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«1 BEASTLY BONY TO Written by MARCO WALKER-NG & SHANE DUQUETTE Photography & Videos by Jared Polowick Illustrations by Jared’s fiancé, Michelle ...»

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Written by



Photography & Videos by Jared Polowick

Illustrations by Jared’s fiancé, Michelle Paquette

- COPYRIGHT & DISCLAIMER Before beginning any new exercise, nutrition or dietary supplement program you should consult a physician first. The information presented in this program is not meant to treat or prevent any disease or to provide the

reader with medical advice. If you are looking for specific medical advice then you should obtain this information from a licensed health-care practitioner.

This publication is intended for informational use only. Jared Polowick, Shane Duquette, Marco WalkerNG and www.bonytobeastly.com will not assume any liability or be held responsible for any form of injury, personal loss or illness caused by the utilization of this information. The individual results obtained from the use of this program will vary from person to person and we make no guarantee as to the degree of results that you will personally achieve.

This publication is fully copyrighted and does not come with giveaway or resale rights. You may not sell or redistribute this report. It is reserved solely for bonytobeastly.com members. Copyright and illegal distribution violations will be prosecuted.

© 2012 - www.bonytobeastly.com - All Rights Reserved CONTENTS Introduction Goals & Expectations....................................7 • What a Muscular Physique Will Do For You............... 9

Chapter 1:

Take One Last Look at Skinny............................19

Chapter 2:

The Bony to Beastly Philosophy..........................26 Chapter 3 Training Fundamentals.................................30 • Building an Impressive Physique........................ 31 • Strong, Functional & Aesthetic Posture................... 32 • The Importance of a Strong Core and Posterior Chain....... 33 • Proper Technique—Lifting Like an Athlete................ 36 • Muscle-Building Habits & Lifestyle..................... 37 Ch

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F irst off, welcome to the program. You’ve just taken a pretty huge step towards dramatically changing, well … everything. In a few weeks you’ll be handsomer, healthier, hulkier, hunkier, happier, and living a radically improved life—on many levels.

So let’s get started. The absolute first thing you need to do is ask yourself why you’re doing this. Why do you want a powerful physique? Why do you want to be healthy? And what’s it worth to you?

That question opened up a whole can of worms for me. My parents would say they were worried about my health and tell me to eat more and play more sports. My friends thought of me as the skinny kid, and they’d playfully tease me and push me around. My girlfriends and dates would joke about how they would protect me if danger ever came our way—and wow, when I was single I wanted a strong and masculine body more than ever.

No matter how much ectomorph anguish I was feeling I would usually take the defensive route and tell whoever it was that I liked being skinny. I convinced myself that it was out of my control. To make matters worse, I’d even try and tell myself that I liked being skinny.

But I secretly wanted to be muscular … and that probably wasn’t as much of a secret as I hoped.

Eventually it got to a point where I decided I was going to change no matter what. I’m hoping you’re at that point too, because if you are I can guarantee this time around it will work.

When I decided to change I told my parents I was trying to be healthy, I told my friends that it was something I was trying out for fun, and I told the girls I was dating that it was an interesting 3 month experiment I was doing— you know, to make it sound academic. All of those reasons were true (and the experiment approach actually worked pretty well, so you’re welcome to use it).

The real truth is that while all of that was true… it wasn’t quite the whole story.

Not even close.

I wanted to feel like a man around other men, not like their scrawny kid brother. I was tired of having a little boy’s body and the strength of my little sister. I wanted to fit properly in t-shirts, and I wanted to look strong when I took that t-shirt off. I wanted to inspire raw physical attraction in women. I wanted the girls I was dating to feel safe around me. I wanted to be able to effortlessly pick up a girl and throw her on top of a piece of furniture. I wanted my body to be a symbol of virility, manliness, strength and health—not of an unhealthy lifestyle and an inability to control my cravings (or lack thereof).

So I had a goal. One that I wanted more than anything … but it wasn’t a very clear one. How many inches did my arms need to grow before men thought I looked strong? How much weight did I need to gain before people would see me as fit, strong and athletic instead of skinny? How powerful a physique did I need before a girl I loved would feel safe around me? How big did my shoulders need to be to draw stares from women when I walked into a room?

Not knowing the answers to all of those questions made it really hard for me to strive towards a specific outcome.

So the first thing you’ll need is a goal.

That’s a hard thing to come up with. The girls you like probably go week at the knees over fit and athletic guys—sports superheros and actors. That’s very different from the “more muscle the merrier” attitude that many beefy men have.

As you’ve probably heard a couple dozen hundred times, according to women the best bodies out there are ones like Brad Pitt’s in Fight Club. Bodies that aren’t excessively lean or ludicrously muscular, and that exude health and masculinity. The best thing about being a guy with one of those bodies is that you can BE healthy and strong. If you ask a buff man, he’ll likely tell you that the ideal male body is four times that size. Ask a bodybuilder and he’ll add in that you need a quarter of their fat percentage. That’s okay too. The truth is that women won’t really dock you any points for getting bigger, stronger and even more masculine than the big strong masculine guys they dream about.

So figure out what you want from your body. If you can achieve the health, strength and physique of your dreams it will be more than enough to get the woman of your dreams.


20-30 pounds of lean, functional, full-body muscle gain We suggest that you aim for 20-30 pounds of lean muscle gain. Imagine a pound of lean red meat from the grocery store. It’s likely a fair bit bigger than your fist. Now imagine 20 or 30 times that strategically added to your body.

Add that to your shoulders, biceps, triceps, chest, glutes, thighs and back and you’ll have a drastically transformed physique.

For some of you that might get you the body you’ve been dreaming of, and for some of you it might inspire you to grow even bigger. No matter where you are now though, it will produce a dramatic positive effect. From there you can decide to maintain your size or grow even bigger.

So pick a number in the 20-30 pound range depending on your current level of scrawniness and the size and height of your frame, write it down, and measure your progress towards that goal. If you’re over 6’ and under 150 pounds you might want to shoot for closer to 30. If you’re 5’9 and already 150, then 20 pounds should get you a pretty muscular body.

Gaining 30 pounds over 4 months as a beginner, even if you’re a hardgainer like us, is a very achievable goal if you know what you’re doing. That’s only

1.9 pounds a week—a very reasonable amount of lean mass to gain week by week at this stage in the game. You’ll probably gain a lot more week by week at the beginning and then maybe have a couple weeks later on were you struggle and wind up gaining a bit less. You likely won’t be able to consistently gain 2 pounds of muscle a week for years, but for the next few months I’d be very surprised if you couldn’t.

What will even just 20 pounds from this program get you?

That will likely bump you up a couple clothing sizes. Over the course of those four months I went from wearing slim-fit medium shirts to a slim-fit extra-large.

My waist measurements stayed the same while my shoulder, chest and back muscles bulked up significantly. “Sickboy” Jared went from being too small to wear a small, to properly fitting into my old slim-fit mediums.


It will bump you up 3 points on the 1-10 attractiveness scale, according to the research done by Tim Ferriss (bestselling author and guest lecturer at Princeton). His research has found that 20 pounds of body recomposition (fat loss or muscle gain) seems to be the magic number for going from, say, a 6 to a 9.

I wouldn’t have included this point if I didn’t believe it to be true, either. Even your face will look markedly better. Check out Christian Bale in the Machinist, after he lost 63ish pounds of muscle. I’d say he went from a 9 to a 3. You can do the opposite.


There will be a noticeable difference in your body’s chemistry. You’ll be producing more growth hormones, making it easier to put on muscle and harder to put on fat. Your testosterone production will be through the roof too, which is wonderful news if you have a girl or want one. You’ll perform better sexually and produce gut-level attraction in women that get close to you (because of the increase in pheromones). Your body won’t just turn heads—so will your hormone secretions.


When I first started out I didn’t care about posture at all. Little did I know that it plays a huge role in how good you look and how well your body performs.

Once you correct your posture you’ll be taller, look healthier, your body will hold its muscles in a more attractive way, and you’ll be a ton stronger in the gym—allowing you to pack on muscle much quicker than the gorilla-like boys around you with internally rotated shoulders. Good posture can also improve testosterone output, your mood and, surprisingly, even confidence levels.

–  –  –

We designed our exercise plan to fix modern man’s lower and upper crossed syndrome—a postural problem that attacks amateur gym-goers and computer junkies alike. Soon you’ll be standing tall.

The “V”.

A 2003 study in Archives of Sexual Behavior concluded that men with shoulders that were 40% wider than their waists were rated as the most attractive by women. Now, you could curse or bless your genetics—or you could work with what you’ve got. Jared went from being shaped like a skinny egg to having a Vshaped body by building up his shoulders and back, resulting in a huge change in the overall appearance of his body’s silhouette. With the right workout and diet anyone can pack slabs of muscle onto their upper and lower body while keeping their waist the same. V-shape here we come.

An athlete’s physique.

No matter how tiny you are now, adding 20 pounds of functional and proportional lean muscle to your physique while improving your strength, posture and alignment will make you look and feel far more athletic. And you will be. This program will have you leaping higher, running faster and punching harder.

A likely side-effect of being sexy

The higher levels of testosterone and growth hormone that you’re going to produce are totally natural and perfectly healthy. You won’t have any steroidlike problems, since the testosterone is being produced internally and naturally, and not being injected externally and artificially. It does still have a masculinizing effect though, so your muscles will grow, your bones will become denser, your body hair might become more prevalent, and you may wind up having your sex drive grow along with your muscles. The side of effect of being sexy, it seems, is wanting more sex.


A massive increase in strength. I’d expect anywhere from a 30-60% increase.

That may or may not sound like a big increase, but you’ll notice it tremendously in your day to day life.

There are a lot of strength benchmarks to hit. There’s nothing like finally being able to put two plates on either side of the barbell (225lbs) when you set up for your bench press. Luckily for all of us Marco is an incredible strength coach with a skinny-boy background, and once Jared and I came into contact with him our strength shot through the roof. Having a muscular body is one thing, but you’ll notice that having the strength and athleticism to match it is surprisingly satisfying. This program is designed to give you form (muscle size), with function (strength and athleticism) as an intentional byproduct.

You may be wondering what you need to lift to impress a woman. There’s a simple answer to that question: it’s much heavier than what she lifts, so it doesn’t really matter. If you can carry her around the house without breaking a sweat and you can make her feel safe in your arms you’ll be a hero in her eyes.

Body Fat

I personally recommend shooting for 9-12%. It’s aesthetically pleasing to women, exudes health and is easy to maintain with a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle all year long. That might just sound like a percentage to you, and everyone stores fat a bit differently, but there are some commonalities. With a muscular 9-12% you’ll have slightly visible striations in your shoulders (muscle fibres), veins running across your biceps, visible serratus muscles (the ab-like muscles under your armpits), and a washboard stomach. You also won’t look like you live on boiled chicken breasts and spinach, or like you’re spending all your time obsessing over your biceps in the gym—and you won’t be.

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