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E. H A A K Department o f Radiobiology, The Swedish University o f Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden Tracer methods used f o r r o o t studies e m p l o y either the plant injection or soil injection approach [ 1 ]. The first involves injection o f the radiotracer at the stem base o f the plant and subsequent analyses f o r its presence in the soil profile [2, 3 ] ; the second involves injection o f the radiotracer in the soil profile at various locations and subsequent analysis f o r its presence in above-ground parts o f the plant [4]. A special version o f the latter approach, developed and applied t o estimate the nutrient uptake f r o m the plough layer and sub-soil [5, 6], is described here.

The m e t h o d consists o f h o m o g e n o u s l y contaminating the plough layer with a tracer, radioactive or stable, in t w o treatments: in a reference treatment without c o n n e c t i o n with the sub-soil, and in an experimental treatment where the sub-soil is freely available for r o o t penetration and r o o t uptake o f water and nutrients;

uptake o f the latter causes increased dilution in the shoot. Based on the specific activities or isotope ratios in the s h o o t o f both treatments, and according to inverse isotope dilution and the A-value c o n c e p t [ 7 ] as extended f o r determination o f biological dinitrogen fixation [8, 9], nutrient uptake f r o m the plough layer and sub-soil can be quantified as percentages (yield independent criteria) as well as in absolute units per hectare (yield dependent criteria).

The tracers used to label the nutrient source in the plough layer o f b o t h treatments were 32P f o r phosphorus, R b or stable rubidium for potassium and 8 5 Sr or stable strontium for calcium. Regarding the nutrients studied, phosphorus and potassium are highly m o b i l e in plants and are adsorbed by y o u n g as well as older roots, while calcium is slightly m o b i l e and is mainly transferred f r o m y o u n g roots towards the shoot. Owing to this different behaviour uptake o f calcium was considered to correlate with water uptake in the soil profile, whereas this was n o t the case for phosphorus and potassium.


Sampling o f the spring-sown cereals grown at different times during the growing season showed that uptake o f nutrients from the sub-soil varied with many factors but usually increased with the growth stage and especially during stem elongation [5, 6]. At tillering or early jointing uptake from sub-soil ranged from 0—25% for phosphorus and potassium and 10—40% for calcium; at heading or early maturing it ranged from 10—50% for phosphorus and potassium and 40—80% for calcium. It was usually lower for phosphorus than for potassium at all growth stages, and lower for potassium than for calcium. Clay sub-soils were usually superior to sandy sub-soils as the nutrient sources of all three elements investigated. A high uptake o f sub-soil calcium, indicating a high utilization o f the sub-soil as a water source, usually led to a high uptake o f subsoil potassium. As shown by cultivating soils from long-term phosphate fertilizer experiments, a good phosphorous state of the plough layer was a pre-requisite for a high dry matter yield and for a high utilization o f the sub-soil as a nutrient and water source.

Experiments carried out on many sites in Sweden showed that the nutrient uptake from the plough layer and sub-soil varied with the soil type and location, the year and sowing date, and the time and cereal grown. Uptake o f sub-soil potassium was usually higher in eastern Sweden than elsewhere, while uptake o f sub-soil phosphorus usually increased from the north to south of the country.

Early sowing in spring induced early penetration o f the sub-soil. Barley, and early rather than late varieties, was usually more aggressive in establishing contact with the sub-soil early in the season than oats and wheat. Later in the season oats was comparable with barley, while wheat was still inferior. A wheat cultivar with a normal straw length showed a higher nutrient uptake from the sub-soil than a dwarf cultivar o f the same variety.

The results obtained show the value o f optimizing cereal root development in the soil profile, and the value o f certain cultivation measures to increase the nutrient, and especially the water uptake, from the sub-soil. Early root penetration o f the plough layer provides a later extensive root activity in the sub-soil, which enhances shoot development. The main conclusion is that increased shoot development by itself is a driving force to use distant sources in the soil profile such as water and nutrients from the sub-soil. The method, based on inverse isotope dilution and the A-value concept, is useful to estimate the nutrient uptake from the plough layer and sub-soil, with the plough layer as a reference or standard. Applying the method under field conditions gives quantitative information on percentage and absolute uptake o f calcium, phosphorus and potassium from the two compartments, integrated over the time elapsed from the start o f the experiment to sampling the crop.



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