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«International Journal of Agriculture and Crop Sciences. Available online at IJACS/2014/7-7/417-421 ISSN 2227-670X ©2014 IJACS Journal ...»

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antioxidant capacity of Vegetables. In study, which is a widely used, well validated and highly precise method, was used (Serafini et al., 2003). In addition, total phenolics were measured using the Folin– Ciocalteu method.

Increased intake of plant-derived phenolics is thought to help lower risk of age-related diseases, such as cardiovascular disease and cancer (Kaliora et al., 2006). Therefore, the effect of cooking on both the total antioxidant capacity and the total phenolics content of foods is of interest.Results of this study on total phenolics showed that cooking had a negative effect on phenolics content after 5 and 10 min compared with the raw vegetable. Steaming was the only method that retained the total phenolics content in the vegetables cooked, with an enhancement found in cauliflower. The depletion of total phenolics content after boiling or microwaving could be due to phenolics breakdown during cooking (Chanwitheesuk, et al., 2005).Data in this study showed that fresh vegetables were normally good sources of vitamin C. It clearly showed that conventional cooking methods (blanching, boiling, or stirfrying)lead to excessive loss of vitamin C. The boiling method was found to greatly destroy the amount of vitamin C concentration in all cooked vegetables. Thisfinding was consistent with the observations of Suttikomin (2002). Moreover, Erdman and Klein, 1982 noted that the amount of water used in cooking and, to a lesser extent, the cooking time affect vitamin C loss more than the source of energy or type of cooking. The loss of vitamin C in stirfrying method may be due to the use of high temperature, the cooking time and frequent stirring which exposes the material to atmospheric oxidation.Cooking represents an important step both for industrial and domestic processing of meat products that are commonly made safe and desirable by this process. Otherwise, many food-borne diseases are generated by the adoption of poor hygienic practices and insufficient heat treatment during cooking of meat as it causes only a partial destruction of pathogenic microorganisms (Santos et al., 2008).


Medicinal plants (MPs) continue to play a central role in the healthcare system of large proportions of the world’s population (Akerele, 1988). Trace element plays an important role in chemical, biological, metabolic, and enzymatic reactions in the living cells of plants, animals and human beings (Hashmi et al., 2007). Freezing in vegetative initially produces a chemical potential gradient within the system. Equilibrium will be re-established within the plant when tissue disruption (such as membrane rupture) reduces chemical potential differences between regions of tissue.

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