of the meeting a written appointment signed by the Member appointing the proxy holder in a form approved by the Executive Committee A proxy holder may hold only one proxy vote.

Below is a proxy form to allow you to have a colleague express your wishes if you are unable to attend and procedural voting is necessary.

–  –  –

Please sign this form and give it to your nominee who will present it to the Secretary at the meeting. You may nominate any colleague who is a Full Member in good standing.

Being a Full Member in good standing, I appoint _____________________________________

to vote on my behalf on any motions called for a vote at the AGM on October 25, 2014.

___________________________________ ______________________________________

(signed) (please print your name)


Members of the Advocacy Committee have been enjoying the sunshine – in various parts of the world – this summer. We hope everyone has had a relaxing break with plenty of time for play. When we weren’t exploring India, visiting new cities, or enjoying BC’s beautiful scenery, we began to plan our advocacy activities for Fall 2014.

Here are some upcoming initiatives from our team:

–  –  –

Conference Planning – Did you use the Social Media How Tos in last year’s delegate packages? We’re working on additional tips this year as well as some take-home materials to showcase your SLP and Audiology pride!

WORD Vancouver – Last year we raised BCASLPA’s profile during WORD Vancouver’s literary festival that sees upwards of 150,000 attendees. Our volunteer team will return this year, with our new banners, themed chocolate, and “Communicating is…” speech bubbles to connect with kids and adults alike.

Multicultural Planning – Our posters and brochures have helped us to interact with others throughout 2014. We are currently creating a strategy for outreach to people with English as a second language. By translating key materials into different languages, and approaching additional communities throughout the province, we can ensure that even more people with communication difficulties get the help they require.

August’s Did You Know? Poster Social Media – Social media extraordinaires Sarah Frumento and Kate Wishart continue to provide us with useful links, articles and discussion points on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Thanks Sarah!

May is Speech and Hearing Month – It’s never too early to begin planning for the most important month in our calendars. If you would like to be involved in our 2015 initiatives, please get in touch.

As always, if you have any suggestions on how we can continue to advocate for BCASLPA members and the services we provide, please let us know.

–  –  –

It has been shown that individuals with intellectual disabilities have a higher prevalence of sensory impairments, including hearing loss, and of health issues related to a general lack of information on healthy living habits. This leads to unrecognized and untreated health and quality of living issues, as the intellectual disability becomes the overshadowing diagnostic issue. The Healthy Athlete program aims to address this problem.

Special Olympics provides the Healthy Athlete program to its members and families. The program offers screening and counseling provided by volunteer health

professionals in several areas:

Special Smiles (dentists and dental hygienists), Fit Feet (podiatrists), Open Eyes (opticians and Audiology students Myron Huen and Graham Raynor, with Clincial optometrists), FUNfitness (physical Faculty member Bob Quelch, enjoy working with a Special Athlete.

therapists), Health Promotion (various professions), and Healthy Hearing (audiologists).

Four years ago, Special Olympics approached Faculty at the School of Audiology and Speech Sciences to run the Healthy Hearing service for BC. Sharon Adelman and Darlene Hicks are now Clinical Directors for the program, typically participating in 2 large screening sessions a year. We see this as both an important service to our community, and a rich interprofessional experience for our students. Clinical Faculty members have also volunteered, giving us the chance to work with our colleagues in new and interesting ways.

–  –  –

2) Newsflashes from the Phonetics/Phonology Lab • CAPES: Computerized and Articulation Phonology Evaluation System is now available free through contacting May at bernharb@mail.ubc.ca (For English primarily although other languages can be entered in the alternative data entry section) • Phonological assessment tools available in: French, Spanish, Mandarin, Japanese, Swedish, Bulgarian, Slovenian, Portuguese, Icelandic, Punjabi, Tagalog, soon Ojibway, Arabic, German. Contact May at bernharb@mail.ubc.ca • Spring 2015: Online tutorials in phonetic transcription and nonlinear analysis with intervention activities. Contact May at bernharb@mail.ubc.ca after April 2015

May Bernhardt, Ph.D. Professor




The Social Emotional Enhancement and Development Project (S.E.E.D.) at the BC Centre for Ability is a 3 year demonstration project focused on promoting social emotional competencies in children and youth with special needs to reduce vulnerabilities and promote social emotional health.

As with any child, a child with special needs develops social and emotional competencies over time. These skills assist the child or youth to have satisfying relationships with his or her family, peers and members of the community. These skills also contribute to the child or youth’s success and participation in school and community activities and help build the capacity to live a connected and meaningful life.

Children born with brain differences often have particular challenges with social-emotional skills. They may have difficulty reading facial expressions, which can impede their ability to distinguish emotions in others. Some have problems recognizing social cues and miss subtle forms of communication between people. Some children have trouble identifying how they feel when experiencing intense emotions, which can affect their capacity to self-regulate. Some children might be reluctant to ask for help when they need it. This could affect their ability to cope with challenging situations. When a child has a neuro-developmental condition, parents often notice delays in social-emotional development early in the child’s life. In addition, a child’s skills may vary day-to-day in such areas as memory, motor planning, information and sensory processing, the use of language, the ability to plan and solve problems and



Children with special needs benefit from explicit teaching of social cognition and communication skills in order to navigate their social world successfully. Many schools offer a mainstream preventative social emotional learning curriculum, but children with special needs benefit from specific adaptations to materials. Teachers can be supported by these children’s SLP to adapt and modify Social Emotional Learning (SEL) programs to meet the needs and abilities of each child.

The S.E.E.D. project helps to build capacity, across the province, in understanding the social-emotional development of children with special needs. It also promotes effective supports and interventions to promote these children’s emotional well-being. The legacy of the project will include a Train the Trainer program, a community of practce, and a website with resource materials for professionals, parent/caregivers, and families. In addition, the first annual S.E.E.D. conference, to be held in Vancouver on October 20 & 21, 2014, will inform families and professionals about this important area of child development. For more information please visit our website at www.bccfa-seed.org Jeanny Sy, Centre for Ability For any inquiries regarding this newsletter or to submit an article, please email the Editor, Carrie Siu, at siucarrie6@gmail.com (please note her new contact email).

–  –  –

Continental Breakfast, Lunch and Parking Included!

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